How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet – Real Pics and Stories


Patrick lost more than 100 pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet.

I find writing very, very difficult.

While on book deadline (right now, for instance), I suffer dramatic ups and downs. In my darkest hours, I re-read reader success stories that have been sent to me. It makes the entire rollercoaster worth it.

This post will detail how readers have lost well over 100 pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet®. It was sparked by an email I received a few weeks ago:

“I just wanted to sincerely thank Tim for taking the time to research and write The 4-Hour Body. My mom, in her late 60’s, lost 45 lbs and got off her high blood pressure meds that she had been on for 20+ years. She did all this in about 3 months. This means that I get to have her around for a long time.”

Anyone can lose hope, and many people do when trying to lose weight. The Slow-Carb Diet (SCD) works almost beyond belief, and it affects much more than appearance. The basic rules are simple:

Rule #1: Avoid “white” starchy carbohydrates (or those that can be white). This means all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains. If you have to ask, don’t eat it.
Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and lunch. You already do this; you’re just picking new default meals.
Rule #3: Don’t drink calories. Exception: 1-2 glasses of dry red wine per night is allowed.
Rule #4: Don’t eat fruit. (Fructose –> glycerol phosphate –> more bodyfat, more or less.) Avocado and tomatoes are excepted.
Rule #5: Take one day off per week and go nuts. I choose and recommend Saturday.

Comprehensive step-by-step details, including Q&As and troubleshooting, can be found in The 4-Hour Body, but the above outline is often enough to lose 20 pounds in a month, drop two clothing sizes, or more.

The SCD works for both women and men. Maria Rider (pictured below) is over 40 years of age and a mother. As she put it to me, she’d always been “the heavy mom.” Now she’s seen differently: “I haven’t seen this weight since my college years! I just wish you’d written the book 20 years ago!”

Last we spoke, she had dropped from 247 pounds to 122 pounds, for a loss thus far of 125 pounds. Her husband has also lost 56 pounds.

The SCD is also effective for going from “normal” to very, very fit, as MP shows:

MP before.

MP after.

The same exact rules apply. No differences whatsoever.


Next, we’ll meet Ricardo A, in depth. Ricardo first reached out to me via email. It began with…

I cannot put into words the great gift you have given me. “[The Slow-Carb Diet is]…intended to be effective, not fun.” As soon as I read those words, I knew I had to give the slow carb diet a try. 210 days later, I haven’t looked back. The change has been incredible. Not just my weight, but my outlook on life. I have followed your instructions to the letter…”

Below, in Ricardo’s own words, is what happens when you follow SCD to the letter.

Ricardo’s Story


People always ask me what moment led me to lose over 150 pounds in 9 months on the Slow Carb Diet (SCD).

I crack a smile when I get asked. Unlike some, who can pinpoint one moment in time which defined the start of their journey, I have three “moments” that immediately come to mind.

The first was months before I started the SCD in August of 2011. It was when I realized that overweight people on TV, told they would die because of their weight, weighed less than I did.

The second moment was the day I got my gym membership card. Instead of it prominently featuring my face, my whole midsection was featured, slumping over the chair.

The third moment, which happened just days before I began the SCD, was when a good friend told me that in order to effectuate positive change in your life, you need strength and guidance. You can acquire strength with discipline and will power, but guidance, well, that’s where Tim comes in.

I recall reading headlines in August that Amazon had just signed its first author for a new publishing arm. Not knowing who Tim Ferriss was, I did some research and found a Gizmodo article. I was at the grocery store that day with my shopping list and began the SCD the very next morning. During my first few days, I was pleasantly surprised to find content and support readily available online, and how much personal feedback Tim would give via his blog. He not only provided you with a plan, but was right there with you when you had any doubts. Tim provided that little push that got me going.

How far I went then was entirely up to me.


“It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.”

This is the best answer I can conjure when asked about my success on the SCD. I truly took Tim’s mantra of keeping it simple to heart. Being able to plan all of my meals ahead of time removes not only stress, but also the guilt associated with eating unhealthy foods. My previous “meal plan” consisted of eating junk food three times a day and constant snacking. Not a day would go by without having dessert, consisting of either a pint of rich ice cream or bag of cookies. Looking back, I can easy understand how I got to 410 pounds.

I have been overweight my entire life.

Whenever I managed to lose weight, I’d gain it all back. I had been open to the idea of dieting for some time but found diets too hard to follow. I would start one, and as soon as I cheated or ate incompliant foods, I would give up. This is why I knew the SCD was something I had to try. How could I pass up losing weight while not only being allowed to “cheat”, but being required to do so for an entire day out of the week?

Months after starting the SCD, I ran into an article in the UK’s Daily Mail explaining the science behind postponing eating, which further reinforced the science behind cheat day on the SCD. This, coupled with the outstanding community aspect (via blogs and personal websites), has led to my success and high compliancy rate (over 90% complaint in the past 9 months). I don’t snack, and I only drink unsweetened iced tea and black coffee. I also drink at least a gallon of water a day.


I eat three meals a day.

– Breakfast, which I have no later than an hour after waking up.
– Lunch, which comes at least 4 hours after breakfast.
– Dinner, which is anywhere from 6-8 hours after lunch.

A typical day would look like this:

Breakfast: 8 ounces of egg whites and one whole jumbo organic egg; black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.
Lunch: ½ pound of vegetarian fed tri-tip steak from trader joes; black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.
Dinner: frozen chicken thighs (cooked on boiling water until thawed then fried with olive oil); black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.

When I don’t have time to cook at home, I either get a chicken bowl from Chipotle (no dairy or corn) or order a carne asada (grilled steak) plate at my local burrito shop, which consists of steak, pinto beans, and a salad (no cheese).

Keeping your meals simple makes failure less likely.


Based on my experience on the SCD, the only advice I can give you is to stick with it. Your time is now. Don’t make a big fuss about it, and don’t tell it to the mountain. Keep it on the down-low for the first few weeks. This is a personal journey, and success will entirely depend on you. Tim has given you all the tools; now it’s up to you to put them to work. Keep it simple, and if you have to ask, don’t eat it. Save it for your cheat day.

I started the SCD on a Wednesday and did not have my first cheat day until the second Saturday. I invite you to take the “Wednesday Challenge” and do the same. This will give you a head start and allow you to build up will-power.

I still carry the gym membership photo in my wallet every day.

It’s constant motivation to keep at it… to continue on this wonderful, albeit challenging, journey.

I did my part, building the strength through discipline and will power to succeed on the SCD. But without Tim’s guidance, I would not be here telling you my story. Seek strength. Seek guidance.

My name is Ricardo, I am 31-years old, and I’ve lost more than 150 pounds on the SCD. Thank you, Tim.

Afterword from Tim

First of all, thank you, Ricardo. Sincere thanks to all of you who read what I write.

And congratulations to all who’ve made it happen!

Armed with a basic overview of the SCD and a supportive online community (like 4HBTalk), Ricardo lost 150 pounds. Similarly, the others above took a basic plan and put it into practice.

Now, I ask a small favor:

1. If you’re trying to lose fat, commit to testing The Slow-Carb Diet for two weeks starting this Wednesday. Read the above, perhaps consider The 4-Hour Body, and just get started. Put it on the calendar and make it happen.

2. If you’ve lost weight on The Slow-Carb Diet, please fill out the below! It’ll take 10 seconds and help me gather valuable data. Thank you in advance:

Fill out my online form.

(Not showing? Here’s the link.)

3. Last, if you know someone who needs (or wants) to lose weight, please tell them about Slow-Carb somehow.

I don’t care at all if they buy the book or not. The Gizmodo article and other blog links can do a great job. I’ve seen the tremendous difference it can make in the lives of entire families, not just individuals. Whether it’s life-or-death or just looking better in jeans, if you know someone who can benefit, please pass it on.

Thank you for reading, everyone, and have a wonderful week.

If you have any Slow-Carb stories (or before-and-after pics), I’d absolutely love to see them in the comments! They would truly make my summer, which is going to be a tough one…

Posted on: July 12, 2012.

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784 comments on “How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet – Real Pics and Stories

    • Hi Tim,
      Great article- love to constantly read the success stories! I have read all your books so am a big fan :) I actually started my muse company Zen Green Tea from an idea in 4 hr body- Green Tea! ha ha I have begun importing and selling Matcha green tea powder in Australia and I know its popularity probably has stemmed from 4HB fans looking for a cheaper way to get their green tea intake in PAGG without the expensive capsule prices! Best of luck with your writing- whatever you are struggling with just persevere and you will get there.. after all you are Tim Ferriss!


    • This diet really works-though I dont strictly follow it now-I did use it to get rid of 10 pounds after having my baby. I swear I followed it for 2 weeks and the weight came off and has stayed off! Its effective and fast. Like Tim says its not fun, but its effective and that’s what I was looking for!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Idk about holly, but I lost 12lbs in one week eating
        2 eggs, 1/2c spinach, and 1/3 can lentils for breakfast,
        1/3lb chicken breast stir fried with sea salt fresh ground pepper and curry, 1/2c spinach, and 1/3 can lentils for lunch,
        And the same thing as lunch for dinner.

        At the same time I was doing light exercises immediately before each meal (after cooking. I didn’t want to let even 1 minute pass between my exercises and my eating) and also at 90 minutes after eating. When I say light exercises, I’m talking about what’s described in stalling maneuvers.

        At the same time I was taking
        a multivitamin, a b complex, niacin, ubiquinol, vitamin d3, ginkgo, AGG, and 1600mg cissus with breakfast,
        AGG and niacin with lunch,
        And PAGG, niacin, and 1600mg cissus with dinner.

        Finally, there were very few moments during that week that I didn’t have a huge glass of green or white tea in hand.
        Since then, I’ve taken a week off and eaten nothing but junk food, though I’ve barely gained back any of the weight I’ve lost. Starting today I’m getting back to it and hoping for the best.

        Incidentally, most of the supplements listed were to treat or prevent deficiencies or for other benefits I’m targeting.
        The supplements I consider most beneficial to my weight loss are the agg, pagg, and cissus.

        Hope this helps. :-)


    • Started the SCD as my new years resolution for 2012. Part of my plan, I don’t eat any beans, but I do eat a good amount of almonds. I also never gave myself a ‘cheat’ day once a week, but I do a carb binge every ten pounds lost. I have not incorporated much exercise into the lifestyle, but I will soon. I do drink some diet soda and sugar free red bull, to keep the engines running, but I do also drink a good amount of water as well. I take a good multivitamin in the morning, along with Seanol. Coffee and a low-sugar Atkins shake in the morning, and usually some sort of meat for dinner & lunch, either turkey or chicken. Occasionally beef, but it is a high calorie dense food. Sixty pounds gone as of June 2012! Even though my personal life has had some recent downturns, I’m still sticking with it and loving the results! Very happy!

      -Josh Curry


      • Hey Josh, I do not like beans at all!!! So I’ve been wondering what I could use to substitute to make up the calories. What have you been eating?


      • Hi Josh. What about cheese? Does it have to be on the “crazy” day or can you eat cheese with meals or snacks?

        I am just starting.


      • Kafi – I don’t eat any beans and I get plenty of calories! I do bacon, eggs, guac for breakfast – meat and veggies for lunch, meat and veggies for dinner.

        If you need to supplement between meals, nut butters are good – peanut, sunflower, almond, etc.


    • Hi Tim,

      Did the SCD before my wedding day and, successfully lost weight. Now I’m telling everyone about it. Just a quick question, is it necessary to maintain the SCD for the rest of your life, or can you sprinkle in some fruits and whole grains during the week once you’ve achieved your weight goal?



      • it’s ok if you wanna add some fruits and whole meals after you’re at the wright you want. It’s good to add some exercise too, so in that way you’ll maintain your weight with a lot of health.


    • Tim,

      Thanks for the post. It is now 18 months since I first adopted the SCD. I can not tell you enough how different life is on this side: from more energy to more self esteem to seemingly more business opportunities than I can handle. Not to mention text book abs every time I look in the mirror I documented all my meals and progress on my bodyspace – you can check out the journey here:

      I started the slow carb diet in January 2010 when the book first came out. I immediately lost 30 lbs in the first 12 weeks. Dropping my body fat from 30 % to about 18%. I’m now down 46 lbs (all fat) and my body fat has stabilized at a lean 10%. The best part is that after I reached my goal I added a second cheat day on the weekend and this has seemed to stabilize my weight. I follow the SCD to the letter M-F and then its rules off for the whole weekend !

      I started SCD with more than just a weight loss goal. I wanted to get into the best shape of my life (I turned 40 last year and wanted this far more than a red BMW.) Now Im looking


    • I really like the SCD! But I workout 6 days a week and have training for endurance events. My problem is I don’t have enough energy now. Example on 6 mile run the other day, after 3 miles I was done, I had to walk back to the gym. Can you recommend adjusts to accommodate my activity level. The reason I’m using this diet is because I’m still overweight. My body fat is at 23% and would like to get it down to 15%. I have lost 42 lbs this year, doing my own this thing. I was trying to be more scientific about my diet because its harder to lose weight now!


      • You need to train your body to use fat for fuel. Try running shorter distances after fasting 10-12 hours, then incrementally increase the distance, and dont eat gels etc while training.


    • Hi Tim,
      I really appreciate the awareness and energy that you bring to food, eating, body image, and exercise in 4HB. We live in an extreme culture and I appreciate your attempt to bring health to the masses.

      What is missing for me in your “lifestyle design” is relationship. We are animals that live in packs, we have friends, lovers, professional colleagues; we deal with in-laws, children and their friends. Being “in” relationship is one of the trickiest challenges of being human. . . and though I love your energy around eating well, fitness, weight loss, and even the 15 minute orgasm, there is something inherently sensitive and vulnerable missing from your work – the acknowledgment that you are inherently in contact and interaction with others and that influences your essential sense of self.

      Anyway, I have a lot more to say about this, but this seems enough for a public forum.

      Good luck and thank you again for what you offer the field of health.



      • For tips that provide surprising benefits to your social interaction, check out the challenges in “the 4 hour workweek”. They help give you more confidence in dealing with others and assist you in developing necessary skills for social interaction. Oh yeah, the rest of the book will teach you how to quit your job and make more money too.


    • Hello Tim, after writing my address on your facebook about taking a polish 4 hour body I got a weird email from USPS about some problem with package. Is it connection beetween posibility of a gift from you?


      • The “USPS” is a virus/malware email (I’ve never opened it up to find out) I get at least one a month, frequently more, in my spam file. If any email you get, even one from a friend: speaks in vague language like that one, or just gives a link or an attachment, assume it is spam. If it’s from a friend tell them to change their password.


    • Hi Tim,
      Great article and great book. I was following the 4HB diet for 3 months and found that I would lose weight, but gain it back after the cheat day and not lose it until right before the next cheat day. So basically, I just maintained my weight.

      I have a condition called PCOS and I am insulin resistant, PCOS makes it very difficult for me to lose weight as my body does not process carbohydrates correctly. Do you know if any women with PCOS have had success with the 4HB diet?

      I’m very active (exercise an avg of 5-6 days / week for 45min – 1.5 hrs/day), but I need to lose about 100lbs. I am a data nut, which is why I love your book. I track everything I put into my face and I also track my exercise and I was tracking my sleeping patterns.

      I’ve searched a couple of the 4HB message boards but haven’t found any information about how the 4HB diet works with PCOS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks for the awesome information!!!


    • I have a question. after reading your book 4 hour body, on the slow carb diet you said: “”Do the least necessary to trigger a fat-loss cascade of specific hormones,””

      then went on to mention 20Ibs for 80 seconds.
      not one who works out much, in what way is this employed?


      • Frank,

        The hormonal response he’s talking about includes human growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor, testosterone, and others. These have been shown to increase with as little as 60-90 second of max effort work.

        So if you were to do 10 squats then 10 pushups as many times as you can in, say, 3 minutes, you could get this hormonal response.

        Also, the slow-carb diet, and others like it (paleo, perfect health, SCD, etc.), serve to change your metabolic programming to burn fat first instead of sugar.

        So when you mix slow carb with short, high intensity workouts, you get a double hormonal benefit!


      • I have a question how about eating fruit, I have an apple every morning and a lite lunch, and small dinner, reading the different story, maybe I need to change my eating habits, but my question is how about fruit?


    • I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off for going on a year. I’m very healthy, in fact, my blood work which was high chol. high triglycerides was so clean the doc said there was no need to come in for a follow up. As to 4HB, I am interested in setting some advance fitness goals (I’m 43, 5 kids and I want to do some sort of Ultra or adventure race). It was awesome to have a reference source to go to where I could learn how that will be possible. Truly a valuable piece of work Tim, thank you.


    • I am enjoying?every article you write.If you have any chance to have a talk here in Japan someday,just inform your fans here.Thank you.


    • thank you so much for your advice, your books and this blog. whatever it is that drives you to do the things you do, boy am i grateful. as unfair as it is that you receive a lot of criticism for your efforts, i’m so glad that you don’t let it derail you and your endeavors.
      i look forward to sending you before and after photos.
      thanks again for helping me to improve the quality of my life.
      much appreciated.


    • I don’t think the SCD is that amazing. My wife and I both strictly followed it out of the book for 4 months along with utilizing the PAGG stack and ended up each losing a whopping 2ish pounds. Since then I’ve stopped having eggs everyday for breakfast and have been using more common sense when eating and have lost 15 pounds over the past month. I’ll stick with my results.


      • @Jamie yet the article title states “how to lose x number of pounds” on this diet, and the closing survey asks how many pounds lost. There is continued emphasis throughout the article on weight loss not body fat reduction.


      • Who cares what is emphasized here? If you’ve only got 15 or so “pounds to lose” then you can stay the same weight but completely change your body.

        It’s not hard to gain 15 lbs. of muscle eating correctly.


      • My mom didn’t lose weight on the diet either but it was because she would drink too much wine at night and she would cheat a little here and there and snack a lot. When I follow this diet strictly the pounds come right off. I don’t know how strict you were on the diet, that can definitely effect it working. This diet absolutely worked for me and I have been overweight most of my life. Lost 40 pounds in 3 months! This is my second go at it (just had a baby). Hopefully I’ll have the same results.


    • Tim,

      Your success, creativity, hyper work ethic and freedom are inspirational. After reading your findings, I determined that the key to success with your research relies on the individual’s work ethic.

      You bust your rear-end to create something (muse, etc) and reap the benefits. I have heard far too many critics claim this method is “anti-work.” People fail when they hit a wall and have no idea how to circumvent the obstacle. Thus, they retreat and slander. This type of disheartened people is the same type of people who believe in radical claims like: “get rich quick,” “cure-all pills” or “lose weight fast.” Sadly, many people do not understand that work and perseverance are critical components which unlock freedom/wealth.

      Your scientific-method-like-approach pairs personal ideas to personal gains.

      I normally don’t email or blog, but I wanted to convey my thoughts and kudos. Continue your intrinsic and creative ways, for I look forward to reading more!



    • Hi Tim,

      I’ve experienced the Slow-carb diet twice…yeah…twice doesn’t sound good but since you are always scientifically researching your projects, I decided to let you know why. Let me asure you that my comment doesn’t have anything to do with those net-freaks that want to cut you off, or your fame and know-how, I’m an honest user of some of your “products” and I know how outliers are sometimes useful regarding science.

      The diet works for me the first 3 weeks, making me loose 8 pounds. It’s not much, I’m really mentally disciplined, and I was not understanding why it stopped working. I made a break of 6 months and tried again. same thing happened and I understood yesterday why.

      I have a spleen condition, hereditary microesferocitose, that causes damages in terms of blood, blood vessels and diggestion. The damages are minor, I can eat everything, don’t have any kind of pain while diggesting, but I bruise easily, my vesicle is out 4 years now (tiny tiny fat stones)…being sometimes tired and anemic are some side effects. The mechanism is: my erythrocytes are different and my spleen doesn’t recognise the old ones, so he finishes some old and new guys. This sometimes causes a minor anemia. My liver and vesicle work harder. I have a tendency to gain weith and cellulite, retain fluids and all that shit.

      I’m almost 30 years now and only now I’m fully understanding how this works and thanks to chinese medicine. That happens because spleen is the most controversial organ in terms of common and chinese medicine. For the west, the spleen has a function of defence and gather all the old erythrocytes. For the chinese, it’s responsible for your body temperatura, energy distribution and is linked both to diggestion and blood.

      For them, the partner organ is the stomach and the diggestion is seen as: food gets in your stomach, gets diggested, the spleen is reponsible for gathering it’s energy, it goes up to the lungs and, trough breathing, it’s spread to the entire body. I wont explain you the diggestion for the west ’cause you already know it.

      There are propper foods for the spleen, sweet ones mainly , not with suggar but with a sweet taste, such as beans, and this was one of the main reasons to do the slow carb diet. The thing is, I need fruist and vitamins because my tendency of loosing important minerals. I need those a lot and the supplements of magnesium and omega 3 weren’t enough. My spleen, stomach and liver are weak and it will take me some weeks to be totally on my feet again.

      So I got sick and I’m now recovering. Had a major flue, allergies, more bruises, bad diggestion, not sleeping, blurred vision, tirednes, lack of appetite, anemia. I saw my doctor befor starting your diet, but the thing is, the occidental doctors don’t know this mechanism, so he said ok, and off I went! That’s why I lost weight on the first weeks, just like you said, and stopped when my spleen and partners were too weak and my body got weak too. Being really determined didn’t help this time, ’cause I should have listened more carefully to my body and stopped. I gues you know sometimes It’s hard to stop, I still have a lot to improve!

      This said, If you ever discover a way to undo this kind of effect, please let me know. My weight is a product not of bad food or choices, but a biological pattern, no I know it. It’s sometimes difficult to really understand what’s hapenning inside us, but I’m glad I did.

      If you need data for research, please let me know.

      Thanks and keep up the good work,


    • Hey
      I like the way you think still.. I’ve been eating only fruits for dinner for the last 3 years (just following my envies!! really) and ok I’m a fat free vegan and I cook almost all things I eat (and no white starch) but still I eat a LOT of fruits all day long and I don’t think to have more body fat than before
      Ok I do a lot of pilates and power yoga but still.. How can you say NOT to eat fruits????????????????????? do you know ?


    • Those photos are INSPIRING, especially MP’s. Holy cow.

      Tim, I’ve experimented quite a lot with keto-cycling, primal, and paleo diets and I’ve been working in a lot of your SCD principles in recent months. I’ve noticed a slight drop in BF% (yay!) but I can’t understand how amazingly clear my thoughts are on a day-to-day basis.

      The SCD has positively affected my mood in ways I never thought it would. Thank you!


    • So many people have asked me how I’ve lost the weight (185 > 155: 5’9″) I send them my Evernote summary of “the plan”. I call it the Tim Ferriss plan. Give them you basics and how I follow it on a daily basis along with a link to your book. A few people who were in a weight loss contest with me followed the plan with outstanding results > we crushed the next closest team 15% lost vs 8%. Thank you so much for sharing your experiments with us! Over a year in my new body, never thought I’d be able to redo my body after age 45.


    • Tim, you’re doing great researching on your stuff, just ordered your 4-h-workweek-book… i’m honestly troubled by quite many issues, such as PTSD and some Depression issues (for some real tough reasons), i’ve been trying hard, but it just IS hard to unlock it. A friend said lately: snap out of it. Easy to say, hard to find the way. Usually i had the personality of a maker and a creative. Your advices and methods are extremely reasonable and well-thought… please, can you do some research on that issues too? I’m sick of trying with people on and on again, therapyspecialists and i do not know whatelse… your kind of dealing with stuff (i love languages too btw and am quicklearner!) could be of GREAT USE. Best, Dominika :D


    • Hey Tim,

      This article inspired me to get back on the slow carb band wagon because I really really need to get in awesome shape for the Miss California USA Pageant.

      I am super interested in MP’s results! What kind of workout program was she on? She had to have gotten all of that muscle from somewhere!

      I’ve tried doing from Geek to Freak for 2 months and while I did get stronger, I did not get leaner.

      Please help! Competition in 4 months!

      P.s. I’m a big fan!


      • I too am interested in hearing more about MP. Her photos are very inspiring and her before photos look an awful lot like mine do now!! Can we please hear more about MP’s success?


    • Boooh! I am so disappointed.

      Granted, I only started this eating plan on Saturday and it’s now Thursday. However… I have put on 4cm on my waist?!?!?! I was 67cm (as I have been for ages) and I’m now a full 71cm. My weight is also the same (once I drink water in the morning).

      CONSTIPATION. Also, I feel constipated. In spite of eating so many veggies and beans/peas/lentils that I could not eat any more.
      (I don’t crave carbs but I do miss fruit. )

      Anyone else had the increased waist and constipation problems?


      • Hello Cis! Me and my flatmate have started the diet one week ago and we have both gained waist, almost 2kgs each…we don’t know what’s going on because we are following all the diet rules, using the kettlebell, we did over 20k running this week. Can somebody help us? Thanks a lot.


      • Hi Cis and Yuna!

        1 – Constipation is because of all the protein. Once it passes you will actually drop quite a bit of weight. ALSO, you said yourself you did the kettle bell workouts. Muscle pushes out the fat on you, which looks like you’re getting fatter until the muscle has a chance to burn off the fat. Hang in there! The constipation is likely due to a lack of fluids. Take in a lot more water, and add a squeeze of lemon to it in the morning to increase fluid movement. You should be on a happy road quickly. :)


      • I did a lot of beans. Look for the cans that read “vegetarian” as many are cooked in a meat broth. I’ll warn you will get sick of it. I added in fish and the eggs in the AM because one can only eat so many beans. Also puree cauliflower to mix with stuff…it’s amazing and has a hummus-like texture. You can puree avocado as well, with a tiny squeeze of lime it’s like dressing.


    • Thought I’d comment on my Cheat Day….cheat. Seven days is too long for me. I figured I’d start cheating a day ahead, so when I started Slow-Carb, I went on a 6-day cycle. I followed the plan for five days and the sixth was my cheat. I lost the weight I wanted to lose and have been pleased.

      But on my current pass, I decided to try a 7-day cycle. My fears were correct, I cheated more often. So much so that I actually gained a few pounds back. After four weeks, I’d edged up three pounds and couldn’t lose it.

      So in week five, I went back to a 6-day cycle. I’ve lost those pounds again. I like the off-balance nature of this cycle. I’m constantly calculating when the next cheat day, providing a reminder that it isn’t that far away.


    • Hello Tim,
      Please let me know how can I come back to normal food after I loose my required weight. I will not be able to eat the diet suggested all year as I stay in Leh Ladakh ( India) and winters we do not get much options for food.


    • This diet is saving my health. I’ve lost almost 100 lbs!! I am only 26 and I shot up to 321 lbs at 5′ 11″. I’ve also discovered that I’m gluten and dairy intolerant through this process. It’s the best thing that could ever happen to me. I feel better than I ever have. I’ve even started a blog about all the meals I make to help others find creativity in their food. I think you can click on my name to check it out.

      I’ve been helping a lot of people through this. Tim Ferriss, you’re too efficient of a writer. You pack so much information into one sentence that it’s east to miss the details. It took me a couple of tries to get the diet right. Even then, I’ve still screwed it up and plateaued.

      My husband is still struggling a bit. I’m not sure what to do for him. He follows the diet perfectly and does weight training with a personal trainer twice a week but I’m not seeing a change. I’ve checked both weight and measurements and over the last few months, he hasn’t moved a ton. At his size, I expect him to be seeing great results. None-the-less, we continue to slow carb it.

      I still have 50+ pounds to go. My goal is to submit my before and after pictures for everyone to see. This has been the most sustainable diet I’ve ever been on.

      For those who are just starting, be excited. “The Bean Diet” (as we coin it) will get you to your goal! Be encouraged.


    • I have tried the slow carb diet for 60 for 2 months now.
      I feels smaller, lighter but only lost about 2kg.
      I feel I need to loose maybe about another 5 kg. I still have a lot of fat in the mid section etc.
      I wondering what am I doing wrong.
      My meals are pretty much like the following:
      breakfast @ 7am: 2 eggs and beens (or green peas)
      lunch @ 1pm: steack or chicken or fish and broccoli & beans or peas
      dinner @ 7pm: steack or chicken or fish and broccoli & beans or peas or only veg soup.
      I drink between 2 and 3 litters of water per day.
      Walk (fast) for about 40 minutes about 4 or 5 times per week.

      Please advise


    • Hi Tim – HUGE fan of 4HWW & 4HB, I’ve been travelling abroad for 9 months and the slow carb diet is the only diet i’ve been able to stick to whilst travelling!

      Got a question i hope someone can help me with – I’m now living in thailand, and a thai chef told me thai glass noodles (or clear cellophane noodles, not to be confused with rice vermicelli, the white noodles) are made from mung beans and therefore I’m wondering if they are allowed on the slow carb diet? Anyone had any experience or have any thoughts?

      Thanks again for the best diet i’ve ever used!

      – Belle


    • Any thoughts about doing the SCD during pregnancy? I started the diet 3 weeks ago before I knew I was pregnant. Lost 10 pounds in first 2 weeks and feel much better than I did during my last pregnancy but not sure if I should add in whole grains.


      • I’m also curious about changing to a slow carb diet while pregnant. We just found out that we’re 1 month along (YAY!) and I want to reduce my propensity toward weight gain over the next 8 months.

        I’m a white American woman, size 6-8, 30 years old and am in decent physical shape (I do hot yoga and jog/circuit regularly). I’m 6′ tall and weigh 165 right now. I feel my healthiest at about 145, but that weight is difficult for me to maintain. My husband thinks I look best at 150, which I was managing well up until about a year and a half ago – I’ve been a bit lazy with working out over the past year so I can’t say “Oh my gosh, I don’t know where the weight has come from!” My jeans are all a size 4 and I’m working toward fitting back into them before my weight gets out of control. I’d spent about 6 months trying to lose the weight through cutting calories and trying to exercise more before I read your book.

        I’d just like to make sure I can healthfully lose it while still being a good host for the little human growing inside of me. Right now, I’m 22-24 percent body fat depending on the source, though I’d prefer to be below 20 percent. College ball took its toll on my knees and they feel better when I weigh less AND have strong stabilizer muscles.

        My concern with the SCD is the “binge” day. Because of the natural HCG that my body is producing during pregnancy, won’t the fat and carbohydrates I consume just add to the unnecessary fat deposits already in my body – the ones I’m trying to get rid of – and stay there for later “just-in-case” use by the baby? Or am I interpreting that data on HCG wrong?

        I’m asking this because I’m on week two of the diet and I still feel heavy and bloated from the carb day on Saturday, four days ago. I felt almost hungover on Sunday and slept at least 16 hours. I also have not lost the 2 lbs my scale says I gained that day. So, while my gross loss has been 3 lbs, the net loss is only 1 lb.

        I understand that you’ve classified 15 lbs of fat as “not much to lose” but it is a big deal to me – especially since I’m also trying to prevent “natural” weight gain at the same time.

        Any advice or experience you could cite would be much appreciated – I’d also be happy to document and share with you any data I track on my progress – it might be useful for other women who have similar questions or concerns about pregnancy and sub-20 lb weight loss! Thanks!

        Other data points to consider:
        I am not drinking any alcohol at all, nor have I been for the past three months since we started trying to get pregnant.
        I am taking a prenatal vitamin (including iron and folic acid), Vitamin D and calcium – daily
        I take weekly B12 injections
        I have no family history of diabetes, heart conditions, or other health problems
        I’ve yet to endure the trials of morning sickness
        I’ve been getting about 10 hours of sleep a day for the past 3 weeks because I’ve been exhausted and have started taking naps during lunch and after work. My doctor says this is normal during the first trimester.


    • Hey Tim, I’ve been doing this diet for 3 years (never read your book). I had to do it due to digestive issues. I no longer have IBS and I feel great! Not only does it help one lose weight, but it clears up a host of other issues for many people.
      I would like to point out one very IMPORTANT thing to you: You are consuming too much BPA if you are eating all those canned beans. Cook them yourself and freeze for the week. BPA is a controversial chemical used in cans that is believed by many to cause cancer. You would do well to look into it and perhaps not reccommend canned beans at every meal to your readers.


    • Hi Tim,

      SCD-sideways post, I’ve been using the 4HB book to try Occam’s Protocol. For background I’m a 5ft 2 mum of two small boys, about 69kg and a US size 8. The Hulk I am not!

      In 1 month (so approx 8 gym sessions of about 30 min each) I’ve made the following improvements:
      Leg press: 55kg—>105kg
      Deltoid press: 22kg–> 40kg
      Shoulder press: 15 kg—->28kg
      Pulldown: 15kg—->45kg.

      It’s not just effective for the boys!
      In the same period I’ve lost 5cm off my waist…



      • Those are amazing results. I have bought this book and I am starting with this diet. What is more, I promised myself to go to gym regularly so I hope I will be able to have similar progress as it is a huge motivational factor for me..


    • Dear Tim,
      i have a severe problem: last week i had my harajuku moment, read your book, made an exact plan and started the diet.
      Whenever I have a meal though I get severe stomach pain. I may not eat sorbite, which was found out last year. The only difference between my normal eating habits and the meals now are the beans. It’s impossible for me to keep up the diet with the beans, which concerns me a lot, since I know that they’re essential to it- please let me know, even with one sentence only, if there is any possibility that I can continue the diet and if yes, in which way. I really don’t want to waste my temporary motivation and harajuku moment! Thank you a lot! Your book is awesome!


      • 1. Try to use lentils instead of beans.
        2. Buy dry beans. Soak the beans in water (3-4 times more water than beans) for 24 hours. Then cook them preferably in a slow cooker. This will get rid of a lot of bad chemicals in the beans that are responsible for the gas effect and may be even worse for you.


    • hi tim, i stumbled across your website today whilst i just started to eat mindfully from this week onwards to lose weight to be able to pump up my good cholestrol. your five rules are fine, except for the protein part. i am a full vegetarian. i am so confused so as to how do i incorporate your rules in my lifestyle to lose weight.
      please help. i have food addiction and with great difficulty i have finally decided to do something about it. your diet plan looks really promising. i dont want to go back to binging.
      i am in the process of reading your book. i would like to follow the 60/10/30 slider for results.
      hoping too hear from you.
      thanks in advance


    • Tim:

      I tried your diet last year and it work except that I got Mercury provisioning from eating too much fish. I then got off your diet and went Vegan and gained weight :-(. I’m torn because I know your formula to lose weight works but spiritually I feel Confused because I don’t want to eat meat. I’ve decided to add Sardines and Salmon. Any other suggestions you could offer? Also I’m not clear about if I can drink Citrus Komacha once a day? Also once you’ve reached goal weight is there a maintance diet or do you continue with same? One last question– instead of cottage cheese is it ok to have Goat or Feta Cheese?

      Thank you Tim :-)

      Ruth Zalduondo


    • I have tried the SCD a few times now, but have trouble following the diet exactly, thus I only ever lose about 5lbs. I just cut out dairy and will be following the diet strictly. My question is, do we have to use the supplements (PAGG etc.) in order for the diet to work? I do not like taking herbs/supplements etc. but I have no problem eating crap once a week and doing my air squats before/after my meals. Is the muscle contraction enough? Side note – I’m a dance/fitness instructor and teach 10+ hours of classes a week, will this affect how the SCD works for me?


    • The first time i tried this eating plan, i lost 75 pounds in 4 months. Unfortunately i stopped following it and gradually put it all back on plus some. This is my second time and im committed to making it a permanent lifestyle adjustment. In two weeks i have lost 31 pounds and i feel amazing. Thank you so much Tim!


      • Missi – I also am doing the 4HB for the second time. I feel like I’m reaching a plateau at 2.5 months into this. I noticed how much success you have had in such a short time period and was curious if you could give some pointers to me. For example what your meals look like and how much you are consuming at each meal and where exercise comes into play. I would appreciate any help you could give.


  1. I feel you on those dramatic ups and downs Tim, I’ve been going through the same for the last 3 years, borderline bi-polar, depressive type. Been searching for something to combat depression, Athletic Greens believe it or not has done wonders. Hope you feel better soon, these success stories are amazing!


  2. I found that when I did the slow-carb diet, I was lacking in vitamins and minerals. I just felt kinda ‘bleh’, and slow to get up in the morning. Maybe from the lack of fruits, compared to before where I used to eat heaps of fruit (and ok…im guessing maybe I didn’t eat enough veges..).
    A good quality multi-vitamin helped out there ;) But I must admit, I’m looking much better now!


      • Kieren,
        It’s also because you probably have some adrenal fatigue (from your blood sugar handling issues) …as you ‘reboot’ your body to burn fat for energy instead of using glucose all the time you will start to save your adrenals and your energy levels will balance out. I’ve heard some paleo people refer to this as the ‘low carb flu’ it usually last a week to a month in most people depending on your adrenal status and how many carbs you used to consume. remember: cortisol runs gluconeogenesis in the liver…which helps you wake up in the morning…if the adrenals are fatigued..cortisol levels are off hence the ‘need’ to eat a bunch of fruit/coffee to wake up in the morning. Keep your head up, eat those beans for the time being and you’ll pop out the other side a much healthier and slimmer person! Good luck!

        and Tim, good luck with the summer!

        Know this: You have inspired so many people to live better lives (including mine and my brothers) and actually given them the tools to do so. Your a BOSS. Never Never Never Give up. You’re too important to keep changing the world!

        If you start to get the ups and downs..ask ” What would Tim Ferriss do?’ ….(outsource the book? lol just kidding :)

        All the best to all you 4 hour people :)

        – Christian Carroll


      • Tim,

        Have you found that while on the slow carb diet, your blood PH level becomes slightly acidic, as opposed to alkaline? I have been on the slow carb diet for a little over a year (not following it to the T exactly, but pretty dang close), and the last 4-5 months, I honestly have felt pretty rotten. My throat hurt, glands in my neck were swollen, and I was tired ALL the time. I mentioned this to a friend and the first thing he said was “I bet your PH level is off.” I knew nothing about it, so I read several articles about it and it turns out that almost ALL of the foods I was eating were acidic, and I completely stopped eating fruit – now I drink 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 apples everyday to add some alkalines. I felt better within two days and my sore throat (that I have literally had for months) is now completely gone. Have you experimented with your blood PH while on the slow carb? It just seems like a very “acidicy” diet for the most part.



      • Re: painful throat and acidity

        Tim, your comments are very timely for me.

        Last night (after just 4 days on the FHB eating plan) I started experiencing painful throat, it made me think of thyroid. I have also been experiencing sensitive teeth, as if minerals were leaching out of my body (which is something that would happen in an acidic body and the main reason why I’ve stayed away from high-protein diets so far).

        I would be interested to know if following this eating plan in the long run would damage bones and teeth. I guess, as this process takes some time to take its toll, most people would not make the correlation.

        I must also say that Tim Ferriss does recommend taking greens powder which would counteract this acidity (and prevent the damage to bone/teeth), though I don’t recall him making specific arguments about avoiding acidity in his book (perhaps even he could not cover EVERYTHING in one book: if I’m mistaken, please let me know!). I even think that excess acidity will slow down fat loss, so I will make a conscious effort to drink more veggie powders (including barley grass powder, very alkalinizing).

        Hope this helps.



  3. Good lord that is some fantastic success! High five to all those mentioned in the article! Personally I chose the add muscle aspect of the 4HB and gained 10 lbs of lean muscle in 30 days. It was a fantastic experiment that I enjoyed immensely. I was a 150 lb dude who had never been able to gain muscle in my life until following the muscle building protocol for 30 days. The answer… CALORIES! It turns out stuffing myself stupid was the missing key that unlocked muscle growth. And by stuffing myself stupid I mean eating protein like a mofo and getting at least 3,000 calories in per day.

    P.S. Getting married in September and have pecs, triceps, and biceps for the first time ever. Hells ya!


  4. Greetings Tim! I’m using the Slow Carb Diet for blood sugar issues and my energy is definitely more stable, don’t need to lose any weight though, anything I should add to prevent that?


  5. Hey Tim,

    I was just curious as to whether you’d ever talked to or read any of Matt Stone’s stuff about metabolism and diet and what not. Honesty, it seems like you guys agree on a lot so if you’re still actively researching nutrition stuff, he may be a cool guy to talk to. Or maybe not, lol, just a thought. Also, thanks a ton for all your posts. Your books and blog are some of my favorite things to read and really challenge me not to slip into the idea of getting a cushy job and doing nothing much else after graduation. Keep up the good work.



    • Matt Stone is right on! I feel like Tim is a bit more into how the body look and Stone is more into overall health.

      Personally, I try to dispel the myths from the medical community like Matt does.


  6. Hi Tim,

    Congratulations for inspiring so many people out there to change the quality of their lives.

    One of the companies I run is a customisable muesli business and I was wondering what ingredients you’d recommend for a SCB compliant muesli to offer our customers.



  7. Hi, all! :)

    I just want to say that it was a great article definitely. I am totally a HUGE advocate for Tim’s 4 Hour Body and in particular the Slow Carb Diet to any and ALL who ask me. Even if they may not commit to it fully(I TRY to get them to go for 4-6 weeks and see if the lifestyle(yes, Ricardo, it is TRULY not JUST a diet to go on and off of! Preach it, brother!) I ALWAYS tell people this when they start it that if they are on it long enough it TRULY changes your relationship with food and even psychologically as well!

    It has TRULY changed MY life and I cannot thank Tim enough for the info. :) 14 months and 125 lbs later and only 7 lbs from my ultimate goal! I plan on hitting it this summer!! So, to ALL You women out there over 40. You moms who think that the slow carbing lifestyle is “just effective for men”? NOPE, I prove that it WILL work for women too! I beat the odds! YOU CAN TOO!

    Here are recent photos of me, the most recent in my “Biggest Loser” pose. :)
    Happy Slow Carbing! Good Luck!


    • Maria congrats on your success. Thank you for sharing your journey and helping others get on the SCD path. You’re truly an inspiration.


  8. Hearing the stories and seeing the successes brought on by your books must cheer you up. Sounds like you’re needing to break down the remaining tasks and get on with it… the finishing bits of a project are always the hardest!

    Slow carb diet is something I did and it helped me lose 10 pounds. Not that much you might say, but it’s the other things it did which made the biggest difference. I always had hunger pains within 2 hours of eating, getting anxious, irritable and could not focus. Seems carbs was messing up my blood sugar levels (hypoglycemiea), so by helping me minimise carbs, the diet sorted me out. Food is no longer my #1 thought daily, instead its how much fun can I have and what will I achieve today.

    Sorting that bit out of my life has meant I can focus on what matters : getting out of low motivation office job (9 days left until I stop being a salaried monkey, I’ve noted down some key steps on my blog, great to realise how far I’ve come) and spend quality time with wife and baby.

    Thanks for being an inspiration Tim and good luck with book finish.


  9. Tim,
    Your book has been extremely helpful to change my life around. I went from waist size 40 inches down to 31 inch right now in span of 4 months [16 kg (35.4 lbs)]. I did lot of experimenting for Slow Carb diet. I am trying intermittent fasting right now. I want to lose last 5% body fat percentage. I am at 13.2% body fat. Thanks to you, I know about various cuisines across the world and am not afraid to try out new things on my cheat day. I am still trying to figure out best vegetarian way to follow Slow carb diet.

    Reason I required to do lot of research on my part is
    1. I am a vegetarian.
    2. Lot of vegetables you mention aren’t available in India.
    3. Where I live – there is almost zero access to avocado.
    4. I had to semi break 3rd rule (don’t drink calories). I consumed sugarcane juice everyday. Advantages are unbelievable.

    Wish List:
    I wish you could outline the rules of Occam protocol as properly as you have explained Slow carb diet.


    • Hey Cody Shah,

      I am from India too and I’d be glad if you can answer a few questions that I have!

      1. How do you have 30g of Protien in the morning?
      2. What do you have for lunch and dinner, given that rice and chapathi are most common dishes?
      3. How do you measure body fat?

      Thanks for helping out!


      • Hi Gaurav,

        I am from India too and have followed SCD. I followed it for a month and lost 3% body fat. You can have a look at my website to see some India slow card recipes-

        1. You can eat eggs, whey protein, sprouts or you can make daal and drink it as a soup.

        2. You can see most of the recipes on my website and apart from that you can also eat sprouted moth dal, clear soup, salad, any dal and use cauliflower instead of rice.

        3. You can buy Omron body fat monitor on lot of Indian online stores.


  10. Great work Ricardo, so stoked for you! I’ve been losing heaps of weight and feeling great on the SCD for a bit over a year now but even though I’m cycling my protein sources every month or so I think I’m hitting some allergy problems. Does Tim (or anyone else) have any more advice on avoiding allergies from overeating the same foods or can someone point me in the direction of some trustworthy material on the subject.


    Jamie F


    • Hey Jamie F,
      Many allergies are created by gut inflammation from dysbiosis causing “leaky gut syndrome”. There are many common causes. Antibiotics can leave a gut messed up and allergy-prone for a long, long time. I’ve heard that gluten can do this as well. The third is “sensitizers” found in many personal care products, like perfume, lotion, shampoo. They can sensitize your body to potential allergens.
      So perhaps try a cleanse to wash out any parasites, yeast, or bad bacterial growths, and then take lots of varieties of priobiotics.
      Cutting out gluten for a while can’t hurt.
      And avoid any personal care product that has the word “fragrance” in the Ingredient label. That “catch-all” word can hide hundreds of chemicals, many of which are banned in other countries.
      Hope that helps!


    • Thank you Jaime. Obviously consulting an allergy specialist would be ideal. In the meantime keeping a detailed journal of what you eat and your reaction after each meal/day could help you identify what is causing the problem.


  11. Greetings from Finland!

    I’ve enjoyed immensely both The 4-Hour-Workweek and The 4-Hour-Body and am looking forward to your next book.

    I’m a 37-year-old professional writer who has written 4 feature films, 29 books, over 70 columns to various magazines and over 100 episodes of prime time TV since 1996. And that’s just the published and produced material!

    I don’t experience writing ups and downs.

    Here’s my secret: Don’t write when you’re feeling bad, only write when you’re feeling good.


    1. Don’t even try to write when you’re feeling scared, worried, anxious, stressed etc. — i.e. when your body is feeling tense, uptight, anxious, cold or heavy.

    2. Ignore anything you think when you’re feeling scared, worried, anxious, stressed etc. — those feelings tell you that your brain isn’t working properly and therefore you can’t trust your thinking.

    3. Don’t confuse laziness for feeling bad — when you’re feeling lazy, your body is relaxed and you think “I don’t feel like writing.” If you’re feeling lazy, trick yourself to writing by telling yourself that you’ll just “look at what you’ve previously written”.

    4. Trust your inner wisdom. When you’re feeling relaxed, light and open, your brain works perfectly and you can tap to your “inner wisdom”. You’ll get easily in the flow state and can write amazing stuff in a very little time.


    I’m also a certified transformative coach. I have coached my country’s top business men, members of parliament and was recently asked to coach some of the members of the Finnish Olympic Team.

    Our coaching school is based on “three principles” — a model that explains how human experience is created. This is the most practical and time and energy saving model I’ve seen so far. Thanks to this new understanding I’m fearless and virtually stress-free — even though my days are as full as they’ve always been.

    Since I don’t waste any time worrying, fearing, trying to control things that I can’t control and trying to fix things I don’t need to fix, I have time to come up with all kinds of fun projects, like Stress-Free Finland 2022 — see my manifesto: .

    A few months ago I coached a fellow writer, who was experiencing extreme ups and downs with his writing. Soon it became clear to me what was the main difference between me and him.

    1. I don’t even try to write when I’m in a low state of mind — feeling scared, worried, anxious, stressed etc.

    Low state of mind is a sign of my body being in a fight or fight mode — and a sign that my frontal lobe is “cut off”. As you probably know, frontal lobe is needed for thinking like a human: seeing a bigger picture and cause and effect, understanding what is right and what is wrong, what’s good and what’s better, imagining the future etc. So when you’re in low state of mind, you’re thinking like a scared animal. Why would you try to think — or write — anything when the smartest part of your brain isn’t working properly?

    I also fully ignore anything I think in a low state of mind.

    2. I know that my low state of mind passes by quickly if I don’t make a problem out of it.

    Just like our body has a capacity to heal itself, our mind does its best to bring us back to the peace of mind (“inner wellbeing”). That’s the state where 2-6 month old babies are most of the time. If we don’t make a problem out of us feeling bad, we’ll get back to higher state of mind quite quickly — sometimes in less than 90 seconds!

    You’re NEVER in a low state of mind several hours in a row. If you think you are, it’s just because you didn’t pay attention to those moments when your state of mind returned to neutral or high state of mind.

    3. I don’t confuse laziness for low state of mind.

    The difference between low state of mind and laziness is that when I’m in a low state of mind, my body feels tense, hard, cold or heavy in bad way — when I’m feeling lazy, my body feels relaxed.
    When I’m in a low state of mind, I’m thinking thoughts like “my writing sucks, what if everyone hates this book, what if I can’t write this book, what if I’m an idiot” etc. When I’m feeling lazy, I just think “I should write but I don’t feel like writing.”

    If I’m just lazy, here’s a trick I use to put myself in a writing mode: I tell myself that “I’ll just open the document” that I’m supposed to write. I tell myself that “I don’t even have to look at it”. Once I’ve opened the document, I tell myself that “I’m going to quickly glimpse through what I’ve written previously. That’s all…” Until I’ve done that and tell myself that “ok, maybe I’ll just jot down a few ideas for the next chapter…” and before I know it I’m writing again.

    4. I trust my inner wisdom.

    Have you notice how in “a flow state” the thoughts, words and actions just somehow “flow through” you? As if they were coming from some place else? I call this state my “the Wiser speak through me” -mode. No, I don’t think I’m channeling any spirits, but I do believe that when I’m writing in a high state of mind — while feeling relaxed, open and light — I can access my highest brainpower …and perhaps some kind of universal intelligent too.

    I have full faith to this wisdom and that it will help me write the best possible book or screenplay. I trust that I can write better stuff than I think I can.

    I hope this helped you to get a new perspective to your states of mind and writing — if not, email me. Writing is supposed to be easy and fun — if it feels hard, you’re doing something wrong.

    Have fun writing!

    katri at actusprimus com
    twitter: @writivity