Random Show, Episode 20 – Dog Aerobics, Start-ups, Meditation, Comic Books, and New Year's Resolutions


(Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.)

In this long overdue episode, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from start-ups and new projects to meditation and funny business. Thanks to Glenn for the videography. This is actually Episode 19, but Kevin wanted it to be 20, so there you have it.

One wish-list item: If any of you are involved in comic books or animation, I’d love to shadow a true master or even intern/work at A) a comic publisher alongside pencilers, or B) at an animation studio at some point in 2013. I have some wild ideas I’d like to explore later, and I’m happy to be a gopher (i.e. “Go fer coffee”) for a while. Please leave a comment or feel free to email my assistant (see contact page on this blog).

Also, I forgot to mention one very cool start-up I’m involved with (Duolingo) that just got outstanding news:
Learning Spanish With Duolingo Can Be More Effective Than College Classes Or Rosetta Stone (Study)

A sample of show notes

Cold water and effects on performance/recovery
Kevin moves to Android
Using start-ups to reinvent education
Clever getclever.com
Growth in Enterprise software – Yammer as example
CES – “quantified-self” devices
Powder Mountain – Summit Series
Tumbleweed Tiny House Co tumbleweedhouses.com/
Creative Live creativelive.com/
Dr Weil – Spontaneous Happiness
Chalkboard Paint
Tera’s Whey protein (alternative: Bluebonnet whey from NZ grass-fed cows)
Tim on meditation and drawing – Prismacolor Col-Erase light blue pencils (20044)
Nassim Taleb – Antifragile
Tiny Hats

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Posted on: January 17, 2013.

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127 comments on “Random Show, Episode 20 – Dog Aerobics, Start-ups, Meditation, Comic Books, and New Year's Resolutions

  1. To Kevin,

    hooray for Madison, Wisconsin, my alma mater and home of Tera’s Whey.

    But I can do you better than Tera’s Whey: Whey Natural! USA

    I recently switched from Mercola’s Miracle Whey when I realized that milk from “pastured cows” is not the same as milk from grass-fed cows. Also, I was disappointed to see that the Miracle Whey had maltodextrine (sugar) in it—not what I want from my whey.

    Here’s what what makes Whey Natural so cool: grass-fed, raw, raw cacoa for flavor, stevia for sweetness. That’s it.

    More cool: $.08 per gram of protein; Tera’s: $.12 per gram of protein, 50% more expensive.

    My 5 pound tub of Whey Natural arrives today—I am excited.


  2. Hi Tim,

    I realize this is a tad late but we would love to have you come into the Marvel office anytime you’re in NY. All of the writers and artist are out of house but we can definitely put you in touch with some of the guys who may be interested.

    Let me know if you’re interested.

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. Tim, you must try a brush instead of a pencil… if you already have illustrator skills you could become an even better painter/artist. I am a painter and rely on the different brush forms,strokes and paint thickness to compensate for my poor illustrator skills. You are limiting yourself with the tip of a pencil… go out, grab a canvas, paint and a variety of paint brushes and have at it.



  4. I really like your work and ideas Tim, but I can’t even watch this. Kevin Rose is a sellout and fake who just plugs Google products for an extra dollar. You should quit hanging out with him, it hurts your image.


  5. Private because we wanted to be able to reintroduce carbohydrates
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    metabolism. If you are looking for the perfect diet when in reality all I
    needed to do was to count calories to lose this weight.
    When dieting on a budget recipes starts to get old, stale,
    boring find a new way to mix it up. The thing is most people end
    up losing weight whenever you are doing a lot to sabotage your health.


  6. Definetly, finally, the Powerful Express is definitely one in my personal favorite unceasing post on that webpage. Conserving money it to watch out the application right off the bat tonight breakfast. Regards An adolescent and additionally Kevin!


  7. It’s so unlike you to not have a follow-up regarding your comic illustration pursuits. I, for one, thought it would be a fascinating journey to see you go on. So, it’s been six months where are you at on this? What have you learned? What tools do you use? Did you find anyone to mentor you in the comics industry?

    I’ll admit it is hard to keep on top of creative endeavors. If you’d find it helpful I’d be happy to be a pacemaker for you. I’ve just started a web comic called “Riot District” (www.riotdistrict.com) that I TRY to update every week. It’s a dark and surreal story in the same vein as the comics you’ve mentioned such as Sandman.


  8. Hi Tim,

    “If any of you are involved in comic books or animation…”

    I spent a large part of my life doodling anywhere/everywhere. Although merely a hobby, I feel I’ve developed a good instinct for art/design and have even done miscellaneous jobs for fun. In my studies, I have discovered that there are VERY powerful techniques in art/design that even “non-artists” can quickly learn… not so obvious techniques which could easily fall into the 80/20 rule.

    I’ve noticed in the miscellanous doodles of yours that you have an instinct for art. I am curious… is there a possible “4 Hour Artist” in the works?!?



  9. HOLY )$&%*^!!!
    I have read your stuff. Tonight I have watched 2 of these Random shows…and you are just like me!
    I just bought my property in Oregon. I am building a small cottage, off grid, completely to get away from it all. I started off by doing a Tumbleweed weekend where they show you how to build the houses. I decided I wanted a little more space, so I am making a 1000 sq ft. house for my self sufficient off grid place…completely debt free, organic edible landscaping, and all off grid.

    You think like I do…I’m guessing you want the freedoms Utah and Idaho offer with gun rights, etc.

    We have Gotta do lunch!