The Big Bang: Blow-out Launch Party in NYC, Next Tuesday


It’s time to celebrate! Three years in the making, The 4-Hour Body debuts next Tuesday.

I’m throwing a blow-out party in New York City that evening to thank readers who can attend. I hope to do more parties around the world in the coming months to thank you all. My sincerest gratitude to The King Collective for producing this event and making it gorgeous.

Here are the details — first the basics, then the fun stuff…

Date: Tues, December 14th
Time: 8pm – 11pm
Open bar (free drinks): 8pm – 10pm
RSVP: RSVPs are required to gain entrance. See below for details.
NOTE: Since we are serving alcohol, this sadly means we cannot admit anyone under the age of 21. Sorry!

Location: Greenhouse (we have the entire 6,000 square-foot club)
150 Varick St.
New York, New York 10013

– In addition to the free bar from 8-10pm,
– The first few hundred attendees will get gift bags (not free books, but other fun)
– There will be exclusive drinks available that include:
Edible Green Tea Leaves

I will be hanging out with everyone for the majority of the event, and I’ll do some Q&A if people would like. If you’ve never seen me drunk, it’s pretty funny.


The last time I bought out a movie theater for Waiting for Superman, 400 people reserved free tickets and 100 people didn’t show up. This meant 100 people who could have gone got screwed, and $1,000+ dollars were wasted.

To minimize the no-show problems, every attendee must RSVP and it costs $10.

In NYC, this will obviously be paid back with your first drink. I will not earn a single dollar — this will be used to cover staff costs, and the remainder (at least 50%) will be donated to the non-profit to help high-need classrooms in the US.

To RSVP, please go here. Hope to see you there!

Abrazo fuerte :)



Odds and Ends: 48 Hours Left for $4,000,000 in Prizes!

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Posted on: August 10, 2010.

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165 comments on “The Big Bang: Blow-out Launch Party in NYC, Next Tuesday

  1. Tim! I just found out I have to stick around at work until 9:30. Will the party still be going after 10, which is probably the earliest I can get there? I’m so bummed…


  2. Hi Tim,

    I’ve bought and read the 4-Hour Work Week and enjoyed it. So I bought a $10 ticket to the launch tonight and so did a friend. There was a huge cue outside the venue at Greenside, which was a bit startling (100 yards or so). We waited in the cue from 6:45pm until 7:30pm in 20’F weather and the cue just wasn’t moving. I went to the front to ask the bouncer what was happening and he told us he was moving the cue as fast as he was allowed to which at 7:30pm was about 2 people every 5min. We simply couldn’t wait any longer in those conditions – and quite frankly I couldn’t think of any reason for them to make us wait out there in the cold when we had RSVP’d to the launch.

    I’m willing to give you and the organizers the benefit of the doubt and assume you had some unforeseen logistical problems but I ask that you please refund me the $10 – who could we contact to have this arranged?

    Kind Regards


    • Tim –

      A friend and I had the exact same experience, but we were there from 7:15 – 8:30pm. After realizing we wouldn’t get in for at least another 1-2 hours, we had to bail (way too cold to wait any longer, especially since there were 75+ people in front of us, and the line wasn’t moving any faster than 3-4 people per clip).

      $10, not a big deal — but it would go a long way to reimburse this for people that ask. Let me know if that’s possible.



    • Hi Mike-

      The event didn’t start until 8PM so I think they legally couldn’t let anyone not working the event in until 8PM. I guess you left before it opened. Too bad!!! Mike, you should have stayed. Tim was so gracious- he walked the crowd signing books and meeting people. Thanks Tim for a GREAT party!!



      • Thanks, Anna. I feel terrible about the cold and waiting at the event.

        Two things were unfortunate:

        – The venue could not legally open before 8pm, so many ppl had been waiting since 6:30pm or 7pm, but the location had no insurance to cover them before 8pm.
        – The line backed up and was slow because it was *legally* required that people check their coats for fire hazard reasons. This is what made the line so slow — simple and unfortunate.

        Everyone who attended the event should have received a personal note from me via email. Again, I’m so very sorry for any disappointment. I really did try and organize this well. I’ve done 4-6 events, and this was the first one that got mucked up at the entrance.

        All the best,



    • That’s such a bummer, you didn’t stay! The party was totally awesome!! Loved my chocolate covered grasshoppers! :)
      It was a really great event! So NYC!!


  3. @ Tim. Left the party early. Sorry but event was not well planned out at all. 800 people and only 1  bartender at each bar. People had to wait in the cold for over one hour just to get in.  Once inside you could barely move – just too many people. Music way to loud to interact and chat with any other people.

    On a more positive note love the book-was reading the kindle edition on the way down. Hope your future launh parties work out better.



  4. Hi Tim,

    Hope you had a blast last night …

    I, too, along with my wife–it was her birthday yesterday–waited in line for a long time in the frigid weather, only to have to leave because we couldn’t bare the cold any longer. (When an hour passed and she started to shake and resemble Rudolph is when we decided to call it quits.) The strangest part of it all is that we got there before 8pm and started out not far beyond the corner from the entrance.

    Anyway, I definitely understand that your launch party was a promotional event and that the ticket price, although minimal, mainly served as an incentive to get people to show up. Well, my wife and I definitely showed up … but unfortunately we weren’t let in. (I suspect that if it were solely up to you, things would’ve been handled better.)

    Is there anyone I can contact about getting a refund for my unused tickets (I’ve got the confirmation numbers and emails)?

    Huge congrats to you on The 4-Hour Body. Can’t wait to read it.

    Keep up the great work,



    • I’m so, so sorry, Dave. I hope you and all of the others who didn’t make it in received my email.

      Thank you for being so understanding — I am truly sorry about the entire line problem,



  5. I arrived at 8:30 and there was a line that literally stretched to the next avenue. Waited for 30 mins and the line wasn’t moving at all. It was just too damn cold to wait any longer. I gotta say it was a horrible experience. I please request a refund for the 10 dollar RSVP fee. Thank you.


  6. I agree with what Michael & Theodore had to say. I saw a lot of people leave the place because of the huge lines & mis-management.

    I guess Tim didn’t expect this many people to show up. But the ticket sales were a sure way to know the EXACT no of people showing up for the event.

    I think because of Mis-Management (Due to the No of people who showed up) the event wasn’t Fun(at-least for me). The cold outside & the Jam packed crowd inside made it a Non brainer to go home early. Wished I had done that earlier. But am sure Tim is happy that so many ppl showed for da event ..

    Good luck with your new book but please Organize your events better (I don’t think I will be showing up the next time)

    There were 200 some tickets (on the late bird) & few more in the early bird. How did 800 people (according to someones else) manage to show up ??


  7. Hey Tim,

    Great meeting you last night! The party at Greenhouse was awesome!

    I just hope you weren’t too drunk to remember offering me a position as your assistant which i gladly accepted?. Just let me know where to send my contact information….haha

    seriously you were a gracious host as always


  8. Hi Tim, I wanted to write and wish you all the best with the new book. Been reading 4HWW (multiple times now) over the past few years and I really appreciate all your thoughts and the dramatic impact its had on my life (working remotely, travel, focusing on important things like making time for fun, family and friends, challenging everything). I wanted to share one comment on the party – I was thinking it would be more like a cocktail party where you could meet all the cool people who read your stuff and we could throw around ideas. But the environment wasn’t really conducive to that… Everyone I spoke to said they wished it had been more of a place where you could talk and less of a club. Still fun saying hi to everyone though, even if it was screaming!


  9. Hey, Tim.

    I was at the NYC party last night. Although I liked the idea and have enjoyed reading your books and blog, the party was kind of a let down. We had to shiver outside at least 45 minutes in VERY cold weather before we were even let inside (despite our RSVPs), wait another 20 minutes to check our coats, and stand in line a further 20 minutes or more just to get one drink (never mind another). It still might’ve been worthwhile had there been more of a program or more of a chance to hear you speak.

    You’re normally very meticulous with details, and as you mentioned, this was your first party in NYC. Can you tell readers whether there was a snafu with the planning?


  10. Thanks Tim & Charlie for sending out an apology e-mail to all attendees. Very cool of you guys. I will NOT be asking for my money back – you guys rock with how much you are helping people and donating to charity etc. Looking forward to a better organized event next time:)


  11. I just got the book and read the introduction and am enthused to read the rest. But to find the intro closed with a German phrase that wasn’t even in my OXFORD DICTIONARY OF FOREIGN WORDS AND PHRASES, so that I had to Google it–to save others from having to do the same, “Alles mit Maß und Ziel” means “Everything in moderation and aim”–reminds me of what legendary screenwriter William Goldman said about his rare flop “The Year of the Comet.” He wrote that film because of his passion for wine (as he relates in his memoir WHICH LIE DID I TELL?). The movie opens on a wine tasting. He attended a preview whose audience was “young Californians.” The opening scene (his words now) “looked terrific. Only now I begin to catch sight of really the most amazing thing: a couple is walking out. Not ninety seconds into it and a couple is leaving…Now in the far aisle, four more are up and about. I am gripping the seats now, because the nightmare was just beginning. A dozen are now up. Waves of people. In the first five minutes, fifty people left the theater. Left a free movie…[They might have stayed] at a sommeliers’ convention…They felt ignorant and they hated us.” Michael Chabon’s modern classic novel THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH has as its epigraph a two-line J.L. Borges quote that was to initially appear in its original Spanish. But Chabon (a Pulitzer Prize fiction winner) at the last minute insisted the quote be translated into English because he wanted to avoid being, in his words, “too precious.” To start a book/film with something to which many might be allergic can be risky.


  12. I bought the audiobook from iTunes, where do I get all the reference material? The PDFs mentioned in the book?

    How late is too late to eat if you go to bed at midnight?


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