The Tim Ferriss Experiment Cometh! All 13 Episodes At Once, House of Cards-Style


Let’s get this party started!

For months now, I’ve wanted show you all of my TV episodes.

Over the last year, the team at ZPZ (the production company behind Anthony Bourdain) and Turner Broadcasting have helped me capture incredible footage and characters all over the country. I’m thrilled with every episode.

Alas, for reasons I won’t bore you with, the TV broadcasting puzzle piece is taking ages to sort out. I’ve been fighting hard behind the scenes, and it’s been a sumnabitch process for an impatient Long Island boy (me).

The waiting has driven me absolutely insane. I’ve felt a lot like this:

But…no más waiting already!

Enough. While the entertainment folks are sussing out cable details, I’d like to give you everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — digitally.

Turner’s all for it. This world is a changin’, and distribution is changing with it.


In each episode, I team up with world-class teachers to “hack” a different skill….then I get thrown through a gauntlet of tests. Sometimes I do well, othertimes I face-plant and decimate myself. You get to see all the struggles, nervous breakdowns, and little breakthroughs. It ain’t always pretty, but it’s real.

Here are some of the topics I jump into:

  • Music and drumming
  • Rally car racing
  • Language learning
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu (and chess) — ouch.
  • Parkour — super, double ouch.
  • High-stakes poker (with real money)
  • Tactical gun fighting
  • Dating and the pick-up game
  • Building a business in one week (I co-teach a student)
  • Golf
  • Long-distance swimming (I co-teach a student)
  • Surfing
  • And the mysterious finale episode…

And another thing…

One of the things that bugs me most about TV is that five days of shooting gets cut down to 30 minutes. In reality, it’s around 21:30 after subtracting commercials. Whaaaa?! “Isn’t that a waste?” you ask. Yes, it’s a maddening amount of great footage that ends up on the cutting room floor.

I want to give you more.


If you’ve bought — or buy — an iTunes season pass (click “View in iTunes” here to purchase), more good news: you’ll get a ton of bonus footage. Current estimates are 10+ minutes of extras per episode, and I’m fighting to release much more footage into the wild, hopefully hours and hours.

If you can’t use iTunes or can’t afford to pay, here’s the solution: Each week after the May 27th launch, one episode will be released on YouTube for free viewing. It won’t contain bonus footage, and you’ll have to wait 3+ months to see the whole season, but you’ll be able to see them all.

If you’d like a sneak peek, the first episode can be watched here for free.

Much more coming soon, and thank you for your patience! It’s been a long road for everyone. Phew.

Posted on: March 24, 2014.

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158 comments on “The Tim Ferriss Experiment Cometh! All 13 Episodes At Once, House of Cards-Style

  1. Yes! YES. Cannot tell you how much I have been (patiently) waiting for updates about this. Hoping the bonus footage includes more of you hacking chess; I was hoping you’d do a full ep on that, but no luck. I’ll just have to apply your strategies myself!

    Side note: thanks for including the bit about juggling in the 4HC. I’m now a hit for parties. (Ok,not really, but I’d ALWAYS wanted to learn to juggle, and thanks to that one little link, I did it in a weekend. Boom!)

    Thanks for everything. Please continue being awesome.


  2. Saw the first episode and have been (im)patiently awaiting the rest of them! Love that you are offering the bonus footage – always interesting to see what the editors decided to leave out.


  3. Tim, will we get this in the UK? Please say yes… Currently only available in the US Store…

    Thanks for the continued insight into becoming a better version of oneself on a daily basis.



  4. I have a season pass via Amazon Prime. Will the episodes with bonus footage be released via Amazon at the same time they hit iTunes?


  5. Being that I only got to see the first two episodes, before they took it off. I’d like to see the rest of them. So Thanks for getting these online. Just have to see how often I can buy an episode. Too bad the rest of them didn’t get on TV. I had my DVR all ready for them.


  6. PLEEEEEEEEEASE tell me this will also be made available in the Australian iTunes Store?

    I only got to see the first ep and I am dying to see the rest!!




  7. Hi Mr. Ferriss,

    For viewers like myself outside of the USA in Australia and so forth is it possible to allow iTunes to allow consumers to buy episodes in these countries. Currently iTunes only allows your shoes to be bought through the USA store


  8. Bummer I’ve just switched entirely over to all Android devices….so no more itunes for me. Why? Because I loathe itunes! Love Apple products but despise itunes. I’d love to purchase these another way with the bonus footage if possible. I’ve read all your books purchased them as gifts for others and I’m an avid lifehacker.

    Will they ever be on your website or Amazon perhaps?

    Can’t wait to see the episodes one way or the other.

    Continued Success!!!


  9. I honestly think this is the future of TV. Why tell me when and how I can view content. Traditional TV should end up being like the radio. A place where you find out about new content and where you can see reruns of your favourites.


  10. Hi from Australia Tim!

    I have a simple question but one I’m struggling with…

    When is one trying to do ‘too much’?

    Is the answer never, or do you just know?

    If anyone knows the answer it’s gotta be you!

    Love your work- Jack


  11. You don’t watch FOR free.

    You watch free.

    Perhaps when you are done with a foreign language, you can go back and learn English. :)


  12. Awesome! Can’t wait to binge watch every episode. A humble suggestion/request for season 2: running a marathon. I believe this has been on your bucket list for a while. I’m a former couch potato who ran his first marathon last year. Nothing compares to trading the pain of miles 22 to 26 for the pleasure of finally crossing the finish line. As an added bonus, when you’re carb-loading, every day is cheat day :)


  13. So sad. If it were anything but iTunes I would be all over it. iTunes and I have a bad history. What are the chances of it coming up for sale on Amazon, Google, or anything but iTunes? I do appreciate you putting it on YouTube, but I prefer to give you my money…


  14. Hi Tim, I’d love to watch these and I’m another one who will buy them in a heartbeat, but not on iTunes – anything but iTunes (avoid everything Apple). Any plans to widen the release to the UK and an alternative to iTunes?
    Cheers, big dog


  15. Reading the 4 hour body right now.
    I have actually already lost 100lbs.
    I didn’t use this diet as I did not know about it. However it is almost exactly the same as the diet I used. So in a way I can confirm that the info in the book is the real deal.

    My weight issue has always been focused around injuries rather than lack of proper diet or motivation to exercise.
    I am wondering if injuries have been or will be covered in any of your books/upcoming books? Conventional methods don’t seem to help certain injuries. What are the unconventional ones in your opinion?

    Also I now work from home rather than in an office, and am almost done writing my first novel. So thanks 4 hour work week!


  16. Please let me know when I will be able to get this in the UK store of iTunes, have all books on audio and on kindle and want the series.


  17. Thank you for the update on the TFE shows. Comcast in my area charges extra for TruTV, so this is a great solution.

    Can you consider offering bonus footage for individually purchased shows or is this only going to be for season pass purchases?


  18. Unfortunately I will not install or use the proprietary software called iTunes by dictator Apple. I wish you would have gone Amazon instead so it works on all devices.


  19. Hi Tim,

    This is exciting news! 2 questions:

    1. will there be a deal for buying multiple season passes? I want to give them away to friends!
    2. will it be available in the UK iTunes? I am dying to watch and get involved! Can’t wait three months!

    Thanks Tim.



  20. Australian iTunes wont allow purchase as only allowed to purchase in US iTunes Store. You can switch to the US iTunes store BUT when you go to purchase…. it says we have an Australian iTunes account that cannot purchase US content… (talk about circles!)

    Hey & BTW – I am coming to Seattle in June to climb Mt Rainer with Ed Viesturs and Peter Whittaker (absolute legends of mountaineering) – Are you interested in summitting a 14,500 foot climb with some Everest Rockstars?


  21. Hi Tim, like the others I can’t wait for the show, and am more then happy to pay for it, but I am 100% unwilling to use Itunes. In my case it’s because my account was hacked several years ago, and while the money was not an issue, the customer service I got in dealing with it was so spectacularly bad I swore they’d never get another dime off me. Happy to go into more details if you like, how about releasing through amazon for paid download?

    Thanks for your work, it’s life changing.


  22. To quote Kim Dotcom (from MEGA):

    “How to stop piracy:
    1. Create great content
    2. Make it easy to buy
    3. Same day global release
    4. Works on any device
    5. Fair price”

    As point 3+4 are not met (as I am not in the US), I will probably just download a pirated copy :(


    • I agree, not that I don’t like iTunes, use it every day. But as I’m in France, I’m screwed for the season pass.

      So I would go on a good old server with mp4 files after you pay.

      Or a torrent file with donation programms with Bitcoin or Hum amazon/paypal.


  23. Season pass purchased, thanks for making this an option. I’m of course very interested in your take on BJJ training as I’m a bit challenged in that area even after 7+ years of training. Cheers Tim.


  24. Thank you so much Tim for all you do.

    This fantastic release is another step forward spreading your spirit and instilling an attitude of abundance into the world.

    I just loved your first episode and watched it multiple times.

    I would love to watch all the others and their footage. But can’t! I don’t live in the US.

    Usually your words resonate loud and clear without limits.

    I am confident this is just a matter of time until you hack this block.

    Thank you in advance.



  25. Are they ever going to finish out the season through the android app store? I bought a season pass months ago and they’ve still only released the first four episodes (and the fourth was removed after a day or so). Am I going to have to buy this a second time?


  26. Thank you for sharing. Any chance on telling me who can help me learn how to make money? Have been to long in the volunteer/pro bono thing. And i feel just stuck. Well, anyway, thank for all the information and fun stuff in your blog and videos. It is a shame that your show is not available outside of the us (itunes).


  27. I see the correlation between your recent BJJ/Chess book review and your activities on the show.. But with you, Mr. Ferriss, it isn’t a sly marketing ploy – you are a master of combining great marketing with honest, value-based recommendations! Great work!


  28. Hi Tim and gang,

    Just a heads up, iTunes comments show people have bought the season pass believing they would have access to all shows immediately. The date above states that all episodes won’t be ready for some time though this confusion could effect ratings going forward.

    Watched the first episode with Tim drumming to “Hot Blooded”… AWESOME! Rock On Tim! Thanks for living at your edge and sharing it with us.




  29. It’s so sad to not being able to watch it on time in Germany. Both iTunes and AMZN are locked to USA. It’s so sad to see you all put so much effort in it, Tim, and be locked out due to license? restrictions. The year 2014, oh boy…
    So far the only option seems to watch you all have a lot of fun and wait till may.


  30. Hello from Toronto! That’s great news! I’d bought the season pass early on, and have been waiting for more episodes. As a drummer for the last 30+ years, I’ll gladly trade you some drum tips for kettlebell tips. :)


    • I should clarify: I love the show, but I paid for the iTunes season pass with the expectation of getting all the episodes on 3/27. My “disappointment” is merely my own impatience.

      I read (and loved) the Art of Learning which has been a catalyst for my own road to mastery. As for my ‘martial art’ I’m picking up golf after several years if being too busy to play. I’m going to approach it as if I have never swung a club and deconstruct/ reconstruct my game starting with mastering my grip.

      The more I can see how Tim applies DSSS, the better I will be able to apply it in my own pursuits.

      Be great today,


      • … Lastly, I will master the skill of READING. May 27, not March 27… TF has totally redeemed himself :)

        Malbec prior to sharing my thoughts on the interwebs = no bueno.


  31. Hey there.
    Is this going to be available for regular, non-apple people?
    and those living outside the one and greatest country on earth?


  32. 28th and no new episodes up on I Tunes. Only available in US so can’t buy in Scotland. Can it really be so hard to help out your second class family in Europe?


  33. Tim! I loved your show, but I’m living in Latin America and itunes says that I can’t buy the show because of the country :( Is there anything you can do to change the boundaries so I can buy it?


  34. Tim, while reading your book, 4HB, I noted you must spend a boatload of money on lab tests. Don’t know if you heard of this lab out Palo Alto called Theranos. Just read the article in Wired and immediately thought of you. Any savings you may wish to send my way for this tip would be happily accepted ;)


    • I’ve recently discovered Tim’s work which lead me down a path to Theranos and was glad to see someone else connecting the dots. Would love to see Tim interview Elizabeth Holmes sometime!


  35. I would love to watch this series but iTune is simply not a medium I wish to endorse. Is it possible to make these episodes available either through netflix or on your website where we can pay you driectly?


  36. Thanks for pushing for this, Tim. I have no access to ‘traditional media’ (by choice), so this really was going to be the only way I’d view your content. In lieu of more purchasing options, I’m quite thankful for YouTube publication. Looking forward to being able to purchase the episodes on AIV or Google Play!


  37. Thanks Tim for what you are doing. Traditional school learning had always been hard for me. I couldn’t read literature very well but I could teach myself how to play musical instrument. Crazy right? I just love love all of the concepts you are writing about and it is inspiring me to want to learn new things and also give me courage to think outside the box and tackle anything I want to in life.


  38. Sounds like some good ol edutainment, when need more of this on tv, hopefully this show will create a revolution for the genre.
    Thanks Tim, you the man!


  39. Sounds like some good ol edutainment, we need more of this on tv, hopefully this show will create a revolution for the genre.
    Thanks Tim, you the man!


  40. Hi Tim,
    Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode – thanks for posting it for the world to see. Forgive my boyishness, but it’s TOTALLY AWESOME you had the chance to learn from / chill with Stewart Copeland. His drumming on the Oysterhead album is incredible (though slightly less-known than his Police stuff).
    With TFX, you’ve not only given us another perspective on your learning process…you’ve created a justifiably top-notch source of entertainment. It beats the heck out of Survivor..


  41. Tim, I’ve got to say that I’ve been waiting to see the poker episode ever since I saw Phil Gordon blog about how he was coaching you for a week before you attempt to profitably play poker with real money.

    I’m a poker player myself and I’m really interested in seeing what he thought was most important to teach you in one week in order to make your profitable (I’m also curious to see how well you actually did at the end of that week).

    But my actual point in writing this comment is that I WOULD LOVE TO SEE AN INFO PRODUCT USING ALL THE HOURS OF INSTRUCTION THAT WAS FILMED THROUGHOUT THE WEEK. Seriously. Please don’t let all of that film go to waste. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would be interested in that sort of product.


  42. Love this! After watching the 1st episode I’ve been waiting for more.

    I absolutely loved watching you with Stewart Copeland since I’m a huge fan of The Police! Season pass, here I come!



    I’ve been waiting months to find out if this project fell off a cliff cause the Mythbuters got a hold of it.

    Woohoo! I’m so excited!


  44. “This world is a changin’, and distribution is changing with it.” And it’s only available on itunes…… Seriously? Distribution has changed! There are other ways to deliver content online besides a horrible itunes store. Let me just give you the money!

    Can we get this through something besides itunes?


  45. I would love to see the bonus footage available on Amazon Prime. We watch a lot of our favorite shows through Amazon on Roku, but never through Itunes. Appreciate all you do!


  46. When Tim did the NY Times interview November 11, 2007, Alex joking said you spoke to us (at a lecture in Boston) after flying from Japan and questioned your 4-Hour work week, however Time explained this full day of travel and lecturing wasn’t work it was about his business not about “spreading his gospel” followed by “I?d be much better off putting my time into three or four really good blog posts,” but my question is 3-4 posts in what time frame? Did the History Channel back out on your show? Why haven’t you updated your blog about the remaining episodes?

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Hello, I am from Czech Republic and I have a question that could be interesting for You. In diet with low carbohydrates, how is it wit tofu? Is it possible to use insterad of meat? It has got in like 16% of protein, 8% fat and 3% carbohydrates. I am not sure how is it with those white carbohydrates as I can read in the book.
    Thank you very much for your answer :)


  48. Hi Tim!

    I hope it will be available for International viewers. Btw, very excited to get my very first Tim Ferriss book! 4HC!



  49. Anyone have an idea of when the rest of these episodes are going to be released? I bought the full season on Youtube back on January 7th and have only received 3 episodes. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  50. I have my dvr programmed, but no show show up. How about some other vendor besides Itunes. Don’t have an itunes account and I live in bliss. I have stayed away from apple products since the early 90s so would prefer to stay away from itunes.