Amazon "Lightning Box" Deal — 9am-1pm EST Only (Plus: $299 Course for Free)


I just received confirmation from Amazon that a Lightning Deal tomorrow (1/24) is for The 4-Hour Chef.

This means that the hardcover will be 65% off for 4 hours only, from 9am – 1pm ET. Just click here.

To sweeten the deal — $299 course as bonus

For those interested… If you purchase 3 hardcover copies of The 4-Hour Chef OR The 4-Hour Body, I will give you a $299 video course I filmed with CreativeLIVE… for free.

This is two days of actionable content, filmed in HD with multiple cameras, including in-depth material from:

– Me (key concepts from all three books: The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef)
– Neil Strauss, 6x New York Times bestselling author (on creative process and successful writing)
– Noah Kagan, CEO of AppSumo (testing and creating businesses or “muses”)
– Dave Camarillo, UFC grappling trainer (real-world self-defense training and jiu-jitsu — I get thrown a lot)
– Philippe von Borries, Co-Founder of Refinery29 (start-up funding, founding, and growth strategy)
– Leila Janah, CEO of Samasource (maximizing social good, hacking the non-profit world)
– Mark Bell, world-class powerlifter, top-10 totals of all-time (power training)
– Kelly Starrett, founder of SF CrossFit (crossfit, mobility training, undoing physical damage)
– Rick Torbett, founder of Better Basketball (keys to better shooting, better learning/coaching)
– John Jackson, founder of ArcheryTag (archery, shooting an apple off of my head — really)
…and much more.

Here are two reviews:

“I skipped work to watch this. Completely worth it so far. The session with Neil [Strauss] and Tim riffing about writing is gold-dust. The fact that there’s several more hours of great content is just brilliant. I’ve got about 30 pages of notes that I wrote as I was watching…”

“Thank you so much for hosting this event. It was amazing to learn in such an informal environment from people who are the best in their field and are completely approachable. The passion, know how and encouragement this course provided me with is invaluable and has inspired me to push myself further. Thank you!”

Here’s What To Do…

If interested, just do the following no later than 5pm PST this Friday, 1/25/13:

1) Buy 3 hardcover copies of The 4-Hour Body (40%+ off) OR The 4-Hour Chef (65% or 40% off).

Two Notes:
– For 3 books, this means you’ll have to buy one copy at 65% off and two copies at 40% off.
– First, if you’ve already bought a copy of one of the books, you can just buy two (2) new copies. Simply attach both screenshots. That said, I’d really appreciate you buying three copies if you can, and you must buy at least two new copies.

2) Fill out this form.

The course will be delivered to you within the next 10 days via e-mail! This 3-book offer applies to international readers as well, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to get the 65% discount.

Rock on. Next post, we’re back to our usual content…

Posted on: January 23, 2013.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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203 comments on “Amazon "Lightning Box" Deal — 9am-1pm EST Only (Plus: $299 Course for Free)

  1. Guess I’ll be giving away some more copies of 4HC! LOL!

    Tim, a question if I could kind sir!

    After losing now 54 following the Slow Carb Diet, I am going to start into the kettlebell swings. Do you recommend 2 times a week or 3 for just doing the 75 reps with 50 pounds?



  2. So awesome that you are giving the CreativeLIVE session away. While it was airing live, I was absolutely glued to my computer screen, breaking only to refill my coffeemug 5m away from my workspace.

    I knew Neil Strauss from the world of pickup artists, and I think it is sad that so many men know him only as Style. His writing is phenomenal, and to hear him discuss his process with another of my favourite writers was inspiring to say the least.


      • Jakub,

        Neil is most famous for “the Game”, but he had been writing for “Rolling Stone” priory to that. He has served as a ghostwriter for several celebrities’ memoirs, and my personal favourite of his, “Emergency”, seems to have had a great influence on certain parts of Tim’s “Four Hour Chef”…though perhaps he would be the one to confirm or deny this.

        At any rate, Neil Strauss is a great writer. If you like Tim Ferriss’ material, I reckon you would like Neil’s!


  3. Tim – great to see you’re on a new track – you answered my question about what’s next for you in the Make: Google Hangout today and I can see teaching via video creating much needed change. Restructuring the way people learn is a daunting task, but the technology we’ve seen in the past few years is forcing the issue and it’s exciting to see some big players take it on.


  4. I already have one hard cover I picked up from local bookstore in Canada, if I purchase 2 off amazon can I attach a picture of me with the book as one screenshot and the amazon reciept for the other 2?


  5. Very Cool Tim! I’ve got the book already – and recently made the “Sexy Time Steak” and it was, by far, the best steak I’ve ever had (my wife’s words.) Thanks for all you do! I highly recommend everyone else pick up a copy (or three!)


  6. Aside from the book–which is jam-packed full of good stuff–I watched the “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise” course that Tim gave on CreativeLive and can definitely vouch for its value.

    There are enough F-bombs dropped in it to get the course banned in the Bible Belt, but there are also as many good tips. And anyway, if you’re scared of a few cuss words, what the f*&k are you doing reading in the comments section of a post on the internet?

    Again, though, great stuff. From Noah Kagan’s advice to get to $1 as soon as you can (when starting a business) to Neil Strauss’s tips on getting work done, I picked up probably a dozen tips from the course that have made this year much better and more productive.


  7. @ Tim,

    Your link for the 65% discount is just a general link to that page – not your book specifically – like how you do your affiliate links.

    How do we then find your book on this page without leaving and using the “search” function (and missing out on the 65% discount)?

    Unless I am a retard – might be a recurring question you can answer in your post.



  8. Been thinking about getting this course since I wasn’t able to get out of work to watch it live.

    You’re probably gonna get bombarded with questions like this since it wasn’t clear from the post and I’m guessing a majority or your blog audience already have at least 1 copy of the book…

    I already got 1 hard copy from Amazon the day it released (plus the Kindle version) so my question is if I pick up 2 more hard copies from Amazon, will I qualify for the deal since the 3 books will show on 2 receipts, not just 1?


  9. Tim the wufoo for is a 404 page. Also, can I buy two hardcover books and present the receipt from my release day 4hc purchase? Either way as a broke college student I look forward to this discount.


  10. Just got the lightning deal on the 4-Hour Chef, what a coincidence that I checked this site with 30 seconds before the deal started!
    Can I get a hardcover copy of the new edition of 4-Hour Workweek and 4-Hour Body to complete the trifecta?


  11. Tim, I’ve seen a lot of 4hour body and workweek testimonials but a lot of 4HC testimonials haven’t rolled into the blog yet. I want to chime in and say thank you so much. As someone who grew up on fast food, your book has changed my life. The four chef is an expensive experiment for me so far(all the kitchen tools and ingredients), but I think in my lifetime it will pay off vs money spent eating out.

    I grew up a notoriously picky eater. I never put condiments on anything, I hated all seafood, didn’t trust vegetables, never ate asian food, and never had a less than well-done steak(seriously). Thanks to the 4hour chef, I’ve borrowed and ghetto-rigged my own kitchen tools and have been experiencing flavors I’ve missed out on all my life. My first less than well-done steak was the sexy-time steak(amazing, though I cheaped out on buying the pine pollen). My first asian dish was the bittman Chinese chicken(I’ve since then had the courage to buy chinese and korean food take-out). My first seafood meal was the harissa crabcakes. I’ve done over a dozen scrambled egg combinations, and have started applying the flavorings to plain chicken and beef. I’ve made some of the dishes for my girlfriend and our families and they love them. Screw what the haters say, your work is phenomenal. I also lost 40 pounds on low/slow carb but who hasn’t :P?