The Random Show, Episode 16 – Bachelor Party Edition (NSFW)


Uncensored version here.

For previous episodes of The Random Show, click here.

Last but not least, The Random Show is now on iTunes! If you simply want audio-only, or if you’d like to watch the episodes on your iPhone or iPad, here you go:


Posted on: July 13, 2011.

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136 comments on “The Random Show, Episode 16 – Bachelor Party Edition (NSFW)

    • Haha – not just for the guys! If the topless ladies come with the place, sign me up :)

      Interesting stuff on pending tech IPOs, and what a bummer about the Amazon slap in California! I’m guessing we’ll probably see more of that in the future, so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out and what other alternatives pop up if Amazon exits much of the affiliate space.

      Cheers, and enjoy the rest of the party!


    • Love the investment/stock thoughts! I’m also speculating on silver/amazon. Would kill to hear more of you guys’ thoughts on investing in future episodes.


  1. Love the credits ;) Those episodes are great, fun, original and smart. Always waiting for the next one! I’m addicted…^^


  2. Entertaining and informative video as usual guys.
    Especially interesting (to me) is that neither of you don’t own any Google. The hype about Plus aside, it does look like they are becoming Microsoft circa 2000.
    A shame, as the company was once so innovative and interesting.


  3. Hello Tim!

    I wait for the random show the way I used to wait for each episode of Lost. And glad that you brought one out sooner than expected.

    One request though. Would you consider publishing the video on youtube too? Vimeo requires a very high speed internet connection, and it becomes annoying if our speed is not so high. On youtube we can decrease the quality easily and may even watch it in 240p which ensures faster streaming.



  4. Tim – Love your books and your blog posts. I also really usually like Random, but dude–is it necessary to put a naked woman in your video? Were you afraid that the video would be so bad that without her people wouldn’t watch?

    As one of your female fans, I’m offended that you’d of all people would resort to such low-level tactics.


    • Hi Sara! She just walked by, I’m positive nobody “put” her in the video. I was surprised myself, but I had the opposite reaction, I thought “wow, Tim and Kev have gone all Euro. Cool!”. It’s no big deal to be topless on the beach in these parts.


  5. Tim,

    Help- i am right now reading four hour body.

    I am 51 yrs old and just got off the hcg diet a year ago. After 40 days and absolutely no cheating i lost 10 pounds – big deal i was starving on 500 calories a day. This diet did not reset my metabolism at all.

    Now a year later i weigh 160 up from 139. I am on an estrogen pellet and a testosterone pellet and taking natural thyroid meds for a thyroid running a little hypo.

    Monday i start the slow carb but is this estrogen pellet making me fat? I do no exercise because i feel like a snail after the hcg. Plus my cortisol is high.

    I have done saliva testing, dexa scan and complete blood work. Please do some testing on menopausal women i dont want to be an old fat woman. i look like im in my 40’s except for the 40 per cent body fat. It is sooo frustrating.

    I also failed to mention at 47 i trained for a marathon ran two and 1 half and did not lose any weight. I dont drink sodas or eat cookies or bread or potatoes or cake or bagels or donuts or fast food. I feel like giving up


    Please study women


  6. Instead of taking pills with ASTAXANTHIN to protect from sun, you can spray on STEPPIEMD sunscreen which comes in a 1oz travel bottle for around 20bucks. It was invented by a skin cancer surgeon.


  7. I was offended by the black box over the nipple. I find black censorship boxes to be offensive to nipples everywhere. Uncalled for Tim… uncalled for.


    • Yeah I’d be interested to know more about the sunscreen experiment. When I switched from coffee and regular tea to Green Tea I noticed I could tolerate the sun a lot better.

      Great video as always. Interesting about the potential of FB Connect also – for example, the lady had nowhere to put her purse!


  8. Tim clearly fidgets between 00:51-00:54 when the naked lady approaches. The situation worsens around 03:44 :-D I bet he’s also automatically calculating their bodyfat as they walk around. :)

    Kevin is better at keeping his cool in both instances.


  9. Shame on you, drinking tourist beer.

    I don’t believe a pill is going to protect you from the sun. The way your body becomes less “ultraviolet sensitive” is by producing melanin, thus, tanning. Assuming that you could consume a compound that inhibited melanin production, then you would actually burn faster.


  10. Re: Astaxanthin – My dad started taking it a few months back after reading about it on Mercola’s website and this last time I saw him he – no joke – looked younger and more vital than ever. He’s swears by the stuff.

    Just one question for you Tim. I know you’ve been doing wrestling, Judo, BJJ etc your whole life basically and you must be no stranger to extremely hardcore tendinitis. On top of Cissus, fish oil and a paleo diet, are there any supplements and/or protocols that you can recommend? It’s gotten so bad that I had to take a few weeks off from grappling and lifting because the pain wouldn’t let me sleep at night!

    Good Vibes~


    • Vic:

      Retired massage therapist here, there are some things a massage therapist can do to help. They are painful, I will warn you, but effective. Your best bet would be to find a PT that has massage therapy training. Find out who the sports teams use–that’s a good starting place.

      Depending on the state you’re in, the massage therapists may or may not be very good. My state is more medically focused in its training as the State Medical Board oversees testing and issues medical licenses. Other states are…less intense and it shows.

      Don’t be afraid to hop around until you find someone who has the training you need. First question, ‘what is your approach to tendinitis?’ Second ‘what is the outcome of your approach?’

      Hopefully Tim has some better advice as tendinitis is a bitch and hard to beat.



    • This video is probably the best ad for the Four Hour Work Week that you could make. You know everyone slaving away at their 9-5’s is very, very jealous. Interesting point about the tech P/E situation. If you could go back in time and tell people in 2000 that Microsoft, Intel and Cisco would all be selling for about 10x earnings in 2011, their heads would explode.


  11. Tim,

    As usual, the oh so subtle comedic timing and banter is classic. :-)

    And for the record, I am borrowing your Random Show idea for future use when my books hit the big time and I am nearly as famous as you are.

    Keep up the good work!

    Darren Michaels
    Author–Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story