The 4-Hour Chef 8-Second Book Trailer — Finals


Wow. The audio submissions for the 8-second book trailer are simply AMAZING. I listened to hundreds of the almost 800 entries. So sorry for the delay in things, but I wanted to hear as many as possible. Thank you all so much for submitting!

Please help me vote for the winner with the below video form (deadline 5pm PT August 10)! To watch the video sync’ed to the music, just play the track and scroll back up to watch the video.

Here are the six finalists I picked. The winner gets $2,000!

Posted on: August 3, 2012.

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70 comments on “The 4-Hour Chef 8-Second Book Trailer — Finals

  1. If you are promoting 4HB again, then secret sauce or any other action type soundtrack would be fine.
    But there, I would expect something much more refined otherwise it’s gonna mislead people in a marketing point of view.
    Using something like 5 Star Tango for ex. let us understand that “there’s more”, and it’s not about 4HB, and it’s refined.

    To me, this video + secret sauce = 4HB again, then I don’t understand the purpose really.
    This video + 5 Tango star = something new…


  2. Animal fits right to the video, every bit of it

    Secret sauce is gay, it’s more appropriate for some long video, not quick intro
    there’s no balance between entrance and exit

    ANIMAL wins


  3. The secret sauce isn’t synchronized right…. Also without the floor cracking sound I can’t feel Tim’s heavy falling.
    Changed my vote to Aggressive HQ!


  4. Just a heads up that if you’re having synchronization issues, it’s most likely a player glitch. So if it happens, try restarting the given track a few times and it should sync up.


  5. I wish I would have known about this contest earlier as I would have come up something for this.

    I cannot wait for Tim’s book! It should be great if it is anything close to his previous 2 works.


  6. Hi, Tim
    The 4HB – great book! I’ve eaten 250g of protein per day for the past 7 days and I’m up to 207 from 199 pounds body weight.
    Question – did I read Geek-to-Freak correctly?…am I really to do just ONE set of each excerise to seven reps? That’s it??
    I’m doing the free-weight routine for my Workout A & B. I feel like I’m gonna hork after my 5/5 cadence, but I also feel like I should be working out longer (at least more sets). One set to 7 reps for the Yates Row and one set to 7 reps for the Overhead (dumbbell in my case) Press sure don’t take long to complete…


  7. All this 4 hour stuff seems like it is spreading the original brand thin. I mean “The 4 hour Work Week” was an amazing pioneering book. It changed lives and gave a whole generation the courage to accept nothing less then their dreams. Now its off to 4 hour workouts and now 4 hour chef cooking

    Why stray so far from the goose that lays the golden egg? How about the 4 hour work week book 2? or something that builds on the first one. That’s what people want!