The 4-Hour Chef Trailer – Book Overview


And the behind-the-scenes 4-Hour Chef video from my friends at Epipheo Studios

Posted on: November 7, 2012.

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102 comments on “The 4-Hour Chef Trailer – Book Overview

  1. Nice work! Love videos like this.

    Only problem is the length. I found my attention drifting. I think it could be sped up somehow.

    Or music. It needs some music.


  2. Hi John,

    Duly noted. I think the point on the music is a good one. If you watch their behind-the-scenes video, imagine it with and without music. Totally different effect. Hmmm… could be a *really* easy audio overlay….

    Thanks for the comment,



    • I love the creativity of video and like John, I found my attention drifting too. Light music in the background will definitely add to the video. It doesn’t have to be on beat with every move so a *really* easy audio overlay will do.

      But after watching the trailer, I can’t wait to get the book now. So it still works, for me at least =)



  3. Awesome Trailer, and literally changed my view. I brought the first two books and actually multiple copies, but I was def going skip this one. I was like I dont need no damn cookbook from tim ferriss. I was like he just milking his 4 hour brand as much he can, but this trailer atleast has me open now. Gonna read the first chapter


  4. Hey Tim!

    Great video. It had a very different feel than a typical trailer. I half expected it to be similar to your 4 Hour Body, but I was quite pleased to see the comical take that you decided. Plus, I really enjoyed how you gave a glimpse of the process that you teach within the book. It really helps set the tone of what I will be reading. Thank you for writing your knowledge onto paper. I enjoy using and teaching many of your methods. I look forward to the day that I have the chance to influence the world with you.



  5. I like it, its different sure. But hey, it gets the point across and it made me giddy for the book, so it fulfills its purpose.

    Then again, i compare it to your last trailer which was just the mother of book trailers, so i guess people are comparing that too…and thinking meh…this lacks a bit steam,…

    im excited for the new book anyways and i guess i lost my bet, that this book is going to be more sucessful than your last two ones combined hahaha

    Beste Grüße,



  6. Great video (and great to watch behind the scenes as well) – I’m looking very much forward to reading the book once available! :-)

    Keeping it on around 90-120 seconds another time would probably be worth a thought as well – but I’d watch it if it were 5 minuters on the other hand too.


  7. Love it. I was already looking forward to this book, but hadn’t thought of any particular skills I wanted to acquire with it. While watching this video, multiple specific ideas came to mind for me.

    It’s amazing how adding sight & sound can amplify a concept like this. Great job.


  8. Awesome trailer, but I think the 4 hour body one was way better. I remember rewatching the 4HB trailer several times, just because it was so cool. This new one also has entertainment value, but I fully agree with John.

    This new trailer would serve really well as a “learn more details”-video, but for the main trailer I’d personally love to see some awesome motivational and inspiring video again.

    Also: I love that you mentioned time as a non-renewable resource. It’s a very important fact to remember. Recently it occurred to me that the only “resource” we have even less of is our body. If something happens to our body we’re screwed, because we don’t get a new one (i.e. better treat your body right …).


  9. I think the video is great, a total antithesis to the 4 Hour Body video. (and the worlds most agile pedophile) Haha… Sorry.

    I’ve just pre-ordered the new book, so the video has done its job!

    I love the two previous books, and i refer back to them for inspiration all the time.

    Good luck with the 4 hour chef! Don’t worry about the Barnes & Noble shennanigans… Its all gonna be great!


  10. Can’t wait to get myself a physical copy to help you accomplish your goal. Been a loyal reader since I came across the first edition of 4HWW at Powell’s books, my local bookstore. It was the gold cover and the hammock…. :) I read like a hundred pages at the store before I bought it. So onto my question: I missed the boat here, but why exactly are bookstores boycotting your new work? I didn’t even know until I read your post. I don’t get it. Questionable material? They’re not getting their cut? Just curious that’s all.