Random Episode 87 (or not): Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss talk knives, iPhone apps, flutes, and dog handling


After a long hiatus, here is a new episode of The Random Show! It’s not episode 87, but we couldn’t remember the number. Click here for all of our magical past episodes.

In this hang-out discussion, we enjoy a frolicking romp (c’mon, not that kind) through:

– Booking media and how-to tips
– How to build iPhone apps, how Kevin’s doing it, how to assemble (and pay) a team, and DIY tips
– How Kevin’s puppy effectively bites through mic cables
– Knives for military or survival use — Tim’s newest and perhaps oldest obsession
– 2010’s resolutions and 2011 New Year’s Resolutions…

A few URLs mentioned are:

michaelpollan.com – The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Kershaw Leek knife (what I had on my belt, recommended to me by Jason DeFillippo)
The Grayman Warrior
Boeker fixed blade (suggested by Yvon Chouinard)
ESEE-5 Randall

Evasive driving and Special Ops training:

Grayman “warrior” knife one-pager — outstanding (click to enlarge):
grayman knives


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Posted on: January 28, 2011.

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199 comments on “Random Episode 87 (or not): Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss talk knives, iPhone apps, flutes, and dog handling

  1. Tim, thanks for covering iPhone app development. I’ve been wondering exactly the same thing about how to make a deal with a developer. Keep us posted on how you make it happen!


    PS: congrats on the new book. I’ve read both and I think they’re awesome.


  2. If your new hobby is survival gear and knives, check out Nutnfancy on Youtube.
    He does gear reviews and knife reviews and is highly respected in the community of all things “tacticool.”
    You’ll love him, I swear he’s my boyfriend’s new lover.
    For Christmas I got a couple of spyder-co knives. ( A pink Delica and a purple Ladybug ) I’m a girl: I must first and foremost fulfill my need for pretty-ness!

    Happy Collecting Tim!


  3. No Busse knives? Love the Randall knives – great value.

    How about a Tom Brown course? Or I’d love to see you go on a trek with Ray Mears.


    • http://leerburg.com/stream/videolist.php

      Leerburg has the highest quality most respected and proven dog training material anywhere. Look into the Michael Ellis videos in the link above. All I’ve done is watch the free material and I’ve learned so much.

      Tim- you should get a dog. Make sure you adopt one tho. I can see you with a pit. Excellent dog to wrestle around with. Big plus with the ladies too. ;)


  4. Do you guys use a full camera crew for these? I’m looking for a decent camera that can record HD and do that nifty looking foreground vs. background macro focus type thing. Looks super professional. Anyone know about that sort of thing?

    Darren (ProBlogger) has a camera that has the effect I’m talking about:


    • Marc,

      tldr version: You want a video-capable DSLR, such as the Canon 5DII or 7D.

      longer version: Without getting too precise or technical, that beautiful effect is called “shallow depth of field.” Video cameras with tiny (cheap) image chips cannot easily achieve shallow DoF, so almost everything in frame is sharp or almost-sharp. Film, on the other hand, is a GIGANTIC surface area compared to video chips, and film easily offers shallow DoF as an option.

      But then: Once DSLRs offered video output, we suddenly got video cameras with SUPER GIGANTIC chips (larger even than the Super 35mm film area that Hollywood filmmakers normally use). You can have super super shallow DoF now for a relatively cheap price.

      If you can’t afford a DSLR, there are also tricks you can use to get some shallow DoF. ProLost is a good blog on indie video matters:



    • yup – 2 5d’s. one with a 24-70mm lens and then other (directly above it) with an 85mm 1.2 lens. not the best setup for a 1 person crew but fun to play around with. probably should’ve shot at a slower shutter speed with an aperture more around 3 for not sure a shallow depth of field.


  5. Tim,

    I love the random episodes; you and Kevin always look like you are having a good time and they are informative.

    I REALLY liked the last posting, and thought your insight into the slow build up of a media roll through the selective “opposing view” standpoint was a great idea. I am scouring the internet for ideas to speak out on in regards to my topic.

    I have recently met two people who have media connections, and as we approach Valentine’s Day I hope that my book Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story gets more and more attention. I have several segments on Playboy radio already scheduled, and a big Canadian Adult Store Chain just picked up the book. :-)

    As I finish Book 2 and get it out on the market in March, I hope to parlay the burgeoning success of Book 1 and my blog into more success with another book.

    Still waiting to hear from Barnes and Noble regarding whether or not they are picking up my book. The suspense is killing me!!! I’ll keep you posted.

    Darren Michaels
    Independent Award winning Author
    Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story


  6. I’m not so crazy about the Kershaw knives. I used to carry a Ken Onion (a Leek, I believe) … but because they’re smooth, I had a problem with it slipping out of the hip pocket of my khakis. Finally lost the last one in the back seat of a taxi cab in Costa Rica. And after that, I switched to the Benchmade Griptilian… which I’ve been carrying for the past few years and have rode hard and put away, wet. Love it.

    I also have a little tiny Camilus which served me well, in Bogota– as I was worried about carrying a knife that was too big. Met the guys from Camilus at the Shot Show, last week. Interesting company history. Allegedly, 4th generation owners of the company (brothers) embezzled millions from employee pension plan. Almost broke the company, and they’re still on the lamb.

    For the outdoor stuff: Check out Ron Hood (survival.com). Seems to be a good guy. Dave and Cody on Dual Survival (Discovery channel) is a blast, too.

    P.S. Next time you’re in Vegas, give me a holler and I’ll let you take a bite with the padded sleeve, from one of the hardest biting dogs you’ll ever come across. Not to mention a few tricks that will allow you to get Kevin’s dog to listen to you, better than him.


  7. Tim, you’ve got to get these on iTunes or some kind of podcast feed. 40+ minutes is a long time to just sit in front of a computer. Audio would be just fine.


  8. In all honesty, have not watched it yet. Just got home from an awful day, lost two court cases, and it’s been one heck of a week. I was so happy to see a new Random show when flipping through Flipboard it made me forget about everything else. Just opened a Malbec, put in some laundry, and now…on with the show. Thanks fellows!!!


  9. Tim – funny you mentioned Angry Birds – I recently spoke at GDC-China and met Peter from Angry Birds who was also a speaker. His talk revealed that AB brings in 1 million monthly just from the in-game ad revenue.

    Many developers are releasing free games now and integrating these ad banners which are usually at the top or bottom of the screen (admob, iAd, etc) Some will alternate those with ‘in-house’ ads, promoting their other games. You can usually ‘remove the ads’ for .99 and buy a full version. Of course, in-app purchases is a big money maker. Many free games make a killing aff the internal ‘micro-transactions’

    AB type games can be made for anywhere from 10 to 60k (straight contract), however, Kevins angle of a rev-share model based on interest is huge. I create music and sound for alot of iphone games and it’s usually cash + rev share for the ones I like :)

    I’ll be speaking on the subject at SXSW Interactive (Music and Sound for Mobile Games) and hope to see you there. Your book and ideas are a big reason I was accepted in the first place!



  10. It’ll be great to hear more about that company and the medical tests they make — whenever you’ll be able to talk about it, of course. I recently tried out genetic testing, so I’m curious what more this company would offer :)


  11. I love Random Episode!!! I learn a lot about different stuff. I think it should be done once a month. It’s also great when you guys talk about which books you have been reading. It’d be great to know what music and films you are into, too. It is also great when Tim talks about language learning.

    Tim, I am from Argentina, and watched your video in which you talk about yerba mate, and let me tell you that the brands you showed, in my opinion, are not that good. You should try the brand Aguantadora con palo, it’s my favourite one.

    Kind regards from Argentina,