Foundation: Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss


Kevin Rose and I go deep on a few subjects in this longer-format episode of “Foundation,” on which he’s interviewed many of my favorite entrepreneurs and investors, including Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square) and Chris Sacca (Lowercase Capital), among others.

I had a great time, as should be clear from the wine and laughter. It’s quite different from The Random Show and more of a Larry King-like format… but with more cursing.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

Posted on: December 19, 2011.

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94 comments on “Foundation: Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

  1. I got distracted at work, had to stop reading, mac using firefox won’t restart the vid. Is this posted somewhere there are controls so I can skip the part I already watched?


  2. Tim, I like these videos. Recently I watched some document about body language and communication, and they claimed that only 7 percent of information is communicated by words, the rest is body language and voice tonality, and I believe it is correct(at least partially). By making videos like this, you can present yourself much better. Thanks.

    Saludos from Valencia, Feliz Navidad y mucha suerte con tu nuevo libro.


  3. Hi Tim,

    My husband is a fan of yours. We’re heading to Ethiopia in a year and a half and I was wondering whether you wanted to come.

    If not, how about to the the Tour de France in 2 and a half years? We’re kind of fun to hang out with.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  4. Hi Tim,

    Nice video! I have already read The 4 hour work week and I loved it. This video gives details about your early life. It’s interesting hearing your beginnings.
    Thank you :)

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas for you too!


  5. I was working while I was watching/listening to this yesterday I immediately stopped what I was doing and called my dad. We had a really great hourlong talk. Thanks for the reminder. Best Christmas Present Ever!


    • I’m on this blog all the time, and although I’ve learned so much and my motivation is at an all time high, I can’t think of any really amazing ideas for a business venture. I constantly feel like I’m so close but it’s just not coming to me. Does anyone else have this problem?


      • the problem might be that you are overloading your brain with awesomeness. I know how it sounds. An awesome blog like this one can give you plenty of motivation. But it doesn’t do much for you personal level, because muse creation is your job and yours alone. No one knows your skills, background, interests, strength and weaknesses like you do. So I suggest stepping away from the all the books, success manuals, magazines, articles, videos and blogs, including this one for a short while. Take some time to sort out your ideas and passion without the clutter and you’ll find something that is right for you.
        It could also be that you have many ideas, but not pulling the trigger. Maybe you don’t think your ideas are awesome enough. I’d say try them all in a low risk way. Create videos, sell stuff to friends, cold call someone, design the most wonderfully stupid you can think of and so on. Momentum helps to get your ideas flowing.
        Lastly, note that ideas are pretty much worthless. Millions of people have hundreds of millions of ideas every day but most don’t come to fruition. The profit is in the execution. Many times in the implementation of an idea , not the idea itself, that makes a business successful. So start with your small ideas and make it a habit of executing them. it’s good practice for the day you find your once-in-a-life-time passionate idea.
        God speed.


  6. Tim, greetings from Afghanistan!

    Currently reading your material, while being deployed- as such, first thing noticed was you are wearing military issued clothing. Nice.

    I would like to get in touch with you at some point in the future. Long shot, but looking for mentor-ship for my post-military future.

    Thanks for giving me something to look forward to outside of my current situation.


  7. for those, like me, who have trouble watching the video on this site (I use Google Chrome and the ShockWave keeps crashing :-( ) here is the link to Kevin Rose’ Youtube page where he uploads all his Foundation videos. I happen to have a subscription to his his videos since they’re quite interesting and fun.

    Of course you can watch the vid in full screen on Youtube as well


  8. Just wanted to share a great success story from an ex-coworker of mine with blood sugar problems. I shared a lof from 4HB all the time with everyone at work and convinced him to get a copy just before leaving that job. I left for a 4 month trip to Mexico and now that I am back, I checked in with him and this is the great response I got back.

    “Well there is a lot to share, first a thank you that I don’t have to shoot insulin. That health book you told me about included information about eating Cassia cinnamon to inhibit/lower your blood sugar. My Hba1c kept bouncing between a 9 and a 10 rating for over a year. My doctor said if I couldn’t break the cycle he would have me start injecting insulin into my abdomen. This rating was developed in Europe and is more accurate than mg/dl testing that we use in the U.S. My most recent lab results showed that I hit an average 8 rating, which means I can keep taking the oral medication and avoid the needle. A side effect of taking 3 grams of C. cinnamon a day (1/2 gram per cup of coffee/tea) is that it acts as a blood thinner. Side note: 3 grams is the recommended dosage of Spice in the Dune series LOL! That is good for me because an above average blood sugar count causes your blood to thicken. So it thins out my blood which makes it easier for my heart to pump it throughout my body. This C. cinnamon therapy is still being tested and research. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it is working for me. Some people can’t even eat 1 gram of C. cinnamon because it causes sores or bleeding in their mouth. That’s it for this lunch break.”


  9. Where the links from the Christmas specials?
    There were some good websites, that I can’t find otherwise, like the memorise different language words site, can someone post it back, or leave here a link? can’t find it through google…



  10. Just spent the last 9 months of my life helping nurse my mother back from what was suspected to be 2 mild strokes (or a stroke and a heart attack depending on which doctor you ask) I know what you mean about watching a parent get older. But this last year humbled me and made me realize what’s really important so in all it was a good experience – said in total hindsight of course lol


  11. I don’t usually leave a comment just to say “I liked this”, but I really thought this was excellent. Thanks for your sincere and unfiltered perspective on the challenges we face in work and business…and life.

    Watching my parents age is one of the hardest things for me as well. And the acceleration of perceived time is also pretty scarey. I have been wondering about / searching for some way to slow it down, if that is even practical.

    I feel like continuing to have new experiences and to develop personally is probably the best way to expand time, but it sounds like even with all you have done in recent years, it is still accelerating.


  12. I have been trying to find the right venue to ask a simple question about the 4 Hour Body Diet. I have the book. I like my lattes. I use a Hood product, a fat free low carb milk called Calorie COuntdown. It has 3 carbs per cup as opposed to the usual 12 in regular skim milk. Does the make-up of this milk clone product fit into the plan in may way? It has been my biggest challenge with the plan.


  13. This was great! I’m in Mendoza, Argentina, traveling from California after reading 4 Hour Work Week. The conversation flowed proportionally to the amount of wine you had consumed, as any good conversation does. Cheers, and thanks!


  14. Hey, is there a URL for a version of this video with a scrubber bar so I can fast forward. I just watched like 15 min of this and it froze, and now I have no way to get back there other than to sit through the first 15 min again. It’s good stuff, but common… put the controls back on the video :)


  15. Hey Tim!

    On setting expectations with partners (or anyone with any relationship):

    Read the Partnership Charter by David Gage, an excellant book written by this guy who does this for a living. For me, it was awesome.

    If you’re going to read ONE CHAPTER:
    Read “Getting What You Wish For: The Power of Expectations”

    If you can read two chapters:
    Also read “Is It Fair?”


  16. Tim,
    I always look forward to see a new Random Episode and really appreciate Kevin taking a deeper dive into your life.

    I’ve taken so many things from your books and blogs. (I even downloaded Evernote – finally!).

    One of the thoughts that immediately hit me when you were talking about your study abroad program in Japan. We’ve traveled all over with our young kids and believe that it’s an invaluable education and life experience for them. I have to admit that I hadn’t given much thought to a study abroad program and how it could impact our kids lives forever.

    Your experience of living in Tokyo for a year has made you consciously and unconsciously approach life differently:

    You are not afraid to just pickup and go somewhere,
    Learn a new language,
    I’m sure you feel comfortable talking to anyone,
    Many of your beliefs are based from Asian cultures and philosophies,
    You’ve adopted the physical and mental aspects of martial arts.

    All of these will be with you for life and probably impact all parts of your life.

    It’s now time to re-read the 4hr Workweek for probably the 15th time.

    Thank you, AJ


  17. Hello Tim,

    Think I found the right place to ask these questions. First I wanted to say I am a big fan of 4HB. Two weeks ago started the slow carb diet and working on an exercising plan (kettle bell swings, Myotic Crunches, cat vomit). I already feel much better and down 15.5lbs. I am doing cardio 6 days a week, but feel I want to add more lifting. I am looking at replicating what you did in Geek to Freak.

    My questions are:

    1. Can I have Ezekiel Bread on the slow carb diet?
    2. On the simple supplement regimen you used, do you take those every day or only on the days you workout?
    3. Does cardio (running, Stairmasters, Jacob’s Ladder) count as a workout needing the pre and post supplements?
    4. I am doing PAGG already, should I suspend taking that while I do the regimen in Geek to Freak?

    I know you get a ton of questions and I want to thank you in advance for answering. I am in a 12 week challenge at my gym (national chain) and I would love to plug your book. Just thought I would throw that in as you wade through the thousands of comments and decide which ones to answer :-).


  18. I like the this format. It was nice getting a back story on you Tim. Now you need to flip the table and give Kevin an interview. I am curious about his back story as well.

    Thanks for the up close and personal interview.


  19. Hi Tim,

    In the video, you mentioned 3 books that were helpful to you on becoming a better writter/communicator. One was “simple and direct” I think…(since there are no controls, I could’t rewind).

    What were the titles of these 3 books and who are the authors?



  20. Tim, your approach to work and fitness is refreshing and intriguing, yet simple. Your bringing to light what has gone unsaid or avoided by the establishment. I’m an RN, Case Manager and I can tell you from my experience, a lot of people avoid the inevitable until it’s too late and the damage has been done. I like to think that I set a positive example and at 48 years old I’m fit with a six pack and have time and energy to teach Spin class, train at the gym and ride my mountain bikes. Life is for the living and not a spectator sport. I’m glad you promote getting in the game and not sitting on the bench. I hope to be as successful in business as you someday, Thanks for the inspiration!
    FYI, I broke my leg mountain biking therefore have found the time to read and watch your material


  21. Tim, I love the 4-hour workweek. I opened this book and you was writing about a life-style that I am seeking. I just don’t buy into the traditional work your ass off, and end up broke and broken down. I’m a student of Brendon Burchard.(The Expert Academy) I’m currently creating a brand, a lot of books are coming. I would appreciate if there is any information you can give to me to help me through some of the pitfalls a new author might face. Thanks Tim!


  22. HiTim,

    I had a question regarding Irish gaelic, I believe you mentioned you learned gaelic. Can you tell me why you decided to learned IrIsh gaelic and which dialect and also how did you master it (what were the sources you used…)?