NOBNOM Winners and Other Updates



2008 pic, RV breakdown en route to Burning Man. Shit happens, but that’s OK.

Ladies and gents!

A few updates:

1) If you missed instructions for the three quick-start videos from Tony Robbins, or his morning breathing routine and Cryotherapy, I’ve added the links here.

2) I’m so very sorry for the delay in announcing NOBNOM prize winners.  Many of you have rightly asked: What the hell, Ferriss?  Why the radio silence?

To that, I answer: Mea culpa. Alas, I simply get my ass kicked sometimes. This time around, a few things happened:

1) Lyme disease completely annihilated my health, which led to strong antibiotics for 8+ weeks, which…

2) Produced side-effects (on top of Lyme) that disrupted my digestion, created “food allergies,” and additional hospital visits.

3) The data set was huge! You guys asked and answered 1,000s of questions. It was amazing but exceeded all expectations. To organize and analyze everything took a while.  There is a fun wrap-up post in the works that will discuss the fascinating patterns and findings.

To try and atone for my tardiness, I’m adding $100 to all the prizes, so $600 (instead of $500) to the grand-prize winners, and $200 (instead of $100) to all of the others.  I know it’s nominal, but please accept my apologies.

If you won — names below! — please email Tony at tony at lift dot do (  He will also attempt to reach out to you, and you can also ping him on Twitter at @tonystubblebine.

Now, to the good stuff… Read More

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The 30-Day Challenge: No Booze, No Masturbating (NOBNOM)

Both of these things are very distracting. (Photo: Shawn Perez)

Both of these things are very distracting. (Photo: Shawn Perez)

The short version: I’d like to pay you to not drink or jerk off for 30 days. Sign up here and get your monk on.

Sex is A-OK.

The longer version is below, which includes juicy details, more options for women, and some farewell-porn suggestions…


You know who you are, you filthy animals.

Secret bookmarks to Pornhub (“Discount airfare” – Ha!), secret folders labeled “Tax Returns” for when wifi fails, bookmarks for animated GIFs in case of slow connections (curtsy to Tumblr), Hotspot Shield for when you’re in countries that ban your cherished images (download it before you fly!)…

Oh, wait. Am I projecting again?

Yes, I’ve admitted it before, and I’ll admit it again: dudes watch porn on the Internet. Shocker, I know. All those guys on the magazine covers? They do it, too.

Less obvious, perhaps, is how dramatically your life can change if you quit porn and masturbation for a short period.

I did this for 30 days recently, and — oddly enough — I found it much easier and more impactful to quit booze for the same 30 days. Just a few of the benefits I experienced included… Read More

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