Spearhead Capital: Looking for *ONE* Fast-Growing Start-Up to Take Mainstream


(Photo: Andrew Atkinson)


I am looking for one great company to put my name, brand, and entire network behind.

Usually, I do this through advising, and my start-ups include Uber, Evernote, Automattic (WordPress.com), and Shopify, among others. I’ve been with some of them from pre-seed money to $1-billion+ valuations.

Here’s my full bio and credentials, and below is a testimonial from one of my start-ups:

“Tim has played a huge part in putting Shopify on the map. He has been an advisor to Shopify since 2009, and he’s been invaluable in the growth of our business.

Back when no one knew about us, we were brainstorming with him. He challenged us to prove that building an online business was in fact as easy as we claimed. In order to accomplish that, and under Tim’s guidance and leadership, we created the Shopify Build-a-Business competition. Now, it’s one of the most important things that we do.

In the most recent Build-a-Business contest alone, more than 12,000 brand-new shops sold more than $55 million in products. It’s become the most popular ‘online retail’ competition in the world.

This helped Shopify ‘cross the chasm’ in terms of pushing Shopify’s brand to a mainstream audience.

It was risky, but Tim knew it would succeed – it was entirely consistent with his track record for PR and Marketing. Simply put, Tim is our secret weapon!”

– Harley Finkelstein, CPO
Shopify – The world’s most popular ecommerce platform for small businesses, currently powering more than 60,000 online stores that sell more than $1B in products annually. Shopify also powers stores for brands like Gatorade, Forbes, Budweiser, The Chive, and more.

Back to Spearhead Capital…

This time, I’m doing things differently: I’m raising an entire round of financing for one company… with unusual perks. I’ve been planning this for a long time, and it’s only possible now.

Here’s what it looks like…


You should want (or be willing) to raise $500,000-$1,000,000, and here are the benefits of doing it with me:

– I won’t take a board seat, so you retain all control.
– Massive national PR/exposure. This is going to get a LOT of attention, and I’m famous for maximizing impact (e.g. Forbes’ “The Tim Ferriss Effect” and AdAge awards for product launches).
– VCs usually want a minimum of 20% ownership. You can sell as little (or much) % as you want here.
– Once VCs see you succeed, you are in a massive position of strength and will probably receive unsolicited term sheets. This flips the tables. If you want optimal leverage for a larger round (say $5-10M total), raising a small amount with me makes sense.
– Minimal disclosure. You don’t have to pitch to investors and potential competitors.

What I’m looking for:

– Consumer-facing product/service (e.g. Evernote, StumbleUpon, Uber, etc.), or small-business focused product/service (e.g. Shopify), not enterprise software.
– 100K+ active users OR serial founder(s) with past exits OR 10K+ paying customers.
– 10%+ month-on-month activity growth.
– Clean cap table, minimal previous financing (or none), no bridge rounds.
– If you’re in “stealth” mode, you’d have to come out of stealth when I start fundraising, which would only last a few weeks.
– US-based companies, or companies willing to create US-based investable entities (which is easy). Shopify started in Canada, for instance.


Interested? I’m psyched. Please fill out this form. Deadline is July 25, 2013 at 5pm EST, and I’ll be in touch!

VERY big things ahead.


Please note: I’m only recruiting the start-up at this point in time. I’m not talking publicly about the mechanisms or process, so thanks for understanding if I can’t answer many questions in the comments.

Posted on: July 17, 2013.

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68 comments on “Spearhead Capital: Looking for *ONE* Fast-Growing Start-Up to Take Mainstream

  1. Tim, I’ve read the criteria but here’s what got me thinking… would you consider a start up that offers scarce goods (on a global level), currently taking only pre-orders and starting a campaign via Kickstarter in two weeks time?

    We do have proof of concept on a really small local scale and now we’re ready to test our concept on a global stage, similar approach to what FUBU did when it started out – becoming local heroes first and expand on that later – which is much more cost-effective (I wouldn’t say easier) then ever.


  2. Just seeing the criteria for acceptance taught me more than anything I’ve ever seen anywhere else. Perhaps because I’m currently in need of exactly what you are offering to assist with.

    I’ve got a prototype of a truly simple and paradigm shifting product ready to go to production build, marketing and sales. Looking for exactly what you are offering to fund – $820K. If you are looking for something that could make a massive splash with the proper marketing campaign behind it I’m your guy.

    I do not meet the rest of your criteria, however. I’m a serial successful entrepreneur on a, so far, small scale. I currently own a yoga studio and teach meditation for a living.

    Thanks for doing what you do. You teach much just by permitting us to watch you.


    • A very successfully tested and paradigm shifting product ready to go into production and build. We’ve carefully spent about $100K and are ready to bring it to sale.


  3. Hey Tim,

    I’ve always thought you’d be a perfect person to spearhead what I’m doing.

    I have very ambitious plans that are in wellness-health market – and more specifically I want to help people learn about health and help them become healthy.

    I’m not at the 100K+ users yet though, however I’m 1 or 2 steps from exponential growth leading to reach 100M+ active users.

    I’m also organizing a crowdfunding campaign for the fall of this year – which at minimum it will generate a large amount of exposure.

    I’m wanting to and have a plan to build a billion dollar company – money not being important to me, though is a sign of successfully reaching goals / life aspirations.

    I am essentially planning to develop and launch the equivalent of 4+ startups at the same time. My background of experience will allow me to guide my vision, though some areas I will need help with.

    Wish I could have a short conversation with you to give you a private summary of who I am, what I’m working on, the brands I’m building, etc..

    Lastly, I’d genuinely love to be working with you.

    Should I fill out the form? Could I ask for a moment of your time to talk privately?

    Here’s to trying to connect with you..

    Warmest regards,


  4. How bout helping the guys over at campaign.soylent.me/! They are growing fast and have a pretty innovative idea.
    My startup but we are literally just starting up. Filming our kickstarter video this saturday. ZOMBABIEZ!!!


    • I agree with Dan!!! Soylent is the thing I would be investing in right now if I had the capital! I’m sure Tim has heard of them by now, but I wonder what his opinion is of the idea?


    • Hi Dan,

      If you haven’t already been selected by Kickstarter, you may want to look at Indiegogo.com. I am getting ready to launch a campaign on there by the end of the month. Watch for us as we Jump Start Just One!

      Best Regards,
      Jo Ann


      • Thanks Nathan. I really do believe they are onto something pretty big and wish them a lot of success – but I wont try it for another few months. You know until they smooth out the kinks.

        Jo Ann, I looked into Indiegogo and still think Im going to stick with kickstarter. Although they do have some better terms, they dont have the reach kickstarter does. Wish you the best on your project



    • Agreed. This is a fantastic and generous opportunity, Tim. I only wish I had a startup to submit an application. Looking forward to the outcome!


  5. Tim, as you know, once in awhile an opportunity of epic proportions presents itself. We have created that opportunity and we would be humbled if you considered working with us to explode our business. We have applied, and we shall wait to hear from you. Thank you.


  6. Tim you’re killing me! My heart dropped seeing this post, and then as if the universe were taunting me it followed me to Hacker News too!

    You’re one of my personal heroes and I’ve been diligently working on a startup for the last year and a half, only to launch two days ago… and then I see this! Haha what luck … why couldn’t you have waited a month to release this so I could be meeting your criteria?!? Oh well, such is life, lol, best of luck with your new endeavors.


  7. Hi Tim

    Would you be able to drop by for one of the pitch nights that we are having in a building near the Glenn Park Bart Station?

    We are a bunch of students who are serious about founding tech startups, and have come from various different countries to live together in a hacker house in that building for this summer break.


  8. Thanks for the template of a perfect Pitch.
    It also made me realize that 80% of marketing yourself is CREATING CREDENTIALS. The remaining 20% being getting into the mind of your prospect.

    Unfortunately, reality TV-stars are getting into the mind of nearly everyone with no credentials whatsoever.


  9. The more I follow your blog and the more I read about the things you’ve done and are doing the more I am blown away and inspired! Keep at it, your impacting more than your know!


  10. dear Tim,

    I´ll write you very very SHORT and I´ll explain you why I KNOW we are meant to meet in the future.

    All my life I´ve had a really supreme self esteem and a driven heart in doing everything I do… I just needed to figure out what was my purpose in life…

    Thanks to your 4HWW I skipped 9 to 5 to become a Hollywood actor…right now I´m producing as a lead in my my first feature, I´m casted in my second as supporting and moving to L.A. in september… Thanks also to 4HWW but more over a kick ass PR, marketing and communications agency here in Sweden called Studio Total (you should read what they did over the Belarus border with their tiny airplane fooling the dictator´s missile barrier…) that are radically controversial as you will read… their method let me produce this film in RECORD times of film history…which I´ll proof when I sell it in Hollywood this fall and … why not… write a book about how I did it… (therefore our inevitable meeting about time optimization and writing

    PLUS..today, last day of pre production and first night before shooting, I started the 4HBody schedule, well the SCD and I´ve never been so excited about going to the groceries, planning my meals and making dinner to myself!!!

    Kind Regards
    Dave Leon


  11. 2 questions Tim.

    1. Why are you doing this?
    2. Are you doing this now because you feel it might be the end of the 15 minutes of fame?

    Not criticising, just curious.


  12. This is awesome Tim! Very impressed you’re doing this.

    I just got incubator round funding for a new wearable electronics company — I think you’ll like it. Related to something we’ve spoken about.

    Expect an application from me in a few days. Nice.



  13. Bummer, we meet all the criteria and just received our term sheet from our lawyer this week for our series A, but our primary customer is enterprise.

    Would love to work with you Tim as you bring more into the fold later on, perhaps we could be the first enterprise company/app in your portfolio!