The Finals: Scholarship for Opening the Kimono


(Photo: Markal)


Please find below the finalists for the scholarship spot to the $10,000 Opening The Kimono event (all semi-finalist videos here).

There are nine contenders, listed in no particular order. Please watch the videos and vote on your single favorite at the bottom of this post. Two important things to note — achtung!

1) Voting ends next Thursday, June 9, at 11pm PST.

2) Because there were so many outstanding videos, I’m offering a second “wild card” scholarship. That’s right — another $10,000 spot, though you’ll need to cover flights and hotel, just like the other scholarship. Here’s how it works…

– You cannot have a video that qualified for the semi-finals or finals.
– The YouTube video with the most views wins the “wild card” scholarship. The link and view count must be posted in the comments below by the same deadline of next Thursday at 11pm PST. No exceptions, so don’t wait until last minute.
– The video must have at least 2,500 views to be eligible. If no one reaches this number, no additional spot will be given away.

Enjoy the videos and best of luck to all!


Dustin Patrick

Gonzalo Paternoster

Charles Phillips

Rachman Blake

Maneesh Sethi

Benedict Westenra

Sheila McCarthy

Michael-Scott Earle

Clark Weigand



Odds and Ends: More Book Notes on Amazon

If you’re interested, I’ve uploaded my Kindle highlights from several new books, ranging from hedgefund investing to Katie Couric’s new compendium of “the best advice I ever received” stories from notable public figures. Find them and all of my public notes here — be sure to follow me at the top left to see my new notes and highlights as I post them.

Posted on: June 2, 2011.

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191 comments on “The Finals: Scholarship for Opening the Kimono

  1. Michael-Scott Earle great video. I like the fact that you already have a manuscript in hand and seem ready to implement the marketing ideas from Tim Ferris. I hope to see your book on shelves and online some time in the future. Wishing you all the best. All the best to the other contestants as well who put themselves out there, you should be congratulated for taking the leap whether you win or not.


      • Good luck to you Michael-Scott wishing you and your family all the best. I’m looking forward to reading some great published works from you :) Take care


    • After seeing Michael-Scott’s video, and reading the unpublished book he wrote thanks to 4hww’s teachings, it really inspired me to buy the 4hww book. I can’t wait to see what it does for me since it’s done so much for him, his wife and his future. I’m voting for MSE not just because he’s a great guy and he deserves to win but because he will help so many other people with what he learns in this seminar.


  2. Hi Tim,

    If I win I’d like you to auction my ticket and donate the proceeds to Room to Read, if that would be okay. Just so long as I get to name a school in Bangladesh, my girlfriend’s country of origin.

    This way you get full control over attendees again and some kids get some more books.

    Best wishes,


      • Benedict,

        Since you are applying the principles learned in the 4 HWW you may not read this but some will. I agree, you are awesome and after I now order the 4HWW, I’m going to be looking for lessons to utilize our old upright piano that’s been sitting dormant for all these years. Hope it will tune.
        I read the 4 Hour Body and now because of your video, I’ll be ordering the 4HWW to learn to write, play piano, and expand my research of my Northern Irish roots.

        To Your Success,


    • If the kids who go to that school end up half as nice as Benedict, the world will be a better place.

      You sir, deserve more high fives than a blog comment can provide. Seriously, I’m pretty sure people get statues made of them for less. Awesome.

      …*high five!* :D


      • Thanks for the comment, Charles! I would high five you but that’s not very English so I’m just going to awkwardly pretend that you were going for a gentlemanly handshake.

        *awkward gentlemanly handshake*


    • Benedict, I just voted for you, before I saw you comments regarding the auction. I also liked Charles who was very gracious with his comments to you. I agree with him we need more people like you on this earth.
      You see besides my belief that you deserve the prize, the queen came to visit our small island, right next door to you. What an amazing lady, she reminded us that we are neighbours and we should act like we are, so a small part of my vote was in that spirit. Still enjoy beating you guys at rugby. Tim Ferris is the man, I am trying to convert his inspiration into a 4HWW project. Gary


  3. Hey Time, it said on your site the the best way to get in touch with you was to post on here:

    I’m reading 4HWW at the moment and didn’t know at the time but while reading it I’ve realized that I’ve was doing some of the things you suggest before ever picking up your book. Once reading it however it’s helped me to understand how I can improve my lifestyle drastically with the advice and resources you provide. I’ve never been keen on the idea of following routine so I no longer do, now I just live on the road and see the parts of the world I want to.

    I’m 22 years old and I’m from Scotland, last year I bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica once I was done with college and I have been playing small stakes online poker to support any traveling I do. I’ve been doing this for a year now and even though some days I’m almost broke and some days I have money (I have bad spending habits) I’m loving the lifestyle I have and it’s taken me to places I never thought I would reach while also giving me an unshakable amount of confidence.

    I’ve just gotten to the point in 4HWW where you talk about outsourcing to make better use of your time and improve your life so I contacted YMII tonight to see if they can help me put together a work/exercise/saving/training schedule for me while I’m on the road and traveling a lot and if I hadn’t picked up your book I would have never of or thought to have used a company like that to make my life easier. I’m also going to be trying to start a business at some point and I know for a fact I will be using your book as a template of how it should be run and how I want it to be.

    I’d like to keep you up to date on my progress through my journey and your book and how I everything turns out when I begin to apply more of it to my life. It’s an awesome book and I can see how it has changed so many lives for the better.



  4. Tim, this is an amazing opportunity for those on this post. I am curious if I was to post a video over the weekend I would be eligible for the wildcard if I can amass the most views. I also can not recall if there is an age requirement, I’m 19 but have health issues so there is no chance of me drinking.

    I read your book a few years ago while in high school and it completely changed my view on life and entrepreneurship to the extent that a week after I completed my freshman year of college I was sitting in a board room in Manhattan for one of the most important tests in the world as a member of their committee as one of the two student members. While sitting there my iPhone buzzed at lunch, I had just made $75 from an order that was placed on my website that is now approximately 90% automated. I was also able to leave the business at home while I moved from RI to attend Arizona State University and have it grow while I was a full time student 2,900 miles from home.

    With that said, I’m also applying for a fully paid internship in Singapore with a new startup so I have no idea where I’ll be this summer, but the philosophy behind the 4HWW and 4HB have changed my life and my room mate’s life. He went from scrawny geek to absolute freak this year because of your book, he gained more than 20 pounds of muscle and he was only about 140 to begin with!


    • I left out I also took a dance class this semester and learned to dance to the amazement of my friends and am now considering a minor in dance, my family is still scratching their heads at that pivot. Although it was latin dancing, not Tango, yet. I plan to tie that title of yours within a few years.



  5. Very hard choice here as everyone seems that they deserve special kudos for the incredible ideas and follow through in realizing their ideal lifestyle. However, as Ricky Bobby said, “There can be only one.”

    Maneesh has always been my favorite of the video submissions both past and present. I did not pick him based on the fact that he seems to have his life and future pretty well worked out. I can’t wait to hear about the desert island adventure.

    Charles Phillips had the best personal presentment overall. Energy, excitement about life, and a sincere earnestness to DO something fun that he is passionate about.

    In the end I had to vote for Benedict for two reasons: he had the best video presentation as a whole, and this was a video presentation after all. Sound idea concept, nice flow and storytelling for a little clip; just all around enjoyable. Second, of course, is that he is teaching music and seems to have a unique and structured idea on how to move his life forward while being charitable and advancing overall knowledge on the planet, which for me is one of the greatest things a person can do.

    Then the comment above about giving it back for Room To Read? C’mon man! That’s awesome. The more educated this world gets the better our chances are of not wiping ourselves out. So, here’s hoping for that, and here’s hoping you win Benedict. Keep on keeping on.


    • Thanks so much for the considered comment, Wil! Moving my life forward but dragging people kicking and screaming (in a good way) with me is what it’s all about.

      Making the Room to Read decision was tough but I don’t drink and the conference is mostly about wine, right?


  6. ….and go charles! Wow! I love that line “people to feel as uniquely great as I do.” wow, thank you. was really depressed today, and this video helped me feel uniquely hopeful.


    • There was so much I wanted to say in such a short time, and that phrase best summed up my general enthusiasm for life, learning, and giving back.

      Helping others so that they’re in a position to help themselves is one of the best feelings I’ll ever have. I’ve taught everything from juggling to photo composition and from longboarding to ambidextrous pitching. To experience that moment when everything *clicks* for someone…it’s addictive.

      I feel like it’s almost my duty to go out and live life to the fullest, just so I can share it with other people. :D Glad you feel better!


  7. Tim,

    Watched your most recent Random Show and I will actually be out in San Francisco next week from the 11th-18th. I’m an entrepreneur who has launched a successful business in Missouri and placed second in a business plan competition in Illinois. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your books and your website and would definitely enjoy getting a drink with you at Orbit Room or any SF watering hole of your choice. Shoot me an email if your interested in grabbing a drink sometime next week.

    Tom Menendez


  8. Charles and Benedict! You guys are an inspiration to me, especially Charles because you are my age. Makes me be like shit, WTF am I doing. My baby steps need to start turning into Big Foot leaps.

    Both have gone above beyond, by shaping the principles of 4HWW into a lifestyle. Bonus-they killed it with what I believe is the most fundamental principle-sharing what you have learned with other people to improve Their Lives.

    Tim, you are about exponential results via focused effort on the RIGHT actions.

    These guys did just that by revealing compelling stories of their journey creatively. Clearly, they applied Pareto’s principle and the holy shit effect to create vids that demanded the top spots. This isn’t some sweepstakes or reality TV cast video-these men knew that to impress you and the 4HWW community, it had to be epic!

    I wish they could both go. Everyone should vote for them!

    Haha I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Charles was the first name. Primacy effect at its best.


    • I wish we could both go too. Whaddya say, Charles, let’s pull the two-kids-in-a-trenchcoat-trying-to-get-into-an-adult-movie trick?

      Thanks for the comment, Iris. Be sure to let us know what you get up when you start taking Big Foot leaps!


  9. My kids & I are grateful for everyone who voted for us.

    My youngest asked, “If you win do you get to spend 4 Hours with Tim.”
    I asked him why, and he said “Everything Tim does is four hours long.”

    Also here are the outtakes for the video we made:



  10. Big shout out for MIchael-Scott Earl!!. I have known him for about 3 years and have seen a lot of growth. He’s both friendly and focused. He gets the job done with little fuss, and always makes time for people. He would be able to put to great use the things he would learn as the winner of this scholarship. He has already shown he can implement the things he has learned well

    Good luck, Michael-Scott