The 4-Hour Chef: The 8-Second Book Trailer (And Competition)


What happens when you feed wine to a world-class motion designer like Adam Patch? Simultaneously, what happens when you want to avoid the super-long trend in book trailers?

An 8-second book trailer for The 4-Hour Chef, of course.

If you think the above looks familiar, you’re right. It was converted from ridiculous to Avengers-like with post-production movie magic. The original clip was abandoned footage from The 4-Hour Body trailer. It’s embarrassing just watching it!

Think you can create a better soundtrack to the top trailer?

I’m putting $2,000 USD on the table, so show me your best on this AudioDraft page. Check out some of the tracks there, including unstarred. Really fun stuff.

If you want to try AudioDraft yourself for custom audio, use code FERRISS-JUNE to get a $99 discount until the end of June.

Posted on: June 19, 2012.

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74 comments on “The 4-Hour Chef: The 8-Second Book Trailer (And Competition)

  1. Tim,
    “4 Hour” has become your trademark title. But How long do you think you can continue to use it? I’m not against using it more, but it just seemed to have run out of the steam. I doubt you would be unsuccessful using something else. So why have you not considered it?


    • As for the trailer, I can’t say it does its job.
      The look you had when you looked up, not that great. (probably why you scrubbed it before)
      More importantly it is awfully pretentious. It tries too hard to make “Tim Ferriss” a cool guy. Most of your readers already think you are a cool guy. The rest will probably won’t like the trailer, because it feels like you are forcibly convincing(manipulating) them that “Tim Ferriss” is cool. Again, not a good thing.
      And how does this relate to the “4 hour chef” book? It’s confusing.


  2. Hi Tim,

    Hope all is well…I was just reaching out and was curious if you are still promoting muses and other online businesses..I have been on OkCupid for a while and have had a lot of success…I just launched an ebook to help men with OkCupid..I will be adding coaching programs also….So far I have started to hustle on Berkeley and Stanford to get face to face with students and have noticed that there is a lot of demand for online dating advice since students are really busy with school and women are complaining that there are too many creepers.haha!…

    P.S. Great post on Derek Sivers….He is amazing….we send emails back and forth and recommend books to each other!!

    I totally respect your comment box so I have added my website link above on the website box…Would really appreciate if you can reply back to this comment or email me on my personal gmail email that is on my website…

    Thanks for considering this note….Looking forward to collaborating and keeping in touch in the long run..

    which samovar location do you head out to by the way? I am addicted to samovar..Go there all the time to get some blogging done…Jesse has done an amazing job with the whole concept!



  3. Love Tim’s stuff, but the F bomb is over-used, and I think unnecessarily offensive… your well loved “catch phrase” actually causes me to lose interest in your book- it’s like comedians who can’t be funny, and then they try too hard and work it in to every line. Go ahead, use it where needed, but I’m actually disappointed in the lack of creativity… but I’ve loved all the other stuff. Just one opinion. Keep up the amazing work- you’ve made a huge impact on my life, and those around me!


  4. Tim…

    I have been a fan of yours since the 4HWW. The road I took after reading the book led me to quit my day job and pursue my career as a composer full time. So I saw your contest and just spent an hour working on my submission. It might have won, it might not. I will never know. The site you have affiliated your contest with does not allow any one that is a member of a “collection” society participate. You do a lot of things great, you really sucked at this. Basically any one who is actually trying to make money from their music is a member of a “Collection” society (ASCAP,BMI, SESAC in the United States), thats how your royalties are paid when your music is used. Music business 101. What is a shame is that Audio Draft seems like a cool idea. This is a pretty b%tch move (keeping Fonzie cool, but even Fonzi would be pissed) by Audiodraft

    I’m still looking forward to your book, but honestly dude this was a huge disappointment. Its just not the right way to deal with composers.

    The contest….. great idea. The fine print with Audiodraft epic FAIL!



  5. I think it does well…its “cool”, and the message I think will be good for those who don’t know anything about you. Enough so that they will want to click to learn more about you and realize “wow, this guy really isn’t fucking around. I want to hear(learn?) what he has to say!”


  6. Love the idea of crowdsourcing your music, but not really a fan of how audiodraft set it up. They say it’s for professional musicians but then you cant submit if you’re part of a performing rights society like BMI or ASCAP. I don’t know ANY pro musician that is not a part of one of those types of societies.

    I can’t submit because of their clause but I didnt find that out until after. Anyways, here’s my take.. enjoy!


  7. Hey Tim,
    Thanks for the opportunity. Whether you pick my design or not, it was a pleasure to make. I linked my Gravatar icon to the youtube page so any interested readers can see it. Looking forward to your new book. :)
    Best wishes,