The Tim Ferriss Experiment Cometh! All 13 Episodes At Once, House of Cards-Style


Let’s get this party started!

For months now, I’ve wanted show you all of my TV episodes.

Over the last year, the team at ZPZ (the production company behind Anthony Bourdain) and Turner Broadcasting have helped me capture incredible footage and characters all over the country. I’m thrilled with every episode.

Alas, for reasons I won’t bore you with, the TV broadcasting puzzle piece is taking ages to sort out. I’ve been fighting hard behind the scenes, and it’s been a sumnabitch process for an impatient Long Island boy (me).

The waiting has driven me absolutely insane. I’ve felt a lot like this:

But…no más waiting already!

Enough. While the entertainment folks are sussing out cable details, I’d like to give you everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — digitally.

Turner’s all for it. This world is a changin’, and distribution is changing with it.


In each episode, I team up with world-class teachers to “hack” a different skill….then I get thrown through a gauntlet of tests. Sometimes I do well, othertimes I face-plant and decimate myself. You get to see all the struggles, nervous breakdowns, and little breakthroughs. It ain’t always pretty, but it’s real.

Here are some of the topics I jump into:

  • Music and drumming
  • Rally car racing
  • Language learning
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu (and chess) — ouch.
  • Parkour — super, double ouch.
  • High-stakes poker (with real money)
  • Tactical gun fighting
  • Dating and the pick-up game
  • Building a business in one week (I co-teach a student)
  • Golf
  • Long-distance swimming (I co-teach a student)
  • Surfing
  • And the mysterious finale episode…

And another thing…

One of the things that bugs me most about TV is that five days of shooting gets cut down to 30 minutes. In reality, it’s around 21:30 after subtracting commercials. Whaaaa?! “Isn’t that a waste?” you ask. Yes, it’s a maddening amount of great footage that ends up on the cutting room floor.

I want to give you more.


If you’ve bought — or buy — an iTunes season pass (click “View in iTunes” here to purchase), more good news: you’ll get a ton of bonus footage. Current estimates are 10+ minutes of extras per episode, and I’m fighting to release much more footage into the wild, hopefully hours and hours.

If you can’t use iTunes or can’t afford to pay, here’s the solution: Each week after the May 27th launch, one episode will be released on YouTube for free viewing. It won’t contain bonus footage, and you’ll have to wait 3+ months to see the whole season, but you’ll be able to see them all.

If you’d like a sneak peek, the first episode can be watched here for free.

Much more coming soon, and thank you for your patience! It’s been a long road for everyone. Phew.

Posted on: March 24, 2014.

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159 comments on “The Tim Ferriss Experiment Cometh! All 13 Episodes At Once, House of Cards-Style

  1. Yes! YES. Cannot tell you how much I have been (patiently) waiting for updates about this. Hoping the bonus footage includes more of you hacking chess; I was hoping you’d do a full ep on that, but no luck. I’ll just have to apply your strategies myself!

    Side note: thanks for including the bit about juggling in the 4HC. I’m now a hit for parties. (Ok,not really, but I’d ALWAYS wanted to learn to juggle, and thanks to that one little link, I did it in a weekend. Boom!)

    Thanks for everything. Please continue being awesome.


  2. Saw the first episode and have been (im)patiently awaiting the rest of them! Love that you are offering the bonus footage – always interesting to see what the editors decided to leave out.


  3. Tim, will we get this in the UK? Please say yes… Currently only available in the US Store…

    Thanks for the continued insight into becoming a better version of oneself on a daily basis.



  4. I have a season pass via Amazon Prime. Will the episodes with bonus footage be released via Amazon at the same time they hit iTunes?


  5. Being that I only got to see the first two episodes, before they took it off. I’d like to see the rest of them. So Thanks for getting these online. Just have to see how often I can buy an episode. Too bad the rest of them didn’t get on TV. I had my DVR all ready for them.


  6. PLEEEEEEEEEASE tell me this will also be made available in the Australian iTunes Store?

    I only got to see the first ep and I am dying to see the rest!!




  7. Hi Mr. Ferriss,

    For viewers like myself outside of the USA in Australia and so forth is it possible to allow iTunes to allow consumers to buy episodes in these countries. Currently iTunes only allows your shoes to be bought through the USA store