The 4-Hour Chef Launch — Marketing/PR Summary of Week One


What a whirlwind of a week!

For those of you interested in how I sequence launches, or how punishing the last 7 days have been, or what’s required if you want a shot at #1 New York Times or BookScan, below is a very partial list of media coverage and partnerships. They are in rough chronological order. If I missed anyone, please let me know in the comments!

I’ve done more here than in my last two book launches combined, and reader results (Twitter examples here) have made it all worth it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many bookstores are now stocking The 4-Hour Chef, which sat at Amazon #2 for most of this week (Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a juggernaut, but Ina Garten is my real competition).  According to my readers on Facebook, stocking stores now include Tattered Cover, Copperfields, Powell’s, Elliot Bay, Vroman’s, Prairie Lights, Changing Hands, Boulder Bookstore, and even some Books Inc. (my local fave).  Barnes & Noble continues to boycott nationwide, but indies are picking it up, which makes me very happy, of course.  It’s exactly where I want a 600+-page full-color book!

Last but not least, sincere thanks to everyone who’s left Amazon reviews!

If you have read the book (or are reading), pretty please take 30 seconds to leave a short review — it would really mean the world to me.  Just click here.  I have read every review and commented on many of them.  At the very least, if you take a look here, there are some great conspiracy theories in the 1-star reviews.  Many folks don’t seem to grasp the idea of ADVANCED copies of books, which all authors send out, often in the hundreds. Doing the same doesn’t make me a Scooby-Doo villain or clever mastermind, alas.

Now, to an incomplete list of media from the past 168 hours or so, excluding national advertising…

Offline/traditional names

USA Today‘4-Hour’ author Timothy Ferriss returns as a chef
The New York Times – Fête Accompli | 4-Hour Feasting
The Wall Street Journal – ‘4-Hour’ Man Masters Food, The Good Life
Bon Appetit – A Bird in the Pan: Testing “The 4-Hour Chef”
Outside MagazineFrom Modern to Mallman (one of three online, also a print piece)
Wired Magazine – “Better, Faster, Smarter” (Tim Ferriss tests smart drugs) — not yet online but in Dec print.
CBS This Morning (Charlie Rose, Gayle King)Timothy Ferriss talks food, life lessons
WNYC – The 4-Hour Chef: Lengthy Book Offers Short Cut to Kitchen Excellence
Fox & Friends‘Recipe’ for Success
The New York PostRequired Reading
Dr. Oz (almost an hour total on TV, plus online)Health-boosting Secrets From The 4-Hour Chef Tim Ferriss
Dr. OzTim Ferriss’ Plan to Master Cooking in 4 Hours, Pt 1
Dr. OzTim Ferriss’ Plan to Master Cooking in 4 Hours, Pt 2
Dr. OzTim Ferriss’ Vitamin-Rich Recipes


BitTorrent (160 million+ users — more coming on this)
Panera Bread (1,500+ locations)
TaskRabbit (1,000s of hours saved)
Rally (1,000+ books sold)
Samovar Tea Lounges (SF) (1000s of people relaxed!) –  Signed copies at every location!

Blogs/online press

PaidContentFerriss: Even if I sell a million Kindle books, some people will call it a failure
PaleoHacksIf you could become world-class in anything in 2013, what would it be?
BoingBoingTim Ferriss’s new book about learning
The Huffington PostNew Timothy Ferriss Book, ‘4-Hour Chef’, Has A Great Trailer (VIDEO)
Small Business TrendsRetailers Fight Amazon with Ferriss Boycott
Seeking AlphaAmazon Is Crushing It
Digital JournalReview: ‘The 4-Hour Chef’ is more than just a cookbook
TechCrunchWith Amazon Publishing Stonewalled By Retailers, Tim Ferriss Taps BitTorrent To Market His New Book (and more press here)
The Huffington Post“4-Hour Chef” Tim Ferriss Reveals Secrets of Meta-Learning and Living the Good Life
Ramit Sethi – Live webcast w/ Tim Ferriss this Wednesday, 9PM EST
Danny RoddyMy Interview With Bad Ass Mother Fucker Tim Ferriss
LivestrongMake Better Meals In Less Time
TubeFilterWith Help Of YouTube, Tim Ferriss Makes Book Trailers Go Viral
MetroThe art of learning
Goins WriterHow to Become World-class at Anything: An Interview with Tim Ferriss
Entrepreneurs-JourneyTim Ferriss Talks About His Latest Book “The 4-Hour Chef”, How To Learn Anything In Half The Time And Why He Went To Sniper School
99UTim Ferriss: On The Creative Process And Getting Your Work Noticed
The Art of ManlinessHow to Make the Best Beef Jerky in the World
Cooking for EngineersCrunchy Bloody Mary
InsideHookCulinary Design
Man Vs. DebtRapidly Learn Any Skill (Including Cooking): An Interview with Tim Ferriss about “The 4-Hour Chef”
GreatistThe 4-Hour Chef: Tim Ferriss’ Crazy, Brilliant Cookbook
Personal Branding BlogPersonal Branding Interview: Tim Ferriss on The 4-Hour Chef
5 Minutes for MomAn Interview with Tim Ferriss- Author of The 4-Hour Chef
SlashfilmAuthor Tim Ferriss Lists His Favorite Cooking TV Shows and Movies
AskMenTim Ferriss On The 4-Hour Chef
AppSumoThe 4-Hour Chef launches and we got exclusives for you
ForbesWhat Cooking Can Teach You About Learning
Chronicles of StrengthHow to Learn Anything: Pat Flynn Interviews Tim Ferriss on The 4-Hour Chef
RunkeeperWe’re giving away 20 copies of Tim Ferriss’s new book!
LifehackerI’m Tim Ferriss, and This Is How I Work
Shira Lazar: What’s TrendingHow to Complete All Your Facebook Tasks in Just 4 Hours: A Tim Ferriss Presentation
GothamistAfter Thanksgiving, Go On A Manhattan Food Marathon
Refinery29How To Get Into Every Resto In Town, A Primer By Tim Ferriss
The GrindstoneTim Ferriss Will Teach You How To Cook In 4 Hours And Conquer The World
Food BabeThe 4-Hour Chef – The Coolest Cookbook I’ve Ever Read
KrisKrisThe 4-Hour Chef – Interview With Bestselling Author Tim Ferriss
Wellness MamaHow to Cook Like A Pro and Learn Anything
BoingBoingTimothy Ferriss: Cheat Sheets for Everything
Cracked8 Cheap Ways to Fake Being a Pro Chef
The Huffington PostThe Anti-Hunter’s First Hunt (Exclusive Excerpt)
Gear PatrolInterview: Tim Ferriss on Steak, Kitchen Tools and the Return of the Polymath
AskMen – The 4-Hour Chef: Exclusive Look: Tim Ferriss’ New Book
Wall Street Cheat SheetTim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Chef Controversy Displays the Future of Publishing
SmartPassiveIncome – Tim Ferriss on Promotion from Scratch, Accelerated Learning, Experiments Gone Wrong, Publishing and More
Social Triggers
The simple path to becoming a highly-paid expert (new podcast with Tim Ferriss)
AllFacebookHumor: How To Complete All Of Your Daily Facebook Tasks In Just Four Hours
Business InsiderThe 4-Step Process For Mastering Any Skill
LifehackerUse Tim Ferriss’ Four-Step Process to Master New Skills
Cook Taste EatPork Loin with Walnut Purée, Poached Carrots and Bacon Frisée Salad
Evernote BlogHow Tim Ferriss Used Evernote to Write His New Book, The 4-Hour Chef
Yelp! BlogTim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Chef,” talks Yelp, favorite San Francisco restaurants and eating brains


Andrew Zimmern: Go Fork Yourself PodcastGo Fork Yourself: Tim Ferriss & The Four-Hour Chef
creativeLIVEThe 4-Hour™ Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
The Joe Rogan ExperienceJRE #285 – Tim Ferriss, Brian Redban
The Robb Wolf PodcastEpisode 159
Firepole Marketing – 4-Hour Book Launch Advice from Tim Ferriss
Shira Lazar: What’s Trending“4-Hour Chef” Tim Ferriss Reveals Secrets Of Meta-Learning And Living The Good Life
Samovar TeaSamovar Tea Talks with Tim Ferriss
MixergyTim’s Rapid Learning Method And The Four-Hour Chef – with Tim Ferriss
The Art of Charm: Pickup PodcastEpisode #178: Tim Ferriss, (
The New Man PodcastTNM 125: Tim Ferriss – How to Be Kickass Fast
SiteVisibilityTim Ferriss – Podcast Episode #189
SourceFedGreatest Day Ever: a Guide
SimplePickupHow To Make a Sexy Steak with Tim Ferriss
Sources of InsightTim Ferriss Interview on The 4-Hour Chef
The Rise to the TopTim Ferriss on How to Become World Class in Anything in 6 Months or Less
Radio-TV Interview ReportSteve Harrison Interviews Bestselling Author Tim Ferriss About Book Writing, Promotion and Ways to Learn Any Skill Faster
Alex DayUnrealistic Goals and Tim Ferriss
New Media RockstarsAuthor & Internet Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss Talks to NMR About His New Book The 4-Hour Chef and More! [Interview]
Zen HabitsHow to Learn Anything
Big ThinkTim Ferriss: Cooking to Learn Like a Pro (in 4 Hours)
Wall Street Cheat SheetTim Ferris: The 4-Hour Chef Controversy Displays the Future of Publishing
Six Pixels of SeparationSPOS #333 – Learn To Do Anything With Tim Ferriss


Here are some goodies from weeks 2-3:


Zagat – Tim Ferriss Wants You To Spend Less Time Cooking, More Time Eating
NPR — Brian Lehrer Show – Four Hours to Learn Anything
PaidContent – Amazon Publishing takes on Europe; Kirshbaum to head U.S. unit in reorg
Dean Dwyer – Deconstructing Tim Ferriss
Fluent in 3 Months – Tim Ferriss, interview on language learning
USA Today – Book Buzz: Give the gift of books this holiday season
Food Republic – Timothy Ferriss Thinks You Can Channel Your Inner-Batali, Without Even Trying
Smart Passive Income – Tim Ferriss on Promotion from Scratch, Accelerated Learning, Experiments Gone Wrong, Publishing and More
Riverfront Times – Panera Bread Debuts Hidden Menu Crafted by 4-Hour Chef Tim Ferriss — But Not in St. Louis
ReadWriteWeb – Is BitTorrent The Future Of Book Publishing? Tim Ferriss Is Banking On It
AppNewserTim Ferriss BitTorrent Bundle Downloaded 211,000 Times
The Next Web – Thanks to BitTorrent, The 4-Hour Chef goes from being boycotted by Barnes and Noble to a bestseller
The New York Times – BitTorrent’s Plan for 2013? Go Legit
Business Insider – 85,000 BitTorrent Users Visited Tim Ferriss’ Amazon Page in 7 Days
BitTorrent Blog – The 4-Hour Bestseller (Thank You)
Financial Times – Amazon expands print publishing to Europe
Business Insider14 Tips For Learning Any Skill Incredibly Fast
BoingBoing – Gweek 077: Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Chef
Wall Street Journal – An Author Cooks Up a Tiff with Bookstores
San Francisco Chronicle – Tim Ferriss: Sustenance in balanced life
The New York Times – What We’re Reading
BlogcastFMHow to Become World Class in 6 Months with Tim Ferriss
Business Insider – Here’s What’s Wrong With The ‘10,000 Hour Rule’

Posted on: November 24, 2012.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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128 comments on “The 4-Hour Chef Launch — Marketing/PR Summary of Week One

  1. Hey Tim,

    You forgot about Chapters in Canada. Although was not selling your books, the retail stores actually had some copies about a week before the November 20th deadline. After browsing through it in store, I ordered a copy. Very well written and love the color photos!


      • Hey Tim, talking about German, I got a bunch of mails from and promoting your products. Great work there. *HOWEVER*, what stinks is that lists the English original version with a shipping estimate of “3 to 6 weeks”. If I order books from with the slowest shipping option I’ll have them sooner (and they’re cheaper, in spite of the shipping), which is ridiculous. If I go for faster shipping I’ll have them in a week.

        I wouldn’t have expected it to be any different with another book, but 4 Hour Chef is published by AMAZON PUBLISHING and you’re also a best selling author. So that’s a little disappointing.


      • Hey Martin,

        I preordered it (10-14days) and got it exactly on the release date. Don’t know if it was because of the preorder, but maybe only the 3-6 weeks delivery time is wrong.

        I would try and order it. Or just buy it from and boost Tim’s US-sales ;)


      • Hi, i cant find nothing on the internet about the german The 4 Hour Chef release. Do you have a date already ? I bought the english one, but its kinda hard to read a book like this with my english skills.


    • Hi there,
      i wonder if there might be a glimpse of a german translation on the horizon. I asked and they didn’t knew nothing about a forthcoming release.
      But someone on this planet has to know whether there is somebody translating this want-have-book to german, any?
      Thanks and regards

      @Tim: great work, very inspiring, thank you!


  2. Wow! Great list. I’ll have to parse through all of these. I can tell by seeing the link-color that I’ve already read some of them.

    Thanks for feeding us updates. Hungry for Hack.


  3. Holy cow! This is incredible Tim, I thought I’d seen most of the PR you’d been pumping out, but apparently I hadn’t even scratched the surface.

    It’s a great snippet into how you produce such powerful launches, thanks heaps for the insight!

    P.S. I can’t wait for my copy of 4 Hour Chef to arrive here in Australia


  4. You missed Appsumo’s promotion with some bonus content!

    Sweet-ass book by the way. I’m transcribing your QnA from yesterday as we speak – will send it to Amy when it’s done

    Hope you hit the bestsellers list dude



  5. Wow, seriously. You are a promotion beast. I’ve paid a little attention to our exposure and work. It’s tireless. Definitely not 4 hour weeks, or days, or hours lately :)


  6. Tim can you please shed some light on what the deal is with us in the UK getting a hardcover version of ‘The 4-Hour Chef’ because currently it’s a only a paperback that’s available. So many people have asked about it and no-one knows yet.


  7. Tim, loved ur announcement on joe rogan’s podcast. Kind of had a idea that you could use to promote your book and other books that come out of amazon and also smaller publishers could do this.
    The idea is ‘ One Shelf One Book’
    So here’s what my thoughts about this are
    Any small business owner can put up a book shelf and essentially put up copies of just the one book on that shelf in a prominent place and then aggressively sell it
    Now why, would they do that. Well several things ..
    Getting a idea of what book-selling is all about and experience the process without putting much in
    Selling titles that would not be found at major retailers and hence a unique item for sale
    Combining offers from the business with the book sale to entice customers to buy the book but also to give them a reason to come back
    Be part of a trend to beat big business and taste different new business without actually investing a lot.
    Lemme know what you think and please use it if you can.

    Peace and all good things..


  8. Wow – that’s certainly a lot of promotion! I’ve got the book on my Christmas list, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Looks really great, hope I find enough time to read and digest all of the content. I wonder if it will spawn any 4 hour chef local meet-ups of workshops.

    Hope we get the chance to meet in London in January, let us know the dates as soon as possible.

    By the way, I’m a freelance events organiser here in London, and I’d be more than happy to help you pull something together, if you would like. Email Richard (at)

    All the best,


  9. I like how the list of sites seems to cover this release from different angles, thus keeping it unique/interesting/fresh.

    I want to be world class at marketing products ;)

    You are a huge inspiration Tim. Keep up the good work!


  10. You have crushed it! Your PR has been amazing; I thought that you were going hard when I saw the NYT and WSJ cover you. That was just the tip of the iceberg. My hat is off to you. I think you have permanently disrupted publishing forever.


  11. Well done Tim, you’ve nailed it again. Your hustle, lateral thinking and disregard for authority have really rubbed off on me since 2009 when I started following this blog and reading your books.

    In closing:
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    Let’s change the fucking world people.


  12. Tim –
    you’re such a media whore. :) and you’re damn good at it. congrats!

    do you have a process for reaching out to the media? if so, can you elaborate or send a link to an article you have written? which ever is easier!

    also, it would be great to connect with you on linkedin

    if a linkedin connection outside of your network is against your networking principles, no worries.


  13. Wow Tim,

    I have just started reading your book on kindle. Thanks so much for keeping kindle edition at $4.99. Hope it will sell in loads.

    Great to see your campaign. Inspired.

    Warmest regards


  14. Tim, I have left a review of the 4 Hr Chef on Amazon’s UK site – here is a preview of the text – listen my thanks to you for your work. Malbec on me in LA after the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

    “Tim Ferris is the one author I am going to name check when I win my first Oscar”

    Whoa!!! Hang on what do you mean “when you win your first Oscar???” – well I am a City of London “Headhunter” at the moment who parked his dream of being a motion film director and forgot where he had parked it. Recently going through a mid-life meltdown I picked up the first two of Tim’s books – 4 Hour Work Week and Body and started to think.. hum…maybe …maybe there is a way out.

    Then this weekend I took delivery of the 4 Hour Chef and I just thought “that is it I am going for it again!!!”. I went into the multi-story dreampark, dusted off my old dreams and drove that baby straight off the ramp.

    The 4 Hour Chef will not only teach you how to create some amazing dishes it will also force you to take a hard look in the mirror and ask the question “Can I be more!”

    Whatever you want to do but think you don’t have the time, energy (fill in excuse) just spend the £14 on this book and have a read. You never know you might yourself be inspired to head off to the multi-story dream park.

    Thanks Tim, the Malbec is on me after the Vanity Fair Oscar Party


    The Quiet King of the Blockbuster Film

    Bharat S