How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet – Real Pics and Stories


Patrick lost more than 100 pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet.

I find writing very, very difficult.

While on book deadline (right now, for instance), I suffer dramatic ups and downs. In my darkest hours, I re-read reader success stories that have been sent to me. It makes the entire rollercoaster worth it.

This post will detail how readers have lost well over 100 pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet®. It was sparked by an email I received a few weeks ago:

“I just wanted to sincerely thank Tim for taking the time to research and write The 4-Hour Body. My mom, in her late 60′s, lost 45 lbs and got off her high blood pressure meds that she had been on for 20+ years. She did all this in about 3 months. This means that I get to have her around for a long time.”

Anyone can lose hope, and many people do when trying to lose weight. The Slow-Carb Diet (SCD) works almost beyond belief, and it affects much more than appearance. The basic rules are simple:

Rule #1: Avoid “white” starchy carbohydrates (or those that can be white). This means all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains. If you have to ask, don’t eat it.
Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and lunch. You already do this; you’re just picking new default meals.
Rule #3: Don’t drink calories. Exception: 1-2 glasses of dry red wine per night is allowed.
Rule #4: Don’t eat fruit. (Fructose –> glycerol phosphate –> more bodyfat, more or less.) Avocado and tomatoes are excepted.
Rule #5: Take one day off per week and go nuts. I choose and recommend Saturday.

Comprehensive step-by-step details, including Q&As and troubleshooting, can be found in The 4-Hour Body, but the above outline is often enough to lose 20 pounds in a month, drop two clothing sizes, or more.

The SCD works for both women and men. Maria Rider (pictured below) is over 40 years of age and a mother. As she put it to me, she’d always been “the heavy mom.” Now she’s seen differently: “I haven’t seen this weight since my college years! I just wish you’d written the book 20 years ago!”

Last we spoke, she had dropped from 247 pounds to 122 pounds, for a loss thus far of 125 pounds. Her husband has also lost 56 pounds.

The SCD is also effective for going from “normal” to very, very fit, as MP shows:

MP before.

MP after.

The same exact rules apply. No differences whatsoever.


Next, we’ll meet Ricardo A, in depth. Ricardo first reached out to me via email. It began with…

I cannot put into words the great gift you have given me. “[The Slow-Carb Diet is]…intended to be effective, not fun.” As soon as I read those words, I knew I had to give the slow carb diet a try. 210 days later, I haven’t looked back. The change has been incredible. Not just my weight, but my outlook on life. I have followed your instructions to the letter…”

Below, in Ricardo’s own words, is what happens when you follow SCD to the letter.

Ricardo’s Story


People always ask me what moment led me to lose over 150 pounds in 9 months on the Slow Carb Diet (SCD).

I crack a smile when I get asked. Unlike some, who can pinpoint one moment in time which defined the start of their journey, I have three “moments” that immediately come to mind.

The first was months before I started the SCD in August of 2011. It was when I realized that overweight people on TV, told they would die because of their weight, weighed less than I did.

The second moment was the day I got my gym membership card. Instead of it prominently featuring my face, my whole midsection was featured, slumping over the chair.

The third moment, which happened just days before I began the SCD, was when a good friend told me that in order to effectuate positive change in your life, you need strength and guidance. You can acquire strength with discipline and will power, but guidance, well, that’s where Tim comes in.

I recall reading headlines in August that Amazon had just signed its first author for a new publishing arm. Not knowing who Tim Ferriss was, I did some research and found a Gizmodo article. I was at the grocery store that day with my shopping list and began the SCD the very next morning. During my first few days, I was pleasantly surprised to find content and support readily available online, and how much personal feedback Tim would give via his blog. He not only provided you with a plan, but was right there with you when you had any doubts. Tim provided that little push that got me going.

How far I went then was entirely up to me.


“It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.”

This is the best answer I can conjure when asked about my success on the SCD. I truly took Tim’s mantra of keeping it simple to heart. Being able to plan all of my meals ahead of time removes not only stress, but also the guilt associated with eating unhealthy foods. My previous “meal plan” consisted of eating junk food three times a day and constant snacking. Not a day would go by without having dessert, consisting of either a pint of rich ice cream or bag of cookies. Looking back, I can easy understand how I got to 410 pounds.

I have been overweight my entire life.

Whenever I managed to lose weight, I’d gain it all back. I had been open to the idea of dieting for some time but found diets too hard to follow. I would start one, and as soon as I cheated or ate incompliant foods, I would give up. This is why I knew the SCD was something I had to try. How could I pass up losing weight while not only being allowed to “cheat”, but being required to do so for an entire day out of the week?

Months after starting the SCD, I ran into an article in the UK’s Daily Mail explaining the science behind postponing eating, which further reinforced the science behind cheat day on the SCD. This, coupled with the outstanding community aspect (via blogs and personal websites), has led to my success and high compliancy rate (over 90% complaint in the past 9 months). I don’t snack, and I only drink unsweetened iced tea and black coffee. I also drink at least a gallon of water a day.


I eat three meals a day.

- Breakfast, which I have no later than an hour after waking up.
- Lunch, which comes at least 4 hours after breakfast.
- Dinner, which is anywhere from 6-8 hours after lunch.

A typical day would look like this:

Breakfast: 8 ounces of egg whites and one whole jumbo organic egg; black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.
Lunch: ½ pound of vegetarian fed tri-tip steak from trader joes; black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.
Dinner: frozen chicken thighs (cooked on boiling water until thawed then fried with olive oil); black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.

When I don’t have time to cook at home, I either get a chicken bowl from Chipotle (no dairy or corn) or order a carne asada (grilled steak) plate at my local burrito shop, which consists of steak, pinto beans, and a salad (no cheese).

Keeping your meals simple makes failure less likely.


Based on my experience on the SCD, the only advice I can give you is to stick with it. Your time is now. Don’t make a big fuss about it, and don’t tell it to the mountain. Keep it on the down-low for the first few weeks. This is a personal journey, and success will entirely depend on you. Tim has given you all the tools; now it’s up to you to put them to work. Keep it simple, and if you have to ask, don’t eat it. Save it for your cheat day.

I started the SCD on a Wednesday and did not have my first cheat day until the second Saturday. I invite you to take the “Wednesday Challenge” and do the same. This will give you a head start and allow you to build up will-power.

I still carry the gym membership photo in my wallet every day.

It’s constant motivation to keep at it… to continue on this wonderful, albeit challenging, journey.

I did my part, building the strength through discipline and will power to succeed on the SCD. But without Tim’s guidance, I would not be here telling you my story. Seek strength. Seek guidance.

My name is Ricardo, I am 31-years old, and I’ve lost more than 150 pounds on the SCD. Thank you, Tim.

Afterword from Tim

First of all, thank you, Ricardo. Sincere thanks to all of you who read what I write.

And congratulations to all who’ve made it happen!

Armed with a basic overview of the SCD and a supportive online community (like 4HBTalk), Ricardo lost 150 pounds. Similarly, the others above took a basic plan and put it into practice.

Now, I ask a small favor:

1. If you’re trying to lose fat, commit to testing The Slow-Carb Diet for two weeks starting this Wednesday. Read the above, perhaps consider The 4-Hour Body, and just get started. Put it on the calendar and make it happen.

2. If you’ve lost weight on The Slow-Carb Diet, please fill out the below! It’ll take 10 seconds and help me gather valuable data. Thank you in advance:

Fill out my online form.

(Not showing? Here’s the link.)

3. Last, if you know someone who needs (or wants) to lose weight, please tell them about Slow-Carb somehow.

I don’t care at all if they buy the book or not. The Gizmodo article and other blog links can do a great job. I’ve seen the tremendous difference it can make in the lives of entire families, not just individuals. Whether it’s life-or-death or just looking better in jeans, if you know someone who can benefit, please pass it on.

Thank you for reading, everyone, and have a wonderful week.

If you have any Slow-Carb stories (or before-and-after pics), I’d absolutely love to see them in the comments! They would truly make my summer, which is going to be a tough one…

Posted on: July 12, 2012.

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754 comments on “How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet – Real Pics and Stories

  1. Hi All,

    This diet is Gold. Thank you Tim Ferriss for changing my life & changing life of thousands who have followed this diet. There are so many diets in the market and all of them make too good to be true claims; any normal person will become a skeptic. He/she will not only start doubting and brushing off every new thing that comes in the market but will loose motivation which is the biggest factor in achieving anything. Here is where Tim Ferriss steps in. He not only gives us ready-made solutions but shows us a direction in life that we all can defy any odds and achieve anything. We just need to jump in and improvise

    Back to the diet, I jumped in and gave it a shot. I said to myself – what’s the worst that can happen? I may not loose the required pounds but WHAT IF it really works like for all the people above, it may change my life forever.

    Once you start losing weight, a lot of things change for the better. Clothes fit better, you start looking great, you feel lighter which further pushes you into staying fit and explore new things to do. You feel on top of the world as you are winning at something that half of the world is failing at – loosing weight

    All those who plan to start this, my 2 cents – just give it a go. try it out for 4 weeks. There is no harm. If you think changing your eating pattern is too much work, then start with small changes. In the first week, your mind and body will adapt to your new routine so things will be a bit uneasy but not at all difficult. Whenever you feel that you cant do it anymore, just think that you are trying this for 4 weeks. Since you have given it a chance, might as well do it properly to really see how much it works. All the above people who have lost weight cannot be wrong. Doing new things will bring new results

    My Progress -

    I started at 238 pounds. I have lost 17 pounds (8 Kgs) in 4 weeks without any exercise just by following this diet. Honestly, I did not follow this to the point. I ammended it according to my likings but then I stayed away from sugar and carbs as much as I could

    Example of my diet -

    7.45 am – 4 Egg whites + 1 scoop protein powder in 200ml unsweetend almond milk with 1 teaspoon Chia seeds
    9.15 am – 1 small skim latte (no sugar)
    10.00 am – 1 cup Oats in Water & 1 scoop protein powder + half spoon chia seeds
    1.00 pm – Grilled Chicken Salad with 1 boiled egg + mixed leaf + avocado + lentils + carrot + brocolli light lemon mayo dressing
    3.00 pm – Green Tea
    7.00 pm – Egg white omlette mixed with Spinach OR Charcoal chicken breast (Skin removed) with Brocolli, Spinach and beans with a little garlic sauce

    If you feel hungry – You can snack on a few almonds, have green tea, 1 tspn peanut butter or 1 square of 85% lindt dark chocolate

    If you are totally confused with what to eat, then rule of thumb is to cut the carbs and sugar to bare minimum level. If you cant live without sugar or carbs, have them in the morning so that they are burned off during the day.

    Make a diet plan and follow it for a full week without making changes to it so that you are able to track what is working and what is not. Regularly measure your progress so that you know whether your diet needs changing or not

    Cheat Day – Kill your cravings by going crazy on them. I crave chocolates,cakes & ice-creams so I go hard on them. Go bonkers only on things you crave. You dont have to eat pizza on cheat day if you dont feel like it

    All the best and once again, Thanks Tim!


  2. Hi,
    I have done SCD for 4 weeks now and I can see the difference already. Lost inches from every part of the body. Energy levels are great and everything is going amazing. I would recommend this diet highly.


  3. I’ve been following the Slow Carb Diet for about 3 weeks now. I haven’t lost so much weight (maybe 5lbs but I have been more inches). I think the slow rate is because I am not taking the supplements that were listed in the 4HB. (I’m always a little leery of these things because I’m worried about side effects on and off the pills.)
    I’ve been on different blogs, YouTube and other sites about how much weight people are using and figure its because of the supplements. So I decided to order but when I try to click on the links provided for the recommended supplements, I get a broken link response.
    Now, I’m seeing all these companies making the PAGG stack. Is that more ideal than taking them separately? Or is there a company that you think has the formula right? I’ve seen the claims that each make about having the same dosage as the 4HB but I also know that these companies lie. Basically, should I try and find these pills separately or is there a company that has the PAGG combination correct?


  4. Hi there. I wish I was one of these people who could say that the diet worked. I’m 2 1/2 weeks into it. Maybe I need to give it more time but not one pound lost. I’m not cheating at all. 3-4 eggs in the morning with spinach, onion and mushroom. Some kind of meat with a salad and beans at lunch and same for dinner. I might have half a can of salmon and some veggies in the afternoon as well. I might drink 1 or 2 glasses of red wine a week or maybe none at all. I drink about a gallon of water a day, I work out with kettlebells twice a week and do some cardio (n 15 to 20 mins) 3 times a week. No pounds or inches lost. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.


  5. Hi guys,

    I hope someone has some idea/insight for me, since I it´s driving me nuts:

    I´ve been on (s)low-carb for almost about two years now I guess.
    And despite working out 2-3 times a week and sticking to the rules, I can´t for the live of me get rid of that notorious belly/waist fat.
    It´s not that I am generally unhappy with my weight (about 80kg being 1,80m tall), but I´d like to get that athletic look, where can can actually see some of the muscle below the fat.
    I am stuck at about 14%-15% body-fat and it´s not decreasing.

    The only part where I have to admit not being strict and consistent is alcohol.
    I do drink my fair share of beer and other alc. drinks on a typical Friday and Saturday night. And every couple of weeks, there might be a boys night or company party or bithday or whatever.
    So my question would be: Can alcohol mess this badly with the (s)low-carb approach, that it kinda stops working at all?
    Because right now, this is the only thing that I can think of I am not doing according to the rules…

    Please share your thoughts! I am getting frustrated here…

    Thanks a lot!!


    • Do you have the 4 Hour Body book? I am just starting the diet myself but was reading it last week and came across a passage that might answer your questions about both the alcohol and the last few pounds. I believe the section starts on page 70 and goes for about 10-15 pages. If you don’t have the book you could probably find one at a library and just read those two sections.


      • beer is full of carbs and sugars, in the book Tim basically explains benefits of 1-2 glasses of wine each night and I believe specifically rules out other alcohols due to lack of health benefit. If you consume beer you may as well be eating a loaf of bread. Try a week without (except your cheat day) and see how it goes!


  6. Hi to all
    I wonder if anyone out there can help me on re-igniting my weght loss.
    Im extremely happy so far, have dropped 15.5kgs in exactly 3 months with the following diet and routine 6 days a week:
    Bkfast 7:30am: egg whites, lentils, black cofee
    Lunch 2:30pm: chicken, lentils, salad
    Dinner:8:30pm: same as lunch
    Water: 3 litres a day
    Swimming: 30m nonstop x 3 times a week
    Russian kettle bell: 5m x 2times a week

    As i said im extremely happy with the way its going however the last 4weeks have only lost average of 700gm/ week meanwhile before it was an average of 1.25-2.3kg per week.
    I thought the slowdown was caused by too many lentils intake so this week i commited to only half bowl of lentil per meal and added half plate of spinach but there has been no change.

    I dont take any supplements, only magnesium and potassium every 2days.
    Hope Someone can help i rrigniting higher weight loss,
    Thank you,


  7. Hi guys! Thought ill just let you know of my progress! I started this diet 19 dec 2013, im six days in and have lost 6lbs! Startin weight was 182lbs new weight is 176.


  8. I’m thinking of trying your plan.. I have tried Atkins before and had success with it but I did not stick to it after about 5 months. I have put the weight back on again and now I’m desperate to try anything. Seeing the comments about this plan was very Inspiring.. I not only need to lose weight I need to get healthy. My diets in the past have been crash diets which worked but never lasted. I’m 38 years old with 2 kids that I want to set an example for. My question to you.. Is this plan healthy? Can it be a total lifestyle change? Help!!


  9. I do a version of this but I know what foods my body likes and does not like. i stay away from all starches and wheat flour. I consume less than 40 carbs a day. Breakfast is usually low carb yogurt when I am at work or if it is the weekend then it is a healthy breakfast scramble. 3 eggs but only the yolk of one of them and scrambled with turkey sausage and a little cheese at the end. Sometimes I add salsa.

    Lunch is usually salad with grilled chicken or deli turkey meat (the real stuff not processed). Then a piece of fruit like an apple or berries.

    Snack is protein shake with a little cold coffee mixed in. Shake is 100 calories and almost zero carbs.

    Dinner is grilled chicken, shrimp or fish with 2 sides of veggies. Like cauliflower, broccoli or spinach.

    I then have either an atkins bar fo dessert or sugar free candy. It satisfies my sweet tooth. In 2 months I am down almost 20lbs.


  10. Hi!

    Quick question. Contemplating trying the Slow-Carb Diet (just bought the 4HB) but I have gout. Do I still have to eat legumes or can I replace them with something else. Thanks in advance.



    • I don’t think you have to eat legumes or beans. It’s suggested because they help add the necessary protein you need to sustain you. When I was on the SCD (I lost 19 pounds in 3 months), I always had spicy jalapeno refried beans with my egg whites in the morning, plus turkey bacon and coffee. Didn’t think I’d be able to so early in the day, but beans taste great with eggs. Who Knew? If you want to add a different food that is also high in protein, then you can skip legumes. I think Tim’s dad made protein drinks to get him to a higher protein level which kicked his weight loss off its plateau.


  11. Hi. I have a few questions as I am about to start this SCD.
    Am I on the right track with this diet plan:
    Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, half cup lentils, and 1cup veggies
    Lunch: meat, half cup black beans, 1 cup veggies
    Dinner: meat, half cup black beans, 1 cup veggies
    It’s hard to fit in 4 meala while working as I am in the nursing field
    On days off I can or should I stick with 3 meals a day
    If I get a 2nd lunch in…can it just be beans and veggies
    Should I up my portions or is it ok? For the 3 meal day
    I will on MWF be doing 30 min workouts

    How does this sound. I so appreciate your response.


    • Looks good :) Just make sure you get at least 30 grams of protein each meal time, eat breakfast within 30 mins of waking up, drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and have a cold shower or ice pack on neck for 20 mins per day.


  12. I am looking for a little guidance. I have just started the Slow Carb Diet. I love making chili. Looks like all the ingredients I use are Slow Carb approved – black and red beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes, ground chuck, spice it up. I am wondering if anyone has used a chili as one of their meals and what the results were. I am thinking of substituting either organic steak or chicken thigh as the meat to make it a little more healthy.
    Any ideas?


  13. My husband & I just started this, very vague direction, not sure what we’re allowed to eat. Can we have mushrooms, celery, peppers & other veggies or no? Can I have Truvia & powder creamer in my coffee?


  14. This coming Tuesday (1/28/14) will mark the end of week 3 of the Slow Carb Diet. So far I’m down 14 pounds and yes, 9 inches!!! I just started adding more exercise into my routine and since I live in a ski town I try to get out and ski a few times a week and I purchased 2 kettlebells to add to my routine. I’m very excited about this life changing endeavor and feel energized, motivated, and captivated. I just wish I could find a comprehensive app for my phone and ipad to keep a history of my measurements…while there are a few out there so far none have impressed me and are not the easiest to navigate. Any suggestions? I’ve also been taking pictures every two weeks.


  15. Looking for some kind of creamer for my coffee. I’m a shift worker and need my coffee. Black coffee doesn’t seem like a good option. Would coconut milk type creamer be ok?
    Have lost 6 lb :)


  16. Slow carb diet…another buzz word,the bottom line is no one has ever been able to prove you can eat more then your bodies calorie maintenance and NOT gain weight, I challenge anyone to prove me wrong….


  17. Hello guys. I am from Algeria. I am a fan of Tim from his 4HWW and surprisingly I had 4HB before it but it was sitting in my library. I gained a lot of weight after I returned from China to my country. Last December I decided to give it a shot! and because of a picture of me naked I realized I need to do something. I read the part of SCD, got my measurements, put a schedule with what to eat and jumped in (it’s that simple)! I put all the food I ate (maybe for some it’s not that delicious because am not a good cook and maybe cultural differences) including binge day and my weight on my Flickr account (if you want to check) I started Decembre 14th weight was 88.8 Kgs and on January 25th I weighted exactly 76.8 so it’s 12 Kgs and am confident to pass 75 Kgs for the first time in my adult life with 0 hours working out!! I think after 7 weeks I will jump to gaining muscle. PS: Binge day is the best invention in human history :D


  18. Ive just come across your blog tim and i must say you’ve done a real great job by helping all those people and i wish u help me too..

    I weigh around 200 pounds and i am only 20 years old. I feel very insecure about my weight. Please help me.

    Ive read the 5 rules but i wish to have some guidance from you. Awaiting ur reply with anticipation….

    I just want a guidance in order to start this. Please help me.


  19. My son introduced me to this. I am over weight and I want to loose weight.I am 58years old , young lady. Thanks a lot for doing a great job. God bless!


  20. Tim,

    I have a question: in your book, you mention Kombucha Tea as being something good for you. In the SCD, however, you mention not drinking anything with calories. My doctor (a ‘functional medicine’ doctor) recommended that I drink Kombucha since it’s supposed to help provide healthy probiotics, etc.
    I started brewing it myself (cheap and easy and sure beats the $3.00/bottle that you pay in stores!) and like to drink 1 or 2 a day.

    I do flavor with small amounts of juice (pomegranate, mango) – and by small I mean about 1 inch at the bottom of the bottle – or put minced fresh ginger in the bottom of the bottle. I also do make just plain kombucha too.

    So – my question is: should I not drink this on the SCD, or save the ingestion for my one day a week to go wild?



  21. Hey Tim & hey Guys,
    the gizmodo link isn´t working anymore, and I can´t find that article anymore.
    Can someone pls help out, kind regards, Sascha


  22. Followed ~to the letter~ for two weeks and dropped about 1/2 a pound. That was extremely frustrating considering at 6’1″ tall, I top 350 pounds and expected I’d lose quite a bit pretty fast. Although not necessary, I did count the calories just to see and it averaged about 1,500-1,800 with cheat day hitting around 6,000 thanks to several bottles of Malbec. Breakfast was 8 oz. of egg whites with one large egg, lentils, and half a bag of Birdseye Steamfresh cauliflower/broccoli. Lunch was 6 oz. of browned ground beef, a cup of black beans, and the rest of the cauliflower/broccoli. Dinner was either beef, chicken, or fish; black or kidney beans; steamed Brussels sprouts or a large salad. My only seasonings/condiments were salsa, salt, and pepper. No snacks whatsoever.
    Heavy lifting twice a week; 4 sets of 10 reps lat pull-downs (150#) shoulder press (180#), curls (75# per arm), butterfly (200#), shrugs (400#).
    Just had a physical and all is normal; BP, triglycerides, cholesterol, testosterone, etc.
    Does anybody have any idea what’s going on?
    This week, I’ve cut out the beans and I’ve got carbs at around 25 grams a day to hopefully shake things up.
    It’s killing me reading how all these people are dropping pound after pound and I’m 100%, no bull, sticking to the plan directly out of the book with zero results.


    • Hi Don,
      Im not an expert, can only share my experience.
      I have dropped 18kgs in 4months. (10kgs 1st 2 months, and 8 the next). My routine/diet:
      am:wake up + 1L ice water. Within 20m, 5 eggwhites(Lsize) + black coffee with some canela
      lunch: plate of lentils + meat (chicken or beef)
      dinner: “”””””””””””””””””””””””
      before bed: 30m ice gel pack on trapezium
      water: total i drink 3L a day, this is easy as by 10am i have already drunk 1.5l so i have rest day to drink the remainder. And i have coffee all day.
      Above i also sometimes add spinach, its good for going to the toilet in the morning as cleans you from inside.

      Had blood test done after 4m, all 100% better than expected, just little low on iron. Abov
      Binge day: same am routine, + start binging after midday (its hard)
      For your info, i started at 133kg (im 1.84cm tall), did 4 months, took 3 weeks off, now back to it, and already weigh 113kg. Still got 13kg to go.
      Hope that helps. I think maybe your portions are too big or maybe you not drinking enough water, but im no expert, can only share whats working for me.
      Good luck,


      • Thanks, Manu.
        I wish that was it, but at under 2,000 calories a day (except for Cheat Day), it’s sure not large portions. I go through at least 6 cups of coffee and a gallon of water every day. I’m thinking my metabolism has just slowed down. I’m 61 years old. But still, with this little food and heavy lifting you’d think there’d be some results.


      • Hi Don,
        Well i can tell you that my dad lost 17kgs over 8months at the age of 61, so i guess metabolism has something to play. He didnt do the 4hr diet, but rather the usual 5small meals a day diet. Once again im no expert, only thing can say is dont despair, keep on making changes each week to see what works for you.
        I do go swimming 2-3times a week which i find better than weight training as it tonifies me more, maybe some aerobic workout may help you kick start.
        best advice can you give you is that,
        keep in touch and keep at it,


    • Don,

      If you’re only taking in 1500-1800 cals/day you’re starving your body and it doesn’t want to let anything go. Your BMR is around 2750 cals based on your info above. You’ll need to eat closer to that so your body doesn’t go into starvation mode.

      I’d kick your cals up about 500 for a week and see what happens. If still no movement bump them up another 500. You’ll hit a sweet spot where it starts to drop weight finally. Then you can use a BMR calculator (google it) and adjust your calories as the weight starts to drop off.

      Best of luck!!


  23. hi, i started the SCD about 2 weeks ago and i have not noticed any difference in my weight. i follow the rules and i strictly eat beans, veggies, and chicken or fish. but i have not losed anything so far, am i being to anxious and should wait a while more to see differences or am i doing something wrong. please i need your reply , so i can know what to do. and since i am just in my late teens i thought it’ll be easy for me to loose the weight , but its not coming off. and i’m about to enter week 3. i am planning on following the diet for about 2 months , but i dont know what to do


  24. I actually have a question vs a comment. I don’t want to loose weight, I’m actually trying to put pounds on. At present I weigh about 135 lbs and I’m 5’10″
    Two yrs ago at this time I was about 185 lbs. My weight loss is due to the fact that I was diagnosed with renal cell cancer in July of 2012 and since then the cancer has spread and I am “stage four.” My question is this, is it possible to be on a slow carb diet and gain weight?
    It is thought by many that eliminating sugar from ones diet will slow the growth of renal cell cancer, and possibly aid in causing atopsis.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.



    • Hi Tom,
      I can’t speak for everybody, but if I follow the Slow Carb diet, I gain weight unless I cut out all those beans. At 135# and 5’10, your BMR should be about 1400 calories a day so theoretically, unless you’re exercising quite a bit, anything above that should put on some poundage. If you go heavy on the fat (use a lot of olive oil, coconut oil, etc. in your preparation), eat full flavored organic beef with a lot of marbling, avocadoes, organic sausages you should be able to get upwards of 3,000 calories a day easily. I’d stay away from the beans, though–they’re SLOW carbs, but they still convert to sugar just like all other carbs. What you want is for your body to run on ketones. Protein and fat for 3 days solid and then check your ketone level with Ketostix or Lypostix (any drugstore has them). You want to get in and stay in ketosis–that’ll prove there’s no sugar feeding those cancer cells.
      Best of luck to you.


  25. Hello,

    I am a little concerned, is there any such thing as rapid weight loss? Healthy weight loss that is not water weight or muscle loss takes time and hard work…
    Anyways, I am going to give this diet a go! Hopefully i can find time in University to cook all these meals!


  26. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for all these great stories and case studies. I had read the book and began the diet immediately. After my first week, I have some questions and hope you can help!

    First a little ethnically and lifestyle background about myself:

    I’m a 37 single Chinese female, who grew up in California and now work and live in china. I had worked in the luxury fashion industry for ten years, and it’s high stress level (everyone is obsessed with weight, and with unhealthy diet and lots of drinking after work), and crazy overtime (8am in, 12am out for daily conference calls with international headquarter) had caused me to have unstable weight gain that fluctuates a lot. I was never slim, but during the first five years, I lost 20 lbs resulted from stress, I basically couldn’t eat anything and serious menstrual irregularity. I took a few months off to recover, and in the following years I put on so much weight, going from 135 lbs to 175lbs (I’m 5’7)! My menstrual problem was fixed, I became happier and more rested, but it was impossible to shed the lbs. I tried pills, heavy work out regime, all sorts of crazy diet, results were minimum. It was frustrating…and I stopped dating altogether due to lack of confidence.

    In the past 5 months, I had decided to leave the industry altogether, and to give myself a sabbatical break to fully change the lifestyle and hopefully my body, too. I was first on calorie control diet, paired with homemade system cleansing detox juice, plus simple body training at home (I followed Victorias secrets model pre show body training). I lost 15 lbs total and feel more confident once again. I am at 160lbs now, and ready to lose 20-25lbs in the next 1.5 month before I start the new job, that’s when I discovered your book! What’s interesting is that I discovered that I was doing many things out of my own experiments, that aligned coincidentally with the slow carb diet recommendations! This convinced me that I did something right, if I find tune it and follow your plan completely, I will achieve my goal.

    I just had a complete week of following the diet, including one binge day. The first four days I lost 4 lbs in total, slowed down on the fifth, but my overall measurements kept trimming so I wasn’t worried. During my binge day, I had carbs for craving fixer. Gained the four lbs back the day after, and hadn’t been able to lose them again after two days of returning to the regular meal plan. Of course I also happen to be hitting my menstrual cycle in 12 days, so I know this is normal. I know I will keep doing this but here’s my questions:

    1- [i feel too full and stuffed from the suggested meals started having smaller and smaller appetite, it's as if I'm exhausted from eating altogether]
    I’m naturally a slow eater, with small appetite and sensitive digestive system. I’ve always had the habit of drinking 3l of water daily. I often got so full on my first meal that I just couldn’t seem to eat any more until at least 6 hours later (2 eggs, 1 cup of vegetable, half a grilled chicken breast or half cup of ground beef, half cup of black beans) I tried reducing portion and so to increase meal frequency, but still feel very full in between. I tried replacing some of the protein in take with protein shake, I finally feel hungry in between meals but Everytime I eat again (bean and meat soup with veggie) my stomach started to hurt. Is it okay to cut back on portion, and is protein shake a good replacement? Is there a limit for protein shake?

    2. As I hit the premenstrual phase, it occurs to me that with female hormonal cycle, is once-a-week binge day really the best for us? Because the carbs and salt worsen the water retention and premenstrual weight gain. If we can extend the binge day from once a week to once every 10 days, will this still be efficient?

    3. Despite that the weigh gain during premenstrual should not be considered, does it actually still somehow slow down weight loss speed in comparison to regular days?

    4. If it’s true, what are some suggestions during these 10-14 days (12 days for me) to keep the damage to its lowest possible?

    5. I used to religiously drink very diluted lemon water with chili powder and maple syrup. At first it was for once a week fasting during the previous diet plan, but I altered found that drinking this without the fasting also helped my digestive system, bowel movements and weight loss. (12 tbsp of maple syrup, 1.5 liters of water, 3 lemon, 1 tbsp chili powder). I know sugar and fruits should be avoided, but is this allowed for slow carb diet?

    Sorry about the long comment, and look forward to your help!


  27. Tim Ferriss doesnt give any information on what to eat after a workout. I dont want to lose muscle after a workout so i take (gold standard Whey Protein 1 1/2 scoup of that and beans but nothing els do i eat after a workout. What kind of protein shakes can be taken. On my 9th day of the slow carb diet. i did lose 4 pounds but after cheat day gained 6 pounds. Tonight will be the full 48 hours from cheat day that i should be losing that 6 pounds. well see how this goes. My goal is to lose that belly fat that is in my midsection or (viserel fat) My body fat is fine but i like to get more cut and lean around my mid section without losing muscle. its very very hard cutting like this. Help please???


    • ED, don’t get hung up an losing all your binge weight in 2 days. It usually takes me 3-5 days to lose my binge weight. That’s OK. If you are looking for a meal after you work out, eat chicken/grass fed beef or a protein powder drink. I like the VEGA sport. I know it has some carbs in it but remember he said after an intense workout a few carbs are OK. I’ve been doing the SCD for 5 years now. Your body will begin to respond differently over time. Keep doing kettleball swings and you’ll see a difference.


  28. This is a low carb, low calorie diet and works just like any other low carb, low calorie diet…only slower. The “cheat day” will slow down your weight loss significantly.
    Trying to be like Fonzie… trying to stay cool… but I haven’t seen a post from Tim Ferriss on this board in almost a year which leads me to be like Holden Caulfield. Cynical. I think perhaps Tim Ferriss has made all the money he’s going to make from the 4 Hour Body and has moved on to thinking he can cook.
    Judging from my results after following this program TO THE LETTER for over 3 months, this is junk science.


    • I agree. He says at one point, Calories in Calories out and points out that you burn fat/lose weight by eating less calories.

      Later in the book he says to eat as much as you want of the foods that are approved.

      Well which is it? Calories count or don’t? I could easily eat 2000 calories in beans alone per day


    • Just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s “junk science.” It works for a lot of other people :)


  29. Hey, I’m thinking to myself, “Wow! This is awesome!” But I always end up at the same question, how much meat am I supposed to eat for dinner and lunch if I am substituting in chicken breasts or thighs? Please help answer this question before I start this new lifestyle! Thanks!


  30. Also please I’d like to know if taking pills is compulsory for the diet cause I’ve read somewhere that ‘AGG’ pills should be taken within every meal. Please tell me it’s not true.


    • “AGG” pills are junk. They have no more influence on the human body than taking M&M’s. This entire “diet” is a bill-of-goods that made Tim Ferriss a shitload of money but is nothing more than a re-make of all the low-carb / no-carb diets already out there with his personal spin and that ridiculous “eat-like-a-pig” day off. Don’t believe me? Check the entire board and see when the last time he bothered to post. If he really was the Savior of the Fat People, don’t you think he’d come around more than once every 10 months?


  31. I don’t care what the critics have to say about this “diet”, because I absolutely LOVE it.

    My SO discovered the 4HB and we decided to try it together. Now, three weeks later, each of us has lost 10lbs. This is with zero added exercise and not necessarily following the guidelines to the extreme. We’ve skipped the cold showers and often times skip the exercises listed for cheat day, but we are still losing pounds and inches.

    Granted, it is not the rapid weight loss we experienced with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset (15-20lbs in 3 weeks), but this is a much more sustainable way to eat. I LOVE meat, beans and veggies…and that’s about what we stick to. I would not be able to handle something like the Ultimate Reset for more than a few weeks. No meat, no dairy…14 days of strict vegan after the first week of a less restricted diet?…no thanks. We needed something we could live with and not feel like we were torturing ourselves without any short term rewards.

    When we want things outside of the recommended foods, we write it down and save it for Saturday. Not only does it feel more rewarding that way, but it gives us something to look forward to. It’s like a little celebration every weekend. We do pack on a few pounds on cheat day, but they fall back off within the next 1-2 days. You have to accept that this way of eating is some give and take. Lose 4lbs, gain 2, lose 4, gain 2…but overall, you’re still losing weight and inches. Even on the week I didn’t lose any weight, my inches had gone down since the previous week…so it’s still encouraging. :)

    Anyway, rambling aside, REALLY loving the 4HB. Easy to sustain even with school, work and two kids. Even with the slower weight loss (which is probably healthier anyway), by the end of the year, I’d be 20lbs less than my goal weight…so it’s good progress!


  32. Hello,

    I am looking to get started on the SCD, and would like some advice when it comes to quick protein sources. I don’t have a lot of free time to pre-cook, so if anyone has any ideas or insight, it would be appreciated.


  33. 3 weeks in and 9 pounds lighter. I have a beer or two in the week and sometimes an Asian soup which has noodles and a small amount of milk in a coffee, otherwise follow exactly. Exercise limited to 6000 steps daily and a 7 minute workout 5 days a week. Beginning to see a six lack coming through, really stoked.


  34. I’ve been doing the SCD for about a year and I’m proud to report I’ve lost almost 60lbs. Keep with it everyone the sky is the limit


  35. This has inspired me to TRY this!! I NEED to lose weight!!! I’m an UNHAPPY person now and I ABSOLUTELY HATE looking in the mirror!! I have a loving, supportive and wonderful husband who will be there to help me. I am 32 with 1 child. My husband married a gal that was outgoing, confident and personable in my 122lb frame… now @ almost 170lb I am DEFINITELY NOT THAT GAL ANYMORE!!! I want that girl back!! I used to work in a bathing suite, now I will NOT EVEN DARE 2 put 1 on!!! THANKS FOR THE INSPIRITION….. I’VE TRIED IT ALL?!? I never knew what to eat and how often, this plan is laid out without any questions and I have confidence that I can DO IT!!! I WILL DO IT!!!!


  36. With as horribly tasteless as the prescribed meals here are I’d much rather simply restrict calories and and remove the worst carbs than go all the way. Healthy or not it’s so much easier to eat a lot less and feel less hunger than it is to eat only white meat while being ravenous. This was my experience with slow-carb, anyhow.


    • That has not at all been my experience, we eat steak, hamburgers, and bacon once in a while. Chicken thighs. Pork chops. And I’m never hungry.


  37. Tim,
    Nothing but more proof here — waist size 36 and 190 lbs down to waist size 32 and 160 lbs. Thank you! Two questions if I may:

    1) Is coconut milk a “white” exception along with eggs and cauliflower? I’d like to use it in place of milk in your almond butter-chia shake on resistance days. I also use it in almond meal to make a “nut meal” breakfast item.

    2) Quinoa — While it is a seed, do we treat it as a grain for purposes of the slow-carb diet (cheat-day only?)



  38. All I’ve done so far, is modify my breakfast habits – two eggs worth of egg white, with one whole egg, topped with black pepper and salsa. I also have a bit of spinach, with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. So far, after roughly two weeks and almost zero effort, I’ve lost thirteen pounds. I think I’ll go further and see how long it takes me to lose the other 87 pounds of my goal. I got too close to the 300 pound mark (I’m 6′ 2″) for my liking and had to start taking meds for blood pressure and asthma; I’d like to end that. My daughter is very much on board with this and is working with me (gently, because I’m a big 50 y.o. spoiled child and tend to rebel!). Thanks, and peaces!


  39. Here I go again! I was very successful and lost over 30 pounds on your low carb diet 2 or 3 years ago. Now at age 66 I have started again as I need to loose a good bit more. I started 2 days ago on an impulse without planning. I am having difficulty as I was not well prepared. Tomorrow I am doing the weeks shoppin’ and consider these few days a warm up to the real deal. Thank you for all you share with us.


  40. Having a tough time….followed the diet and lost 11 lbs! That was great but cant seem to get back on the path again…every day has become a cheat day and am eating pints of ice cream, etc…how do I get back on the diet?