4HWW Readers' Libraries in Nepal, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka Open Their Doors!


The Vang Lam preschool we built in Vietnam. So cute a lumberjack would cry! Now we have three more locations.

You all should be *very* proud.

I’m thrilled to share completion reports for the three libraries you supported and made possible. The funds were raised for my birthday campaign in 2011.

They’re finally done!

This post include photos of the dedication plaques for each library, as well as information about the impact that each library has had on the local community.

In a nutshell:

– The K-to-6 library in Cambodia will help 500 students per year become literate. 500 per year = 2,500 over the next 5 years.
– The Grades 1-5 library in Sri Lanka will help 2,000 students per year become literate. 2,000 per year = 10,000 over the next 5 years.
– The K-10 library in Nepal will help 550 students per year become literate. 550 per year = 2,750 over the next 5 years.

In the next 5 years, you all will have helped change the lives of more than 15,000 students. Not only that, but you will have helped add critical thinkers to the world who can perpetuate a virtuous cycle of solving problems. Cool, right?

Here are the dedication plaques for each school. Click to enlarge:

Now, the completion reports (and pics) for those interested…

Sri Lanka – LK-CRR-12-0015 – Tim Ferriss – CR

Nepal – NP-CRR-12-0035 – Tim Ferriss – CR

Cambodia – KH-CRR-12-0008 – Tim Ferriss – CR

In the next 12 months, I hope to plan trips to visit all of these libraries. And… bigger and bolder plans to come in the next six months or so.

In the meantime, remember: you guys rock. You can leave a positive dent in this world. This post is visible proof.

Long live karmic capitalism.

Posted on: June 28, 2013.

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47 comments on “4HWW Readers' Libraries in Nepal, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka Open Their Doors!

  1. This is great Tim! I was one of the donors for the Vietnamese pre school and it still makes my heart tingle to know that my $1,000 went towards something massively meaningful. You rock,



  2. This is heartwarming and awesome!

    Does anyone have any pics/data for the Nepal RoomToRead campaign from 2007-2008? I remember donating to that one for months and I never saw the results.


  3. Hi Tim – I am an architecture student at the University of Notre Dame, and nine of my classmates and I recently completed a design for a K-8 school just outside of Pokhara, Nepal. The land for the project is owned by one of the University’s industrial design faculty whose husband is Nepali. She has been working collaboratively with locals for the past decade, bringing Notre Dame students to Pokhara every summer to design traditional handicrafts that artisans in the area then produce and sell. She and her husband have committed to building a new school in the area because right now, many students walk hours every day across rice paddies to get to the nearest classroom. Pokhara desperately needs a new school facility, and we have a design and a site but no funding. Several of Notre Dame’s grant giving bodies have voiced significant interest in being a part of the project, but we have a long way to go before we can action our proposal. Any thoughts, advice, or ideas? Useful contacts in Asia? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  4. Hey Tim and company;
    My name is Norm Schriever and I’m a writer who works on travel memoir and socially-consicous projects. I’m heading out to Vietnam and Cambodia mid August to live for about 6 months or so and do a lot of writing and some charity work. If you need volunteers or teachers in any of the schools, please let me know and I’d love to help. Cheers, and keep up the great work.


  5. Hey Tim,

    I’m just wrapping up a year of teaching in the Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka (the hardest hit by the war), and the library you built will go a long way towards helping the community.

    One suggestion – the plaque is only in Sinhala and English. The area the library was built is likely Sinhalese, but all three languages are widely spoken and inclusiveness is crucial to creating a cohesive society.


  6. Everyone should be VERY proud of this! Tim, thanks to you we not only get to be fans but also help others that we might not have otherwise. Ironically, I first read the 4HWW with the sole intention of improving my life, only to realize that the reward was in helping others.


  7. Tim you continue to inspire us all! Thank you so much for doing OUTSTANDING WORK! I really believe that helping others on our beautiful Mother Earth is what we all need at this very moment. Thank you for your enthusiasm and positive energy that vibrates into our Universe! :)


  8. These 15,000 students in next 5 years, will each one influence dozens around them.
    This kind of actions are in long-term so much more powerful than political actions.

    In the very beginning of 20th century, a lot of these kinds of schools in Iran resulted in mid 1950s in the movement which elected the first democratic prime minister Mossadegh.

    And I love the expression Tim uses “problem solver”, because it’s not question of “PhD” or whatever… but state of mind and creating logic problem solvers.

    This type of posts on fridays make me have better WE ;-)


  9. Thoroughly cool. I especially like the post-completion support and making sure everyone’s trained to use them.
    I officially challenge you and Benny the Polyglot to spend some time teaching those kids everything you know :D


  10. Mr.Tim Ferriss, Great work overseas! There is a situation a little closer that needs attention. Pennsylvania is incurring a massive influx of refugees and immigrants from Nepal through their relationship with Catholic Charities and other church groups. Local teachers and case workers cannot communicate and serve this vulnerable population. A Pimsleur language program is not currently available. I know you have language skills. Can we think of a way to serve the needs of these new Americans, and at the same time educate our public sector employees?

    Michael Herleman