Going from Obese to Bikini Body — Briana Case Study (Plus: New Tools, 4-Hour Body Group)


Briana Christine- 100 POUND transformation_FRONT
All tactics, no excuses.

This post will explain exactly how Briana, a mother of three and reader of this blog, lost 100 pounds. It’s a lot simpler than you might think.

For additional real-world examples and the fundamentals, I suggest reading “How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet.” There are several men and women profiled.

Sidenote: Many of you have been asking for a free 4-Hour Body support group… so I created it here. It’s designed to improve success rates by 50%+.  In a recent four-week test, 86% of people who finished lost an average of 8.6 pounds.  Many lost more than 20 pounds.  If you’re serious about progress, take a look.

Now, onto our post, which was written by Briana herself. I’ve avoided any major edits to preserve her voice.

Please add any questions or tips of your own to the comment. Both Briana and I will jump in to help…

Enter Briana

If you’re meeting me for the first time today, you’d never guess that a little over 1 year ago, I was 100 pounds heavier and the furthest thing from being proud in a bikini.

And if you’d met “the FAT me” a year ago, you probably never would have guessed that the over-weight mother of three was actually an accomplished personal trainer who’d lost 73 pounds years earlier… and gained it all back.

That is really where my introduction to the Slow-Carb Diet (SCD) began.

Five years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom.

I had a husband, two kids, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, and a great dane. I was a young mom in my early 20’s, trying to balance everything and be everything to everyone BUT neglecting myself. I made my family the priority, which was great for them, but I lost myself somewhere along the way. Despite numerous failed attempts to lose weight and get in shape, the scale just kept creeping up.

Fat, depressed, and frustrated, I ended up surfing the internet one day for some new nutrition and training inspiration, when I stumbled across Tim’s blog and the post he wrote on How to Lose 20 lbs of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise. Four paragraphs in, I was HOOKED! I read it, I applied it day-in and day-out, and within 6 months I had not only lost the 73 POUNDS I had gained after having my first two kids, but I had completely transformed my body!

Needless to say, the experience was life-changing. After it, I felt compelled to pursue a career as a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. I wanted to empower, educate, and inspire other women to transform their bodies and regain a renewed sense of self — just as I had.

Shortly after I became certified, I went through a devastating divorce. As a newly single-mom, I set out to “4-Hour Workweek” my life, started my own multi-faceted health and wellness company, and spent the last 5 years helping to transform the bodies and lives of hundreds of women around the world in ways they never thought were possible.

Along the way, Tim wrote and released The 4-Hour Body, and my story was featured on national television and throughout numerous editorials, spreads, and fitness publications — the biggest of which was an appearance with Tim on the Dr. Oz show.

Briana on Dr. Oz

And then? I got pregnant with baby #3.

Long story short: despite being a personal trainer and all my previous hard work to be a “weight-loss success story,” I ended up being one of those Mego-Prego women who really went for it! By “went for it” I mean – if my weight gain had been an accurate barometer of my son’s birth weight, I should have given birth to a kindergartner!

From the moment I first found out that I was pregnant I decided to use the “eating for two” excuse. I indulged my cravings, and I packed on the pounds by way of ice-cream, Mexican food, lasagna, and a total break from the adapted SCD nutrition principles I worked so hard to establish in my own life and subsequently teach others.

Needless to say, I exploded over nine months, and by the time I actually gave birth to my 8 lb. 6 oz. bundle of joy, I found myself weighing the heaviest of my life–100 pounds heavier than normal.

So my baby is born… and I find myself asking, “Now what, fatty?”


Faced with the depressing reality that the new weight wasn’t “baby weight” and was really ALL ME, I made it my mission to swiftly re-apply the SCD principles to shed the post-partum pounds in record time.

It began with a commitment to change, and a real look in the mirror.

So many of us are miserable over the current condition of our bodies, we get motivated and inspired by reading stories such as mine, but that’s not enough. We need something lasting. Something that will motivate us to walk away from the bread basket, or in my case — back away from the sour cream twice-baked potato!

For me, that motivation came in the form of photos.

Before I began, I committed to document the entire process via a weekly pictorial where I would stand raw, real, and exposed in front of a camera wearing nothing but the same tiny black bikini. When I felt discouraged, or was having a internal struggle over something I shouldn’t eat, I would look at the photos of where indulging got me — FAT.

I took it one day and one meal at a time.

Beginning the day after I gave birth, I followed every slow-carb principle that is outlined — except for the cheat day.

The reason? I was breast-feeding, and through trial and error, it turned out that keeping my diet consistent by eating the same thing (more or less) everyday was much better for my baby (and my sanity), than trying to sooth a horrific colicky newborn 12-24 hours after binge eating on a “cheat day.”

The biggest SCD keys behind my latest post-pregnancy transformation were:

- Structuring every meal around a lean protein
- Meal frequency (eating every three hours)
- Totally avoiding refined, processed, starchy carbohydrates, and wheat (I came up with some wicked slow-carb recipe option substitutes)
- Eliminating dairy
- Completely cutting out fruit, which was my biggest craving during my pregnancy
- Drinking a gallon of water a day
- Upping my daily fish oil to 1 gram per 1% body fat — liquid form. Obviously, that’d otherwise be quite a few pills.

Just with the slow-carb diet ALONE and ZERO exercise (due to some postpartum recovery issues between week 1 and week 8), I lost 36 POUNDS.

Briana 2 - WEEK1-8_SIDE
(Click here for larger image)

And 12 months after giving birth, I hit my goal and lost 100 pounds (23 pounds of which were pre-pregnancy), and completely transformed my body.

Briana Before:After

Briana Christine- 100 POUND transformation_BACK

Consistency is key. A typical day on the SCD might look like this:

Breakfast @ 7am
Egg white frittatas (made with veggies like mushrooms, bell pepper, and onion)

Snack @ 10
Veggies with hummus

Lunch @ 11:30
Usually dinner leftovers from the night before (i.e. Bison marinara sauce over zucchini spaghetti; Tuna stuffed avocados; etc.)

Snack @ 2
Small mixed green salad with chicken, cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes with a homemade lemon/garlic vinaigrette

Dinner @ 6
Tilapia fillet served over broiled garlic carrots, and coconut “rice” (cauliflower)

Biggest tip: If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail

As a mom, life can be hectic, and it rarely goes according to plan.

I always prepare ahead of time for those moments with some quick-grab protein snacks. Turkey wrap “roll-ups” with a little hummus and a sliver of bell pepper or cucumber inside is my fave! Or little snack-sized baggies of almonds sprinkled with cinnamon. Hard-boiled “hummus deviled eggs” is another.

Prepare or fail, the choice is yours.


Putting on a bikini 7 days after you give birth is uncomfortable. Some might argue it’s insane.

Standing in front of the bright lights of a professional photographer week-after-week (often times without seeing much change), especially when you’re a personal trainer who is 100 pounds over weight, is humiliating, humbling, and painful.

But transforming my body, documenting the journey, inspiring other mothers, and ultimately founding BikiniBodyMommy.com has been the most empowering 12-month process I’ve ever undergone.

The journey isn’t always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

My name is Briana. I am a 31-year old mother of three, I’ve lost more than 100 pounds on the Slow-Carb Diet, and I work every day to be a success story.



Odds and Ends: New 4-Hour Body Support Group

I always wanted to guarantee that people could achieve rapid fat loss, and now I have the data to prove it.
Last Fall, 3,500 people joined a four-week 4-Hour Body challenge and measured their progress on Lift (a goal tracking and support community that I invested in). The results: 86% of people who finished lost an average of 8.6 pounds.  Some people lost more than 20 pounds.
Today I’m launching a second, even bigger challenge on Lift. Think of it as one part training group and one part research experiment.
First, join The 4-Hour Body group on Lift. Joining the group will sign you up for five habits from of The 4-Hour Body:
- Slow-Carb Diet meals
- 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up
- Moderate exercise
- Cold showers
- Measuring your weight, bodyfat %, and total inches
Next, just follow the habits and ‘check in’ each time you have completed one.
Talk to other group members! When you set goals alongside other people, it keeps you accountable and leads to better results.  The 4-Hour Body community on Lift is there for this reason — use it!
Finally, track your results.  Lift gives you numbers and graphs that show your progress.  Add pictures along the way (don’t forget to take the “before” picture) so that you can really see the changes.
And as a final note, the last time I ran this challenge, Lift only had an iPhone version. But they just launched a web app that you can use from your computer or mobile phone.
Have fun :)

Posted on: June 20, 2013.

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239 comments on “Going from Obese to Bikini Body — Briana Case Study (Plus: New Tools, 4-Hour Body Group)

  1. I’m curious as to what everyone (including Tim), think of light of recent reports coming out about the deleterious effects of high protein diets. Seems indisputable, and would see to render this diet obsolete, if we’re being responsible and honest.

    I did the diet for a while, with some success. I think it play a role in the development of acid reflux disease, or at least the progression.


  2. Hi Briana!

    First i want to acknowledge you for a few things:

    1) For basically being a superwoman. i know how hard it is to loose the amount of weight you did and i am in complete awe of the amount of will power and strength you have.

    2) For living out the life that you want when you wanted it. It takes an extraordinary person to create the life that you have right now and the results that come with it.

    3) For being a mom. i have a mom, i know mom’s, and you guys are amazing.

    OK now that that’s out of the way i have a few questions :) ive been following the slow carb diet for a while now and i’ve just started reading the 4hr work week and like you i now want to start to train to be a fitness consultant and a nutritionist so that i can coach people to be the healthiest they have ever been in their lives. my questions are,

    How did you start to become a fitness trainer and a nutritionist?

    How long did it take to become both?

    What is Tim ferris like in person???

    thats all, i appreciate your answers to theses questions and i wish you all the best for you and your family :)


  3. Can you recommend a protein powder for females which I could take as Breakfast. I don’t like the thought of lots of unnecessary additives. I never take powdered anything but am finding it difficult to eat all that protein within 30 mins of waking up as normally I never have breakfast.


  4. Hi, i’m on my 2nd pregnancy at 41 years old & trying to maintain a low carb diet of 50 grams or less per day, per my dr’s suggestion. My first pregnancy was at 32 & i gained over 50 lbs. I’ve done low carb in the past and before my pregnancy i managed to stay at a thin weight of 120, i’m 5′ 5″, for 7 years by going low carb anytime i felt that i was gaining. My problem is that at 22 weeks i’ve gained 18 lbs, 8 lbs above what most experts suggest i should have based on pre-preg bmi, height & # weeks pregnant. I rarely cheat, maybe 2x’s per week at most, but when i do, I show huge weight gains. Last night i had 3 pcs of pizza & this a.m. I showed +2 lbs!! Am i doomed to spend an entire pregnancy without ever being able to indulge? What am i doing wrong? I want a healthy baby, but not a fat mama!


  5. Hi guys,

    Quick question, what protein powder/supplement would you recommend for use in breakfast if it’s a slower day and not as much time to prep the usual eggs, black beans, salsa, spinach concotion?



  6. Are there numbers on the effects of the slow carb diet on women. Briana looks fantastic and no doubt the diet works for weight loss but I’m wondering if the health benefits are the same for women. I used to work in a birthing center and learned a lot about women and am aware that their biologies are different from men, mostly due to the testosterone/estrogen difference. I’m just wondering if there are suggestions or cautions for women. Also have any women subjects themselves to consistent blood testing the way Tim did? Not doubting Tim or the diet but curious about any adaptations necessary, if any, for women for health reasons.


  7. Hi, Briana, did you know that your before/after pics are being used to endorse raspberry keytones? Great testimony by the way, truly inspirational and keep up the good work :) Sam x


  8. I am going to give this all I’ve got and I pray it works!! I’ve done a lot of diets and even when successful I’ve gained the weight back. I have three kids and my three siblings live with me so there are six total, any tips on FAST meals? I can cook for them but I need fast meals for myself. Also, any workout tips?? Thanks!!


  9. Hello…I’m 20 years old…a mother of one and I’m 205 pounds and 5`4 tall…I’m obese and since I’m always with my daughter…what can I do to lose weight…I don’t mind exercising but I don’t got much time inn my own…during nights I work…and during days I’m with my daughter…busy. what can I do…I’m desperate =( please help…I’m touted of people especially own family calling me day and bringing me down… please help. [Moderator: Email removed]


  10. I think taking the pics of yourself is a great idea if only to look at when I want to cheat is a very good idea.I think being able to cheat one day a week makes this a very doable me and a way of life diet . gonna try this your story is very motivational thank you for sharing. I hope I have the same results…


  11. mum of three 34 year’s old ten half stone work till half three everyday except weekends finding time to excersise and eat healthy around the family is hatd id lpve to be 9 stome and toned please help x


  12. You are completely amazing and incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story with such honesty; I am absolutely going to give your plan a try. ; )


  13. hard to believe I started doing paleo, just ate 4 oz chicken or fish each meal and as many veggies as I wanted. so far lost 35 lbs in abt 90 days and enjoy eating real food for a change.