The Random Show, Episode 25 — Gut Bacteria, Meditation, Startups, and More


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There are dozens of topics covered in this bromantic episode of scatterbrained banter.

Like what? To start off: tracking gut bacteria, favorite documentaries, keys for novice meditators, startup lessons, Kevin’s new obsessions, and more. O-tanoshimi dane!

The last few blog posts have been rather serious, so this is intended as an informal (but still informative) mind snack.

For all previous episodes of The Random Show, including the epic China Scam episodeclick here.


Select show notes and links are below.  Some good stuff in this episode’s resources…


Movies and Documentaries:


Books Mentioned in the Episode

What would you like us to talk about in the next episode?  Anything we should test out and report back on?

Please click here and let us know in the comments!

Posted on: August 22, 2014.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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189 comments on “The Random Show, Episode 25 — Gut Bacteria, Meditation, Startups, and More

  1. Hello Tim,
    If you are interested in talent scouting, maybe you should host some sort of writing or blog based competition?


  2. Tim: Lyme disease symptoms can be greatly alleviated by qigong. Being a practitioner for 15 years, I have met several people who either cured, eased or alleviated symptoms of Lyme disease with spesific qigong practices. I´m not going into the debate of correlation and causation (I´m a philosophy of science major), but Google it, and find a teacher in SF. Best of luck on your healing.

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    • I love Qigong (I am also a 15+ year practitioner), but given Tim’s background as a martial artist, tango dancer, and now committed meditator, I don’t think he needs to find a qigong teacher to get started. Qigong is essentially moving meditation with a lot of extra cultural flavor.

      Meditation is awesome because it upgrades your nervous system. Moving meditation allows you to strengthen the interface between your nervous system and all other body systems. Moving meditation keeps the lymphatic system circulating well, and thus improves the efficiency of your immune system.

      I would suggest that Tim add 5 minutes of moving meditation after his 20 minutes of sitting meditation. Simply walking slowly, and coordinating your breath with your steps, and meditating on the sensations your body is producing is enough to get you started. As Tim knows from his regular mediation practice, consistency is more important than intensity, and you should notice changes within a couple of weeks of integrating this practice.


  3. Yo Tim, I had undiagnosed lyme disease for 20 years (8th grade to 35 years old). Basically ruined my life. Anyway, obviously take the antibiotics. Herbal supplements can also help compliment the antibiotics. In particular, teasel root tincture and the formula lymeout (which has multiple different herbal supplements) work wonders. Though it only works for 80% of people, teasel root can get past the blood brain barrier which antibiotics have trouble with making you avoid post lyme disease syndrome. Btw, it also causes the herxheimer reaction which is not an adverse reaction to the supplement but a good thing in that the lyme bacteria is dying off and your body flips out because of the foreign antibodies. Best of luck!

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  4. Ive heard charles poliquin mention the importance of stomach acid for optimal breakdown and absorption of nutrients, increasing faster recovery for optimal performance, and how the efficiency of an individuals stomach acid decreases steadily as you age! Would love to know supplements or natural dietary changes that would keep stomach acid levels at highest performance! Stomach acid naturally should be tinkered with caution I’d say


  5. Another great Episode – I love the random show!
    Kevin – Portland would love to have you. Remember that’s not the opinion of everyone just a small group of people. You only gained everyone’s respect by doing what you did. The new house would have been awesome though.


  6. Tim, you could try Ostarine for recovery. A SARM. They are known to have much milder side-effects than AAS.
    In my experience, and the experience of many others, the risk of downregulation of endogenous production is much lower with SARM’s, and they can usually be used without PCT. (depends on dosing, of course)


  7. What’s with the horses? Are you teasing me? :D Thanks so much for making another Random Show Tim! Looking good! (Can you take your shirt off in the next one?) If you want your movie to be as popular with the female audience as Twilight, put emphasis in your story on the Man vs Himself conflict. Trust me, this is what woos them the most. Read Midnight Sun for an example. Women like me love men who have an inner daemon to struggle with showing that they are not as invincible as they appear. Oh and I think self control is very sexy too.


  8. Very interested in hearing more about the biome bacteria stuff. i have been on a slow healing over the last year due to leaky gut after shredding stomach with anitbiotics. Taking probiotics that claim 100% human strain but i am wondering what bacteria i have not yet replaced and cannot get with probiotic. Interested in the meditation stuff. Try the Profound Meditation Program see what you think. Very powerful.


      • Would also love to see a post on gut healing! Just started researching this and would love to hear your perspective!


    • Jeff, you’ll get stuff all from probiotics. Depending on how many courses of antibiotics (and which type) you’ve taken, you may have wiped out any number of essential commensal bacteria from the GI tract. There are dozens of strains (particularly anaerobic) that can not be cultured outside of the GI tract so it’s a hard ask to recolonise them with a simple probiotic. I tried a growing, yet out of the box approach to fix my IBS. I don’t want to spam Tim’s comments but, if you are interested, you can read about my experience here:


  9. Great show guys. The Oculus Rift will also be highly leveraged by the porn industry….POV movies. All we need now is a male version of the Sybian…a wearable masturbation machine…combine with Oculus Rift for true “cyber sex”. Maybe a streaming pay service that lets you experience POV with some of the porn superstars out there? (Are you guys interested in funding my male Sybian startup?)

    Read the book “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline (being made into a movie now I believe), for a look at where the Oculus Rift is ultimately heading with regard to gaming. It is a great read as well, especially if, like myself, you grew up in the ’80s and enjoy the all the pop culture references from that decade.


  10. Random comments

    Hints for Lyme’s: drop dosage of Teasel root tincture, homeopathic Ledum, and material doses of echinacea. In 2007 I saw the bulls-eye, post tick removal, on my leg. I treated myself immediately with those 3 for a week and then forgot about it. No symptoms since. I’m not sure if they’d be just as effective in the phase your in, but worth the research. Research plant medicine – western herbalism, ayurvedic and TCM – at least to support you through your allopathic treatment.

    Daria has the best laugh. It made me smile every time I heard it during the video.

    Tim, I wanted to let you know I appreciated the email reminder that you exist. I missed your blog. I was distracted with other things and don’t seek you out without the reminder. Mental shift = you’re providing me with something that I like when you send me an email. If/when it bothers me, I’ll unsubscribe. I’m a big girl and can handle that. You don’t need to protect my inbox for me.

    Kevin, Stomach and intestinal issues are hugely related to anxiety/stress. The meditation should be helping with both. Your guts have more nerve connections than your brain. (or something like that) I read an amazing article on the connection, but don’t remember the name. (hello luminosity).

    I experience that meditation high you were talking about when I do the “kundilini yoga for beginners and beyond” dvd. Plus there’s a section that totally wakes up the pelvis. Lots of squeezes get the juices flowing.