The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbooks — Available for 72 Hours


This will be my shortest post to date.

For fun (and karma), I’ve been quietly working to compile two cookbooks with simple and delicious recipes for The Slow-Carb Diet™.

Now, both volumes are done!


The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbook – Volume One
The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbook – Volume Two (includes recipes from Vol. 1)

Thanks to full-color printing through Blurb, the books are gorgeous. Volume 1 contains 50+ recipes and is printed in paperback to make it as affordable as possible. Volume 2 contains more than 80 recipes and is only available in hardcover.

They’re not inexpensive, but 100% of my proceeds are being donated directly to QuestBridge, which helps put the smartest, low-income students in the US into the best colleges. I don’t receive a single penny.

It’s a highly leveraged program, and some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley are advisors. $25,000 covers the cost of financial aid applications for 2,000 low-income high school students!

I hope you love the cookbooks. The goal is to make The Slow-Carb Diet™ more effective and fun for you, all while changing the lives of 1,000s of students. As a test, these books are available for the next 72 hours only, ending Tuesday, March 22, at 6pm PST.

Enormous thanks to all of the contributors, including chefs, foodies, successful readers, and friends like Mark Sisson, Darya Pino, and Jaden Hair.

Rock on.


(For those interested, I plan on posting further updates on the official blog of The Slow-Carb Diet)


P.S. Would you like to have your recipe in the next printing, with full credit and link to the website of your choice? If so, please click here! Also, Learn more about the slow carb diet in my upcoming book.

Posted on: March 19, 2011.

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242 comments on “The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbooks — Available for 72 Hours

  1. I won $550 through a weight loss challenge at work. I lost the majority of the weight following this diet – and I barely did any exercise. I lost 33.6 pounds in 7 weeks! I went from 209.4 to 175.8 pounds.

    I’m still doing the diet because it’s so easy and I’ve got several others doing it now too. Now my goal is to gain muscle, but keep the fat off.

    Thanks for this Tim!


  2. Hey Tim,
    thanks for all the inspiration! I’m trying the slow carb diet, but it never last for more than a few days.

    My biggest problem is this:
    I can’t find any list of slow carb ingredients. It would be great to have some (crowdsourced) site where you can find all “good ingredients” and make a list of them when going to the supermarket.

    What do you think? If there’s some site like that, please, let me know.
    Have a great day!



    • I’ve published a cookbook for (PDF download or spiral-bound book) using all these ingredients but I don’t know how to let Tim’s readers know about it. I don’t know what a spammer is but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be one!

      It seems a lot of folks are looking for recipes. You can find my book if you do an online search for “melodybooks mini carbs”


      • Hey Melody,
        thanks for your suggestion, 5$ for 60 recipes is adequate to me, but maybe that’s the problem why your comment could be found as a … well, self promoting.
        Anyway, thanks, will consider the PDF version.



  3. I was interested in one of your cookbooks. I work at a local High School and I only have time to watch Dr Oz in the summer. I saw the show featuring you and your book and I downloaded it on my nook after being engrossed in it for days I went and bought the hardbaack because I had trouble thumbing back and forth in the pages when I needed to. I am apparently behind the times. I have been doing the slow carb diet for a week and have had no change. I have Hoshimito’s (?) Thyroidits but my hormone levels are under control with medication. I still have to wonder if this is having an effect on the outcome. What is your opinion and are there any adjustments I can make. I have also done 2 sessions of the kettle bell swing and the other exercises featured in the book. I weigh 245 (arghh !) and I am 5’10” (female- don’t let the name fool ya!) Help me if you can!


  4. Can anyone tell me if mayonnaise can be used? I have tried searching for the answer but had no luck. When you look at the ingredients is seems like it would be ok but want to make sure.

    Thanks :)


  5. My husband and I are new to the 4 HB – have been doing it for 2 weeks with the PAGG. I have a few questions.
    1. RE PAGG Does anyone know why it is important to take one day per week off? Take only 6 days not 7. Also – why is it critical to take a week off every 2 months? Just curious.

    2. I see that red wine is ok and anything is ok on cheat day but vodka seems less sugar etc. than red wine – anyone have any info on that? Not mixed with fruit juice etc.

    3. I see that protien bars (and shakes) are ok in the gaining muscle and weight sections but not on the slow carb diet. My husband does brown bag lunches and is eating protien bars. Still losing but I am wondering if they are ok on the diet. I eat one or 1/2 of one when I need a snack sometimes. We use the low / no sugar high protien type like Pure Protien and Think Thin. Any input is appreciated.





  7. Hey Tim, I want to thank for creating this book. It has helped me a lot to finally put an end to my body fat. I have an incredible physique now. Almost reaching to the best shape I’ve ever been.

    However, I’ve notice something that I dont like because I love to live this diet lifestyle. I suffer from migraines because of my neck. But I noticed that when I am on my cheat day, I dont suffer from neck pain. But during the whole week, I can even stay on the computer more than 30 minutes and my neck is killing. I’ve noticed this pattern now.

    What do you think is the possibility of this and if so… What adjustments do I have to make so that I can remain with this diet.

    Thanks a lot.



  8. Hey Tim, Raphael Caldas is right. The Blurb website has your book selling for over $10,000.00. While the ultimate value it’s worth by making my nutritional goals easier and more delicious is probably well over that amount, I’m wondering if you could inform Blurb about this mistake so I can make a purchase! I love the diet- on the 4th week right now- but I’m running out of ideas for dish combinations and recipes on my own.

    Appreciate it,



  9. price is indeed showing up quite high,
    are these recipes going to be a subset of the 4hour chef or is it completely unrelated?


  10. ifind it very annoying that there is sooo much detail on some information and so little on others. ie, there isn’t enough information on food choices – i wish i had been the editor on the book! i want more specific food information for the scd. tim?


  11. Hey Guys,

    got a question. I have a lot of variety in my diet (is that a problem because it’s still low or no carb) but a few minutes ago i read that Tim reccomends raw almonds. Coincidentally i ate some at the time and on the back it says 9g carbs.

    Isn’t 9 a little bit to high for the diet? I’m curios because a lot of stuff i want to eat is around that.

    Sorry for my unfluent english and I’m not sure if i made up some words.. but I’m from Germany and my English got a little rusty.

    But still rock on maan i love this ^^


  12. Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for your contributions. Your book absolutely changed my body and my life. I went from 5’11” 205lbs around 17% bodyfat to 195lbs at 8% bodyfat!! My bench went from 235lbs to 300lbs!! I look great and the diet is very easy to follow and has become my lifestyle. I do have one side effect though. My girlfriend tells me that my semen now tastes awful. She jokingly describes it to poison. lol But this wasn’t the case before the SC diet. I have heard from many other websites that I need to eat “healthy” to improve semen taste: lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid red meat. This is contrary to the SC diet, and I have fallen in love with the Slow Carb lifestyle and how my body looks… do I have to give up my six pack to have decent tasting semen again?

    Please tell me there is a hack to achieve this result without sacrificing my lean body?

    Also, I’m 26 and work out three times a week. Kettlebell swings, myotic crunch, cat vomit everytime. Chest and Bi’s once a week, and back and shoulders the other day.

    My basic diet goes like this:
    4 whole eggs, cheese, salsa, chorizo, tortilla, whole milk, spinach

    grilled Chicken, spinach, milk or water

    Chicken, salmon, steak, or ground beef
    black beans.

    Also: coffee often, and beer or vodka around three times a week.

    Is anything in this diet making my semen taste poorly that needs to come out? or is it missing something that should go in?


  13. I am trying to determine if you consider quinoa as a grain, or a seed. Can I have it daily or only on cheat days? Also, are garbanzo beans forbidden on every day, other than cheat day, or do I just need to limit the the quantity as my legumes/beans?
    Thanks for the inspiring book.


  14. Hi there :)

    I (female, 23 years) have started the SLD 5 weeks ago and lost already 4% of body fat in total 27 cm around my waist, buttocks and legs.

    I have a question with regards to Lentils:

    Are Madras Lentils (from Tasty Bite) allowed?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    I appreciate it.



  15. I’m 77 and just started your 4hb diet. When you say eat the same thing every day, do you mean to choose the ingredients that you will use all the time, mixing and matching them to add a bit of variety?
    My goal is to lose 30-40 lbs, but at my age, I’m afraid I’ll retain the belly fat and just lose from face, arms and legs (which are not fat). Do you have any stories of older people doing this diet and how it turned out?
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.


  16. If you’re having trouble with the beans/veggies combo, I found a great method. I take a large can of refried beans and mix in about 3.5 cups of microwaved spinach. I eat this throughout the day and get in a bunch of veggies. It really masks the taste and texture of the spinach. Basically just tastes like refried beans.