Free $1,000 Travelocity Voucher and $10,000 Spots to Kimono


(Photo: Royce Bair)

Hello lads and lasses. This post is intended as a morsel, a sugar high and respite. Life is serious enough, so this post will require zero calories of brain power.

Not to worry, of course, as we’ll be back to our regular content with the next how-to post.

In the meantime, some goodies: the “Kimono” winners and a $1,000 travel voucher giveaway.


Congratulations, after much tallying and consideration, to the winners of the $10,000 spots to the “Opening the Kimono” event! Please keep an eye on your inbox for follow-up details:

- Sheila McCarthy (votes)
- Jacqueline Biggs (“wild card” views)

First, sincere thanks to all who submitted video case studies, even those who re-submitted old videos and therefore weren’t eligible. Second, HUGE thanks to Dustin “America’s Trainer to the Moms” Maher for making the “wild card” scholarship possible — you rock!

Three honorable mentions for the “wild card” seat are below (out of dozens of great videos), and one includes a pic of me drunk at my London book launch. Oh, Internet, you hurt so good T_T

Two of them highlight post-4-Hour Workweek (now 2,172 reviews!) travel adventures:


Alright, moving on…

I wanted to have some fun and get people traveling. “But I can’t travel… it costs too much!” is a common refrain. Partnering with a new start-up called PunchTab, I wanted to remove this barrier.

Here’s how it will work, as PunchTab explains:

Entering the giveaway is simple and takes only 30 seconds. Register by connecting to the giveaway widget below using Facebook. For each step you complete, you’ll earn a giveaway entry:

1. Like this blog post by clicking on the Facebook Like button (+1 entry).
2. Become a fan of Tim Ferriss on Facebook (+1 entry).
3. Leave a comment telling me where you’ll go and what you’ll do there (+1 entry).
4. Tweet about the giveaway (+1 entry).
5. Unlimited bonus entries by pasting your invite link everywhere you can. For example:

- For every friend who clicks the invite link you Tweeted in step 4, you’ll earn +1 entries.
- For every friend who then joins the giveaway, you’ll earn +5 entries.

Giveaway ends June 30, 2011 at midnight PST. Open to residents of North America.

Enjoy! Attack! Discuss!

Posted on: June 23, 2011.

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699 comments on “Free $1,000 Travelocity Voucher and $10,000 Spots to Kimono

  1. If we win the giveaway we will be using the gift card to go visit my wife’s family in Kenya who we have not seen in over three years. Plane tickets are so expensive and with a new baby (now 1 yr old) we had to devote our funds to other endeavors. This would be great.

    Thanks for the possibility.


  2. If I had the opportunity, I would go to Stockholm, because to me it is a city full of innovation and cutting-edge arts. Being able to see and learn from all of the unique and amazing things in the city would really be inspiring to me.


  3. I will go to Glasgow, Scotland! I would spend 10-14 days there and immerse myself into the culture as a trial run for my multi-month trip to somewhere in Europe next May!


  4. Thought about this hard…I’d probably use the coupon towards a flight to Spain and attempt some of it’s famous rock climbing routes ( the more rudimentary ones!), eat my way through it’s famous cured meats, backpack my way to France, through Switzerland, and then to Italy. Being a girl would never stop me from eating my way through Europe!


  5. I will go to Broome, Western Australia (most AMAZING place), with my husband for our honeymoon, we get married in January, we will drink cocktails on the beach and eat decadently every day!


  6. Thanks for sharing my video, Tim! Hopefully, next year I’ll finally submit a video on time, but I’m more than happy sharing my story with other people!


  7. After reading the four hour body I wanted to see if I could get an answer for a rare condition for my wonderfully selfless mum. She suffers from Morphea scleroderma (an auto Immune condition) but has not found anything that will help her discomfort. Does anyone know someone with this and if there is something that could help her? I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can shine more light on this for us. Thanks alot, Ben


  8. I would love to go to Spain and travel all around the country, after all that is “La Madre Patria” for me ;-) or Brazil for the World Cup…I’m even trying to learn portuguese :-D


  9. I’d get a flight to Mexico and cycle the length of South America with my good lady, ending up gazing at the glaciers in Pattagonia. My trusty Spesh Cyclo-Cross is panniered up and ready, but the route isn’t. Wing it, that’s what I always say. I’m going anyway, but you could help me get there faster… ;)



  10. I would go to South America and travel all over the continent. I especially want to go to Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. I want to learn about organic farming, how to make wine in Argentina, and explore the different cultures and food.


  11. My Fiance works too hard and needs a break. I would take him to Pai in Thailand so he can take a break, eat better, drink Kombucha, ride motorcycles through the hills and REST. Failing that, I would at least take him to Mexico (cheaper shorter flights making better use of vacation time).