The 4-Hour Chef: The 8-Second Book Trailer (And Competition)


What happens when you feed wine to a world-class motion designer like Adam Patch? Simultaneously, what happens when you want to avoid the super-long trend in book trailers?

An 8-second book trailer for The 4-Hour Chef, of course.

If you think the above looks familiar, you’re right. It was converted from ridiculous to Avengers-like with post-production movie magic. The original clip was abandoned footage from The 4-Hour Body trailer. It’s embarrassing just watching it!

Think you can create a better soundtrack to the top trailer?

I’m putting $2,000 USD on the table, so show me your best on this AudioDraft page. Check out some of the tracks there, including unstarred. Really fun stuff.

If you want to try AudioDraft yourself for custom audio, use code FERRISS-JUNE to get a $99 discount until the end of June.

Posted on: June 19, 2012.

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74 comments on “The 4-Hour Chef: The 8-Second Book Trailer (And Competition)

    • Yes, yes you did. If that is not awesome, I don’t know what is.
      Tim is not saying too much about the book because he saw that Futurama based meme with “shut up and take my money!”

      Don’t tell me you don’t want to buy his new book already.


  1. Thats more of a branding commercial, doesn’t have much to do with cooking, unless your implying your cooking will make you that hardcore.


  2. cannot download the footage to sync with the audio i am working on… i hit up support at audiodraft but have not heard back yet. how do i get my hands on the mp4?

    i don’t fuck around either…


  3. Totally diggin it: short enough to peak my interest. I was just having a discussion with my roommate last night about how in marketing, less can be more! Throw to much to fast you lose people. It’s a good tactic to arouse interest and allow your audience to ask for more.


  4. Tim, this is the most awesome thing ever.

    Been a massive fan for like 4 years and now I get to totally nerd out on sound design and make you sound like a transformer and look like a total bad ass.

    Bit cheeky but any chance of the winner getting a pre-release, signed copy of the book as well?


  5. Cool clip for sure. However I would suggest maybe adding something like a wok, spoon or some type of “kitchen weapon”

    PS Anyone who has read your stuff before understands the caption text which I think makes all of us smile


  6. It’s certainly edgy and sure to polarize a bit on the fringe, but I think you guys made the right move. This is a welcome counterbalance, as the last few months have, in my opinion, featured a few somewhat fluffy pieces. Hopefully this trailer accomplishes the goal of getting the blogosphere buzzing.

    Love your work and looking forward to the new book. You and Kevin are quite overdue on another episode of Random.. would be very interested to hear about what he’s been up to at Google.