Random Episode 12 – Favorite Design Sites, Skydiving, New Books, and More


This long-overdue episode of Random, filmed at Samovar Tea, includes:

- Book updates and new book recommendations (including Omnivore’s Dilemma and If This Is A Man : The Truce)
- Favorite sites, including design-focused sites
- The new Kindle vs. the iPad — pros and cons.
- Book title hijinks and red herrings
- iFly indoor skydiving video (special thanks to Kent and Travis!)

Find all previous episodes of Random here.

Correction: Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev is credited with the modern Periodic Table of Elements, not Primo Levi, who wrote a book entitled “The Periodic Table.”


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Posted on: August 9, 2010.

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206 comments on “Random Episode 12 – Favorite Design Sites, Skydiving, New Books, and More

  1. Repetitive focus-inducing music recommendation : Philip Glass. He’s a composer out of New York. SICK stuff.

    I need validation on an online retail store idea and a social network idea.

    Any recommendations on an experienced internet entrepreneur that I can call and get feedback for my ideas from?


  2. Hey Tim!!!

    Great episode I love these so much. I do believe however that the special forces test is actually 10 minutes of max KB snatches with 1.5 pood. You cannot put the kettle bell down for those 10 minutes, and your score is the amount of snatches you get, i believe 200 was the “goal” or something.

    Speaking of which, I compete in CrossFit and I was just wondering why you dont do it or anything? It seems like you do the same things we do, what are your thoughts on it?



    • Hi Devin,

      I’ve spent a lot of time with CrossFit folks and have done a fair amount of CF training, but I dislike the emphasis of some trainers on minimum rest when incorporating movements with high injury potential like Olympic lifts. That said, I think the metabolic conditioning (MetCon) work is great for fighters and anaerobically-inclined athletes of 15 minutes or less.

      I used to train with guys out of the Santa Cruz CrossFit when I was at the Ralph Gracie Academy in Mountain View. Tough dudes.



  3. Hi Tim!
    I very much enjoy reading your posts and watching the random show.
    I’d like to suggest that you write down the time when each “chapter” in the random show begins so I can faster watch the parts I’m really interested in.
    Greetings from Switzerland


  4. Love the book recommendations. I just wish there was an easier way to keep track of what you and your commenters/fans recommend. Like some wordpress widget, or some amazon app, I don’t know.


  5. My book recommendation for you both is “You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto” by Jaron Lanier. It would be cool to get both of your takes on a book that criticizes, in a sincere and intelligent way, much of what you are involved with. The show is really cool, but maybe it’s time to change it up and reflect a bit. :) Sean


  6. Hey guys,

    First time to actually check out the site, but great video, I like the insight, and it’s fun to see the new rich in action. I just started making my journey to the lifestyle as well, as I just graduated school and already see the misery in my friends who took 9-5 jobs, and remember how bad it sucks to work all the time, it steals my youth and creativity.

    With the website you were talking about it seems like your into design etc. I found it interesting how artist and marketers will use the divine proportion (Phi) in a lot of advertisements, as I saw it on some in the website. ( It seems like a lot of companies are forgetting this tactic.)

    Fflick is a crazy site and is definitely a great way to see trends for movies, but also opens up the possibilities for other trend sites you hear about people using. I read in Dan Browns new book, and in it, he talks about how the government may use social networks and text messages to also try to get a trend or feel for the American. His books are hard to take the facts from fiction, but this new technology does take the imagination on a roller coaster ride for me from a business standpoint.

    One can see trends for investing, in not just stocks, but companies, elections, etc. This could also be used in a political way for politicians to see the citizens views on a point, but maybe better yet, for citizens to be able to see everyone’s thoughts in a large scale. It definitely seems to be more precise then other market research. Crazy stuff haha.

    Well thanks for the book Tim, and for the insight guys. Its also cool to see you actually read your comments. Wish me luck in my new journey!


  7. Smashing stuff! Love your content! Your book became my go to birthday present for all my friends this year. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Saw a post about mentoring form a lad named Kyle and agree it would be great to hear some more of in-depth thoughts on the subject.

    I’m about to launch my first business and I’m running round with the alacrity of a ferret right now, (which I’m sure is familiar feeling to most budding entrepreneurs), and it would be great to have someone to talk to and make sure the energy is being channeled in the right directions.

    While on the topic, did you ever use SCORE when you were a newbie to the business world?

    Thanks again mate and looking forward to the next blog and the new BOOK!


  8. Tim,

    As an idea for a future episode. It would be good to hear how you structure your ‘advisor’ deals. You have mentioned that you invest and advise various companies, without breaching the confidence of individual deals, it would be interesting to know how these are structured. e.g. Do you take a retainer for each deal, is it a pure equity %, do you insist on options on exit etc.

    Thanks, Martin


  9. Hey Tim,

    Sweet Episode, as usual. Now that you’ve done iFly, you should check out getting your skydiving license. I did last fall, and it was incredible. And since you like pushing your boundaries…..



  10. Tim, I enjoyed the discussion. You should do a weekly blog on the best unknown sites on the internet. The 4HWW opened up a new world for me as far as using the internet is concerned. I look forward to having success with my new virtual assistant and hope to incorporate other internet ideas. Have a great day.


  11. Dude,

    Who doesn’t love snatch? I could see you trying not to laugh at that one.

    Love your book and blog. Since listening to the audio version I feel like Neo in the Matrix. I took the red pill and I can never go back.


  12. hey Tim, first time I’ve watched a Random episode before – was great to hear your thoughts on the latest and greatest from down here in New Zealand.

    I just had to share with you something better than iFly ;-)

    As you know us Kiwis are well known for adventure sport. Here’s a kiwi version of iFly downunder which is done outside!! I’ve done it and it’s great!!
    Go see freefallxtreme – shame they don’t have video, but the testimonial page with everyone’s faces says it all :-)


  13. Tim,

    awesome episode as always! I just have a little suggestion regarding video navigation for the random show, so I made this little 1min video where i explain it. Hope you like it :)

    Thanks, Sven


  14. I like these shows and would really like more episodes but for it to be “random” I guess i gotta wait till you and Kevin are ready to do another one.

    Keep up the good work guys!


  15. Hi Tim,

    You mentioned a few of the bands you like to listen to when you write. Can you give us a more complete list of music you listen to? Can you give us your playlist for various tasks like writing, gym, driving etc…

    I listened to “The Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin for the first time after you mentioned it on this show and I really liked it. I would like to see if there are any others that you suggest that I might like.

    Music can be a great way to change your mood or motivate you. It would make a great blog post to list your music playlists.

    Thanks mate


  16. “Snatch is amazing” Well said Mr.Rose. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I feel like a ten year old boy laughing my a** off. Glad Tim thought it was funny too.


  17. I love these episodes man! Pure awesomeness in a nutshell!
    Found these just recently and I must say, they are a perfect to start the day with in combination of a fresh, nice and tasty cup of coffee! Which I have been doing now for the past days.
    Let your awesomeness flow and make some more will you?

    Best regards from snowy Sweden!