Housecleaning: Be Featured in The 4-Hour Chef, Random Links, and Contest Updates


Hanoi toddler and b-boy, from a trip and I took in 2009. (Photo: Matt Mullenweg)

The next post will be an interview on writing process with the inimitable Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist and Aleph, among many others. His work been translated into 71 languages.

In the meantime, I’d like make a few offers and provide a few updates, as well as a few reading links:

1) Would you like to be in The 4-Hour Chef? I’d love for you to be.

Amazingly, it hit both #1 and #2 (for Kindle version) in cookbooks on Amazon when it was announced, and I think it could be bigger than the last two books. If you’ve had success on The Slow-Carb Diet™, have any before/after pics, and would like to be featured in the book, please click here!

2) Random articles from around the web that readers of this blog might enjoy (or find amusing):

IBM Worker Email-Free for 4 Years: How to Live without Email
– Interview on travel for the BBC – Tim Ferriss: Forms of Identification
– SF Chronicle interview – Tim Ferriss has strong likes: knives, kettlebells
Volkswagen turns off Blackberry email after work hours

3) The winner of the free roundtrip anywhere in the world, a prize from the Christmas Countdown experiment (intermittent fasting, plus training), is Daniel Kislyuk! There were some fantastic self-trackers, but Daniel gave constant status updates and then wrapped up with a summary post. Daniel, please keep an eye on your e-mail for a note from Amy.

4) For the trip to SF for all-day training with Chip Conley, I’ll let Chip deliver the message himself:

Surprise + Joy = Elation. That’s my new Emotional Equation of the day. Wow, I’m elated by the response to my guest blog and how many insightful entries were submitted. Thank you so much for diving into the deep end of the emotional swimming hole with me. It seems like this book is made for these times. The more externally chaotic the world, the more we yearn for some kind of internal logic.

There were 7 entries (of the first 100 submitted, although I did read every single one of the almost 500) that deserved extra recognition. I will give an Honorable Mention to Divya (1/19 at 7:03 am), Eric Sigfried (1/19 at 8:52 am), Marcus (1/19 at 9:18 am), Susan Dupre (1/19 at 10:19 am) and Ryan (1/19 at 10:50 am).

We have a runner-up whose dissection and use of the Anxiety Balance Sheet impressed me, and that’s Ryan Riegner (1/19 at 9:22 am). Ryan, I believe you live in the NYC area and I’ll be there from Feb 19-25 for a book launch party and media tour. I would like to invite you out to a meal with me while I’m in town. This wasn’t planned to be an extra prize, but your response deserves it. And, our winner is Diego Velasquez (1/19 at 7:54 am) who will be flying out to SF to stay at our luxurious Hotel Vitale for a couple of nights and spend a day learning what it means to be a Chief Emotions Officer. For those who’d like to continue to learn more about Emotional Equations, check out our DIY contest on the Emotional Equations Facebook page, as it gives you another shot at a trip to SF and dinner with me.

Thanks once again for the phenomenal efforts and I hope you enjoy the book if you read it!

Posted on: January 29, 2012.

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72 comments on “Housecleaning: Be Featured in The 4-Hour Chef, Random Links, and Contest Updates

  1. Tim, I am down 40+ lbs and 5% body fat in around 2 months with significant before and after pictures and bod pod data. In two more months my results will be even more startling. Are the pictures needed now or can they wait a month or so?



    • You need to be very careful using kettlebells. I stupidly picked one up in December 2010 just after getting 4HB and swung it for 25 reps without getting any training on form.
      That tore my deltoid muscle – not completely – but my recent MRI scan shows a small but significant tear on the edge of the muscle. I haven’t been able to train since and am deciding whether to have an op or rely on physio


  2. Is anyone else having a problem opening up the home page? I get a “skype toolbar crashed” and a “Shockwave flash crashed” before it lets me load the page- and then the (I think) video in upper right just gives a sad face. This is with google chrome as the browser- it opens fine in IE. I just use Chrome on this windows 7 laptop usually, and hate switching browsers just to get the home page.


  3. Tim, I’ve been an avid reader of this blog ever since The Four Hour Work Week, and I love to read and listen to everything you have to say. But I have a question that’s been plaguing me for a couple years now. What if you have absolutely no business ideas? I know I can run a business, market a business, and I have the self discipline to learn from mistakes. But, I don’t have any viable ideas. I want to sell something online, I know that much, but everything I come up with seems over-saturated, especially when there are do everything sites like Amazon and such. How does one get around an obstacle like this?

    I read stories of people with great ideas and I guess I just haven’t had my light bulb turn on yet, is it possible I’m over thinking it which is killing my creativity?


    • Ideas are only 1% of the success process. If you can run a business, market a business and have the disciplined to sustain the ups and downs then don’t worry about the idea. Find a problem you are passionate about and solve it.


    • Hi Anthony,

      I am not Tim, still I would love to share an idea with you, do you have a minute? Ok so let’s start:

      1) Think about it (once or twice), which is your project (basically any is good)
      2) And then just get started.

      The problem seems to be with a smart guy like you that you have the potential but you are flinching!

      Check this out, “If you are not embarrassed by your first launch, you are flinching” (Derek Sievers) Just try it out and become better and more successful on the way.

      Start now! Sincerely, Nikolaus


    • @Anthony

      Very few businesses are started based on ideas. Who had the idea for the first pizza shop? bakery? car manufacturer? email provider? ecommerce store selling ergonomic chairs? etc etc.

      The idea matters very little… the magical idea is one of the big falsehoods that people buy into.

      Just pick anything and go for it. Your path will illuminate itself as you progress


    • Hi Anthony,

      In that case, it might well be worth your while to work for a start-up (assuming your finances allow) as an entrepreneurial small-team member, instead of being the founder who generates the idea.

      There is no shame in that at all, and the person who executes well is often more valuable than the founder him or herself.

      Otherwise, I recommend re-reading the Dan Kennedy book I suggest at the end of 4HWW!




      • Seriously I many do this.
        I have had several ideas myself which had already been executed by others but there are a few UK start up’s that are mimicking the US counter-parts that should do well and I think I should invest in these and lend my skill-set to them. thanks for the tip


      • Thank you Tim, I had no idea start-ups even allow small team members, you wouldn’t happen to know any start-ups looking for cheap help lol? I’ve decided to get my series 65 and 3 licensing and become an investment adviser. It’s the one thing I love and never lose interest in. I’m going to help the small guys, that’s my goal.

        Anyway, cheers from Vegas and if you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Ferriss


  4. Hey Tim,

    First things first, I just picked up 4HWW and it’s a really exciting read, thanks for all the cool ideas.

    The question: If you had your hands on an artist that was set to blow up (doors flying open, industry people working with them for free, groups fighting over them) but they were brand new, what is the first thing you would do to make sure you were maximizing their ability to make money and protecting the interests of the artist?

    I’ve researched performer contracts and looked up talent management associations. I work in entertainment production. I’m going to talk to my boss, a long time music promoter (think big, Jerry Seinfeld, U2, Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire), and my production manager (personal handler/accountant for Mr. Jon Bon Jovi) and ask them the exact same question.

    If you’re interested in the specifics of the talent I can share that (it’s sexy)

    Thanks a million,



    • Hi Aaron,

      A few things come to mind, as it sounds like they have some leverage with popularity among suitors:

      – They should own IP like trademarks, etc., including copyright of their songs (if songs), if possible.
      – They should not sign constraining 6-7-year contracts that lock them into a single relationship (with a label, for instance)
      – If they don’t have good business sense, they will need a manager, but — if finances allow — they should have an accountant watching the manager and limit the manager’s ability to access the artist’s accounts.

      Might sound naive, but those are my initial thoughts at 3:13am :)



  5. Que noticias mas buenas – great news that TFC went #1. I’m sure it’ll do very well and can’t wait to get my copy in September.

    The CEO article deserves the positive recognition indeed – very thought provoking.


  6. I just finished the happy endings and doubling your sperm count chapter in 4 Hour Body. I found it especially interesting because I’m a cell tower climber and work with RF radiation the majority of the time. Out of my own weird fascination, I’ve discovered that every male I’ve ever worked with has no sons. This is only around 25 guys but maybe RF radiation could lower the sperm count, but also determine gender.


  7. Congratulations to the CEO winners! I entered the competition myself, and the cool thing I found out was that writing down the answers and thinking about them was actually very useful and educative in itself. Thanks for that chance, guys!


  8. =) Yo-hoo!
    Tim, I can’t really say enough “thanks”.
    The track that you have suggested is variable enough to be very entertaining, it doesn’t take much time and it’s super-effective meaning that it changes the way I feel. All these things combined led to that now, a month after the end of the competition, I’m still following the protocol. I’ve made a week-long break from fasting, but exercises I just can’t get out of my life anymore =) the kettlebell is indeed my favorite toy =)


  9. I need help fellow 4 hour users.

    I have been looking everywhere for something I saw Tim doing and talking about. I saw a picture of him on a recumbent bike with constricting bands around his arms and legs and he was riding the bike. He was saying something about some experimental stuff being done that he tried with using the bands and I think they had cold water running through them. I am interested in reading more about this. I have seen the picture a ton of times but can’t remember where.

    Can anyone please help me find this?

    Much thanks.


  10. Hey there
    Can’t wait for the ebook!
    My amazing progress was internal therefore not photographable. Let me know if you have a section on success stories like that and I will give you more detail.

    I did have physical changes but I was not after a weight-loss target. I actually gained a bit of weight later but that was muscle weight as my clothes remained loose fitting.

    Have a great day!


  11. I just started the slow carb diet like 2 weeks ago, in 11 days I lost 7 pounds and 9cms, it’s huge for me to achieve those numbers in so little time, and it’s helping me to achieve my 365 day challenge, but at the same time I know it’s too little to be a complete change D:


  12. The slow-carb diet helped me go from 14% body fat to 9% body fat, and now I’m doing the From Geek To Freak experiment for myself to see the crazy results I can get from that! :)

    Tim, awesome material, keep it up!


  13. I’m just starting the long term testosterone regimen and I was wondering how long it roughly takes to start seeing benchmark increases.

    I’m curious because I want to be able to plan my testosterone testing more efficiently.

    Anybody know?


  14. Hey Tim, I’m a college student from FL with an almost $0 budget who started a company that sells an innovative, high performance Ultimate Disc using your framework… and I’m helping others around my community to create a startup just the same!

    My buddies and I spent a couple of hours a week on it, and now we’re starting to get attention around town and at fields all over Florida.

    You can use me as a case study in your new book, but since I didn’t fall into the “S.C.D.” category I didn’t use the form above.

    Here’s the site:


    PS:I know you EXPLICITLY say not to put a url in the text, and I apologize if it looks spammy, but I figured this would give me the best chance of you seeing it.


  15. Hi Tim,

    I’d like to use my win in Xmas challenge to fly over to the US, meet you and present the startup I’m working on. We have not shipped yet, so I don’t want to disclose the idea in public, I’ve sent our one-liner to Amy.



    • And one more thing =)
      Whenever you need someone to test/organize testing of some crazy paradigm, be it body or brain-oriented, I’d be happy to help. As you’ve seen, I’m pretty good in self-tracking and also I have run quite many experiments as a cognitive neuroscientist.
      Will be glad to join your “research team” =)