The Random Show, Episode 21: Smart Drugs, Bitcoin, Apps, Fish Taint, and More


This Random Show episode was an experiment via Google Hangout. The show starts around 11:00 if you want to skip the preamble and dumb-assery.

Here are just two of many, many links mentioned in the show:
Jacked – The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto
Cozy (start-up)

See the bottom of this post for show notes and more links, courtesy of reader Robin of MoveAutism. Thank you, Robin!

Two requests:
– Please let us know what you think of this experimental format!
– If you’d like to see what stuff I’m using or pining after, follow me here.

For all previous episodes of The Random Show, including the epic China Scam episode, click here.

Now, all the show notes and links…

Random Show Notes (6/5/13)

6:20 – What’s this show all about?
11:00 – Tim shows a wine (that he clearly likes) and the show begins.

Kevin Rose’s App of the Day

POP – build sketches of your app

Tim Ferriss’ Daily Use Apps

Jot Not

Scanner Pro

Cat in the Hat Comes Back


Zombie Road Trip

Jacked – The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto

Foodist is awesome

As is the author

Darya’s guest post on this blog

Tim takes 2 grams per divided dose as immune support

Grape Seed Extract

Fish Taint? At minute 29:00.

Google Book Pixel

Imitation Daft Punk Helmets



M-Pesa – 3rd party payment via SMS

The Biography of a Dollar

A Smart Drugs Birthday Present (“My cat has dementia”)

Alertec (A.K.A. Modafinil)

Female Viagra

Anacervx – Increasing Cognition

Tim discusses pros vs. cons of smart drug use:


Artichoke extract + Forskolin



Intermittent Fasting

Fasting Twins

Athletic Greens


Rubber Guard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“How do you organize your life?”


Everything Scanned and Stored to Evernote

Delectable App (Wine)

Trader Joe’s wine are generally fantastic

Upcoming Events

Ignite Expo

Founders Conference

Dublin Web Summit

Posted on: June 5, 2013.

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136 comments on “The Random Show, Episode 21: Smart Drugs, Bitcoin, Apps, Fish Taint, and More

  1. For someone who watched this after it was recorded, I found it really hard to understand some of the dialogue because of the sound quality limitations. I would imagine Hangouts are cool for the Q & A portion, but could you do a separate recording to put up after it is no longer live so that we can understand your slightly inebriated words?


  2. Hey guys, I love the show but the sound was not good. It was like if you were inside a very small room.

    English is not my first language and some parts were hard to understand because of the sound.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.


  3. I love the random show but the video and audio quality of this episode is terrible. Please go back to filming how it was before. I missed so much information, it was lucky somebody summarised it in the comments.


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  5. I always love the shows, thanks for posting. Question – the link to forskolin jumps to Relora. Is this intentional, or would you recommend forskolin (if you took them…) If you recommended forskolin, what mg dose? Thanks!