Please note three things first:

1) I am no longer doing book blurbs or endorsements. I’m afraid the sheer volume is just unmanageable. Here is one day’s mail.

2) Please realize that my assistants often get more than 2,000 e-mail per week. This means that we read everything that comes in, but we often cannot respond to each e-mail. Thank you for your understanding. If you’re press looking for a media kit (pics), here it is.

3) I’m not doing one-on-one training or coaching at this time, unless there is a budget with 5-7 zeroes (before the decimal point). Unfortunately, until my 15 minutes of fame are up, this Dubai-like pricing is necessary to reduce the number of inquiries. My sincerest apologies that I cannot do more. I encourage you to pose your questions on this blog as comments, as the collective is smarter than I’ll ever be.

Contacts –

Speaking inquiries, business proposals, media for The 4-Hour Workweek/Body/Chef:
donna (at) fourhourbody {dot} com

For media inquiries related to The 4-Hour Chef (pub date 11/20/12):
Maggie Sivon, Amazon Publishing
msivon (at) amazon {dot} com
(Please also CC donna (at) fourhourbody {dot} com)

Book Topic Questions:
If you have questions about how to do something in the books, please first search the blog (search box in top-right corner) for related articles and tons of good advice from fellow readers, who range from Fortune 500 CEOs to single mothers. Also, see the “Topics” bar on the right-hand sidebar.

Next, consider perusing the forums:
The 4HWW Forums (now read-only) and
4HB Talk

Tim Ferriss:
The best way to tell me what you think is to post a comment on the blog or contact me @tferriss on Twitter. I can’t respond to all questions (I do answer quite a few when possible), but the book-related and lifestyle design communities are very responsive.

Thank you for reading, and please share your experiments and successes!

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