Random Episode 87 (or not): Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss talk knives, iPhone apps, flutes, and dog handling


After a long hiatus, here is a new episode of The Random Show! It’s not episode 87, but we couldn’t remember the number. Click here for all of our magical past episodes.

In this hang-out discussion, we enjoy a frolicking romp (c’mon, not that kind) through:

- Booking media and how-to tips
- How to build iPhone apps, how Kevin’s doing it, how to assemble (and pay) a team, and DIY tips
- How Kevin’s puppy effectively bites through mic cables
- Knives for military or survival use — Tim’s newest and perhaps oldest obsession
- 2010′s resolutions and 2011 New Year’s Resolutions…

A few URLs mentioned are:

michaelpollan.com – The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Kershaw Leek knife (what I had on my belt, recommended to me by Jason DeFillippo)
The Grayman Warrior
Boeker fixed blade (suggested by Yvon Chouinard)
ESEE-5 Randall

Evasive driving and Special Ops training:

Grayman “warrior” knife one-pager — outstanding (click to enlarge):
grayman knives


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Posted on: January 28, 2011.

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199 comments on “Random Episode 87 (or not): Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss talk knives, iPhone apps, flutes, and dog handling

  1. I have just bought your book, ‘The 4 Hour Week”, and am 40 pages into it, and must say, I am more confused than I was before..and must say that I think people will buy anything that Jack Canfield’s name is even remotely connected to…I haven’t the faintest idea of what you are talking about, or helping people with. Sorry, but I wasted 30 bucks..


  2. Hi, my husband saw you in Austin and bought your book. I have a hypothyroid that is almost under control. I take Synthroid I see that most of the PAGG meds given affect the thyroid, so do I just ignore that or will they help my thyroid. Thank you.


  3. Just started diet– and not hungry!
    2 questions:
    I use unsweetened organic soymilk in coffee – is this OK?

    I moved late lunch to 8:00 pm — when I want some munchies (any suggestions?) — Is this OK?

    Thanks — only 10 lbs left to loose but everything else doesn’t work.


  4. hi tim,
    i’m in a motivation rush since i got my hands on 4hww.
    love the random episode.

    and it would be awsome if you could talk about.. which email adresses a startup should have (in my case just a muse i want to start). or shouldnt there be any email visible on the page..? things like that would be very interesting. i know its very specific, but that makes random episode so special.. not talking about the stuff that has been written about on every entrepreneur site.

    regards flo


  5. I am a person disabled by chronic pain. I own oodles of pain domains and am taking inspiration from your book and great videos. I have owned these great domain names for years and want to create a way for disabled people to make an income from home. Any ideas would really help. Thanks for your inspiration as disabled people really want to partcipate and not just take handouts.


  6. Hi Tim,

    Writer turned knife maker Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn talks about the human element of craft, and the potential for a skill to mature into an art. And in sharing his story, he alights on the real meaning of handmade—a movement whose riches are measured in people, not cash.