The BitTorrent Strikes Back: The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook Goes Loose



As a thank-you to all of you today, I am today releasing the audiobook of The 4-Hour Chef…for free.

This includes almost 10 hours of recording: all of the chapters on accelerated learning, all of the ridiculous experiments and related stories, and much more.

I’m partnering with BitTorrent again to bring you a bundle of goodies. The full unlocked bundle for this release is 5.4 GB of free content (!), whereas my first BitTorrent release for the print edition was 187 MB. HD instructional videos? Bonus PDFs? You got it.

The audiobook also features guest narration from one of my heroes–bestselling author Neil Gaiman!  

I’ve written about Neil before (read my gushing here), and if you’re not a fan yet, you will be. Special thanks to Neil, his amazing assistant Cat, and also to Max Adams, who acted as Twitter matchmaker:

I hope you enjoy the audiobook as much as I enjoyed producing it.  Here’s the announcement and download links from BitTorrent…

The 4-Hour Chef: Accelerating Learning for Free

What’s the value of a free read?

Last November, we partnered with best-selling author Tim Ferriss to find out. We handed out sections and drafts from his new book, The 4-Hour Chef, to BitTorrent fans. In turn, 880 thousand of them checked out the hardcover on Amazon. And 2012’s boycotted book about meta-learning hit 2013’s bestseller lists, from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal.

A free read, it turns out, is a powerful thing.

So, what’s a listen worth?

We’re letting the people decide. Today, Tim Ferriss is giving away the full audiobook of The 4-Hour Chef, complete with six hours of HD creativeLIVE tutorials that bring the 4-Hour lessons to life. Call it an experiment in anti-cannibalization. Our goal is to see how different formats can feed off of, and feed, one another.

Here’s the deal:

Check out Tim Ferriss’s page on BitTorrent. You can instantly download several chapters of The 4-Hour Chef audio, Part 1 of the full-color ebook (62 pages), and three workshop videos from creativeLIVE.

Subscribe to the book’s email list, and unlock the full audiobook narrated by Ferriss, Neil Gaiman, and Adam Verner, plus ten additional workshop videos. It’s everything you need to master everything, basically: from the kitchen to the basketball court. Except the hardcover. (You’ll need to go here for that.)

Download The 4-Hour Chef Bundle


Instant Download:

The 4-Hour Chef: eBook Part 1 [PDF]
The 4-Hour Chef: AudioBook Introduction [Audio]
The 4-Hour Chef: creativeLIVE Workshop, Day 1 [3 Videos]

Unlocked Bundle

The 4-Hour Chef: Full AudioBook [Audio]
The 4-Hour Chef: Creative Live Workshop, Day 2 [9 Videos]

Get the hardcover / ebook.


Also Tonight (9/10) from 6-7pm PT (9-10pm ET)…

I’ll be doing a live Q&A on Twitter for 60 minutes. Ask me anything. Really. To make my day, download the audiobook first and let me know what you think! Here’s how it works:

1) Follow @merrelloutside. I’m partnering with them for this, so you’ll need to follow them to see my responses to questions.

2) Ask questions in the following format:
“@tferriss @merrelloutside [insert question]? #asktim”

3) I’ll answer ’em as fast as I can! Hope to see you tonight.

Posted on: September 10, 2013.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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104 comments on “The BitTorrent Strikes Back: The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook Goes Loose

  1. For people who already have the hardcover 4HC book and all CreativeLive courses, is it possible to simply buy the full 4HC audiobook?

    BTW great news that’s the first audiobook with partly your own voice (if I understood correctly) It must be fun to hear digressions… :-)


  2. Awesome, kudos to you Tim for making this widely available for all. I already own the Kindle edition, but not the hardcover–don’t want the heft and weight of a physical edition when living a nomadic existing… But this will serve as an amazing compliment to the Kindle edition. I still use my Aeropress nearly every day, thanks to this book.


  3. So you augment your best product and give it away for free. If you were not the Tim Ferris, an idol to so many young lads like me, I would have said you have gone mental mate.
    Is there any rule that you wont break? Should I even read economics books anymore?


  4. Damn you, Tim!

    Will you save some awesome for the rest of us?! Seriously. Also, a release like this usually means something big is coming, which makes this a win-win situation. I won’t speculate as to the announcement, but something is coming. I can feel it.


  5. Tim, Please tell me this is a test on viral downloads. I just downloaded and shared on FB your recent post about it.

    Thanks so much for not just helping me to change my body(5% body fat loss and 10lb gain in muscle last year) but for empowering others to understand some deeper mechanics on their body, diet and how these are interrelated.


  6. Perfect timing. Just this morning I promissed my girlfriend I will spend more time in the kitchen to reward her for successes at work. (And because I love her)


  7. This is a great strategy Tim. Few people realize that as much as you would like to hang on to your stuff and have people only purchase your products, that is not possible in the world of Internet today.

    You are showing good will by doing this and people really appreciate nice persons. You are a mentor for me and for many others and I’ve made big changes to my life thanks to your experiments.

    I appreciate you man!