The 4-Hour Everything: How Tim Ferriss Tracks His Life's Data (Interview with Wired's Clive Thompson)


This is a short 20-minute interview from this week’s WIRED “Living By Numbers” Health Conference. It was a great event, and one of my favorite writers, Clive Thompson, interviewed me on how I track my life. Included are questions about the future of self-experimentation.


What would you like to know more about? Please let me know in the comments.


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Posted on: October 18, 2012.

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80 comments on “The 4-Hour Everything: How Tim Ferriss Tracks His Life's Data (Interview with Wired's Clive Thompson)

  1. Bro. Ferriss,

    Here’s what I want to know more about: Investing & Advising.

    next book idea–The 4 Hour Angel.

    I don’t think I’m alone when I say I would love to have access to more interesting people and resources within the ” san fran-20-30 something tech startup” scene.

    could include:

    -a handful of case studies
    -your own experiences
    -biggest pitfalls
    -above all, what you do to 80/20 this area of your life

    you asked,



  2. Wow, just had a sort of unrelated breakthrough in my life planning. Your mention of tracking got me thinking about habits I want to change. I hear you all the time mentioning that what gets tracked gets improved but it didn’t quite sink in until now as to how I should apply it. I have been trying to change a few habits, like keeping from interrupting people and asking more questions of others, but have been having trouble with it. I just realized that I was missing a good way of keeping track of how I was doing. I installed Lift on my phone and am hoping that using it I can track when I succeed (or fail) at making and breaking habits.

    Thanks again Tim for the useful info.


  3. Hi Tim. I’m currently 19 and can’t seem to figure out what truly excites me. My question to you is how do you know what really excites you to the point of making it your career?


  4. Hi Tim,
    Speaking about products, have you considered writing a workbook for FHW? I think a lot people would gain a lot from exercises etc. via workbook. Just a thought. Thanks and always a pleasure.


    • I like the sound of a workbook too – sounds like something one of us should make!

      “Brett Kelly wrote Evernote Essentials, a guide to the free Evernote software. His initial goal was that it would make $10,000 over the course of a year. One year later, it had made more than $100,000. Initial startup costs were essentially zero.” Credit to Chris Guillebeau for this story.

      Personally, I like what Tim said in the video at the end. People tend to buy something other than what actually ends up affecting them. I’m very interested in this, regarding my goal to inspire more people to start, join and support socially beneficial businesses.



  5. Just have to say Tim, thank you for introducing me to Sevendust. I eventually strayed from my 4HWW ideas to apply to medical school. However, Sevendust has become one of my favorite bands to listen to when I am gymming or studying for biochemistry. Love it!


  6. Hi Tim, I like the idea of tracking glucose continuously. I think it’s a great aid not only to test the effects of food on one’s body but also to be more conscious of what’s going on (denial is easier without a tracker). Do you have any recommendations on brands or rather, what to look out for with a sub-cutaneous tracker? Also are there other chemical reactions you track for, apart from glucose production? (I got my 4-hr bodyw a couple of weeks ago but haven’t gone through it yet. ) Love your blog and topics, thanks


  7. Hey Tim, was watching the CreativeLive interview with you and Neil Strauss the other day. – Very cool.

    You guys discussed the future of books, and how you could really incorporate different senses. I attended the TEDx Auckland in October with a presentation on just that:

    I also blogged about the event and have all the videos embedded on the posts on my site if anyone is interested. (click my name to go to my site)


  8. Hi there Tim Subject: ( Topic Suggestion)

    Ive read your First book and am reading the Fat-loss sections of the 4HB.

    I noticed one topic thats extremely important and popular among men as well as the internet…

    And that is..Hair-loss ( That is halting it, mitigating it and regrowing it)

    You’ve hacked so many things.. Thats awesome..The 4HWW and 4HB as well as the a goldmine of wisdom

    Can you please research hairloss the “Ferris way”
    And get some good posts written on it?

    If the Ferris magic delivers in this, the world of men will forever be grateful to you ( Especially me :)

    I realise this topic might not be important for you… But Im thinking since its so important for 100s of millions of people…namely men… That it wud fit the criteria for the Ferris experiment.

    Thanks TIm