The Big Bang: Blow-out Launch Party in NYC, Next Tuesday


It’s time to celebrate! Three years in the making, The 4-Hour Body debuts next Tuesday.

I’m throwing a blow-out party in New York City that evening to thank readers who can attend. I hope to do more parties around the world in the coming months to thank you all. My sincerest gratitude to The King Collective for producing this event and making it gorgeous.

Here are the details — first the basics, then the fun stuff…

Date: Tues, December 14th
Time: 8pm – 11pm
Open bar (free drinks): 8pm – 10pm
RSVP: RSVPs are required to gain entrance. See below for details.
NOTE: Since we are serving alcohol, this sadly means we cannot admit anyone under the age of 21. Sorry!

Location: Greenhouse (we have the entire 6,000 square-foot club)
150 Varick St.
New York, New York 10013

– In addition to the free bar from 8-10pm,
– The first few hundred attendees will get gift bags (not free books, but other fun)
– There will be exclusive drinks available that include:
Edible Green Tea Leaves

I will be hanging out with everyone for the majority of the event, and I’ll do some Q&A if people would like. If you’ve never seen me drunk, it’s pretty funny.


The last time I bought out a movie theater for Waiting for Superman, 400 people reserved free tickets and 100 people didn’t show up. This meant 100 people who could have gone got screwed, and $1,000+ dollars were wasted.

To minimize the no-show problems, every attendee must RSVP and it costs $10.

In NYC, this will obviously be paid back with your first drink. I will not earn a single dollar — this will be used to cover staff costs, and the remainder (at least 50%) will be donated to the non-profit to help high-need classrooms in the US.

To RSVP, please go here. Hope to see you there!

Abrazo fuerte :)



Odds and Ends: 48 Hours Left for $4,000,000 in Prizes!

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Posted on: August 10, 2010.

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165 comments on “The Big Bang: Blow-out Launch Party in NYC, Next Tuesday

  1. Tim,

    I love that you do events like this. The 4HWW changed my outlook on life, I’m looking forward to receiving my copies of the 4 hr body, and I would love to attend. Unfortunately, I’m in Baltimore 4 hrs away and I have too much set up on Wednesday to do so responsibly. Believe me, I watched the remaining invites tick down for some time before opting out.

    I look forward to you making the trek further south to Baltimore. Hint, Hint.



    • Since Friday I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve got my travel plans all booked up and I’ll be starting my journey to NY in a couple hours.

      Someone mentioned meeting at a Starbucks around the corner before the event. I think I’ll plan on heading there first.

      Tim: The event starts at 8:00, What time will the doors open?


  2. I’d love to make it, but I’ll either be in Ft.Lauderdale, New Orleans, or Austin….
    Feel bad that I’m gonna miss it though.


  3. Quote
    – In addition to the free bar from 8-10pm,
    – The first few hundred attendees will get gift bags (not free books, but other fun)
    – There will be exclusive drinks available that include:
    Edible Green Tea Leaves

    Man you’ve got some heart (and I don’t mean it’s oxygen carrying capacity).

    Shit, you’re a generous and sharing nut is what I am saying :-)

    Seriously, what an amazing way to celebrate with your fans. Can’t wait till you do one back at home in SF.


  4. Very bummed to miss the action here Tim.

    The big question is why does NY get all the launch love??

    SF is waiting for the action!

    Enjoy the ride out there. Setting up my 2011 4HB test plan as we speak.



      • Hi Tim, just wondering if there is a chance to buy a ticket at the door? I thought my friend had bought one for me and it turns out she hadn’t. Yikes.
        Let me know…


      • Hi Cat,

        I’d say, if you’re in NYC, just give showing up a shot. It won’t be possible to purchase tix, but we might be able to get you in. No promises, and please beware: it’s freezing out.

        Hope to see you all soon!



  5. Ordered yesterday an English version and a Dutch one! Hope i can read while missing your party! Have fun! Visit Belgium. Here Viage is an excellent location in Brussels, Prince gives his afterparties there….