The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbooks — Available for 72 Hours


This will be my shortest post to date.

For fun (and karma), I’ve been quietly working to compile two cookbooks with simple and delicious recipes for The Slow-Carb Diet™.

Now, both volumes are done!


The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbook – Volume One
The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbook – Volume Two (includes recipes from Vol. 1)

Thanks to full-color printing through Blurb, the books are gorgeous. Volume 1 contains 50+ recipes and is printed in paperback to make it as affordable as possible. Volume 2 contains more than 80 recipes and is only available in hardcover.

They’re not inexpensive, but 100% of my proceeds are being donated directly to QuestBridge, which helps put the smartest, low-income students in the US into the best colleges. I don’t receive a single penny.

It’s a highly leveraged program, and some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley are advisors. $25,000 covers the cost of financial aid applications for 2,000 low-income high school students!

I hope you love the cookbooks. The goal is to make The Slow-Carb Diet™ more effective and fun for you, all while changing the lives of 1,000s of students. As a test, these books are available for the next 72 hours only, ending Tuesday, March 22, at 6pm PST.

Enormous thanks to all of the contributors, including chefs, foodies, successful readers, and friends like Mark Sisson, Darya Pino, and Jaden Hair.

Rock on.


(For those interested, I plan on posting further updates on the official blog of The Slow-Carb Diet)


P.S. Would you like to have your recipe in the next printing, with full credit and link to the website of your choice? If so, please click here! Also, Learn more about the slow carb diet in my upcoming book.

Posted on: March 19, 2011.

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243 comments on “The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbooks — Available for 72 Hours

    • Afraid not for now. That would defeat the purpose of the fundraising. I do, however, understand that they’re too expensive for many people, so no hard feelings if you can’t do it.




      • Tim, I LOVE your book. However, I’M disappointed in my weight loss after 3 weeks being faithful, I’m down 2 lbs. I’d buy the cookbook, but why, if it isn’t working. I had my Walt read the diet chapter & he said I was following the directions. I’m 72 and not very active; sew a lot therefore sitting a lot. I take 9 minutes (3-min. egg timer 3 turns) cold showers. Could someone suggest what I may be doing wrong? I’ve lost over 100 lbs by lap band but don’t want anymore fills. I gained 18 lbs during the holidays and want to take it off; my size 8 clothes don’t fit. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!


      • Just ordered mine … can’t wait!
        I’m very involved in many non-profits … glad to see you are ‘paying it forward’!


      • Tim, referring to your chapter on “reversing permanent injuries”

        That chapter is awesome, you’ve really done everything! However If you update it i have 1 thing to add! Research “Core stability movement patterns”

        I had 2 chronic (2 years) pains in my left rhomboid and left external oblique. I tried most of the things in your book. Finally, After 2 years, 1 thing saved me. I had a P.T. I was working with go to a golf seminar (PTI) and Gray Cook and his team created this in the last 2 years or so.

        1 of these exercises is the gayest exercise i’ve ever seen. The other is “Rolling.” This is the one that got my life back!!! It should be in your book. Here’s a link-

        You make me feel obligated to live, please contact me with your opinion, Thanks,Matt


      • @Bonnie Edmonds, if you want an answer to your question your better off posting in the forums instead of the blog, you can find the link for the forum under the resources tab of the menu.


      • Is chicken liver allowed on the slow-carb diet? This has always been my preference over the other meats listed. Just chicken liver and fish.

        I’ve cut it for the time because I believe in sticking to the plan, but could you enlighten me further?

        Thanks :)


      • Hello,
        I have followed your book for 6 months. I am 54 years old. I would like some support. The first 4 months I just followed the program exactly not worrying about amounts of the allowed food. Then I added additional trainings. I am doing 3 circuit training days, one day of softball, a day of light yoga and a walk or hike. My body is definitely having hormonal stuff.
        I don’t want to critize your book but I have told many people to read it. I am a ritual person and find most days I eat the same thing as suggested in the book. The program has not worked. I started to measure the beans. Yes I eat beans usually with every meal. In 6 months I have dropped 15 lbs. I do have my cheat day. I take Cissus, green tea and other supplements. I drink the water with lemon when I first wake up and through out the day. Please help!
        Are you making adjustments with your book? Do you feel you have made an error?


      • Hi Tim,
        I have had the opportunity to embrace The Slow Card Diet, perhaps with minimum success. I am a 44 year young female 5’6, weight 132, 23% body fat with a goal of losing the last 5-7 pounds.

        Tim, I just received my cholesterol results that are alarming to say the least as there is a significant spike in my results: Oct. 2011 Total was 206, HDL 70, LDL 132…Oct.2012 Total 266, HDL 86 and LDL 166. These statistics appear to potentially be linked to the excess lean meat consummation.

        Do you have any recommendation as to methods to lower my cholesterol; I would rather not take medication.

        Thank you,
        Linda J.


    • I’m sure it’s a great charity, but like many folks today, i don’t have a spare $10,000 to spend on a cookbook. Any plans on selling a version for non-billionaires?


  1. Do they contain 2 completely different sets of recipes? Or is Volume 2 equal to Volume 1 plus an additional 30 recipes? I ask because the book previews show the same recipes in both books.


  2. Just had a peek at the books, why are some recipes repeated? Also curious why one is softback and the other hardback?

    Some interesting and great sounding recipes :)


    • Hi. book 1 = 50 recipes and is in paperback. this makes it the cheaper option of £20.
      Book 2 = 80 recipes (50 from book one, plus 30 more) and is in hardback. this makes it the premium edition, and so is almost twice the price at £36.


  3. Thanks for this great resource Tim. I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks on the Slow-Carb Diet after 18 months of continuous weight gain.

    This diet is a winner, and the inclusion of beans and lentils make it much more manageable than the other (still very good) “Primal” diets out there.

    I’m going to follow up on Josh’s question though – will you release this in eBook/PDF format for us technogeeks?


    • Hi Sheraan (and all asking about ebooks),

      No plan at the moment for ebook format, but I understand that makes it hard for some of you.

      I’ll explain the reasons another time (they’re not all ridiculous), and my apologies for the inconvenience.



      • I just got the 4 HB book for my hubby and myself. You mention wine and beer. What about vodka? I drink vodka with club soda and a fresh lime squeezed in. Is this only for a cheet day?


  4. Searching through the previews it seems there are duplicate recipes in each volume. “Eggs that taste as good as bacon” appears in both. One volume has 50 and the other 80. Is one a larger compendium that includes the other?


  5. Tim is a friggin GENIUS! He makes you anticipate what his next project will be and he NEVER disappoints. He is like Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless’… go see it…you’ll agree.


  6. Awesome! Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to help these students! (Trust me, I’m a scholarship kid that wouldn’t have made it through college without the help of beautiful spirits who cared for the future!)

    Oh, and the recipes are going to be awesome too :D


  7. Dear Tim,
    I realize you probably won’t read this directly, but I just wanted to say as a Questbridge award recipient and big fan of yours, this is really cool. Thank you for doing something to make a real positive difference in the world.


      • Hi Tim,
        Colin is my son. The second Questbridge recipient in the family. Colin is helping me with the slow carb diet. He bought your book. I have lost 5 lbs but have stopped there and gain a little after my cheat days. I am 5’4″ and 136 lbs. I am petite, just trying to loose the tummy fat. How do I know if it is fat or just lack of muscle. I have had 5 children. Also, with my cheat days I feel like crap. I think I am allergic to the white foods. They make my heart race and I don’t feel good. I am starting to not want to do the cheat days but my son tells me I have to because I am a woman. Thank you so much for helping Questbridge. It is a wonderful organization!!


      • Hi Vickie,

        It’s possible to do “cheat” day by just eating more of your usual foods, or by consuming yams, sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc. instead of junk food or processed food. I suggest trying that.

        Best of luck and thank you for the kind comment!



  8. awesome stuff, just saying… I want to see Tim Ferriss do this next ( since I can not post URLs just look up on youtube “First man in space – Sky Diving from the Edge of the World” :) we all know Tim could do it, capture with state of the art cameras and thus produce quite possibly the greatest film and then tell people what its like to travel over 600 miles per hour through the atmosphere and what it is like to fall for 14 minutes.

    I know this is does not appear to be related to the Slow-Carb Diet Cookbooks… or is it?

    It is related because it is awesome and so is your products.

    Alright, I am off here. I think I am just saying some silly things because I am in the transition period doing the uberman sleep schedule.


  9. How about color correcting yellow toned photo under “Outsource Your Life”. Notice it’s been off-color for over a year. Can’t one of your virtuals handle that? Good luck on all the Ferris Industries endeavors.