How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself


The above video is one of my favorite presentations I’ve given in 2009, an opening keynote at the last San Francisco WordCamp, titled “How to Blog without Killing Yourself”. More than 700 people from 32 countries were in attendance, which made for a wonderful experience.

The original title was “Scalable Blogging Behaviors: How to Grow from 1 to 1,000,000 Readers” and the content did not change.

In the above presentation, including detailed screenshots, I cover…

- Why I blog
- How I blog and select best practices
- Frequency and tools — best times and days to post
- Blogging myths and how to harness data for better results
- Testing design and surprising findings that can be copied
- How I address comments and community building
- How I write and research for good social media response
- 20 minutes of audience Q&A on Twitter, branding, outsourcing, and much more

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed giving it.

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Posted on: June 29, 2009.

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454 comments on “How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself

  1. Tim – in this video you covered two concepts that have really focused my attention back to the reasons why I started my own blog. 1) to have fun while doing interesting things and 2) to get access and meet people in scenes where I never thought possible. But the most important point that you made was that you also have to have a voice and infuse your personality into the blog!

    This has been my fatal error since I started my blog in January. I was trying to “out Fox News, Fox News” by trying to keep up with and report EVERY news item related to my blogs topic, when there is no way I could possibly keep up with the vast networks of information that other blogs have spent years establishing.

    Now I’ll focus my energy where it counts to generate quality posts to attract quality readers.

    Thank you; this is exactly what I needed to revitalize my blogging spirit!


  2. Hey Tim,

    Just simply – thank you!

    Its so great to see people like yourself putting this out to the world that is full of gold information.

    I have read the 4 hour workweek which starting my transition for focusing on what i love – the hospitality industry. I have a blog and its started well, but what you have offered will truly help me to take it to another level. Basically your book inspired me to go into a new industry of hospitality coaching and mentoring (basically it means i assist and provide resources for anyone who owns a cafe bar or restaurant who are a little stuck with money, staff issues or management dramas).


    This video really hits mark with me – outstanding work!

    Thanks again Tim from a very loyal follower down here in Australia



  3. It’s tough to get traffic to your web page if you don’t have type in. However, if you follow all the rules and find your self some decent ad networks than you start increasing the numbers but it takes time.


  4. Government Universities provides dedicated team and space for Research and Development while private universities do not focus on providing such dedicated team and space for Research and Development


  5. Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need
    some help from an established blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog?

    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking
    about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? With thanks


  6. Great content as always, I’m really looking forward to implementing this into my blog! It took me a while to realize that certain topics were generating huge numbers of hits, and others were getting next to nothing, but with this info it will be much easier to target my blog posts better.

    Thanks Tim!


  7. This sounds encouraging but I guess time is also a great determinant. I have come to understand that Google will only take a blog serous after 6 or so months. Anyway thanks alot the eye opener.


  8. Hi Tim,

    I’m a jazz musician and cartoonist and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I have found your posts to be fun to read, helpful and logical. I particularly like the cheekiness of some of your experiments. I’ve told a few other creative mates of mine about your site as I’ve had some success applying a few of your strategies to my practice. Bebop scales no more! lol.

    Cheers muchly!



  9. For all these good tips you give, I wonder if anyone can achieve a high traffic blog using these methods. You know is it based on theory more than reality? Just my thoughts.


  10. I am working hard to get my traffic to my site and hoping for some conversions. For some reason this video is not showing up and I would love to watch it because I think I could be spinning my wheels with all my efforts on my blog.

    Thank you!


  11. This was great. Just great, Tim.

    Firstly, because I see from your video you like to know where your traffic comes from: picture Melbourne, Australia :)

    I started a blog [Moderator: link removed] after coming out of hospital (where I literally near died) August 2011, and I wanted to reach people with my story, wanted to change the world so much, by my story. It slowly gathered, & yes, people did write me sincerely and in earnest, called me inspiring, my writing magnificent, so amazing and so on – and here’s where we get to “How to Blog Without Killing Yourself?” Well, I closed the blog February 2014 because of just that. I’m entrapped in full-time office work, dying within it, actually, but felt I had to commit to the day job to raise my son (single-handedly), and with the mere 2 days a week I had – the weekend – I found that instead of turning on the PC to write, I turned on the PC and was responding to comments, responding, responding – and more, then out of courtesy, visiting people’s blogs back. I thought it was normal courtesy (still do think so – but then, what if you don’t feel much about what you’re visiting, and they’ve written you all heart about yours, what you mean to them and so on, you know?).

    So I pulled it because I was not able to WRITE THE BOOK, get it done (my blog was chapter by chapter, the unfolding of the novel in first draft). The book really spoke to people, Tim, but I pulled the blog because I just couldn’t keep up with comments.

    So I can’t tell you enough: your site is very interesting to me (as I intend to resurface but with more form about what I do, more awareness of what I’m getting into etc), and I am at the moment just formulating “how will I do this?…” AND how the 4 hour week. OH MERCY, a 4 hour week…

    I only had 800 subscribers, mind, not amazing millions, but they were ALL genuine, they were ALL supportive, they ALL commented sincere and earnestly about chapter upon chapter, & even as I’ve pulled the blog I’ve had some people contact me through email and say please tell them when I do publish it as they want to read it.

    But see how stuck I got. I’ve lost my mojo since, and life seems all office duty, shopping & cooking… but the good news is my son’s just turned 18 and so it is high time I can, after 18 years of surrendering my own life and dreams in order to serve my son’s needs in the absence of paternal loyalty, it seems just the right time to do this now. Yet I’m still pondering how, how will I do this…

    So thanks, Tim, great video. I valued it heaps (in this my research time before launch).

    Sincere regards, & kudos to you – & absolutely that quote about finding yourself amongst the majority & rethinking.



  12. This is an incredible post. Currently studying off of your techniques and I appreciate these resources.
    Much love from Tampa, Fl
    McKenzie :)


  13. Glad I bookmarked this link a while ago….just got to it and wished I had watched the video before. Three pages of notes later, I am ready to take on the world. Thanks!