The 4-Hour Chef All-You-Can-Eat Campaign of Goodness



Last week, Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Foolproof: Recipes You Can Trust sold roughly 66,000 books through BookScan. If you walk into Barnes & Noble, you will likely see walls of her books, which her publisher has paid for, just like Coca-Cola pays for the first 50 feet of Walmart placement.

I don’t have an issue with that. This is how publishing has worked for a long time.

But to compete with monolithic forces that are banning my book due to my publisher (Amazon Publishing) — 1,000+ bookstores, including all of Barnes & Noble — I can’t play their game. I have to do things differently. It’s the Red Coats versus the colonies, and I must take attack using different means.

The New York Times bestseller list is highly skewed towards print retail. This makes it a hard target for me, though I’m still gunning for it. No matter, I want to hit #1 on BookScan to send a message to the incumbent world of publishing, to those who want everything to remain in the 1900’s. If The 4-Hour Chef “wins” in any capacity, authors will feel freedom to experiment. If this book “fails” because the old guard makes of an example of me, their message wins: don’t mess with the system that keeps us fat and happy, or we’ll punish you.

Enter The All-You-Can-Eat-Campaign of Goodness. This is a sniper shot directed at the heart of every member of the publishing oligarchy (not all publishers, mind you) who cares more about their parking spot at the country club than their end user: the reader. That pisses me off.

To attempt something different, I’ve recruited a small cadre of companies to make you offers that defy belief. I hope you enjoy them.


WORKAROUND ON U.S. ADDRESSES AND “LIMITED TO U.S. ONLY”: This offer is only available to those with shipping addresses in the United States… but not to fear! There’s a workaround. If you live outside the US, you can use It’s a simple service that allows non-U.S. customers to have goods delivered to a U.S. address; the goods are then forwarded to wherever you live. You actually save 10% on international shipping.

THE DEAL WITH PRINT: For reasons unknown, The New York Times omits any advice/how-to e-books from their E-Book Nonfiction bestseller lists (even Ina Garten!). I don’t know why, and I wish I did. In the meantime, that means that only print copies of The 4-Hour Chef count towards The NYT bestseller list. The good news: as much as I love digital, I optimized the reader experience for print. It’s a beautiful, tactile experience intended to be read in two-page spreads.

Now, onward to the packages…



Buy 1 print book ($21) and get the following:

– One sweet, tasty hardcover that you’ll enjoy again and again for years. Also suitable for self-defense and bicep curls. I will raise a wine glass to you and your family and send good karma your way.


Buy 3 print books ($63) for yourself and X-mas gifts, and you get the following ($130 value and 2-hour live Q&A) — Limited to first 2,000 people:

– Exclusive 2-hour Q&A with me after launch — ask whatever you want. I’ll be drinking wine and in a sharing mood, no doubt. Limited to people who buy 3 or more books.
428-page PDF — The Best of The 4-Hour Workweek Forum (value: $25): The 4HWW Forum was vibrant for years, a repository of great lessons from readers, until it became simply too buggy. It’s now read-only, but I’ve curated the best material and put it all into a 428-page PDF, complete with a Table of Contents.
850-page PDF of full interview transcripts from Mastery by Robert Greene (value: $50). See my post, “The Magic of Apprenticeship — A How-to Guide,” for more on Robert and Mastery and how to gain control over your life. This document contains full interview transcripts that dive into the thought processes of nine living masters, including Paul Graham, Freddie Roach, and Temple Grandin.
3 months of Evernote Premium (value: $15)
3 months free of CLEAR card, (value: $40) which allows you to skip airport security lines (Example: reduced my wait time in SF from 60 minutes to less than 5 minutes).

Interested in this package? Sweet! Just buy 3 *print* books on Amazon and fill out this form:

If you already bought a copy, no problem. Just buy two more copies on Amazon and fill out the same form.


Buy 25 print books ($525) and get the following ($1,008 value) — Limited to first 200 people. Get all of your Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop!

Kindle Fire HD (value: $199) Super awesome. ‘Nuff said.
Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender (value: $149) I’ve used this to make 100s of dishes, many of them in The 4-Hour Chef.
CLEAR card: 2 free years (value: $179 x 2 = $358)
Evernote Premium: 1 free year (value: $45) I use Evernote to gather all of my online and offline research in one place. It’s my external brain.
Athletic Greens: free jug (30-day supply) (value: $97) My all-in-one nutritional insurance.
BioTrust low-carb protein: free jug (value: $49.95) — 4g of net carbs. I get asked all the time which protein powder I use. This is the answer. I have no affiliation or affiliate link.
AMRAP Nutrition, Refuel Bar: one box of Refuel bars (8 count, value: $24) Delish without fat guilt. Win-win.
TaskRabbit: $50 of credit. One of my favorite start-ups of all-time. Addictive like crack.
Havalon Piranta-EDGE knife (value: $36) – The first surgically-sharp knife I’ve ever owned. Less than 3 oz, includes 12 replacement blades.

Interested in this package? DON’T buy it on Amazon. Since there are only 200 spots, buy your package on this page: First come, first served.

FOR THE NEXT FEW PACKAGES, PLEASE NOTE: I do not want books sitting in warehouses or garages. If you order the big packages, I want every book to get to one of your customers, partners, or employees. If you need suggestions for distribution, let my team know, but I don’t want any copies going unread. This is very important to me.


Buy 250 print books ($5,250) and get the following (value: Priceless!! hahaha…) — Limited to first 20 people:

Full-day group retreat in SF with me at an award-winning restaurant and/or hotel (e.g. Central Kitchen) — lunch, 4-hour jam session, dinner, and drinks, maybe more  — Theme: “Caribou and Karaoke”
1 hotel night in SF included
BodyMetrix ultrasound bodyfat tester (value: $495)
Ultimate Driving Experience (value: $500). Ride a Lamborghini or an Audi with lessons from a professional driver around a racing track in one of 14 major cities. Videos/pictures included to cherish for a lifetime.

Interested in this package? Magnanimous! DON’T buy it on Amazon. Since there are only 20 spots, buy your package on this page: First come, first served.


Buy 1,000 print books ($21,000) and get the following (Priceless!!!! That’s FOUR exclamation points!) — Limited to first 6 people:

Awesome all-expenses-paid trip somewhere in the world. You’ve seen me do this in India, Africa, and elsewhere. I don’t half-ass trips. I don’t even three-quarter-ass trips. I full-ass my trips! This will be a life-changing, amazing, all-inclusive trip somewhere in the world. High probability: high-end trip through Tuscany, dates TBD with people who sign up.
CLEAR card: lifetime membership (value: $12,530 [$179/year x 70 years = $12,530]).
WellnessFX Performance assessment: Early access (will not be public until late Q1 2013) to an exclusive version (value: over $700). This package builds off of of Baseline diagnostics to give people a deep look into their cardiovascular, metabolic, nutritional and hormonal health & performance. Here’s what’s included: all lab & phlebotomy fees, data in your own private WFX dashboard, and 50+ biomarkers (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, etc).

Interested in this package? Great! But…DON’T buy it on Amazon. Since there are only 6 spots, fill out this page: First come, first served. This bad boy will be epic.


Buy 4,000 books ($84,000) and get the following ($200,000 value). Limit 1 person:

– I will give two 60-minute keynotes at venues of your choice in the US or Canada, timing and content to be mutually agreed upon.
– Everything in the 1,000-book package above

Interested in this package? Words fail me. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Now… DON’T buy it on Amazon. First, it’s impossible. Second, there is only one slot up for grabs. Fill out this page: Danke sehr!


In closing, let us remember one lesson that Winston Churchill delivered as perhaps the shortest commencement speech of all-time:

“Never, never, never give up.”

Deciding to fight is half the battle.

Posted on: November 15, 2012.

The Tim Ferriss Show is generally the #1 business podcast on iTunes, and it was selected for iTunes' "Best of 2015." Each episode deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. If you want to 10x your productivity, click here.

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192 comments on “The 4-Hour Chef All-You-Can-Eat Campaign of Goodness

  1. Best of luck to you, Tim. I have a feeling that if there is a chance to take down the so called “old guard”, you may very well be the one to do it. I would love to see such a feat. I’ve pre-ordered my copy long in advance. I hope that helps.


  2. Hey Tim!

    Dude! I stayed up tonight waiting for this post! I got the 25 book package! Super excited!

    You were awesome on CreativeLIVE! Thanks so much for doing it! Can I stop by Chases’ studio tomorrow (I know where it is) after the show to say hi (and drop off a bear claw, even though its not cheat day ;)? It’d be great to see you again! It not, I totally understand.

    I wish you all the best!



  3. I don’t know you, Tim, although I’ve known of you for years and have read your books. Your chutzpah is astounding, and the scale of your hard work is amazing to behold. I wish you the very best of luck with 4-Hour Chef, although I know luck has very little to do with anything you do. Cheers!


  4. You’ve inspired me in so many ways. I am going to buy your book and cannot wait to read it and tell everyone about it as I have with 4-Hour Body.


  5. Tim, you always manage to amaze those around you and your followers. Although, once the dust settles on this whole thing, I think the person who will be most amazed is yourself. If anyone has the ability to reach the targets you’ve set, it’s you. You have put in place all the components you’ll need to get this shit done and I have no doubt you’ll accomplish your goals. And never forget you’ll always have the full support of your readership, no matter what.


      • Great – just ordered 3 from

        If you had an option for 5, I probably would have bought that. I’m guessing you wanted to avoid a paradox of choice situation.


      • Tim~ You’re killin it right now. The creative live yesterday was great.
        I couldn’t get enough. I have been struggling with back pain now for over a year. Kelly’s part was great. Mark was amazing, everyone was just awesome to watch. Everything you have been teaching your audience is spot on and there is no fluff. I set a goal last year that I wanted to meet you. We have already spoke on the phone, and I would be honored to attend something where you are speaking live. Will there be any opportunities to see you at any speaking engagements in the South West Region in the near future? Please let me know. Kudo’s to you for building a fan base of more self reliant individuals.


  6. Good luck.

    One avenue you might look at re: warfare, shareholder activism. Unfamiliar with the landscape in that sector but the decision to not carry books when one is a bookstore, especially in the scope of fighting off a competitor that already ate them for lunch like ten years ago with no contest, is dumb. If the Chef hits #1 every fund holding BN and the rest…ought to be made aware they got not one red cent nor even a bump.


  7. Two hour Q&A with best-selling author, Timothy Ferriss for copies of books I WANTED to buy anyway?! Check. I’m so looking forward to picking your brain!


  8. Any chance for an international arrangement on the 25 book option? Promise I’ll give 25 books to 25 Aussies!

    The deal looks great. I’ll kick in for the Fedex!


  9. Tim, the all expenses paid trip sounds amazing but you didn’t put info in there about if you were going or not. (Some) People will think there is value to that😉


  10. Fantastic Tim. How did you come up with these ideas ? Do you have a marketing team or do you decide on your own ?

    You are my n°1 inspiration.


  11. I’m not saying I’m anticipating your book. I’m not saying I refer to the 4 hour Workweek as the Old Testament and or the 4 hour Body as the Gospel of Tim.
    All I’m saying is that I dreamed last night that I missed a day of work to hang out with you and you were successfully convincing me that it was not a problem but an investment.
    Sales pitch during my sleep? Now that’s what I call reaching out to your market.


  12. I bought one! hope that helps… i think you said you have something like 1.2mil readers so if every one of us just buys 1 then i’m pretty sure you’ll smash the NY time best seller list!

    cant wait for the book!


  13. Tim, I’ve already pre-ordered a copy on – do sales on the UK site count towards the NYT list?

    If not, I’m happy to order another copy on I can pay the import tax and wait another week or two to give it to someone for Christmas.


  14. 3 bought

    Shame there’s no signed copies😦
    Was prepped to buy a 10x copy deal but no dice this year

    Good luck with the launch dude! All power to you, hoping you hit the list. xxx


  15. Tim, 4 things for you:

    1) «But to compete with monolithic forces that are banning my book due to my publisher (Amazon Publishing) — 1,000+ bookstores, including all of Barnes & Noble — I can’t play their game. I have to do things differently. It’s the colonies versus the Red Coats, and I must take attack using different means.

    The New York Times bestseller list is highly skewed towards print retail. This makes it a hard target for me, though I’m still gunning for it. No matter, I want to hit #1 BookScan to send a message to the incumbent world of publishing, to those who want everything to remain in the 1900?s.»

    from your post. “Monolithic”, that’s the word!, I agree at 100% with you.
    Question: when Amazon so often sells kindle books at the same price as the paperbacks, what do you feel about it ? Monopolies are so 1900’s, I say.

    2) «I asked Ferriss what he thinks about Barnes & Noble’s no-Amazon-books-in-stores policy — after all, the policy is partially having its intended effect at least in terms of media coverage like the articles I linked to above. “I’m not clear on what they are trying to prevent, or hoping to,” he said. “Do I blame them? No. If I were in their shoes, would I do the same thing? Maybe. I’m much more curious about what Barnes & Noble’s ten- to twenty-year plan is, as opposed to why they’re doing this with Amazon.”»

    Just read it from

    Question: you say you “maybe” would do the same thing if you were in their shoes. Could you clarify ?

    3) I have to admit. In the middle of this mess, I ask myself if this time you found a different background for promoting the book. My point is: you’ve asked your people to help out with pre-ordering quantities of your book before – are you piggy-backing on the issue, finding the one enemy we all must defeat ?

    4) I will pre-order the book right away. Even if I ask questions, I still agree that this industry has to learn a few lessons. Why not give my contribute ?
    In any case, I will pre-order it (as I’ve done in the past) because I like your writing. And having the 4-hour trilogy just feels right to me😉

    Good luck,


      • I hope to have answers for you next week!

        If they really want this book to succeed, they can help it A LOT more than traditional publishers. But… it’s just a question of how much gasoline they will choose to pour on the fire.

        Next week will be exciting indeed🙂




      • Yeah, I remember with the 4HB Amazon limited orders to three at a time and used it as a loss leader . . . what a pain in the ass. I was SO sick of placing those small orders. Nonetheless, I gave 4HB to everyone I knew for Christmas!

        Are you using Amazon Publishing as an experiment (i) to avoid that scenario this time around, and/or (ii) to compare results when Amazon actually has a stake in the game?


  16. Tim,

    I was able to get an early copy at a NYC dinner event this week with some of our mutual friends.

    Simply put, this book is absolutely amazing. Congratulations on creating a completely new kind of book.

    For anyone on the fence, this book is Tim’s best yet, BY FAR. It’s filled with beautiful photography, charts, graphs and photography that not only tell a story, they make the step-by-step learning a breeze and make all 640 pages extremely fun to read. The layout makes you want to try every recipe and experiment (even the crazy ones).

    Tim, thank you for creating this book. I hope our paths cross again soon.



  17. I of course will be buying that book!…but wondering why you choose that format being that you already had a NY Times best sellers with your other two books?

    I am looking for an agent and a publisher myself, took a course to learn how and he, NY Times best seller, Brendon Burchard, stated to go the traditional way and not the self-publishing way.
    ~Tim Town


  18. Bummer… I pre-ordered mine on Amazon, too. 😦 Regardless, I’ve was glued to your CreativeLive session yesterday and will be again today. The one thing that didn’t work for me was the language session (seemed like you were trying to cover too much in too little time), and the last session with Mark Bell got a little long. Otherwise, all awesomeness! Thank you!


  19. Love all your work Tim, the CreativeLive event yesterday was immense and I love the Eric Ries style book promotion (he was the first author I’d seen to do something similar anyway). It’s a shame the 25 and 250 book deals are only available in the US – you have a massive army of followers around the world who are all keen to get in on the action!

    I’m so tempted to submit an application for the 4000 book deal – that looks like an awesome opportunity with an impressiove ROI. I meet the criteria but I’ve never done anything on that scale before so it gives me a sickening case of butterflies – not the cost but the thought of not doing you and your book justice.

    I’m sure someone will grab this with both hands and do something amazing, but if not and you want to explore my approach please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    • I did not think that someone would spend this huge amount of money only for to speak one hour with you, Tim…

      So I agree now – there is no limit you can pass through!

      Why didn´t you make an offer for 10.000 books and a night with you as bonus… Just for to see if someone is so crazy to pay this for you… LOL Sorry but I had to joke a bit😉 Don´t mind please.

      You surely are the most successful internet marketer the world has seen so far… In german we say: “Dreist kommt weiter!”

      Keep on like this – I have bought one copy of your book even though I am a terrible cook – so you are the first man who got me to cook something and this alone means a lot… Grüße aus Hannover, Germany


  20. Any way to get the full list of bookstores banning you?….So I can ban them for life! Absolutely ridiculously. May the good fortune of Borders fall upon Barnes & Noble as well.

    Best of luck Tim!


  21. Tim, if you are pissing off the publishing companies and bookstores enough to get them to treat you differently, you must be doing something right. Keep calm and carry on. You have a loyal fan base.


    • Tim is not directly pissing off bookstores. Amazon is pissing off bookstores. Barnes and Nobles and co have an interest in having all books that Amazon Publishing makes fail.


  22. Just ordered the 25 books package although I live in France, thanks to Hop Shop Go. Awesome service !

    It’s great to help you Tim. We are all together, us the people you helped so much, with you on this.


    • I second. I still bought 3 copies to use as the pinnacle of Xmas gifts, however, I’m an avid kindle usr and was surprised not to see an ebook copy paired with any of the packages… but free stuff is awesome!

      Congrats Tim.

      You are a true inspiration of how a person can shape the life they live and the environment which surrounds them to anything that is truly desired.



  23. Just ordered my 3 copies Tim!

    This “deconstruct to learn anything” mindset is something I’ve always thought possible, but I’ve never been able to connect all the dots to see the big picture…

    It’s like being stuck in the Matrix and then you come offering the red pill.
    Can I have a glass of water, please?

    Thanks for all your incredible work
    Federico (a huge fan since 4HWW)


  24. Hey Tim,

    I’m pretty excited to hear about the industry changes that are being brought to light with this book. It’s going to generate a lot of eyeballs on the issues–Even “negative” press is still press!

    “Have you seen the new book? Banned by 700+ bookstores nationwide!”

    It’s a real shocker, great way to grab attention. Anyways, just picked up my copy from Amazon yesterday🙂



  25. Sweet deals Tim. I’ll be buying The 4-Hour Chef at my local book store here in Ontario, Canada – Chapters/Indigo says that it drops on their shelves on November 20th.

    I hope you get to metaphorically punch B&N in the face when your books top the bestsellers list.


  26. Hey Tim,

    In Nov and Dec 2011 I pre-ordered 10 hard cover books on in order to show early support. Is there a way to just have to purchase another 15 in order to take advantage of the 25 book deal/perks??

    They say good things come in 3…I believe this book will also be a huge success. Good luck!


    • So, I ordered the 25 book deal today through Eventbrite. I cancelled my pre-order on Amazon from Nov & Dec 2011 (Total 10 books). If you (or Amazon) is keeping stats on who followed through on their orders made a year in advance please keep in mind that I (and am sure others) still kept our order commitment, just fulfilled it via a different avenue.

      Thanks for the promo and good luck on the trilogy sitting on the best seller’s list at the same time!!!


  27. So, I bought the CreativeLive event and one book through B& (just thought I’d show support to you through them and show them that the book is in demand even before launch) after watching you yesterday. Would that go toward the 3 if I got 2 more?


  28. Fantastic! I had one copy on pre-order and have just ordered 2 more – from to ship to the UK🙂
    As an independent author who publishes direct on Amazon, I am very keen to see you smash the lists Tim, so you can shake up the industry a bit. It seems pretty short-sighted of B&N to miss out on the print sales of your books just to make a point …
    In the UK, Amazon is now in high street bookstores with the Kindle in Waterstones, and so I would expect the print books to be sold there too.
    Exciting times🙂


  29. I love everything about this. I think I’ve given away 2 dozen copies of 4hb and and 4hww. Just ordered 3 copies of 4hc.

    Keep doing things differently Tim. Rock on.


  30. Just checking concerning HopShopGo?
    Don’t you end up paying import VAT on the goods? In the UK this would be 20% but luckily the import Duty is 0% for books if I understand correctly.


  31. My god I’ve never wanted $25k more than I do right now..

    Great prep and marketing Tim. Pre-ordered on Kindle, can’t wait to read and learn..


  32. I pre-ordered the e-book last year! Had I known about this, I might have held out. Hope it all works out for you. Very tempted to buy a hardcopy now that you said you optimized the reader version for print.


  33. Mmmmm I just pre order through amazon 1 week ago I think… And I`m not eligible since I´m form Chile.
    That´s ok, good CreativeLive show though, you should have your own TVShow, like the manly version of Oprah or something.
    Good work Tim, can´t wait to read the book.



  34. Apparently, Barnes & Noble isn’t just banning this book, but is hiding your other ones from the shelves. I had went into a Barnes & Noble to buy The 4 Hour Body as a gift and couldn’t find it anywhere. I then looked for The 4 Hour Work Week out of curiosity. No dice. Irritated, I just left. Later, it dawned on me to call and ask if they had any copies. Turns out they had them stowed in the back and not on shelves!

    Already pre-ordered my copy of The 4 Hour Chef. Now purchasing another 2. Screw Barnes & Noble.🙂


  35. Just ordered 25 books. Can’t wait to impacted by the content. Looking forward to making a difference for 24 people that work for me.

    I pitched to 4,000 book purchase to a company I’m associated with, has anyone bought 4,000 yet?

    I gotta tell you I have goosebumps from the thought of getting to play with my new blender.🙂


  36. I pre-ordered the book. I’m a university student with no money but I ordered it anyways because you inspire me to not give up on my dreams.

    Also, please do more random shows! Definitely one of my favorite shows on the internet.


  37. Hi Tim,

    Your going to win this battle, no doubt about it, stoked to see you’re doing this.

    I pre-ordered my copy back in January as soon as it was available on Amazon. Just bought 2 more copies and sent in my receipts.

    Keep up the good work!




  38. I’ve got your back Tim! I already pre-ordered the Kindle version, but I just ordered 3 print books (good gift ideas🙂 Looking forward to more of your awesomeness!

    Cheers and good luck fighting the good fight!


  39. Just ordered 25 books. What a deal!

    I live up in Vancouver, Canada and will have everything shipped to Blaine, Washington. The Four Hour Body has changed my life for the better and lives of the people I recommended it too. I’ll have no problem finding good homes for these books. The postive life altering will continue!

    Tim, please come up to Vancouver and speak sometime soon. I’d be in for the grande package you have offered but that is outside my comfort level (for now…)

    and please keep sticking it to the big guys!


  40. WHOOOOOA! Amazing. Congrats Tim. I’m sure you’ll pull it off! Promoting this to my social network. Love your books!


  41. Love the idea, Tim. Was going to create a Kickstarter Project to raise funds for this with any ‘prizes’ going to charity. I just really like the idea of informing publishers they need to get off their ass and change things a bit (from someone in media). Also was another way that internationals could participate. Any leeway on the end date? Due to processing of funds (both by Kickstarter and Amazon) it’s a week or so until they’re available, if the project works.

    Thanks, and can’t wait to read the new one!


  42. Hi Tim,
    so glad I already ordered your book last year in Nov.
    Really can’t wait to have it in my hands (although a couple days later than you u.s. guys cuz I live (and cook) here in germany ;D).
    Keep rockin’


  43. Hey Tim,

    Thank you very much for what you are doing here. I read the 4 Hour Workweek in high school and it influenced my life ever since. In college now and can tell you you’re an inspiration for students all around…we have a start on living the way life’s meant to be lived…not just following the norms.

    Also, I like seeing you take an offensive stance here against the Machine.




  44. I was going to just wait to buy my copy after the release, but I should’ve known better… I will be purchasing 1 copy (all I can afford currently) before the deadline. You are pure inspiration man. Keep it up!


  45. Just grabbed 25 books – noticed it didn’t mention the 2 hour Q&A after the book launch…

    Can I get in on that with 25 books?

    Honestly that’s what I was so excited about, but I saw all the extras with 25 books so I decided to go that route – then realized no Q&A😦


  46. Can someone explain to me how this is not a multi-level marketing approach to selling your book?

    The story of David slaying Goliath certainly warms my heart. Heck, I might even buy the book for my own library.

    But correct me if I’m wrong:

    First level: TF says buy my book. In fact buy many books. I’ll sweeten the deal and, by the way, purchase slays the publishing industrial complex.
    Second level: I dig TF/4HWW. I just bought 1000. After I go on my trip, use my Clear service, and get my “wellness performance assessment” (ed.: seriously?), what the hell will I do with 999 books? Okay, let me sell them to other people and the purchaser(s) can do what they want.
    Third level: I might not have received any fancy perks with the purchase of 50 books, but I bougth them discounted. Now, what the hell will I do with 49 books? Okay, let me sell them to other people and the purchaser(s) can do what they want.


    Does TF/4HWW’s audience include wholesellers?

    I enjoy TF’s perspective and approach. But, come on, I’m sure Mary Kay also thinks she’s doing the world a favor.


  47. Good Morning from Australia!!
    Love your work Tim! The Four Hour Body changed our lives. Together we lost a combined 50kg!! Two years on and we are still going strong!.Thank you for giving us years of our life back!
    I pre-ordered the The 4 Hour Cook Book as soon as it went on sale but Amazon still hasn’t shipped it yet.😦 Have the U.S. orders already been sent? Its not the end of the world and i know that patience is a virtue but sheesh!
    Are you planning any trips down under soon? If you are, have you thought about coming across to Perth?! Much better wineries on this side!
    All the best on the Publisher war. After all of these…can’t imagine what you are going to do next!
    All the best, and thank you again! My wife and I are forever in your debt!


  48. Tim,
    I pre-ordered your book back in March. I can’t buy 1,000, but I’ve never pre-ordered a book that far in advance before.

    Good Luck!


  49. Hi Tim,
    Like many others here I’m a fan of your work and weltanschauung. And I will be ordering 2, but not 3 of your books. The 3-book deal just wasn’t that attractive to me. After the 4hb premium storm (I bought 3 books) I thought you’d have more up your sleeve for this fight. Still, I’ll be a supporter even though I’m also an anachronistic fan of book store owners. They are, if not the big companies that run them, often truly good literature loving people. That b&m world is indeed crumbling away and while I’m all for a new future for publishing I’m not unsympathetic to their stand against the Amazon juggernaut. Do we really want a world with only one bookseller/publisher? I wish you luck with your fight, but I’m still not convinced an alliance with the “dark star” is the good fight. I would have much preferred to see you self-publish. Less money? Probably. More honor?


  50. Tim, et al: Is there any way to know if someone ordered in time to meet the threshold? I ordered 3 copies; I wish I could purchase more but will add great word of mouth advertising. Best wishes for a huge book launch.


  51. wasn’t clear if buying 3 gives you 2 hours in person … or over the phone/web…so i only bought one (for now?) hard copy … plus one Kindle version … what’s really a trip is that we’re almost done w/ our remodel that’s being trudging along for the last 3.5 years … and the kitchen is the last to get finished … mahalo!


  52. You’ve opened the doors of learning for many of people including me and for that I thank you! Count me in for 3. I’ve gotta feeling they will make great random gifts for friends and family.


  53. Hi Tim,
    Yesterday there was a contest about posting a phrase to win 2 books (I already have them) in creativelive podcast. And the 2 phrases I shared were the winners, but the winner was not me!!! ahahahaah It was funny though, what are the odds of 2 persons in the world listen, pick and share the same interesting phrases in an almost 8 hours show.
    Well good luck on the new book, I´m wating for mine to get to my house.


  54. I’ve got both the hardback and kindle version on pre-order and I’m just chomping at the bit to devour some new information!

    One subject that the Creative Live class didn’t cover that kind of bummed me out was Nootropics and supplements for cognitive function.

    I’ve heard you talk about Vasopressin a lot (probably because it makes for an outrageous anecdote) but what about all the other smart drugs out there?

    Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Vinpocetine, Huperzine, Modafinil, Choline, Acetyl L Carnitine, etc.

    Can’t wait for the new book!
    Thanks for all that you do!


  55. Hi Tim – You’re awesome – have been totally enjoying and inspired by your recent / current videos – thanks for putting yourself out there!!!
    I’m self-published on amazon with another book coming out soon – have wrestled with HOW to do the publication process this time (because last time was underwhelming) – and I do agree the old system is seriously outmoded… will be watching your progress –
    AND capitalize on it – being a banned book is a great way to get people curious and wanting your book – you got my attention!
    Thanks again for being a motivating, motivated, inspiring model – your work is juicing up my life!!! Keep up the great work!


  56. Tim,

    My wife and I have been looking forward to this one! I hope I got the 3 books bought in time this morning. I hope you sell enough to give B & N a great big headache!

    Fair winds,



  57. Saw this too late. Bought a hardcover off the shelf at Chapters/Indigo here in Canada. It’s in a very visible area of the store by the way. I’ve already read deep into the book and loving it. Planning my meta and DSSS for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu learning for January. Heard a podcast of you describing getting traps, neck and shoulder area ready to train with Marcelo Garcia after a 2 year hiatus. I have also been off for 2 years. Any sites or recommendations I can look up for those areas specific to jiu-jitsu?

    Thanks again, book is great!


      • Nope, not kidding. Have seen it in 2 different stores. I’m not aware of any wrong doing on my part. I figured if it was for sale in the store then I am welcome to buy it.


      • Nah dude, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m curious why bookstores are selling them before the official release date though. Seems kinda sketchy


  58. I already bought the print version a year ago. Hoping to see it before 2012 ends. I’d love to help you by buying more, but unless my own book sells better, I can’t afford to buy more than one of yours. Hope everyone else pitches in, however, so you can accomplish your goals.