Announcing "The Influencer 100", Apps, and Start-up News


Tech influencer Kevin Rose giving me love in Okinawa.

This will be short. Several quick and very fun updates:

- The 4-Hour Body® app is now live, as is the stripped-down The Slow-Carb Diet® App. Enjoy, and please provide feedback in the comments! NOTE: iPhone coming up… sign up for the beta here.

- I am working with an incredible new start-up called I’ll be sending out boxes of physical products I love to subscribers every three months (details coming soon). In addition, I’ll be sending my 4x/year packages to the “Influencer 100™” — 100 friends of mine who all create tipping points.

These 100 include top tech “influencers” with audiences of 1-10+ million, star professional athletes, A-list Hollywood actors, “Midas List” venture capitalists, and much more. Nowhere else can you get the captive attention of people like Kevin Rose (tech) and Chase Jarvis (photography/entertainment) at once, just to name two.

Would you like to get your product (physical, not digital) in front of the top tastemakers in the US, these “Influencer 100&#0153″? Just fill out this form and let me know.

Other start-up opportunities:

BranchOut is hiring a Search Architect. Over 25 million users. Big Data. Raised $49 million. Huge opportunity! Email for job candidates to apply: jobs (at) branchout [dot] com

CrowdFlower – Use the code TFMR0512 with our new crowdsourced photo moderation app at and get 5000 images moderated for free. Use the code TFSENTI to get early access to our crowdsourced twitter sentiment app at

Stealth Mobile Commerce Startup – Looking for iOS, Rails, and/or Haskell hackers. Small, highly technical/product oriented team (4 engineers). YC, top-tier VC-backed. Send your Github to missionhackerhouse (at) gmail [dot] com

DailyBurn – For a 30-day free membership exclusive to readers of this blog, visit this page.

Posted on: June 7, 2012.

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77 comments on “Announcing "The Influencer 100", Apps, and Start-up News

  1. Tim,

    Are you still going to be a contributor on I’ve been looking for you on there since you posted this article but have yet to see you as a contributor I can subscribe to. Any update on when you are going to start as a contributor on there would be great so I know when to look out for it. Thanks.