What to Do If Boycotted by 1,000+ Bookstores? Open Your Own Bookstores, Of Course.


So far, The 4-Hour Chef has had some great allies, including Panera (complete with new hidden Slow-Carb Diet menu), BitTorrent (bundle here), and Hastings. In San Francisco, Samovar Tea Lounges in now selling signed copies in all locations!

But I’m most excited about my next partner: you.

What to do if 1,000+ books stores are boycotting you? Create your own bookstores, of course. That’s where The Army of Davids Campaign comes in.

From now until Friday at midnight PST, interested readers can sell The 4-Hour Chef through their own “bookstore” Fan Fundraising pages on Rally.org here.

– I will donate $6 of every book sold (100% of my royalties and then some) to DonorsChoose.org to help high-need public school classrooms.


#1 – Grand Prize for most books sold (500 books minimum): An all-expenses-paid overseas food sabbatical with me and friends. You’ve seen me host trips to India, Africa, and elsewhere. They’re always a blast. Though details are TBD and dates will be mutually agreed, it’s likely we’ll be doing a high-end trip through Tuscany, Italy.

#2 and #3 – Runners-up Prize for second and third most books sold (250 books minimum): An all-expenses-paid full-day trip to SF to see my favorite spots and enjoy mastermind jam sessions with me and a small group of entrepreneurs.

Find full details here, and I hope to travel with you soon! If you need an inspirational video to get you pumped, here’s one of my favorites. Avante!

Posted on: November 21, 2012.

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102 comments on “What to Do If Boycotted by 1,000+ Bookstores? Open Your Own Bookstores, Of Course.

  1. FANTASTIC! You are such a pioneer Tim! I love how you always push societal ideals and never back down to ‘the man’ Thanks for the ongoing inspiration! I know the Four Hour Chef will be a hit! Kat ;)


  2. Wait, what?? I just read up on what the boycott is about, that’s an amazingly bizarre strategy if they’re trying to save their business.

    I also hear dinosaurs are boycotting meteorites. Good luck with that fellas.


    • haha… I’m with you on that one. I felt the same way. Last time I bought in a Barnes and Nobel or boarders I got nothing but disappointed. I think after they got rid of the coffee shops in those places they became a completely worthless experience. Not to mention I’ve never once got any help in any of them… which is pretty much my only reason for buying in a store. I buy everything of Amazon now… and love it :)


  3. Ehi Tim. I’m wondering if N.N.Taleb would say you are a good example of antifragility. It seems you thrive when mishandled.
    Anyway, greetings from Italy and… In bocca al lupo!


  4. Just got a note from amazon that launch day included a discounted price on the e-book. They sent me a $5 refund on my pre-order. Thanks Tim!


  5. Hey Tim, really inspiring stuff! I am here waiting to see your long lasting impact on the publishing industry.

    I just saw the 4 Hours Body on Gwyneth Paltrow´s Goop newsletter! Awesome! This may increase your reach with her reader´s demographics.

    Keep rocking! I will get my copy of your new book shortly. Best, ana


  6. Bah!

    “Open only to legal residents of any one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry.”


  7. Tim you may want to revise the rules. This contest can be gamed incredibly easily. Granted you’ll get a ton of book sales, but they won’t really be genuine book sales. I’ll send Amy a note.


      • Indeed. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the initial post had the 500 and 250 book minimums. Now that those are added arbitrage is much harder.


  8. Dear Tim,

    It’s one of those comments you’ll love or hate. Or be indifferent about :-)

    As it is clearly stated in the rules non-US residents cannot participate.
    What if a non-US resident teamed up with a US resident? There are no rules clearly addressing this issue, so I would think it’s in fact legal.

    I was inspired to come up with this having remembered you de- and rehydrate for sanda matches. It’s nor illegal, if it’s not in the rules, right? :-)


  9. Wow, this is clever advertising, I’m impressed. He will probably donate $6 for each copy sold like he said but then his royalties will accidently go up and he will convenietly forget to tell about it and will earn some $$$ from others selling his book. Because he’s donating to charity, no one can have a problem with this. Nice idea!


    • @P – I am not sure that Tim would be crazy about the royalties anyway. If this sells 5000 books all together and his royalties are let’s say $3 – then it’s $15000 total. That’s not something to write home about (for Tim anyway).

      But he is donating his part of the money so no profit at all – he is looking for exposure here and to get the book to the #1 bestseller list.

      Big picture… Much more important than a few bucks. Rock on Tim!