The 4-Hour Chef – Samples from All Sections (Plus: $5 Amazon Gift Cards)


Thanksgiving 2011–Darya Pino of Summer Tomato, chowing down at my house. Food = Love.

I can’t wait for launch! Less than 48 hours away…

To whet your appetite, here are sample pages from every section of The 4-Hour Chef.  The PDFs are far prettier (and from the book), but the blog posts may load faster:

Front Matter:  (PDFblog post)
Introduction:  (PDFblog post)
Meta-Learning:  (PDFblog post)
The Domestic:  (PDFblog post)
The Wild:  (PDFblog post)
The Scientist:  (PDFblog post)
The Professional:  (PDFblog post)

There is also a soundtrack (yes, a soundtrack) for The 4-Hour Chef. Here are the 29 songs.

Want a $5 Amazon Gift Card?

Good news: if you already bought a print copy of The 4-Hour Chef, you’ll be getting a $5 Amazon Gift Card! This brings the effective cost from $21 down to $16. That’s more than 50% off the $35 cover price!

Until tomorrow (Monday, November 19th) at 11:59 p.m. PST, Amazon is offering a $5 gift card to anyone who orders the hardcover edition of The 4-Hour Chef. Find all the details, fine print, and naked pictures of me here. Just kidding on the naked pics.

What else might Amazon be up to this week? Hmmm… How about full-page ads in People Magazine and bus wraps in NYC? That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Second Printing and Errata

“Errata” is a fancy way of saying corrections in a book or article. The 4-Hour Chef is going into a second printing, and here are a few screw-ups we caught and are fixing:

p. 472: Tanya Harding should be Tonya Harding

p. 500 (2nd to last line): eying should be eyeing

p. 505
Under Technology, (left-hand column, second line from the bottom), the sentence should read “It has a surface that can be lowered to -30ºF.” Currently it reads “45ºF.

p. 573: Correct spelling of Liechtenstein in the shorthand recipes.
p. 606: In the quote attribution at the top of the page, correct the spelling of Rain Man–should be two words.

page 56: 12O+ lbs should be 120+lbs [changing the O to a zero]
page 192: The words “Pickup 13″ have been removed from image
page 220: Re-labeling images for the correct order [the C and D should be swapped]


[in each of the following cases, 455g is listed as the equivalent to 1lb. The should be fixed to 454g]
page 484: 455 g to 454 g (in chart and in text)
page 534: 455 g to 454 g (in chart and in text)
page 538: 455 g to 454 g (in chart and in text)


Tonya Harding AND Rain Man in a cookbook?  Oh, yes.  Not to mention Calvin & Hobbes and Alessandra Ambrosio, too…

Posted on: November 17, 2012.

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71 comments on “The 4-Hour Chef – Samples from All Sections (Plus: $5 Amazon Gift Cards)

  1. HI Tim
    we got the book early on Nov 20th, I had pre-ordered on Dec 25 2011
    I believed we were getting a signed copy as we did 4HB, but to my sadness it was not signed…
    can we get a signed copy.?.. ( pay for it gladly)


  2. Tim, is there somewhere we can submit errors/typos found in the book? Hive mind editing?

    The Osso “Buko” pickup section never mentions when to put in the tomatoes. The tomatoes are included all the way up until actually using them. Are they put in before or after the wine?


    • Hi Christian,

      Thank you for the note, which I’ll pass on. Is this in the Kindle or print edition?

      I’ll also set up a post or page for Errata. That’ll save us all some time!

      All the best,



      • Sorry, I should have specified. it’s the Kindle edition. I just checked my hardcover version and it’s correct. The kindle edition is missing step 3.

        01 Place the carrots in the pot to create a bed for the meat to rest on.
        02 Add the 4 lamb shanks.
        04 Sprinkle in the 3-finger pinch of garlic

        Ferriss, Timothy (2012-11-20). The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life (p. 137). AmazonEncore. Kindle Edition.


      • I feel your energy, your blog is inspirational and inspiring, I’m new to affiliate marketing and blogging, and now reading and commenting on great Blogs with helpful an moving content…. I’m enjoyed my time spent on your page


    • Yep, same problem here with the Kindle edition. Even deleted and re-downloaded it to see if it had been fixed yet. Step 3 is completely missing in the Pickup section. I figured it out tho ;) Osso Buko is in the oven with about 90 mins to go. Can’t wait!