4-Hour Body Promo – Half-Naked Girls, Erections, and Stickers


On this blog, I try and strike a balance — well, it’s more like a ratio — of 80% useful content and 20% fun for sh#$% and giggles.

If the blog isn’t fun for me to write, it will end up boring to read, so I sometimes visit Random Land. This is such a time. I think athletic girls are fantastic (don’t worry, ladies — goodies for you soon), and I like stickers. So what do you get?

The 4-Hour Body promotional stickers!

The 4-Hour Body is almost exactly 4 weeks away, and each week, I will be debuting a new countdown sticker, ending with a launch sticker. This week features my friend Taryn Southern, whose new video “Keep It In Your Pants” might just make your head explode or your boss fire you.

How do you get the stickers? Simple:

– “Check-in” via the GetGlue app or website
– If needed: click the “Reading Book” icon, search for the book by title or “Ferriss”, and then click “Check-in”.
– You get a digital sticker automatically, but…
– Once you earn 15 stickers (via “check-ins”) for any of the books, movies, TV shows, etc. on GetGlue, you can have free 4-Hour Body physical stickers shipped to you! Put them on your dog’s forehead, laptop, or iPhone.

Crazy times. Three years ago, I never could have imagined that I’d be promoting stickers, half-naked women, and erections. Just goes to show that what my parents told me is true: when you grow up, you can do ANYTHING that you want.

God bless the Internet.

Posted on: November 17, 2009.

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111 comments on “4-Hour Body Promo – Half-Naked Girls, Erections, and Stickers

  1. As a doctor and someone who people “need” to see as having a good reputation, I wholeheartedly appreciate the fact that you are YOU. I do my best to be only me, someone who does drink alcohol, is not condescending to anyone, and is a normal human being, just like everyone else. In regard to the comment above on “unsubscribing,” I’m “subscribed” for life. Keep it up Timmy.


  2. Tim,

    I am looking forward to your new book!

    Even if we all become super human with the help of the 4 Hour Body, most of us will succumb to injury or illness needing modern medical attention sooner or later. Surly you have lifestyle-deigned your way into good health insurance at reasonable costs. Will you be sharing this in your book? If not, can you please share your thoughts on finding good health insurance / health care, especially for new entrepreneurs.



  3. I about peed my shorts laughing at Taryn’s videos. She is hot and can sing! Looking forward to the book. The 4-hour Work Week has been a life changer. Best part, my boss recommended it to me.


  4. Well, Tim -
    I probably won’t be jumping through the fun hoops for the stickers this time around – but I did enjoy the video.
    But what I really want to know is – Is Taryn’s a 4 Hour Body???
    That’s what I want – to improve my shape. . . Is your book geared toward men only?
    Looking forward to reading it regardless. . . as I love reading your book and following your blog!
    I always tell people to RUN to the store to buy 4HWW and have given several copies to dear friends.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!



  5. I’m with the above commenter, Dan… Tim, I really liked the 4HHW and what not, but my gut tells me there’ more to succeeding than the methods you prescribe (just click on the websites on any of the people commenting here, all blog sites revolving around their average life, with a few exceptions).

    Then again, to each his own. Good luck with everything, you’ve opened my mind to a lot of new things, will give your new book a peek when it’s in the local bookstore before buying it.


    • Might want to click on more links. I run a spreadsheet going back to 2008 with every site link in the comment section. Though, you are correct, many of the sites (around 30%) are ‘fairly’ normal life living people there is the majority of people who have quite an interesting twist on life/subjects.

      That spreadsheet has been golden.


      • It does indeed. More to come on that. More importantly, when I run into you and you take a Tucker Max tone with me asking, “Who the f*ck are you?”

        I can take this screen shot out and say, “Um, I am THIS guy. And here is the mindmapped spreadsheet. Now, do you wanna go hang with Movnat guy or pass out those controversial stickers?”


  6. Tim, I know this is completely off the topic of this post, but I hope you’ll find it helpful.

    I heard of a recipe for a ziploc omelet. Essentially, you bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Then insert a quart-size ziploc bag into the water with two eggs and other ingredients. Wait 13 minutes, and you have a perfect omelet.

    No joke, I tried this today and it was amazing. Best of all, no cleanup (aside from the dish you put the omelet on).

    Give it a try!


      • Ziploc bags would be the same as with any other plastic I would suspect, and would also be worse at higher temperatures. Though I have also heard of doing this same thing in a microwave rather than in boiling water… less mess and less cleanup.


      • I occasionally make omelets in a bowl / microwave, it’s quick but doesn’t taste nearly as good from a stove top…and water from veggies doesn’t evaporate and pools at the bottom


  7. @ Selene November 17th, 2010 9:31 pm

    I have to pull you up here. Why is it that whenever a smoking-hot athletic girl is used for promotion, people say it’s going to encourage poor eating and so on. Are the ladies that weak (sorry, no offence, couldn’t think of a better word)? Are they so insecure (that’s an honest question).

    For men, at least for me, if I see someone lean and ripped, it makes me want to work harder, not go all eating-disorder. I am a cyclist and surfer and when I see Kelly Slater or Contador/Evans, it makes me wanted to be more ripped-er. It doesn’t make me want to curl up in a ball and say healthy body images shouldn’t be in the media. I’m not so weak that I’ll fall apart because some dude on Men’s Health is shockingly ripped. I highly doubt others are that weak either.

    Recently here in Australia, the delightful Jennifer Hawkins was ripped apart for going nude (tastefully) on a mag cover. The din and howl was shocking. SHOCKING. “Terrible!” they cried. “Irresponsible”, came the shrieks. Women (almost all women) got stuck into her for being a bad role model and how it would make girls feel bad about themselves, eat poorly, start killing labrador puppies and God knows what else.

    Um, what?

    How is a healthy, lean, athletic body an example of a BAD role model. By all accounts she works out 5 times a week and eats well. She is nothing but a *GOOD* role model, as it Taryn above. More people should be like this.

    On a personal level, I feel both qualified and compelled to say this as: I was 88kg (I think that’s around 200 lbs) a few years ago – I am 5’7″. Was miserable. I am now 63kg (I think around 140lbs), body fat 8% (heading to 6%), I cycle about 400km a week (and race), have a full time job, surf, eat well, run up to 25km a week, work out, have a lovely gf, I do weights, and still find time for building my online stuff.

    I think the howls of protests hide what is a significant problem: laziness. It’s much easier to call fit people who look after themselves as being irresponsible (let’s be honest, Taryn is not skinny, she’s athletic, so you can’t reasonably say she is promoting an unhealthy image) than it is than to knuckle down and bust out some sweet-#rse exercise, as well as eating well.

    No more excuses and blaming others (another big problem in society: “help me get thin”, “why doesn’t the government fix All My Problems”). Get can do.


    (Sorry for the rant, really).


    • @TIM M I’m with you there, buddy!
      The cover girl looks normal to me, she’s athletic, well toned and a far cry from eating disorders. She looks healthy. Not everyone who is skinny has eating disorders, some people just have fast metabolism and can’t gain weight no matter what they eat and how much they eat. If I had young daughters I would like them to see athletic women as role models and get into exercise & sports. If Tim used me as a cover model I’d understand Selene’s concerns about the girls getting eating disorders, but that lady is looks perfectly healthy.


  8. Nice stickers Tim :)! I am going to try to get some for sure. And I can’t wait to get your new book! I have done many health experiments on my own as well, and I am just dying to read yours. I also just tried the paleo diet for 30 days. I think I can tolerate gluten, but without a doubt now that I eat some meals with wheat I immediately notice that I am just a little more sluggish and a bit more tired afterwards. Keep rocking!


  9. Love the marketing strategy! If some people put stickers on their car/laptop/bag/etc. that’ll be possible conversation later on. It’s a very interesting method to use!

    Also, the title of the post is “Half-Naked Girls, Erections, and Stickers” – I hope that doesn’t mean next weeks sticker is going to be of an…

    Anyways, cheers!

    Nick G


  10. Hey Tim,

    I appreciate that as you’ve grown into this blog and your successes, you’ve never taken yourself too seriously. As someone who has continued to be inspired by your blog and changed my life for the better, I’ll continue to look up to you as a role model and someone I can learn from. Way to live well!

    I eagerly await your book release and was bummed I missed out on a signed copy! December couldn’t come quick enough :)



  11. Tim I can’t wait for this book to come out. I’m actually buying 250 copies of Gary V’s book for my company (he just moved out of my office in NY). Unfortunately this book doesn’t quite work for that, but I still plan on buying dozens of copies for my friends if it’s half as good as I expect it to be.


  12. Hey Tim-

    Also in the lifetime subscriber category…You keep being you.

    Thanks for sending the email and link to those who offered to help with the book. I’m sure i’ll end up buying it for friends and family anyways like I did with 4hww.

    Looking even more forward to December than usual!




  13. Noticed you changed the year of the post and set it to the back. Probably a good choice. Did you lose a bet or something?
    I do understand where some of the negative comments above are coming from, but am confident this will continue to be a quality, useful site. Excited to receive the new book and read some posts on the book’s topics.
    You’ve impacted a lot of lives for the better — thanks for doing what you do!


    • Hahaha… it’s because I redated it to take it off the homepage, as I do for most of my promotions that add little value once my main readers see it once :)

      Thank you for noticing, though! I love that level of observation. Good stuff.



  14. I gave away the new edition of 4hww to my friends for Hannukah/Yule along with my outsourcing cheat sheet. I’ll do the same with the four hour body. I am on a modified version of the paleo diet, ever since I cut the grains out of my diet, I feel way better! My autoimmune issues didn’t disappear but all the ibs, stomach aches, nausea is gone. That gave me all the extra energy to launch my business and I’m even coming up with tons of ideas! I couldn’t come up with anything when I was feeling so sick all the time, put all of my muses on hold, couldn’t be productive at all. Thank you Tim!

    Folks we should spread the word about the remove feces from your bloodstream post, the more people read it the better!


  15. Can’t wait for the new book.

    I moved to Thailand from Los Angeles last year. Can’t be any happier.
    Thanks for the positive vibes you send out to the world. We need more of you.

    PS-Before I confirmed it, I just knew you were a Leo haha :-p


  16. Thank you for the free book. I am pumped to read this.

    Got a lot of free time, thanks to you, if you need any help in promotions, don’t hesitate to ask..


  17. I’ve got your fourhourweek book and it’s a byble for me. Wlhen are you going to publish the four-hour body in Spain? Thank you for your answer.


  18. Hey Tim, i’ve already ordered a copy of the book and can’t wait for it to arrive. But was wondering if there is still going to be the chapter on paying for a vacation by being a donor/having experiments done to yourself etc?

    many thanks