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It was just past 5pm EST in Manhattan, and I’d been on pins and needles all day.

The report was coming in any minute. All attempts to nap earlier, despite two hours of sleep, had failed. There would be no rest on this Wednesday.

Now, in the lobby of the ACE Hotel, a few friends — including my agent, Steve Hanselman, my assistant, Charlie Hoehn, and my brother from another mother, Chris — had gathered with me to drink champagne. No matter the outcome, it had been a hard-fought battle over three years. THREE YEARS. Hospitalizations, surgeries, you name it.

I stared at the floor, reciting the reasons why things could go right. Most of them were silly and superstitious. Then my internal devil’s advocate chimed in with the reasons other books would beat me: better retail placement, celebrity authors, dedicated TV shows, etc.

“It’s here.”

I looked up. Steve smiled and handed me his Blackberry:

#1: The 4-Hour Body…

The 4-Hour Body had hit #1 on The New York Times bestseller list, on the hardest list (Advice, How-To) during the hardest week of the year.

I was in shock for the rest of the evening.


For the rest of the night, as my friends fed me shots, I thought back to 2007, when The 4-Hour Workweek was turned down by 26 out of 27 publishers.

Everything that I’ve experienced in the last three years is thanks to you. I learn more from you than I could ever teach.

Much more to come soon (including a detailed post-game analysis of the launch), but — for the time being — I’ll keep it simple: THANK YOU.

I love you all.

May you and yours have the most joyous of holidays. Now, I need to get to wine and chocolate with the family… :)

Merry Christmas! 2011 is going to be the best year yet for all of us!

Un abrazo grande,


Posted on: December 24, 2010.

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867 comments on “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…

  1. @Diane W – There’s no actual stevia data on that site, just a claim that it raises blood suger. Also, it looks like the propaganda site of a lobby.

    I’m also curious if anyone has data about stevia GI/GL data of refined vs. unrefined – I suspect that the refined version does have a more pronounced effect.



  2. Down 7lbs in five days on slow carbs, stomach is looking flatter already and it’s very easy to stick to. Awesome diet. Will post before/after pics at the end of month one.


  3. excellent! i’ve read every exercise and diet book on the market that has come out in the last 10 years, and yours is by far the best; you deliver the science and answers in a format that is easy to follow and is extremely entertaining! nothing worse than another dry text book.

    have been on the slow diet and med exercise for 3 weeks. haven’t lost any lbs, but clothes fit much better (yes, must admit i didn’t measure anything else…bad). the interesting thing is that when i added the pagg regiment to the equation, a lot of the fatigue i’ve been battling for months has gone, and my mood has lifted as well. since diabetes gallops through my family, could this be an indication my blood sugar is off?
    congrats and keep them coming!


  4. Tim,

    Two questions.

    I’ve taken to eating pinto beans and medium salsa, is there any harm in eating this throughout the day as a snack?

    Is adding oil to chicken to cook it bad or should I just bake/broil it and add salsa or something after the fact?

    Also, the cookbook is an AWESOME idea. Can’t wait.


  5. Hi Tim,

    I’m using Neil’s food schedule because I don’t tend to eat huge meals, but I find the protein bars too disgusting to eat. Can I replace it with additional protein shakes, which I have no difficulty drinking?



  6. Interesting couple of weeks on 4HB. In 9 days before cheat day, I dropped 14 lbs. Within 3 days after cheat day, gained all 14 back. Took 7 days after cheat day to get back to pre cheat day weight. Interestingly enough, my bodyfat percentage has gone from 25% to 17.6% and I’ve lost 1.5 inches in my TI and my after pictures are looking good! I can tell my clothes are fitting more loosely. I’m following slow carb and cheat day instructions strictly, doing kettlebells (tbar actually), ab exercises and curl exercises. I think I’m going to try skipping my cheat day this week, adding PAGG/AGG on the regular daily schedule, adding more lemon juice and eating slower. I’m a bit concerned about the large fluctuation I had around cheat day. Any other tweaks or suggestions from 4HBers?


    • I am in the same boat John! I am a mother of 4 kids – here in North California. I have been slow-carb since the 1st of Jan….only added in cheat days last Sunday and Today. Yes it took me all week to get back to baseline weight after last Sunday, but it was worth it to not feel completely deprived.

      I am not looking to loose a lot more weight, but I have approx 10 more pounds to get me to the size 6 goal. I think I need to try to step up my game somehow to get these last pounds off. My diet right now is:

      Breakfast: coffee with slight cream and 2 Cinsulin tablets, 4 scrambled eggs, a V8, black beans, guac & some veggies from the night before. *sometimes I omit beans and guac*

      Lunch: White chicken breast or lunch meat, salad, leftover veggies (usually blanched broccoli or green beans).

      Dinner: Meat, beans, salad, veggies. (sometimes it’s a chicken veggie bean soup with guac stirred in). Once a week I may have a half a glass of red wine at dinner – but living in Sonoma County, it is sort of a miracle, right??

      I ended all nighttime snacks – only drinking sweet and spicy tea with no sugar or sweetener as my TV time friend. I feel like I am being TOTALLY AWESOME! ;)

      I find the diet constipates me slightly – which is surprising when living on black beans and broccoli! I keep the coffee in there as a laxative! I have lost 6lbs this month, but after a cheat day I am right back to loosing the same weight all over again.

      I saw your note yesterday about waiting 6-8 weeks to see if my body will kick into gear (as again, 4 kids)….but any other advice to kick things up a notch? Do I just have to be patient?? :)

      I have not done the ice bath yet, but I do hot/cold alternating showers – ending cold, I heard this would increase circulation and aid in healing the body. I want to try the ice packs at night during TV time as well.

      I know I did not have to exercise, but I added kettle-bell (Jillian Michael Shred with Weights) and started easy with a 10lb kettle-bell that is kicking my butt a few days per week. Any other recommendations for me?


    • Just ending 3 weeks now on 4HB. Results so far: lost 14 lbs, lost 6 inches in TI, lost 7.4% bodyfat. I’m also measuring my WHR which has gone from 1.0 to .96. Cheat day today! Thanks Tim!


  7. Hi Tim
    I purchased your book after reading about you on Techcrunch, I also watched your appearance on the View later on the web. First, hats off to you! Great job on creating this easy to follow movement. I have couple questions and I really appreciate your response.

    1. I am 39 yrs old 5’11″ weighed 161 pounds before starting the low-carb diet, on my first binge day morning I weighed 156 lbs.. yes.. lost 5 pounds without doing any exercise. Most of excess fats are in the belly and neck area.

    2. On the binge day I consumed the following
    * 8:30 AM scrambled egg whites and legumes
    * 9:30 AM half a dozen donuts balls
    * 10:00 AM 24oz can beer
    * 10:30 AM grapefruit juice + espresso
    * 12:30 AM 4 slices of pizza + 3 glasses of red wine
    * 6:00 AM 3 cups of rice + 1 cup of chicken curry +
    2 glasses of red wine + 2 cups of yogurt
    3. From Sunday morning back to low carb diet, here is my weigh-ins after
    Sunday morning – 159 lb (3 pound gain)
    Monday morning – 157.5 lb
    Tuesday morning – 156.9 lb
    Wednesday morning – 157.3

    Not sure, why I am not loosing weight?

    Things I do differently from week1 are..

    1) Instead pure egg whites for breakfast I use Costco real eggs (it says it was made 99% from egg whites)
    2) Eating after 1 hour after woke up from bed instead of 30 mins during my first week.

    Another question I have is, Can I use PAGG during low carb diet?

    Please advise? thanks for your service… Keep rocking man!



    • Update: I also started PAGG from Wednesday morning (2 week), and here is my weigh ins

      Thursday Morning : 156.2 (pre binge day weight)
      Friday Morning : 155.5

      I am excited but worried about after effects of next binge day which is tomorrow..


      • Update: 2nd Binge Day and after

        My weight on the binge day morning : 155 lbs

        No. Item cal Total
        1. Egg white 1 cup – 90 cal – 90
        2. Protein shake 1 can – 110 cal – 200
        3. Almond butter 3 tspn – 300 cal – 500
        4. Espresso – 0 cal
        5. Grapefruit juice – 150 cal – 650
        6. Donuts and pastry – 500 cal – 1150
        7. Corona Extra 24 oz – 300 cal – 1450
        8. Donut 1 – 250 cal – 1700
        9. Orange chicken – 400 cal – 2100
        10. Mutton briyani 2plate – 900 cal – 3000
        11. Red wine – 5 glasses – 500 cal – 3500
        12. 2 idly (Indian pancake) – 160 cal – 3650
        13. Mutton curry – 200 cal -3850
        14. Orange Chicken – 200 cal -4050
        15. chocolate ice cream – 170 cal – 4230

        I know this was too much but I wanted to satiate all my cravings, I maintained muscle contraction though out the day by doing air squats. Sunday morning (day after binge day) I gained only 2.5lbs (total of 157.5 lbs). It took only 3 days to loose all the post binge day weight compare to 4 days during last week. Yes, today is Wednesday and my weight was : 154.5lbs.

        Its working!!… I thought I should share this experience..!!!

        Don’t give up.. keep trying.. Thanks Tim!!!!

        Note: I am also taking PAGG and ordered CQ. This weekend I will be binging for 3 days (Sat, Sun and Monday) in a fun trip. I will update my experience again next week..



  8. congratulations Tim!

    have been offline since picking up my copy (and the 4HWW) right when it came out.

    just got back online and was hoping I would see a #1 post somewhere

    also really enjoyed your press work for it as well, great lessons!


  9. Tim I want to thank you so much for introducing me to the slow carb diet. I bought your book just before Christmas, and started the program January 1st. I’m 6’2″, 242lbs, and now I’m 219lbs in less than 30 days. I haven’t started exercising yet, but I have a feeling in order to keep up the progress I’ll need to mix it in in February. Thanks again.


  10. Just tried my first ice bath. WOW. I put 44 lbs of ice in the tub filled it up with water and put my foot in and could not believe how uncomfortable this was. I couldn’t leave it in! So I waited several minutes hoping that it would melt off. Put both feet in and stood… still crazy uncomfortable. Waited a bit longer, pulled out half the ice and just decided to go for it and drop my lower half in and I lasted all of 12 seconds. LOL!

    Decided to wait another 10 min or so, dunked my lower half and lasted a 1 minute this time. TOTAL MISERY; only made it thru by thinking about how much my mother loves me. Sounds funny but that’s my goto when I’m in that much pain.

    So I pulled the plug on the water and let it drain and figured this just wasn’t for me and while the water was draining and the ice was melting I thought, “What if I sat in the tub with just enough ice to sparsely cover the bottom of the tub *while* it filled up? And then when it had covered my thighs I would start the clock.”

    And that worked. It was unpleasant but manageable. It took about 6 min for the water to cover my thighs and that’s when I started my 10 min. Grand total of 16 min. I briefly dunked my back down into the tub but it was kind of pain to sit that way in such a small tub and I felt like I’d done enough with it today.

    It takes a few minutes longer but acclimating this way is how I’ll have to do it.

    I think I soaked up some water because my waist measurement swelled a half inch from this morning.

    I’m doing the minimalist’s approach to mass so I’ll probably do this 2x/wk after my workouts and see what happens in regards to weight loss.


  11. Congratulations Mr Ferriss!

    I have to admit, this time last week I’d never heard your name before. This week I am starting a slow carb/muscle gaining diet and ‘reactivating’ languages I thought I’d forgotten. I cannot tell you how inspired I am. You seem to have an unquenchable thirst for answers; thanks for sharing them.



  12. Hi

    I’m from the UK just to let you know that my pre-ordered book from Amazon arrived on Saturday 30th January. I had a lovely suprise as I had forgotten that I had ordered it way back when you first published.

    I’m trying really really hard not to start reading it straight away as I’m off to Berlin soon and this would be a great book to read while on holiday.

    Best wishes



  13. Just starting the diet and the only thing I’m missing so far is milk in my once a day coffee! Just wondering – if it is the lactose in the milk which is the problem, is it ok to have lactose free milk in which the only ingredients are milk and lactase?


  14. Well done Tim! I am extremely happy for your achievements. Thank you for influencing positive change. My wife’s colleagues are so delighted to have read your work. A million thanks!


  15. Tim, thank you the effort and energy and the team around you created. I,m up to page 82 and have had so many ah hahs, thanks for being an inspiration, best wishes for future endeavours


  16. Great book! Awesome writing. Congrats on being #1! I bought 4HB yesterday and read through the minimal reading for rapid fat loss twice. Today is my first day of the slow-carb diet. So far so good:) I have a question though…I usually take my supplements with grapfruit juice to help absorption. Since fruit juice (fructose) is a no-no, what do you recommend I swallow my supplements with? Thanks is advance!


  17. I have been dieting for exactly one month today. I unfortunately started with WW online again, as I had some decent short term success with it in the past. However, after two weeks – and devouring tim’s book and also “why we get fat” by Gary Taubes, I quickly saw that counting calories was never going to be the efficient way to long term weight loss. So another 2 weeks of being 90% strict on Tim’s diet – and I’m down exactly 12 lbs, and about 2% bodyfat % which is the equivalent of 9 lbs of pure fat gone of the 12 lbs I’ve lost. I feel like such an idiot that I never fully understood how carbs work on insulin secretion – but something between these two books fnally gave me the ka-pow! moment of clarity and I’m looking forward to seeing the south side of 200lbs really soon for the first time in 10 years. Thanks for the awesome advice and the numerous experiments that got us here. Oh yeah, I ate an entire BIG DIPPER PIZZA HUT Pizza by myself on Sunday.


  18. I appreciate your insights into bon viveur, and I was going to get 4HB at a brick and mortar Barnes and Nobles this past Sat, so I could use up a gift card.

    I couldn’t find it anywhere. Any ideas as to why?


  19. OK, at the end of March we have a family reunion so it would be great to impress the family and become a freak instead of the geek they know for so many years :-) so I am going to take the two 30-min. workouts per week. Lots of time on my hand since I work only 4h per week.

    One question: on page 186 you mention the supplements. I am not an expert at all, do I have to take these every day or only on ‘work out’ days? Thanks!


  20. Just got the book in eBook form via Google Books and I am really enjoying it so far. My only quandry is it seems like none of the hyperlinks (end notes, embedded, whatever) on any device are working. I don’t mean to use your blog for tech support and am not really looking for a response. Just wanted you to be aware in case you weren’t and couldn’t really find another venue to send this.

    Great job and I am looking forward to seeing what the results look like once I put them in practice.


  21. I’ve been following the slow carb diet for 3 weeks and although I’ve not been as successful as I was hoping, I have to say that I feel great. I can’t believe how simple it is to follow. I have one question regarding corn-Can we eat it?


  22. Hey mate,

    Avid enthusiast since the 4 hour workweek. Have increased my yearly income and achieved significant initial body transformations (22%-17% BF in 5 weeks) simply by first adhering to your tried and tested steps, and then adding my own slants appropriate to myself.

    Just wanted to make sure you realized that The New York Times had your books at 1st and 6th on Feb 27th… That’s brilliant mate. You inspire me.

    I’m loosely adding some nootropics now (Piracetam as a base), to my arsenal of healthy eating, ice baths, kettlebell swings, sleep enhancers, (and internet marketing)… My last hurdle is a minor phobia of needles which is inhibiting my bloodwork being done. Hopefully I can get around that soon…

    Cheers for all the life hacks.


  23. Hi Tim

    First of all have it has to be said – the 4HB was on the best seller list for a reason. Some results from some of the people i have bought the book for:

    - One of my team – put on 10KG of muscle in about 3 months (with your book and some others) – he is pumped

    - Another of my team’s mother – has lost 25KG as last count and has her life back

    - I got married to the love of my life to comments of “what the f**k have you been doing” after just 6 weeks on the 4HB routine – safe to say i am back on it now we have returned from a month in Mexico, the USA and Bora Bora

    I have a question, and know you are busy checking email 4 hours a week :-)

    My new wife started the 4HB slow carb diet after we returned from our honeymoon. We think it may be having some impact on her moods and general emotional state. She is truly a very aware and stable person. She did have some trouble with low blood sugar and an under active thyroid early in her but with medication, acupuncture and general awareness she has had it all under control. Being on 4hb though she said she feels a little lethargic and her moods have certainly changed.

    I am a massive advocate for what you have done with this book – it will change, check that, save many peoples lives. I believe that so much that i buy it bu the box and give about 10-20 away a month. But i am interested to know if you have any thoughts on what my wife is experiencing?

    Also, i wanted to say thank you for the 4HB and 4WW (another i give away by the box). Between your books and Rework by the boys at 37signals we will all change the world for the better!


    • Hi Trevor,

      Thanks so much for the comment and kind words.

      To your wife’s issue, I’m no doctor, but I suspect it’s either:

      1. Insufficient calories. Women often eat only protein and leafy veggies, not consuming enough beans, lentils, etc.

      2. Thyroid related issues. Be sure to have complete blood testing done, looking at free T3 and all the rest.

      3. If she’s taking medication, it could be related to supplements she’s added, so she should experiment with removing the supplements.

      Or some combination of the above.

      If the fatigue continues, please have her see a doctor, but it shouldn’t be an issue unless she has a medical condition.

      Best of luck!



  24. 29 pounds in 21 days. Kudos, and thanks.
    243 to 222, 20-30 to go, and no loss of cognitive performance that caused me to abort other diets.


  25. Tim,

    Awesome book. I am half way through the audiobook now.

    BTW, you are not a geek as you say in the book. Shed that image, it’s not real! What you are is the first virtual Uber entrepeneur of the 21st century.

    Congrats, you deserve it!


  26. Tim

    Thanks for the 4HB, it is transforming my life. I am off meds and lost 25 lbs. I have many questions but one that is looming large is popcorn. I enjoy a nice pinot or malbec with un-buttered popcorn and am not sure if I need to wait for binge day.

    More to follow,

    winehole = a**hole that likes wine

    Happy Holidays


  27. Tim,

    Having read over the past decade “The body sculpting bible for men”, “The 6 week cure for the middle age middle”, and “Clean”, I found your book most compelling and inspiring in that it quickly encompasses and articulates those ideas, and then adds a jet pack to them, and doesn’t stop at that. All of you have in in common: the author as test subject, and I really appreciate to talk being walked. So thanks.

    In Portland, Oregon we have tons of healthy protein and vegetable options, so my diet is easy and delicious.
    I may be splitting hairs, but I would like to know if one should be concerned about grass fed bacon that has been soaked in brown sugar or maple syrup, or the apple or apple juice used in apple smoke sausages, or even the cane sugar in the organic catsup?

    Thanks, and we look forward to the obsession..