The Random Show, Episode 14/15 – Bourbon, Photography, iPhone Apps, and Start-ups


Random Episode 15 from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

In this long-overdue episode of Random, Kevin Rose and I discuss everything from start-ups and photography to naming products, iPhone apps, and survivalist training. Fueled by bourbon and pizza — cheat day, of course — we had a blast.

Hope you enjoy! The mentioned links, assorted goodies, and show notes are below.

Last but not least, The Random Show is now on iTunes! If you simply want audio-only, or if you’d like to watch the episodes on your iPhone or iPad, here you go:


Orbit Room Cafe

Milk, Inc.

Daniel Burka


Business Insider – 15 Greatest Tech Pivots

Bessemer’s “anti-portfolio” (mistakenly referred to as Accel’s anti-portfolio)

Control 4 Home Automation

Olympus E-PL2 digital camera

Panasonic LUMIX G 20mm f/1.7 Aspherical Pancake Lens

Christopher Michel – Photography

Matt Mullenweg

Power: Why Some People Have It And Others Don’t, by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, by Walter Isaacson


Domain names – hash tag for kevin on Twitter: #krdomain

IPA (phonetic alphabet) flash cards


PDF pen – app

America: The Story Of US


All previous episodes of The Random Show can be found here.

Posted on: May 15, 2011.

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200 comments on “The Random Show, Episode 14/15 – Bourbon, Photography, iPhone Apps, and Start-ups

  1. Hey guys, glad you finally got round to another one of these!
    Question: What camera/mics/equipment do you use when you film the episodes?



    • Hey Ellie, I used a Canon MarkII 5D, 2 sennheiser wireless lavs, 1 rode shotgun mic, a Tascam 6 track audio recorder and a tripod. and a beer. and a stool to sit on. Also, here’s a post I did a few weeks ago explaining all gear I currently use:

      Hope this helps!


      • Awesome Glenn thanks so much! Currently using a Kodak playsport for HD video, but I’m thinking of getting a Canon 600d and using a Zoom H1 for sound. Not as proff as what your gear is of course but have heard good things about both.



      • Hey guys-
        Regarding your Random Show shooting equipment, I have a question regarding your post editing:

        How/what did you use to produce the twin vignetting used to surround Tim and Kevin? (it’s pretty easy to see it when the camera pans to the girl standing off to the right of cam…)

        Not to pull back the curtain on you TOO much, but your fans might find it useful to know that even a small amount of vignetting can add SO much depth to even the lowest of low-budget video shoots.

        Thanks! You guys rule.


      • @ GORDO – haha. shit, nice spotting on the vignettes. I didn’t have time to properly light Tim & Kevin so Tim was a bit over-exposed while Kevin a bit under. To fix things, I just simply put an oval matte over each of them (in FCP) – brought down the background a decent amount (just with the 3-way color corrector), brought down Tim a little bit and then brought up Kevin some – which then created the double style vignette which also helped them ‘pop’ a bit from the background. Pretty funny that you caught that actually – almost pulled it off without a hitch if it weren’t for the pan I did mid show – dang! Good eye!


  2. Tim-
    Thanks for the randomness. I’d like to see a random episode that is more heavily focused on your travels and what you’ve learned. I notice you’ve done this in the past and it’s helped me in my travels.



  3. Great show. I think it’s cool that the both of you are into doing a bunch of different things, rather than being pigeonholed and categorized. Good luck with Milk, Kevin.

    Cool new Cam Tim. You make good points about capturing experiences man. It’s a big deal.

    Love these shows.


  4. Really curious what Milk is going to create. Goes on my to watch list, but I second the Economist´s thoughts that the tech market is overheating. Raising 1,5m seems reasonable though.


  5. Great episode. What was the name of the notebook Kevin was using? It looked very Molekinne, and I loved the green band.


  6. Really enjoyed this episode!

    Just curious as to what wristband you are wearing? Is it something to do with green/eco?

    Goodluck with the photography.


  7. Tim and Kevin

    Been looking forward to this lastest issue. Thanks again for the interesting sites and tips to look at. Enjoy the entire show
    All the best


  8. Hey Tim, this show was informative and balanced so well done. You mentioned that you would like to learn about photography and if there are any books that are worth reading. Next to the mentioned Understanding exposure you might want to check out ‘The camera’ written by Ansel Adams. It was written for film photography but the information is very useful for digital as well. But the most important part is to just keep shooting. Have fun with the camera.


  9. I love the Random Show! Don’t know why, but I just do. This latest one is no exception. There is something captivating about you two just coasting through a bunch of random content like that. I picked up a few cool ideas and Apps to try out too.

    Keep it up, cause even over in the UK this stuff is still cool!


  10. Pizza: a cheat day standard MUST. Emergency: awesome survivalist guide! Tim, I love the random show, keep em coming! :) PS how can we get you back on TV? Trial by Fire was awesome-


  11. Banksy for the friggin win!

    Great episode (the IPA flashcards are fantastic and I am looking at the lower body accumulation milk stuff ;P ).

    I have a story about sir Banksy that I am trying to get a his signature on. However, the last documentary has made him a bit gun shy.

    Speaking of…

    Tim, Is there a documentary in your future?


    • Hi J,

      Documentary? Man, we’ll see. One filmmaker captured my life from about 2000-2004, but the footage was never edited into a finished product. THAT would be hysterical (and maybe instructive) to watch. Ol’ time Tim, back when I was 100% grinding.



  12. Love these random shows. Tons of great information, just wish you did them more often.

    My newest endeavor I’m diving into is living small (100 square feet) and efficient. Looking into building a Tumbleweed House. Control4 seems like it would be useful for this. I know not to long ago you were giving lots of possessions away as was hoping you had any insight on the subject or a book to recommend.

    Tron and Daft Punk is amazing!
    Exit Through The Gift Show is amazing!

    You guys are always right on point!


  13. That whole bit about start-ups having to pitch one idea and stick with it vs. telling the investors to “invest in the team” was interesting to me. From my perspective, it would make much more sense for the investors to invest in the team rather than the idea. One idea — it feels — and is — so limited. Why would I want to invest in one idea? This is unwise. Really, I am investing in the team to execute this idea. So, why not take a step back and invest in the team!

    More than this, the ability of the time to spontaneously create a new idea in the midst of working on (the other idea), I think, is highly likely. Invariably, in the working-through stage, there will be something that creatively emerges from the wisdom of those working on the project.

    With Love and Gratitude,



  14. Hit up for some great online photography classes, put on by some big time pros. They often stream free classes over the weekend. Penny De Los Santos is teaching this weekend, and they had Zach Arias a couple weeks ago. Zach’s one-light DVD is quite good as well. is kind of the defacto diy lighting/photography site. With a great overview for beginners.

    I would also recommend learning to use lightroom. Even if you just pick up the basics of using the sliders, your stuff will improve quite a bit.

    Best thing to do is just shoot a lot of pictures, in manual, at all times of the day.