4-Hour Body Promo – Half-Naked Girls, Erections, and Stickers


On this blog, I try and strike a balance — well, it’s more like a ratio — of 80% useful content and 20% fun for sh#$% and giggles.

If the blog isn’t fun for me to write, it will end up boring to read, so I sometimes visit Random Land. This is such a time. I think athletic girls are fantastic (don’t worry, ladies — goodies for you soon), and I like stickers. So what do you get?

The 4-Hour Body promotional stickers!

The 4-Hour Body is almost exactly 4 weeks away, and each week, I will be debuting a new countdown sticker, ending with a launch sticker. This week features my friend Taryn Southern, whose new video “Keep It In Your Pants” might just make your head explode or your boss fire you.

How do you get the stickers? Simple:

– “Check-in” via the GetGlue app or website
– If needed: click the “Reading Book” icon, search for the book by title or “Ferriss”, and then click “Check-in”.
– You get a digital sticker automatically, but…
– Once you earn 15 stickers (via “check-ins”) for any of the books, movies, TV shows, etc. on GetGlue, you can have free 4-Hour Body physical stickers shipped to you! Put them on your dog’s forehead, laptop, or iPhone.

Crazy times. Three years ago, I never could have imagined that I’d be promoting stickers, half-naked women, and erections. Just goes to show that what my parents told me is true: when you grow up, you can do ANYTHING that you want.

God bless the Internet.

Posted on: November 17, 2009.

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111 comments on “4-Hour Body Promo – Half-Naked Girls, Erections, and Stickers

  1. Hey Tim –

    looking forward to the book, just gave away a free copy of the 4HWW on my blog a week ago.

    Interested to see what the 4-hour-body looks like!

    and yes, that video just about got me fired, and I’m self-employed…


    – Chad


  2. Thank you Tim,

    I’ve been into swimming in the last couple of years and am now very looking forward to incorporate your ideas into my daily exercises.

    By the way, what your parents told you was so beautiful. Definitely the things I will tell my (not-yet-conceived) children in the future.



  3. This makes me very happy. I believe I have become aware of regressing to childhood. I am now visualizing a line of art I will temp tattoo on me:

    “Hack my F*cking body”

    (This will lead to interesting conversation or my death)


  4. TIM!!!…damn you and your catchy blog titles, I thought I was gonna get a sneak peek into your book’s sex section!

    (… 4 more weeks…ahhhh!)


  5. I’ve already dropped 20 pounds of fat just from reading your blog…I’m dying to get my signed copy in my grubby little hands.

    I seriously can’t wait…everyone is getting 4HB Books for X-Mas this year!


  6. Kinda funny to see this the same day as the Onion’s post about icons of world power gathering to inspect each other’s penises. Check it out!