Random Show, Episode 20 – Dog Aerobics, Start-ups, Meditation, Comic Books, and New Year's Resolutions


(Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.)

In this long overdue episode, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from start-ups and new projects to meditation and funny business. Thanks to Glenn for the videography. This is actually Episode 19, but Kevin wanted it to be 20, so there you have it.

One wish-list item: If any of you are involved in comic books or animation, I’d love to shadow a true master or even intern/work at A) a comic publisher alongside pencilers, or B) at an animation studio at some point in 2013. I have some wild ideas I’d like to explore later, and I’m happy to be a gopher (i.e. “Go fer coffee”) for a while. Please leave a comment or feel free to email my assistant (see contact page on this blog).

Also, I forgot to mention one very cool start-up I’m involved with (Duolingo) that just got outstanding news:
Learning Spanish With Duolingo Can Be More Effective Than College Classes Or Rosetta Stone (Study)

A sample of show notes

Cold water and effects on performance/recovery
Kevin moves to Android
Using start-ups to reinvent education
Clever getclever.com
Growth in Enterprise software – Yammer as example
CES – “quantified-self” devices
Powder Mountain – Summit Series
Tumbleweed Tiny House Co tumbleweedhouses.com/
Creative Live creativelive.com/
Dr Weil – Spontaneous Happiness
Chalkboard Paint
Tera’s Whey protein (alternative: Bluebonnet whey from NZ grass-fed cows)
Tim on meditation and drawing – Prismacolor Col-Erase light blue pencils (20044)
Nassim Taleb – Antifragile
Tiny Hats

For previous episodes of The Random Show, click here.

Posted on: January 17, 2013.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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127 comments on “Random Show, Episode 20 – Dog Aerobics, Start-ups, Meditation, Comic Books, and New Year's Resolutions

  1. Hey Tim,

    Love your blog- keep up the great work. I recently did some work for Disney Animation (Paperman, Wreck-It Ralph). I would be happy to put you in touch with some of the world class animators I met.

    My contact info is on my website.




  2. Awesome! I actually just finished watching the last Random show (episode 5986) about 20 minutes ago and was thinking “When is the next one coming out?” Nice job on the quick response guys!


  3. Glad this came out a lot quicker than the other ones! Always enjoy watching the Random Show as it gives me motivation work harder on my projects in the hope I might even get a mention on this show. Only part way through and awesome as always guys!


  4. Alot of topics briefly covered with some good insight on all of them… started getting a little giggly towards the end of the bottle of wine…


  5. Yes, TinyHouses! I’ve been wondering if you could build one in your backyard and then use AirBnB to rent your real house, and just move into the TinyHouse anytime someone wanted the real house.


  6. Tim, one of your fantasies is to go to QVC and see how they track things? Dude I love you, but that is awkward. LOL. One of my fantasies is to do mushrooms with Mickey Mouse, while Mila Kunis, who is in her underwear, is serving us ice cream, and we dont have to wait in line for any of the rides at Disney land. And we are brainstorming the next hit movie we are gonna make.. Micky and I. Thats a fantasy. Seeing how they track things at QVC? However, thats why you make more money than I do.


  7. Oh jesus. Kevin’s still having Rambo nights? Those are fucking dangerous! He and Prager almost killed me on one of those waaaaaaaay back in the day. It took me 2 hours to walk home in the rain and I lived 2 blocks away… Serious warning people, if Kevin Rose ever says come over and watch Rambo, RUN!


  8. Dagnammit! Due to a cursory scan of the title, I read ‘aerobics’ as ‘aerobatics’ and got all excited about some new flying adventure you’d been on. It made a bit more sense when I noticed the word ‘dog’ though. Not to say ‘dog aerobatics’ wouldn’t be awesome, maybe a little harder than ‘dog aerobics’ to pull off though…

    In any case, have you guys looked into hemp protein at all? I did some reading up on non-dairy protein supplements after I was diagnosed with an allergy to lactose, and hemp seemed to have a pretty complete amino acid profile. I couldn’t find any hemp products I really liked though, so my wife and I started a brand called VitaNutria to supply organic hemp and other supplements. Now we use these products ourselves – we love them.

    Give us a shout if you want us to send some for you to try.

    Great show, both of you, as always. Thanks for putting something out there to inspire and motivate us.


  9. Tim,

    After watching this, I got to thinking about Shark Tank and their investments into start ups. Some of these companies just get TAKEN. 30, 40 and even 60 percent of their companies for a minimal investment? Do you think it’s worth it to the start up for the trade in the sharks experience? What are your thoughts as a tech investor yourself…


  10. Tim,
    Comic book, character design, if you would like to sit with a master,
    I’m sure Stephan Silver would be happy to host, he’s a lead character designer
    (Kim Possible, Danny Phantom while at Disney Animation) he’s also worked with Kevin Smith (Clerks , Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob) as his character designer, and has five self published books , 3 apple IOS apps, and has been invited to teach a major art schools throughout Europe. I think you too would get along famously
    please review Stephen Silver and Silvertoons.com if your interested in having a meeting with him. .