The Random Show: Hating Tech, Hidden Japanese Gems, Sexual Awkwardness, and More


This episode of The Random Show is a mind snack… fueled by wine. There are dozens of topics covered in this bromantic session of scatterbrained nonsense.

Like what? To start off: hidden gems in Japan, hating tech, Kevin’s new obsessions (and projects), gifts, books we’re reading, excessive sexual awkwardness, and much more. O-tanoshimi dane!

For all previous episodes of The Random Show, including the infamous China Scam episode, click here.

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This podcast is brought to you by 99Designs, the world’s largest marketplace of graphic designers. Did you know I used 99Designs to rapid prototype the cover for The 4-Hour Body? Here are some of the impressive results.

This episode is also brought to you by ExOfficio, which I’ve personally used since 2005 or so. They make ultra-lightweight, quick drying, antimicrobial clothing for men and women. Here’s my own ultra-light packing list (scroll down for video), which went viral.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What should other people be more grateful for this Thanksgiving? Perhaps something regularly overlooked? Please share in the comments.

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Selected Links from the Episode

Abbreviated Show Notes

  • Thoughts on WatchVille  [5:00]
  • The environment and new book recomendations [11:50]
  • Fermented coffee beans [18:45]
  • Tips for ice baths [24:45]
  • Tim’s next big thing (or not) [40:15]
  • How to get involved in the tech scene without tons of capital [42:25]
  • On Influence by Robert Cialdini [45:15]
  • Too Many Cooks video recommendation [49:35]
  • Gratitude this coming Thanksgiving [50:50]

People Mentioned

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The Random Show, Episode 25 — Gut Bacteria, Meditation, Startups, and More


If you can’t view the above video, please click here or here. To download the audio as an MP3, just right-click here and choose “save as.”

There are dozens of topics covered in this bromantic episode of scatterbrained banter.

Like what? To start off: tracking gut bacteria, favorite documentaries, keys for novice meditators, startup lessons, Kevin’s new obsessions, and more. O-tanoshimi dane!

The last few blog posts have been rather serious, so this is intended as an informal (but still informative) mind snack.

For all previous episodes of The Random Show, including the epic China Scam episodeclick here.


Select show notes and links are below.  Some good stuff in this episode’s resources…


Read More

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The Random Show, Episode 24: Porn Attacks, Eating Insect Protein, Tech Finds, and More


There are dozens of topics covered in this tea-infused, bromantic episode of scatterbrained nonsense.

Like what? Well: porn (including select picks), taking an “alcohol vacation,” fixing low testosterone, the wonders of insect protein, start-up talk, and much more. O-tanoshimi dane!

Please note: The 100 free spots for Exo protein bars filled up in less than 15 minutes! Hope to do more giveaways next month, but — in the meantime — you can get Exo here, while inventory lasts. My favorite flavor right now is cacao nut.

This edition of The Random Show was recorded and edited by Graham Hancock(@grahamhancock). For all previous episodes, including the epic China Scam episode,click here.


Show notes are below, courtesy of kind reader Wayne Patton (Thanks, Wayne!):

1. Unicorn Peppermill at 1:10 – good for all kinds of herbs/spices, not just pepper. Tim’s favorite (and perhaps Amazon’s favorite) peppermill.
2. Benefits of turmeric tea and longevity beginning at 2:11
3. Diet of the world’s “oldest” city per capita at 5:00
4. Kevin on why you shouldn’t push down elderly folks at 6:25
5. The 30-day challenge beginning at 9:30
7. Low testosterone conversation at 13:25 & 16:20
8. Tim’s favorite porn at 16:05
9. The bet between Kevin and Tim at 19:08

*Commercial: Donate to

10. Crypto currencies like Dogecoin and micro-transactions at 21:00 (side note: Tim only invests if he has an “informational advantage”)
11. At 26:30 Kevin begins talking about and how it could have a decentralizing effect on the internet and cryptographic currencies
12. Protein from crickets at 31:00 –
13. First 100 people get a free cricket bar at 38:45 [NOTE:  These slots filled up within 15 min of this post going live]
14. What Kevin’s excited about (hint: recycling furniture) at 40:18 –
15. At 43:15 Kevin talks about and how much he likes the product
16. On meditation and the effects at 44:39
17. Dopamine vs. serotonin and building habits at 47:20 – stay tuned at
18. The effects of heat on the body (and magnesium oxide) at 48:45
19. Magnesium deficiency and the effects at 51:00
20. Tim’s podcast at 54:00 – Don’t podcast drunk and edit sober.
21. Tim on taking illustration classes at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, CA ( at 57:15
22. Slaine The Horned God graphic novel by Pat Mills & Simon Bisley at 58:15
23. Subscribe for Tim’s quarterly subscription package – – and why it’s so much fun for Tim
24. Kevin’s dream about a Bonsai style orange tree at 1:01:20
25. Titanium sunglasses at 1:02:03 –

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The Random Show, Episode 22 – Home Defense, Start-ups, Raccoon Throwing, Public Stock Investing, and Mail-Order Urine


There are dozens of topics covered in this wine-infused, bromantic episode of scatterbrained nonsense. Some of it might improve your stock picking or even save your labradoodle from being eaten alive. Or you can just choose to waste tons of money on awesomeness. O-tanoshimi dane!

This special edition of The Random Show was recorded and edited by Graham Hancock (@grahamhancock). For all previous episodes, including the epic China Scam episode, click here.

Below are all the show notes and links, courtesy of kind reader Jonathan Wu. Thanks, Jonathan!


1) St Vincent’s Restaurant SF

2) Taser Dual-Shot Pistols

3) Chef Steve Rinella

4) The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine by Steve Rinella

5) Pee Mart

6) Deer RedLight Deterrent

7) Surefire LED Defender

8) (David Copperfield)

9) Theory 11 Magic Trick Online Guides

10) Every Day Carry (EDC)

11) Stumbling on Happiness by Dan Gilbert

12) Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

13) Tim Ferriss Monthly Audio Podcast (TBA)? “Tim Tim Talk Talk”?

14) The Tech Guy by Leo Laporte

15) with Jack Dorsey

16) The Graveyard Books Audiobook by Neil Gaiman

17) The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton

18) Foundation by Isaac Asimov

19) Ender’s Game Series by Orson Scott Card

20) Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert a Heinlein

21) Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem

22) Kevin Rose’s Top 3 Stock Picks A. TSLA B. AMZN C. APPL

23) Netflix

24) Game of Thrones

25) SOG Tomahawk Knives

26) Food Photography Made Easy

27) Flow Free

28) Heroes of Ismia

29) creativeLIVE free high-def classes

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The Random Show, Episode 21: Smart Drugs, Bitcoin, Apps, Fish Taint, and More


This Random Show episode was an experiment via Google Hangout. The show starts around 11:00 if you want to skip the preamble and dumb-assery.

Here are just two of many, many links mentioned in the show:
Jacked – The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto
Cozy (start-up)

See the bottom of this post for show notes and more links, courtesy of reader Robin of MoveAutism. Thank you, Robin!

Two requests:
– Please let us know what you think of this experimental format!
– If you’d like to see what stuff I’m using or pining after, follow me here.

For all previous episodes of The Random Show, including the epic China Scam episode, click here.

Now, all the show notes and links… Read More

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Random Show, Episode 20 – Dog Aerobics, Start-ups, Meditation, Comic Books, and New Year's Resolutions


(Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.)

In this long overdue episode, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from start-ups and new projects to meditation and funny business. Thanks to Glenn for the videography. This is actually Episode 19, but Kevin wanted it to be 20, so there you have it.

One wish-list item: If any of you are involved in comic books or animation, I’d love to shadow a true master or even intern/work at A) a comic publisher alongside pencilers, or B) at an animation studio at some point in 2013. I have some wild ideas I’d like to explore later, and I’m happy to be a gopher (i.e. “Go fer coffee”) for a while. Please leave a comment or feel free to email my assistant (see contact page on this blog).

Also, I forgot to mention one very cool start-up I’m involved with (Duolingo) that just got outstanding news:
Learning Spanish With Duolingo Can Be More Effective Than College Classes Or Rosetta Stone (Study)

A sample of show notes

Cold water and effects on performance/recovery
Kevin moves to Android
Using start-ups to reinvent education
Growth in Enterprise software – Yammer as example
CES – “quantified-self” devices
Powder Mountain – Summit Series
Tumbleweed Tiny House Co
Creative Live
Dr Weil – Spontaneous Happiness
Chalkboard Paint
Tera’s Whey protein (alternative: Bluebonnet whey from NZ grass-fed cows)
Tim on meditation and drawing – Prismacolor Col-Erase light blue pencils (20044)
Nassim Taleb – Antifragile
Tiny Hats

For previous episodes of The Random Show, click here.

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Random Episode 10: Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss on Food, Top Picks, and More


In this episode of Random — lucky #10 — Kevin and I hit the streets of San Francisco to discuss food, recent learnings, and a few feature: favorite books, people, and websites since the last episode.

Show notes and links are included below, but one new order of business: we are thinking of having sponsors for the Random show!

Here’s the idea: we have room for just three (3) sponsors at $1,000 an episode each, and you get both screenshots during the episode with your website/logo, and we also give you a shout out at the beginning of the episode. The sponsorship will allow us to treat Glenn to some fancy new shoes and support his video habit, as well as open up uber-cool options for topics and experiments.

Interested? First come, first served, so let us know at earliest via email: amyatfourhourworkweekdotcom with “RANDOM SPONSOR” in the subject line.

That all said, here are the show notes and a bonus safari video… Read More

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