The Random Show, Episode 22 – Home Defense, Start-ups, Raccoon Throwing, Public Stock Investing, and Mail-Order Urine


There are dozens of topics covered in this wine-infused, bromantic episode of scatterbrained nonsense. Some of it might improve your stock picking or even save your labradoodle from being eaten alive. Or you can just choose to waste tons of money on awesomeness. O-tanoshimi dane!

This special edition of The Random Show was recorded and edited by Graham Hancock (@grahamhancock). For all previous episodes, including the epic China Scam episode, click here.

Below are all the show notes and links, courtesy of kind reader Jonathan Wu. Thanks, Jonathan!


1) St Vincent’s Restaurant SF

2) Taser Dual-Shot Pistols

3) Chef Steve Rinella

4) The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine by Steve Rinella

5) Pee Mart

6) Deer RedLight Deterrent

7) Surefire LED Defender

8) (David Copperfield)

9) Theory 11 Magic Trick Online Guides

10) Every Day Carry (EDC)

11) Stumbling on Happiness by Dan Gilbert

12) Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

13) Tim Ferriss Monthly Audio Podcast (TBA)? “Tim Tim Talk Talk”?

14) The Tech Guy by Leo Laporte

15) with Jack Dorsey

16) The Graveyard Books Audiobook by Neil Gaiman

17) The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton

18) Foundation by Isaac Asimov

19) Ender’s Game Series by Orson Scott Card

20) Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert a Heinlein

21) Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem

22) Kevin Rose’s Top 3 Stock Picks A. TSLA B. AMZN C. APPL

23) Netflix

24) Game of Thrones

25) SOG Tomahawk Knives

26) Food Photography Made Easy

27) Flow Free

28) Heroes of Ismia

29) creativeLIVE free high-def classes

Posted on: August 12, 2013.

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108 comments on “The Random Show, Episode 22 – Home Defense, Start-ups, Raccoon Throwing, Public Stock Investing, and Mail-Order Urine

  1. Podcast!!!!!!

    I’d be so incredibly mutually exciting for your followers (“readers” doesn’t suffice anymore) and yourself.

    Btw: Don’t try to emulate other podcasts. Most Talkshow hosts (e.g. Conan O’Brien) don’t watch other talkshows.
    You are supposed to have your own style. That is why your followers appreciate you.


  2. Tim, loved the wine soaked bromance episode. Where to start? Never thought any public figure would ever think Stranger in a Strange Land was a great book. One of my favorites! I’m also a Foundation geek…sorry. Glad to hear you guys are audiobook junkies too.

    Thanks for all the info in the show notes. Will be digging through them:)


  3. The raccoon thing is fantastic. I vividly remember having a few drinks and chasing raccoons on the way back to the dorm at Stanford. Those little bastards will turn around and chase you back if you get too close!

    One quick comment on your first few minutes on self defense. Depending on a taser for self defense in your home is not smart. Feeling that you have any responsibility to the safety of someone threatening you in your home is dangerous. It’s the law of nature.

    One time I saw a mule deer doe with fawns kill a bobcat that was stalking her. Was that wrong? Nope. She literally trampled the hell out of it. If someone is threatening you and/or your family in your house, they get what they deserve.

    Tim, if you ever get the bug to hunt for elk with a recurve in CO, shoot me an email.

    Always appreciate your posts. Helpful in life and biz.


  4. Thanks for the episode; I think it was the best this year (so far).

    Tim, it turns out you already have an Instagram account; someone reserved it for you to keep squatters away. He sent your assistent the login details:

    Looking forward to Tim Tim Talk Talk Long Long. Maybe you talk with David Allen (Getting Things Done)?


  5. Another awesome random show! Have applied 4 hour work week to my circumstances, and now living the sweet life in Australia, running a business direct from home.
    Podcast sounds great, try and get las many female experts as you can!


  6. Great show. Looking forward to the podcast. I’d love to see some folks that you used as inspiration for your books, in the cooking world as well as the athletic world. Maybe a world class coach or athlete, to talk about their philosophies and what drives them, etc. And of course I never get sick of your great work with entrepreneurs, startups, and everything business related.

    Thanks for everything!


  7. Tim thats the second time Ive heard you reference your d&d character by race rather than class.

    This is a case of your stoicism mapping to d&d: “I’m not a carpenter, I’m a blonde man who crafts wood”. Im not a rogue knife thrower, im a gray elf who enjoys throwing knives and lifting coin purses.

    multiclass gray elf… Post Script for d&d players reading this: listen to LOTR audio book to experience happiness.


  8. Hi Tim,

    I am a fan of yours, and I gained insight and a new perspective on how to approach a lot of things from your books and talks online with entrepreneurs.

    I have a mobile app idea I would like to pursue developing based on a section from one of your books. I wanted to touch base with you about developing it, royalty fees, or just your blessings, or a discussion on it if you are open to it.

    I hope this is a good medium to contact you, and I would love to hear back from you. Thank you for your time.


  9. Question:

    What would a brother have to do to get his hands on the deleted 4HC sections of your buddy’s compound in Texas?

    “i know it might sound a bit odd, but i’m a long time fan and first time compound builder. Finally got up the nerve to ask. it won’t take more than 2 minutes of your time. is there any way you can help me out?” :-)

    If not possible it’s all good, but thought I’d ask!



  10. Tim, I HIGHLY encourage you to make a podcast right now. I created one a few months ago ( for the same reasons and I run it from a backpack. It has significantly help me as a person and all my businesses.

    I went in-depth on an article with my take on how I setup and run my podcast, just for you. It’s very minimal:

    As far as possible interviewees, I would love to hear you talk to your role models like Rob Wolf, Richard Koch, or Paulo Coelho. But also, Scott Jurek, Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, or Lindsey Stirling (everyday people that changed their lives). I have a list in evernote of possible interviewees and you’ve been on the top for a while, I just wanted to get a few interviews under my belt and then I’ll try my hardest to get you on :)

    Call it the 4-Hour Podcast and get the interviewees drunk for 4 hours.


  11. I rarely read fiction, but when I do it’s usually D&D type stuff, you should check out The Dresden Files if you ever get a chance Tim. Once thing I must say I’m amazed at is how much books you get to read with what must definitely be a packed schedule..then I remember: you wrote the four hour work week.



  12. I would love to hear a podcast from you. I recently discovered the Joe Rogan podcast and the talks you have together was almost like I was chilling with you guys in the studio – it felt great. Would be awesome to hear content which is outside of the 4hour themes but with the Tim Ferriss perspective on them.


  13. Tim, your listening skills are getting great. I’ve watched you refine your social skills over the past five years and I like to see how much more charming you’ve become by humbling yourself and bringing the greatness out in Kevin.

    You’ve lost the occasional snarky smile and gained a vulnerable confidence that compliments your personality well. Kudos!


  14. Great podcast, thanks guys.

    For the Tim Tim Talk Talk I think it would be interesting if you showed things that I didn’t even realize I didn’t know about.

    Love the link suggestions.

    And WTG Kevin for the racoon toss! Lol.. that was awesome. Glad you didn’t get bit/scratched/whatever.


  15. Guys – I always enjoy your stuff, and Tim I’m a big fan of the books, but when you started talking about investing and stocks it was a bit painful. You guys spend so much time trying to learn from the greats in your various fields of interest, but no offense it sure doesn’t sound like you’ve done the same with investing. For instance, here’s a super simplistic way to invest that was penned back in the ’70’s by one of the greats that I found on the web( – Tim you could do this simplistic approach and compare the results at the end of each year to Kevin’s concentrated bets on overvalued speculative names – in the near term the outcomes would be random but I assure you you will smoke him over longer time frames(and you will surely crush the returns of T-bonds that you are in!). The way you guys approach technology, body hacking, etc is all very easily applied to investing as well – you should direct some energy toward that field, who knows could be your next book. If you are ever in Boston and want to discuss investing shoot me an email.


  16. Hi Tim,

    Love the Random show, I can’t wait for the next episode.

    Your book recommendations are great. I finished listening to the Graveyard Book not too long ago and thought is was amazing.

    A recommendation for another sci fi book (which I’d also recommend to you listen to rather than read) for you and your readers is Wool by Hugh Howey. I just finished it, and loved it so much I would literally pray for grid lock on my drive home so I could hear more!


    Ryan H.


  17. I loved Ender’s Game, but I think that Orson Scott Card is kind of a jerk. Anti gay marriage crusader. Compares Obama to Hitler. Lots of jerks have made good art, but I do have reservations about purchasing or consuming anything that will put more money in his pocket.


  18. Tim content trumps technique every time. Which was a better band The Stooges or The MC5. MC5 were better musicians but every one loves The Stooges because the content was there. Don’t worry if your podcasts do not sound polished like Larry King. “Adding money tends to make things more normal”- Brian Eno


  19. Great show

    Move away from being a trickster and towards using magic to read minds, predict the future,etc. It amazes and brings something special to people.

    Sign me up for long form podcast.
    Do a paid version to support one of your charities.


  20. Great episode Tim!
    You mentioned you are considering starting a monthly podcast and as Kevin Rose was saying, it can come down to a good microphone.

    Our company has created a microphone and audio system specifically for DSLR camera recording, which would be convenient for you if you are on the road and find it cumbersome to transport all the traditional video recording material.

    If your interested we would be happy to send you a sample of our product for you to test out for your podcast.



  21. Another good show. Good recommendations too.

    I just read a Brief History of Time, excellent one. Next is the Grand Design, also by Hawking. I’ll def. read Stumbling on Happiness. Also up on my list is 1491, and The World Until Yesterday.


  22. Wellness Fx is on the list.

    Have had two comprehensive blood tests done by the Life Extension Foundation. Glad I did, even though the results are putting me in a serious state of cognitive dissonance. (Am I not the guy everyone’s always saying is in great shape?)

    Figure that I’ll be needing to consistently monitor some numbers as I endeavor to improve them and Wellness Fx may be the ticket.




  23. I figured out that trick in like 3 seconds, but im pretty good at figuring out magic tricks. The deck is in a specific order and each card has some symbols on the back which indicate which card is above it. He simply takes a look at the back of the card, which you can see easily if you rewind it.


  24. Tim,

    Any chance for a new episode for 2014? I really enjoyed the show at the beginning of 2013 and was hoping for one this year!


  25. LOVED this chat! I so agreed with most of it! I would have loved to be sitting there chatting…no games on the iPhone? I’m soooo glad I’m not the only one! Super smart, sexy, but not into every app out there?? Me, too! Love picking the brains of the brilliant brainiacs? I’m in.
    Love, love, love the talk. I agree completely with Kevin’s stocks..I own the same. Thanks for sharing. I love his insights on CEO’s and backbone. True that!
    Lets hang for the next podcast. Throwing stars, bows and arrows, and some great healthy food…so you can get even more skilled and gorgeous for your date with Calisi! She likes a well rounded, masculine man…and you fit the bill! (If she’s not available, I’ll hang with you…if. you. think. you. can.)

    GREAT show! Very fun.



  26. Tim – enjoying watching The Random Show. You were talking about professions and the 80/20 rule and even said you’d talk to “the best janitor.”

    I’m one of the best pet groomers in the industry, and it’s so funny to see you bring up using the 80/20 rule for any profession because I’ve done it with pet grooming. I even did a company meeting to discuss the idea of the 80/20 rule and how it applies to grooming when I was “Chief Grooming Officer” for a mobile grooming company.

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you like, the subject of both ideas (pet grooming and 80/20 rule) are fascinating to me.


  27. Hey Tim,
    Great hanging out with you! I was interested in your “How to fire someone” question. In my CEO group, this is the hardest thing for us to do. We invested in these people and we HATE to loose! Weirdly, a former employee of mine, named Tim Ferris-(really!) helped me with this troubling problem by asking the question “is it skill, or will?” If it is skill you need, we can give you training, if it is will, then you need to go! I tell people I am firing that we are clearly not a good match. I want them to be successful and happy and so am letting them go to find better options. This is not disingenuous as I offer to help in their new job search. Not firing people who need to go is the most common mistake of all businesses. I have fired my husband, best friend and son. It was hard to do. Some relationships did not survive. Some businesses did not survive, but I carry on, building for the people who remain and my customers, clients and so I can plunge into even more challenging arenas.
    Thanks for the glass of wine! Mary Boone