The First Time Online – Enjoy While You Can


Most of you have never seen this. I really hope you enjoy it. To download, just sign into Vimeo and you’re set. If you Final Cut it up, please set to a Crystal Method or Sevendust soundtrack :)

In other breaking news:

I need only 120 more Amazon reviews to beat The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, a dream I’ve had since 2007! Not because I dislike him, but precisely the opposite — he’s one of my writing role models and I long viewed his book as untouchable.

If you’ve read the 4HWW but haven’t left a short review on Amazon, please take 30 seconds and help me here! The stars are, of course, up to you.

It would really mean a lot to me, and what a milestone it would be as a late Christmas present :)

Odds and Ends Elsewhere:
Tim Ferriss on Facebook (includes new videos)
Tim Ferriss – Smash Fear, Learn Anything (TED video)

Afterword – Common Questions

Thanks for all the kind words and questions in the comments! Here are answers to a few common questions:

“Gaijin [foreigner] resentment from the Japanese?”

None whatsoever. Major point of conflict with the production company, as they wanted me to show I was ‘proving my teacher’ wrong, etc. for manufactured drama. Total nonsense. The Japanese teachers and students were some of the most gracious and generous people I’ve ever met. The Japanese get a bum rap for xenophobia, mostly by Americans who go over, speak to them in English, and them call them ‘inscrutable’ when they don’t respond in fluent, idiomatic English. Learn some Japanese and they are 100% fine. Business settings = negotiating = not a representative interaction. Get with the people and interact, preferably with something physical. I’ve never felt this artificial insider/outsider wall people talk about.

“Pre-bed and other preparations for physical only or also mental?”

Also for mental and learning. Pre-bed and mid-night language review is incredibly effective for improving recall.

“How much story arc vs. real issues?”

It was real. The fear of falling off was real. It came up only after arrival that injuries were much more common and severe than expected. The editing didn’t do justice to the drama. We had 100+ hours of footage, and there were some gems that could have replaced other bits in this 45 minutes. It rained for 2-3 days of the practice time, for example, and we couldn’t use the horses. The non-yabusame human-to-human interactions with the Japanese were also missing. Some really hysterical moments.

“Have I been back to train?”

Not yet. I love Nikko and would love to go back. I have spoken with both my teacher (Hayashi) and some of the Japanese crew, however. Truly wonderful people.

“Superhuman book to include cooking?”

The way I do it, yes. Simple stuff that tastes great and works. Boys, don’t worry — it’s bachelor screw-up proof.

“Doing a traditional Japanese martial art myself for many years do you ever get frustrated when you learn a skill and then to a certain extent ‘move on’ that you’re just scratching the surface?”

A few people asked this. I don’t try and “hack” everything and move on. I do believe in the enjoyment of constant practice as an exercise, almost like meditation. It’s important to balance achievement with appreciation, and there are skills that I continue to practice without abandoning them. In fact, I don’t feel like I abandon much. Even if I haven’t really practiced tango since 2006, for example, the skills and awareness I developed in tango are applicable to other things, even yabusame. I feel like each is intertwined with the next, so I’m — on a macro-level — constantly working on a process of skill-development that spreads across these various experiments.

In simpler terms, I’m just having fun and doing what makes me most excited. I see nothing wrong with this. For some, that will mean 1 skill a year, others 1 skill a month, and others still, one skill a lifetime.

All are fair.

Posted on: January 8, 2010.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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375 comments on “The First Time Online – Enjoy While You Can

  1. Just finished the book, and am reading it again

    I’m 19 and i’m hoping to have this financial part of the four hour work week down pat in 6 months

    Love you work man,

    By the way, just got myself a pair of Vibram KSO’s ;)

    You’re one of my role models Tim ;-)

    Thanks mate


  2. Tim – Thanks again for the books, they were the best Christmas present I got this year. Your signed copy holds a special spot in my desk next to the old dog eared copy I bought two years ago.

    I did watch that show the first time it aired. Just the web cast, as it didn’t show here in Japan, but this year one of my priorities is to do a bit of yabusame.

    Akemashite Omedetto Gozaimasu.


  3. Hey Tim, delighted for your success mate! THANK YOU for sending me my complimentary copy of New 4HWW. My testimony got published (“killing blackberry”) in your book and true to your word I got a free copy! Of course I’d completely forgotten and already bought hardcover & kindle versions – glad to help the cause though ;-)
    If you’re ever in N.Ireland (and you should!) look me up – happy to be a tour guide and feed you a pint of Guiness in the most bombed building in Europe! I’ll jump onto Amazon now & leave a review…


  4. Hey Tim,

    Finally! Been looking for this for EVER! Great book – I’ll leave a review in a minute. How can I get in touch with you, none of the stuff on the contact page seemed relevant!



  5. Tim,

    This is a damn cool video.

    I’m going to have to get the audiobook ASAP. I haven’t had enough time to read the paper version (obviously I need to!). I’ll leave a review then :)


  6. Now why again did you not continue with your show? This should be on the travel channel and lined up with ‘no reservations’ and other very entertaining travel shows!


  7. Tim,

    serious question.

    Doing a traditional Japanese martial art myself for many years do you ever get frustrated when you learn a skill and then to a certain extent ‘move on’ that you’re just scratching the surface?

    Hacking all very well but often the physical skill is not the point of the practice, obviously I know you know this but ho does that sit with you?

    enjoyed the program immensely btw,



  8. Tim, we will definitely get you over the tipping point — you deserve it! I’m reading thru the revised version on my Kindle from France. Too bad Kindle sales don’t contribute to your stats for getting on the best sellers list, but I’m glad we got the new version on there even without it :)


  9. It would have be great to have this series on the air !

    Like Marco, I’m curious about the reasons why it ended. And does it have a chance of being relaunched in the future ?


  10. WHY IN THE HOLY NOODLES OF ZEUS ISN’T THIS SHOW ON THE AIR?! Sweet cuppin’ cakes it’s bad ass. I’d buy this box set on DVD – NEIGH! – ON BLU-RAY! in a heart beat. Which ever suit and tie waste of life didn’t sign your ass to a multi-season deal needs to get punched square in the neck meats.