Random Show – Episode 17 – Start-ups, Investing, and Pickled Vegetables


Long overdue, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from investing and Steve Jobs to pickled food and start-up launches. Thanks to Glenn for his usual Jedi videography.

For the Breville contest, just search the Oink app for user “Tim Ferriss” to find my profile.

Two odds and ends:

1) You all ROCK. The last post’s goal has been exceeded, and my $25K match is happening. The goal was $25K, which I’d then match. You have so far helped raise $45K, and that number is growing quickly. INCREDIBLE.

2) To the 100s of readers who have asked when the hell the personal-use BodyMetrix would be ready: it’s finally here. As a thank-you for your patience, I’ve asked the manufacturer for an additional discount. Until Nov. 30, you can get 25% off (which should be around $125) by using the code 4HOURBODY at check out. For those interested, here’s the site. The pro version has been used by everyone from the New York Yankees to AC Milan.

For previous episodes of The Random Show, click here.

Last but not least, The Random Show is now on iTunes! If you simply want audio-only, or if you’d like to watch the episodes on your iPhone or iPad, here you go:

VIDEO: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-random-show-podcast/id417595309
AUDIO: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-random-show-podcast-audio/id417635513

Posted on: November 23, 2011.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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111 comments on “Random Show – Episode 17 – Start-ups, Investing, and Pickled Vegetables

    • hi, Tim – Big fan of your work. I was wondering your thoughts on hair loss. I think it’s a pretty inconsequential subject either way but I figured since you’re so on top of the latest and greatest in so many physiological related stuff, that you might have some good insight, whatever it is.



  1. Hey Tim,

    I completed your Geek to Freak months ago and gained 20 lbs in 30 days…I basically combined some of your stuff with some of my own stuff and smooshed it together into a ‘hybrid’ program if you will. What I’ve noticed is how many questions there have been about how the whole protocol looks in real life. I didn’t email you because let’s be honest you probably don’t check it! ;) …anyways what I was proposing is I am doing a ‘ROUND 2′ with a few extra tweaks and refines to have a go at 30 in 30. Would your blog be interested in doing a ‘geek to freak Case study?’ much like your 4hww case studies on geared to 4hb obviously. I think your readers would appreciate it.

    Let me know what you think. Either way, keep challenging conventional wisdom and pushing the limits!

    Peace brotha,


    • Hi Christian,

      I’m definitely open to talking about it! Please track everything well, and when done, just drop an email to amy@fourhourworkweek.com, indicating I asked you to email her.

      Congrats and look forward to seeing the results! Don’t forget the pictures and measurements, ideally verified by someone else.




  2. Love the fact you demoed the ‘UP’ to Tim, Kevin! Also – I don’t know if the calls from your mom were planned but that was hilarious!



  3. No comments yet! Everyone is still in the middle of the video I guess. This particular installment is longer than usual, which is great! Keep ’em coming, Tim and Kevin!


    • Nothing, I repeat nothing is like the home made stuff. Especially, when you compare the store bought sauerkraut, which I suspect has nothing to do with the real thing.
      Its funny that Kevin and Tim touched on fermented food, because Men’s Health just ran an article on making your own pickled food…good timing!


  4. Hey Tim..I hope you dont hold U.S. Dollars. Inflation will continue to errode the value of the dollar for years to come. The unofficial inflation rate is about 9 %. This means you loose 9% each year. If i were you i would hold currencies were the central bank is more responsible than the fed. (The Swiss Frank maybe eventhough it is at least momentarily tied to the Euro). Gold is also a viable alternative to store your savings, as it maintains purchasing power over long periods of time.


  5. I’m glad Kevin is so thrilled by the Up from Jawbone but it seems to be getting horrible reviews. Was close to getting one myself but may wait for Version 2.0. Reminds me of when Jawbone launched their first headset. I replaced mine three times before giving up on it.

    Tim, as to your “beer allergy”, you sure about this? I started eating Paleo about a year ago and never was a big beer drinker beforehand. Yet, after a while of leaving out grains, rice and so forth, I’ve started reacting horribly to beer. Same as you say….similar effects as to alcohol but it’s my body simply reacting to the other ingredients which I no longer tolerate well.


  6. It must be strange to have a catch up with your friend with a camera pointed at you. Good stuff though. I always like the format of these, it makes you feel like you’re part of the conversation.


  7. Finally! This episode was long overdue….thanks.

    “In a peer group, like attracts like.”

    Always great insight and humor from you guys.

    Seems like a cool app as well, I am going to give it a shot in my town.


  8. Thanks for taking the time to do these shows guys! Sorry Kevin……..your bond recommendation is a bad one. Yes, the US is not going to default any time soon, but there is a more important point to consider. Namely, that bonds are in a bubble. Who knows how long the bubble will go, but when it pops, so will much of your principal…..quickly. At that point, getting some interest off your money will not look so attractive. I’m with Tim……build up lots of cash and invest the rest in aggressive areas that you understand and have some control over. Loved the show!


    • Actually, Kevin’s recommendation to keep your money in short term government bonds is better than keeping it in cash. It’s true that bonds are in the bubble phase of a bull market that started 30 years ago. But unless you keep your cash in physical paper in a safe deposit box, you have it at an account in a bank. However, due to fractional reserve banking, your money isn’t really there. If there is another big financial crisis (highly likely), your bank might go bankrupt and it might take months, if not years to get your money back. Maybe the Fed will start to print money like crazy to “bail out” the FDIC and inflation goes to 50 % year. In this case your short term bonds would be much more liquid than your claims against a bankrupt bank


  9. Another great video Tim, thanks for the content. I’ve just downloaded the Oink app and it looks great…

    Also, just finished my month with the workout regime from the 4 hour body and I put on a stone of muscle, it’s the most I’ve ever been able to put on. Also I increased the weight of each exercise by at least 20% and with some to over 50% in just 4 weeks, all with just 3 hours of training per week!

    4 hour body is an awesome book mate!


  10. Spinning off from your talks about investing in things you use, getting stuff for free (which in the case of you and Kevin comes with the rep), etc; what are your thoughts on the subject of corporate sponsorship and leveraging that towards a goal whether it be money, free shoes, public image etc. “Corporate sponsorship” tends to be a term thrown around a lot these days and I’m wondering what it takes to make a living from it if you’re starting with nothing. Do you need a specific skill (obviously it helps to have one) or can you spin a public image into Levis giving you money and pants even if you’re kind of a “nobody”?

    A basis for this question would be an article I read last year on kids who pay their way through college via sponsorship, just for being around people in the right market for companies willing to dish out the dough.

    A follow up question to this would be about the ethics of these relationships etc.