The BitTorrent Strikes Back: The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook Goes Loose



As a thank-you to all of you today, I am today releasing the audiobook of The 4-Hour Chef…for free.

This includes almost 10 hours of recording: all of the chapters on accelerated learning, all of the ridiculous experiments and related stories, and much more.

I’m partnering with BitTorrent again to bring you a bundle of goodies. The full unlocked bundle for this release is 5.4 GB of free content (!), whereas my first BitTorrent release for the print edition was 187 MB. HD instructional videos? Bonus PDFs? You got it.

The audiobook also features guest narration from one of my heroes–bestselling author Neil Gaiman!  

I’ve written about Neil before (read my gushing here), and if you’re not a fan yet, you will be. Special thanks to Neil, his amazing assistant Cat, and also to Max Adams, who acted as Twitter matchmaker:

I hope you enjoy the audiobook as much as I enjoyed producing it.  Here’s the announcement and download links from BitTorrent…

The 4-Hour Chef: Accelerating Learning for Free

What’s the value of a free read?

Last November, we partnered with best-selling author Tim Ferriss to find out. We handed out sections and drafts from his new book, The 4-Hour Chef, to BitTorrent fans. In turn, 880 thousand of them checked out the hardcover on Amazon. And 2012′s boycotted book about meta-learning hit 2013’s bestseller lists, from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal.

A free read, it turns out, is a powerful thing.

So, what’s a listen worth?

We’re letting the people decide. Today, Tim Ferriss is giving away the full audiobook of The 4-Hour Chef, complete with six hours of HD creativeLIVE tutorials that bring the 4-Hour lessons to life. Call it an experiment in anti-cannibalization. Our goal is to see how different formats can feed off of, and feed, one another.

Here’s the deal:

Check out Tim Ferriss’s page on BitTorrent. You can instantly download several chapters of The 4-Hour Chef audio, Part 1 of the full-color ebook (62 pages), and three workshop videos from creativeLIVE.

Subscribe to the book’s email list, and unlock the full audiobook narrated by Ferriss, Neil Gaiman, and Adam Verner, plus ten additional workshop videos. It’s everything you need to master everything, basically: from the kitchen to the basketball court. Except the hardcover. (You’ll need to go here for that.)

Download The 4-Hour Chef Bundle


Instant Download:

The 4-Hour Chef: eBook Part 1 [PDF]
The 4-Hour Chef: AudioBook Introduction [Audio]
The 4-Hour Chef: creativeLIVE Workshop, Day 1 [3 Videos]

Unlocked Bundle

The 4-Hour Chef: Full AudioBook [Audio]
The 4-Hour Chef: Creative Live Workshop, Day 2 [9 Videos]

Get the hardcover / ebook.


Also Tonight (9/10) from 6-7pm PT (9-10pm ET)…

I’ll be doing a live Q&A on Twitter for 60 minutes. Ask me anything. Really. To make my day, download the audiobook first and let me know what you think! Here’s how it works:

1) Follow @merrelloutside. I’m partnering with them for this, so you’ll need to follow them to see my responses to questions.

2) Ask questions in the following format:
“@tferriss @merrelloutside [insert question]? #asktim”

3) I’ll answer ‘em as fast as I can! Hope to see you tonight.

Posted on: September 10, 2013.

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102 comments on “The BitTorrent Strikes Back: The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook Goes Loose

  1. Uhmm, I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly, but I put in my e-mail for the unlocked bundle, checked my e-mail and clicked to be subscribed to the mailing list to get the unlocked bundle, and haven’t heard back or received anything. So… is it just the 1st chapter and stuff that’s free or am I doing something wrong?


  2. I agree with the comment that the hardcover is practical exercise to tote around with you. Combine it with the 4Hour Body and you have a set of weights for your hands.

    The unlocked bundle is unlocked by signing up to mailing list for the book right?? The only link in the message to BitTorrent that gives a sign up option is for creativeLive. Your Torrent page has a nice note to the right side and a box, 99% covered by BitTorrents menu(due most likely to my netbook screen), below with a link to amazon but no sign up boxes.

    Reading the message says: “Download the first chapter of the audiobook and creativeLIVE workshop for free.(the 197MB file yeah?) Then, enter your email (missing here button or email box)to unlock the entire audiobook.”


  3. Tim,

    Thanks for two things:

    1. Making Bittorrent more “Legitimate”, giving it potential to become an “app store” of sorts, with the whole “bundle” thing.
    2. Breaking the trend of “self help” authors who after, making more money than they know what to do with, still charge for thier advice.
    Unlike others, you are not trying to get rich off your audience (you’ve found other ways to do that), you are actually trying to improve the world by spreading your knowledge and ideas.

    Thanks Again,


    • I look forward to seenig what this will do for sales in general of our audiobooks. On a more interesting note I think of the fantastic use this can be for people, like myself, that are visual learners. If there is material to read and you can read and listen at the same time that will increase the information planted in the mind. What a great way for someone learning a new language wanting to get into a book. This will give this to them with increased learning of both material and language. I guess I’m saying I like it. Lynn


  4. Thanks Tim! All of your books have been of great help to me! I own the books and the audio books of 4 hour work week and 4 hour body! I own the book Four Hour Chef, but love to listen to the audio book!


  5. Hi Tim,

    Will the Dave Camarillo workshop ever become available? Have all your books and love them but can’t afford the $300 to unlock the rest of the content. Thanks for this release, have learnt loads.

    P.S. You should get Greg Jackson on your new podcast. Listen to the podcast he did on Ari Shaffir’s skeptic tank podcast. Incredibly bright and perceptive guy who along with being the best mma coach in the world interviews people who achieved excellence in their fields and tries to see the commonalities they share. So up your alley dude, you will get a kick from interviewing him.


  6. Believe it or not I bought the book when it was released and just couldn’t read it (due to lack of time) . And I’ve been waiting ever since for the audiobook to get released, what a wonderful surprise! I’m sure there must be a lot of people like me that actually prefer audio over text (at least to gain familiarity with the written book when you decide to actually start experimenting with various techniques etc….).
    In short: Thanks! you’re awesome Tim!


  7. Smart marketing move Tim, did you get this idea of giving away your audio book free from Seth Godin?
    Apparently his book “Unleashing the Ideavirus” became one of his most lucrative and popular books and initially was and still is available for free.


  8. Thanks for making the audiobook available for free Tim. However, I must confess that I’m having difficulty with Bit Torrent’s user interface. Perhaps I’m a Luddite, but I don’t understand what it means by “seeding,” “active,” “inactive,” etc. Also, when I attempt to play any of the downloaded materials from my Itunes account, it’s disjointed and skips around from one chapter to another without any rhyme or reason. Unless there’s a simple way to understand Bit Torrent, can you just offer the book for download on iTunes? I’d prefer to pay, than spend the time figuring out how Bit Torrent works. If others are having (or have had) the same issues with BitTorrent, please chime in with any advice.


  9. I just wanted to listen to the audiobook, this Bit torrent thing made my computer really slow and auto-install extensions in my browser thant make it crash, I had to unistall it. No book or Bit Torrent for me. Next time you recommend something, I will think twice.


  10. Hey Tim,
    Is there any way you can post about doing Vegan/Vegetarian version for your book 4 hour chef?
    I have been constant follower of your work and my story was published in Men’s Health magazine about how I lost 26 kg in 5 months using slow carb diet. I have the hard cover of the book but don’t know how to relate to it in Vegan/Vegetarian way.


  11. Thanks so much for the audiobook! I have owned the hardcover since it came out, but I’m a mom of two little ones and now I will actually be able to get through this thing. I’m LOVING it! I wish every book came with a free audio version. This is also a brilliant marketing strategy for such a visual book. Anyone who likes the audio book will simply have to buy the hardcover. Bravo!!


  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was awsome! I love Neil Gaiman!! You need to narrate your own audiobooks. I have the audiobook of the 4-Hour Workweek and your voice is a much better fit with your style of writing than Ray Porter, even though he did do a good job.


  13. Hi. I downloaded the BitTorrent files, but I wasn’t able to open it. It was within the 10hr time frame. It kept asking me what program to open it with. Now it tries to open w itunes. Can you help? Thank you:)


  14. (sorry if this posts twice). I love your work Tim. It has inspired a me to create SKILLY. A portal that, through extensive research and experimentation, will provide the community with a clear methodology of how to acquire specific new skills as efficiently as possible to a world class standard. It will build on the basics of your blog and utilise many of the concepts you teach.

    The site is in development, but I would love yours and the communities feedback @RapidSkilly. To stay up to date on developments sign up by following my name link above.


  15. Thanks for the audiobook! I couldn’t open it at first, it kept crashing uTorrent but after updating the program, it did it OK, I think people need up to date torrent software for this to work.

    17:50 of part 1 of the audio book is just brilliance and made me genuinely laugh out loudly. I’ve never read Neil Gaiman before, but my next book will be one of his after that comment.

    Pleased to see one of my favourite CreativeLive presentations there too.


  16. Hey Tim,

    About half way through the audio book… you did a great job not only with the content but the delivery toooooooooo!

    Keep up the awesome work.



  17. Within the Unlocked bundle > 03_Workshop > The-4-Hour-Life_Day-1

    All the videos are the beginning Banter video…

    Other than that, everything seems to be exactly what you listed.

    Terrific bundle otherwise!


  18. Just wanted to say Tim, you are AWESOME! FREE audiobook and Neil Gaiman! I’m going to go through entire audiobook, while I wait for the order from Amazon to arrive :)


  19. Apologies if this is in the wrong space but I didn’t know where to put it.

    I came accross your TED talk that spoke about swimming, and I went out and tried the reach down method that you spoke about, and the difference in what I was doing previously is amazing. What I don’t fully understand is how you recommend to marry that with the breathing. Everyone says you have to stay tall and sort of take a rest on the side when you are breathing.

    2.48 in this video.
    Please can you expalin other than rolling to the side, which I understand, how do you stay tall / breath in your methodolgy. Thanks.