Amazon "Lightning Box" Deal — 9am-1pm EST Only (Plus: $299 Course for Free)


I just received confirmation from Amazon that a Lightning Deal tomorrow (1/24) is for The 4-Hour Chef.

This means that the hardcover will be 65% off for 4 hours only, from 9am – 1pm ET. Just click here.

To sweeten the deal — $299 course as bonus

For those interested… If you purchase 3 hardcover copies of The 4-Hour Chef OR The 4-Hour Body, I will give you a $299 video course I filmed with CreativeLIVE… for free.

This is two days of actionable content, filmed in HD with multiple cameras, including in-depth material from:

- Me (key concepts from all three books: The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef)
- Neil Strauss, 6x New York Times bestselling author (on creative process and successful writing)
- Noah Kagan, CEO of AppSumo (testing and creating businesses or “muses”)
- Dave Camarillo, UFC grappling trainer (real-world self-defense training and jiu-jitsu — I get thrown a lot)
- Philippe von Borries, Co-Founder of Refinery29 (start-up funding, founding, and growth strategy)
- Leila Janah, CEO of Samasource (maximizing social good, hacking the non-profit world)
- Mark Bell, world-class powerlifter, top-10 totals of all-time (power training)
- Kelly Starrett, founder of SF CrossFit (crossfit, mobility training, undoing physical damage)
- Rick Torbett, founder of Better Basketball (keys to better shooting, better learning/coaching)
- John Jackson, founder of ArcheryTag (archery, shooting an apple off of my head — really)
…and much more.

Here are two reviews:

“I skipped work to watch this. Completely worth it so far. The session with Neil [Strauss] and Tim riffing about writing is gold-dust. The fact that there’s several more hours of great content is just brilliant. I’ve got about 30 pages of notes that I wrote as I was watching…”

“Thank you so much for hosting this event. It was amazing to learn in such an informal environment from people who are the best in their field and are completely approachable. The passion, know how and encouragement this course provided me with is invaluable and has inspired me to push myself further. Thank you!”

Here’s What To Do…

If interested, just do the following no later than 5pm PST this Friday, 1/25/13:

1) Buy 3 hardcover copies of The 4-Hour Body (40%+ off) OR The 4-Hour Chef (65% or 40% off).

Two Notes:
- For 3 books, this means you’ll have to buy one copy at 65% off and two copies at 40% off.
- First, if you’ve already bought a copy of one of the books, you can just buy two (2) new copies. Simply attach both screenshots. That said, I’d really appreciate you buying three copies if you can, and you must buy at least two new copies.

2) Fill out this form.

The course will be delivered to you within the next 10 days via e-mail! This 3-book offer applies to international readers as well, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to get the 65% discount.

Rock on. Next post, we’re back to our usual content…

Posted on: January 23, 2013.

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203 comments on “Amazon "Lightning Box" Deal — 9am-1pm EST Only (Plus: $299 Course for Free)

  1. Tim, I caught your Google+ interview for make. You mentioned “going video” with teaching and whatnot. I have something for you that you should look at. PLEASE NOTE! The links below are NOT affiliate links of any kind and I have nothing to do with either of the software packages. Just sharing an idea and the tools that I think would be perfect for you. What you can do is set up a WordPress blog. Add to it the Wishlist membership plugin and the FlyPlugins Courseware plugin and what it would allow you to do is create a site that allows free and/or paid memberships to the site that gives you complete ability to create hosted and structured video courses for members. Could be your courses. Could also be guest courses. A very, very powerful combo and would allow many of your fans to check in and subscribe to anything you or anyone else is teaching in a structured manner via video. I hope this is of interest to you. Links to the software below….


  2. Alright, just submitted the form. My situation is a little different. Fiance bought the 1st copy of 4HC for me for Christmas on her Amazon Acct. Just bought the additional two today as gifts from my Amazon Acct since I have Prime. Same billing address and last 4 on the card. Just a different name. Fingers crossed. (4HB century club)


  3. Bought 4 HR Body and 4 HR Chef hardcover and sent screenshot of that receipt with one that showed I have all of Tim’s books in my kindle library. I assume that’s good. Didn’t have a problem uploading on the form.


  4. Sent a screenshot of receipt for one each 4 Hr Body and Chef with one that showed my Kindle library that has all of Tim’s books in it. Assume that good enough. Didn’t have a problem with the form.

    Got my Xmas shopping done early this year. But, hope she isn’t insulted by my giving her a how to cook for absolute beginners type book.


  5. Well I miss-read the blog this morning and set a reminder for Friday morning. Ah well, the creative course is worth it, bought three copies anyway. Just finished my steak and waiting for sexy time. Actually was able to purchase three books, cook the steak and mustard greens all at the same time. Looking forward to sharing the book with friends and family.

    Thanks Tim for all you do.


  6. Hi Tim,

    I admire your entrepreneurial spirit . I’m a graduate looking to get started in the medical device industry.

    Do you have any experience in this field concerning start-ups? From watching your random episodes with Kevin Rose, you mentioned getting a sales job after relentlessly pursuing a data storage company. I’d appreciate any advice you can offer on snagging that first job.



  7. Just purchased the 4HB a few days ago from B&N. I already have the 4HWW (both editions). I could’ve waited to purchase the last two books if I’ve known about this deal. Will still get the 4HC. I enjoyed reading your books Tim.


  8. This may be covered in this thread already however I didn’t see it on a quick search so quick question. Can I purchase one copy of each the 4-Hour Chef and the 4-Hour Body? We have a copy of four hour chef already but will happily get another. Thanks.


  9. I’m on Tim’s email list but I got the email about this deal just 45 minutes ago (10 hours after the deal ended). The blog post says it was posted yesterday (Jan 23) at 10:21pm but I received the email Jan 24 at 9:17pm – I can forward you the email so you can see the timestamp. Hopefully this didn’t happen to many people on your list.

    I assume I can no longer access the bonus course even if I buy 3 books at regular price?


  10. Got Tim’s Blog e-mail about the Lightning Box Deal delivered 9 hours after the fact. Already have the 4H books in Audio/Kindle, but would have been willing to hook up some friends with the hardbacks to get the course at those prices, oh, well. Y’all enjoy!


  11. Hi Tim, Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and have submitted two seperate submissions as Amazon allowed only one copy to be bought at one time. Looking forward to the creative live info and more books from you. Your books are like fire walks without the heat and inspiring.

    Culinary Artist Arti


  12. Tim,

    I’m a bit bummed. I received the email about this offer 10 hours ago which was well after the deal had expired. Would have loved to snag a couple of copies of the Chef book. Looks like I’ll be waiting once again.


  13. Bummer! I’m disappointed the email regarding this Lightning Box deal blog posting didn’t arrive in my inbox until 1/24 at 7:11PM AFTER the deal was over. Is there anyway to get faster notifications??? Upside is that I already own all the 4-Hour books and 4-Hour Chef is already on my gift-giving list for so many in 2013!


    • Same here!!


      I didn’t receive this post in my gmail until 7:16pm yesterday (Thursday) and I was already asleep from an early start that morning!! Too bad, I was all over this deal until I noticed it was for the 24th….not today.

      Thanks anyway though, you’re still awesome.


  14. Ahh Tim! So sad right now. I should have read more carefully, but the email notification of your blog update didn’t come in until 10:16pm last night (1/24- after deal was already over!), so when I read “tomorrow” I assumed today, bought the three books a moment ago, was confused why I was not seeing or getting the flash deal but bought anyway, rechecked email and realized this all was for yesterday! Any chance you’ll still accept the screen shots for the course even though Im a day off? I’d be forever grateful!! (And any thoughts on why I got the blog update notification a whole day late in email?)

    Many thanks, Tim!


    • Poor reading skills x2! I just realized that I may have missed the super sale (bummer), but that the deadline for the course is, in fact, today. So disregard request to honor it! Thanks and I look forward to my two new reads as nothing has inspired my like the 4 hour workweek and I’ve no doubt the others will as well.


  15. Awesome deal! Already had ordered 4 hour chef, but picked up two more copies which should make great gifts for some people. Looking forward to the video. Thanks Tim!


  16. Hi Tim – so I just bought the 4HC and 4HB on – took a screenshot and took a screenshot of me with my Kindle versio of the 4HB – I hoooppppeee this qualifies as I filled out the form and sent it in!! If it helps, I didn’t get the lightning deal by far and Cdn prices are a bit higher ;)

    Thx much!


  17. Hi Tim,
    Awesome offer, Unfortunately the email came in from your auto responder arrived 24 hours too late. :-(
    Not sure if that was just my bad luck or whether you had a technical glitch, (timezones?) Just thought you ought to know.
    Best regards,


  18. Hope I’m remaining in Fonz mode but : I remember reading somewhere about saving incredible amounts of time by designating limited days/hours eeo read email! Incredible idea and life changer (4) Just missed this awesome deal because I didn’t view my email for 2 days. Sorta sucks bro.? Rock on regardless,
    Ritchie Cunningham’s older brother Chuck


  19. Just got my three copies of the 4 Hour Chef today. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL BOOK! I’ve been recommending it to a lot of fellow educators. Looking forward to the Creative Live course.


  20. wish I could attach a picture. Also osso buko was just as promised very easy & compliments and compliments all around. I’ve never seen a cookbook that had the breakdown of a shotgun. This is way more than a cookbook or a course. my taste buds are already being awakened and appreciating and enjoying all food much more. can’t wait for lesson 3 and the video courses. I’m a very satisfied customer.


  21. Hi Tim

    Thanks very much for making this offer. I had already bought a copy of 4HC here in the UK (hardback wasn’t an option, but the price of the paperback over here is more than the price of a hardback in the US), so I bought two more hardbacks and had them sent to my dad and his wife. It’s now been 10 days since the offer and I haven’t yet received the bonuses – any word on when they’ll be sent out?



  22. I ordered the books and sent the screenshot in ten days ago and still have not received the creative live package. Please advise. Thanks, Joe


  23. I submitted the proof of purchase 12 days ago now. Since you don’t give confirmation it’s confusing as to whether we’re still waiting to receive the link to creativeLive or something went wrong. Can you please let me know if I need to submit my proof again or if the links are coming? Thanks! Vanessa


  24. Bought three of these via the lightning deal (3x hardcovers, to complement my kindle version, haha), submitted the form and screenshots 10+ days ago. Eagerly awaiting the video course… Thanks :)


  25. Just got mine too, via email;
    20 videos
    9 hours course ;-)
    16 pdf.
    Already watched D1 intro and “startup tips” with Philippe… Waaooh…
    Heavy materials and fun way of teaching.
    All that should be part of first grade’s program.
    Many thanks for this exceptional gift ;-)


  26. Hello, I still have not gotten the video course email as of yet, I did get one from your asst.
    Donna Stapleton
    Executive Assistant to Timothy Ferriss

    But no video’s what do I need to do now?


  27. Hi! I did the deal on the 3 books and submitted my proof, but still have not received anything about the course offer… I see from comments above that many people got theirs several weeks ago… Who can I talk to about this?


      • Hi Nick, what did the email look like so I can search my email? I have not received since I submitted the form back in January.


      • It came from createLIVE (courses (at) NOT from Tim Ferriss. The subject line was “A Free Gift From Tim Ferriss: “The 4-Hour Life” CreativeLIVE Course”. Hope that helps.


  28. Tim, congratulations on your latest award!!! I submitted my “Lighting Deal” info, maybe 6 weeks ago and haven’t received the training email. If I did, I accidently deleted it from my “junk email”. If it could please be resent, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thank you for all you do in opening our minds!


  29. HI I still did not get the course. I bought these books back on Jan 24 and sent the receipt thru wufoo but never got the link. Please Advise. Thanks


  30. Hello! Love the Tim Ferries approach, and bought the new books, still waiting on the training sessions. Perhaps they were emailed, but they went into my junk email and I’ve accidently deleted. If you would please email the training session info, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you!