The Quarterly Goodies — Hacker Credit Cards, Alpha BRAIN, Refuel Bars, and More


Every three months, I ship out a box of amazing physical products, along with two personal letters explaining everything: a physical letter and a video “letter.”  

One of the latter is above.  I do *not* plan on including these the blog, but giving an example is fun.

The theme of these quarterly mailings is obsession–I include the ideas and objects I can’t get out of my head.

Obsessions enter my life from all over the place.  Currently, my gadgets and gear recommendations are coming from Cirque du Soleil performers, chess prodigies, Fortune 500 CEOs, and military snipers.  It’s the randomness that makes it fun.

More than 1,500 people subscribe to these boxes through They are opening up 1,000 more spots for my next shipment, if of interest.

Here are the goodies from the latest:

1. Spectacle by David Rockwell with Bruce Mau ($49.95 retail, $33.94 Amazon)

2. Edible Green Tea ($25 retail)

3. LSTN Earbuds ($50 retail) Get 20% off by using the code “Quarterly” at check out!

4. AMRAP Refuel Bars ($23.95 retail, $23.90 Amazon)

5. Creative Whack Pack ($16 retail, $11.30 Amazon)

6. $20 Gift Card

7. Hacker Credit Card, Mini Work Tool ($7.95 retail, $8 Amazon)

8. Alpha BRAIN ($35 retail)

Want to get the next box? First come, first served here.


Some of the feedback so far (more here):

Joshua Millage – @jmillage – on 26 May

WOW @tferriss #TIM02 spanked #TIM01 if you keep this up – Im guessing we will be getting Ferraris in our boxes soon. THANKS!

Scott Miller – @Scotchmo – on 28 May

@tferriss Tim02 box arrived LSTN headphones sound great, and I am a headphone snob! Thanks Tim! #tim02

Will Lenzen Jr – @wlenzenjr – on 30 May

Blown away by the quality & thought put into what @tferriss included in #TIM02 of @Quarterly. Thanks Tim!

Want to explore further?  Here are the Twitter handles for all the above, in alphabetical order:

Alpha BRAIN by Onnit Labs – @Onnit
Donors Choose gift card – @DonorsChoose
Eat Green Tea – @eatgreentea
LSTN headphones – @LSTN
Mini work tool is created by BCB International – @bcbin
Spectacle, by David Rockwell and Bruce Mau – @labatrockwell@brucemaudesign
Whack Pack, creator Roger von Oech – @RogervonOech

Posted on: June 11, 2013.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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69 comments on “The Quarterly Goodies — Hacker Credit Cards, Alpha BRAIN, Refuel Bars, and More

  1. Concerning the Alpha Brain, do you suggest a method for testing improvement via use? Some kind of benchmark we can set prior to use?

    Thanks, Tim


  2. Tim,

    When are you going to give BrainStack a try? We think you will find the stack pretty effective. Its the first to include Lion’s Mane.


  3. Wow – Received #02 last week and am blown away at the sheer value of the goodies in there. I am hoping we can buy crates of those AmWrap bars to be shipped over to Australia! :) Also loving the uber cool LSTN earphones.


    • As a fellow Aussie I too was keen to get some AMRAP bars – I contacted them and sadly they’re not shipping internationally :(


      • Hey James,

        We are excited about moving into the “outback” market, however the truth is that AMRAP Nutrition is really having a hard time keeping up with the domestic (USA) demand for Refuel bars. We will be there soon, until then we thank you for your understanding.

        Have a nice date mate :-)

        Ron Slavick


  4. Tim,

    I know you have traveled all over the world but in all these years of following you I never heard you visited Bolivia. If by any chance you want to come, I’d be happy to tour you around.


  5. THIS package looks really awesome and I though I could subscribe to get it. I went on quaterly and noticed we could only subscribe for the next one. Isn’t this sad? It’s like showing a kid a delicious cherry candy and asking him if he wants it. The kid desperately says “YES!!!” and then you tell him he’s gonna get one at random that will not be the one he’s shown and it will be in 2 months. That kills the mood ;)

    Is there a way we can subscribe to THIS shipment?

    Thanks Tim


  6. Tim,


    You have a grind that won’t stop and a hustle that won’t quit. I would love to read a post dedicated to your drive. How do you just crank out life all of the time?

    Lastly, here is an incredible video of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the best part is at 2:07 :

    When I think of incredible grinds, I rank you amongst the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

    I would love to read more about what gives you that oomph. It is amazing to me. That grind. I would love to read more about that.


  7. Got my package last week and have explored almost everything thoroughly! Love the headphones, and am now a total convert after dismissing the headphones after a few less than great experiences. The AMRAP bars tasted better than most other protein bars I have tried. The mini work tool is a gadget I have been wanting for a while so that was a nice surprise. The Book “Spectacle” has been nearly worn out after flicking through it nearly every time I walk past it while it sits on my kitchen table and my holiday planning has taken on a new level. The creative whack pack was fascinating and I shall definitely be trying to find a use for the cards. Unfortunately, due to strict drug testing at my workplace, I am not wiling to try the Alpha brain pills yet. And the Edible green tea is a little harder to swallow than I realised. But overall I loved the package. Well done Tim and many thanks


  8. Hello Tim,

    You’re one of those people who will make me move to San Francisco one day for sure! Meanwhile, if I subscribe would you ship to France


    • Hi Sammy,

      Sarah from Quarterly Co. here. To answer your question, we do ship internationally, and there is a $15 shipping fee for international subscribers.


  9. Tim I know you are a chocophile, have you tried Taza Chocolates? They use a stone grounding technique which produces a more gritty texture that tastes awesome to me. You can also grind it up and use it for mexican hot chocolate. They have dark chocolate sampler packs consisting of cinammon, vanilla, guajillo chile, salt&pepper, orange, chipotle, ginger. Awesome stuff.


  10. Hi Tim,

    Got the quarterly package, loved the headphones. My parents say I sound like I’m on a landline, and my sound quality is great.

    I have a question about the blog: I realized I made a mistake in an earlier comment that was intended as a guide. I’d like to correct it. Is there any way for us users to modify comments?




    • Hi Graeme,

      Thanks for the comment. Alas, I’m not aware of a WordPress plugin that allows readers to edit previous comments. If it’s a serious one, please email Donna from the “Contact” page and we’ll get you sorted.

      Enjoy the headphones!



  11. Hello Tim,

    Thanks for all the great stuff, I’ve learned a lot of things from your books.
    I have a question about Alpha BRAIN. Can you comment a bit more on your experience with this product? How much time did it elapse between taking it and feeling the effects? When do your think it is most useful (e.g. for which kind of activities would you personally use it?). Would you recommend it for mental focus?

    Cheers from a Spanish in Germany.