Sneak Peek: The New and Expanded 4-Hour Workweek is Here


The 4-Hour Workweek was first published April 27th, 2007.

I did my best to cover all of the bases when it debuted, but there were gaps. Though I included cases studies of families using lifestyle design, for example, it was hard to find more than a few the first time around.

Not anymore. Things have changed. There are more than 30,000 comments on this blog, hundreds of people have shared their successes and failures via detailed e-mail, and both case studies and experiments continue to flow in from around the world.

This doesn’t mean that the current edition doesn’t do the job — it does — but more than 40 printings and 35 languages later, a new and expanded edition has finally been completed

This new version includes all of the updates and additions that I’ve wanted to make for the last 2.5 years, including more than 50 case studies from readers, as well as 100+ pages of new content. Many of the “tools and tricks” resources have been completely revised to reflect testing with newer and better technologies.

The book publishes December 15th but is available for preorder here at a 30% discount. Why not get some X-mas shopping done early? :)

The graphics in this post are the new cover and jacket, which you voted on here. Thank you all so much for the wonderful input and conversation, both online and in real-life.

I learn more from you than I could ever hope to teach.

I hope you love this new edition as much as I do (larger font in second graphic):

Pre-order it here for 30% off the cover price, making it less than $15.

If you’re in media and would like to discuss exclusive interviews, stories, or segments, please email amy-at-fourhourworkweek-dot-com with “4HWW Media” in the subject line.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Odds and ends elsewhere on the web:
Tim Ferriss on TED – Smash Fear, Learn Anything
How to Tim Ferriss Your Love Life (from WordCamp 2009)

Posted on: October 16, 2009.

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306 comments on “Sneak Peek: The New and Expanded 4-Hour Workweek is Here

  1. Not sure where you’d prefer me to post this, but I found a small glitch in the Kindle version:
    @ Locations 1880-88 / 6771 (the puppy close) the quotes after “vs.” are missing. I.e you can only see the “bad example” quotes, not the “good example” quotes.


  2. Tim, are you sure that this new version it’s already available in other languages like Dutch, Spanish, etc? Because bookstores do not have these editions in their ISBN database.

    If not so, when do you expect your new version to be available in other languages?


  3. Hi Tim/assistants :-)

    I am in Australia and would REALLY REALLY REALLY love tobuy a copy of the 4HWW on audio book … why the US/Canada restrictions? Can anyone let me know where I can get an audio copy in Aus?


  4. Tim -
    Currently reading the expand version of 4HWW. Love it!.

    This is more of a curiosity question than anything else. Before I read 4HWW I was reading Getting Things Done by David Alan. I’m curios what you think of his approach for time management?



  5. I have read the book and it seems to me it boils down to “start a profitable business where you can get someone else to do all the work.”


    So how do you do that? Yeah, yeah, something I love. What if what I love is sleeping, watching movies, and spending time with my family? My point is, how do you find an idea that people will spend money on? Why is there no information on THAT? THAT would be the information that would really help.


  6. Dear Tim:

    Bon dia mi amigo nuevo! not even sure of the spelling. I believe it’s 2am now in my 3rd week trip to South America from Canada. Was in BA, Rio and now Salvador on my way to Manaus then the amazon. My first time to do such a thing like this and i feel like a multimillionaire many times over. I’m on the second chapter of my life (could mean a lot of things -, cancer scare survivor, status change and shall I say I’m not a spring chicken anymore although lately I feel really still am)

    Love traveling and doing the things now that I was not able to do when I was in my younger years – (lack of funds) Nothing will get on the way and absolutely nothing can stop me now. A friend literally put the earphone into my ears and let me listen to 4HWW audio book. Dont worry I’ll get my own hard copy at the soonest. Oh la la it’s about time I hear your message. I’ve been using these lines lately “when the student is ready the teacher will come” – Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts to the world. Hope our path will meet someday! You brilliant (digital age) soul. I’ll check in often that is for sure. Hugs Juliet aka Jhet


  7. Tim Ferris-

    In my eyes, you just became one of my most favorite people on the internet. I just started reading your book and it has totally reshaped the way I view my unfolding life. I am currently 18 and am going to UCLA to play volleyball next fall. Before I read your book, I dreamed of the high paying job, probably like most other young adults, thinking that it was the correct path in life. My outlook on my future career started to come to me after reading “The 4 Hour Work Week”. No longer do I just want to climb the corporate ladder. I want to find a job, low or high paying, that truly excites me every day and is challenging. Hopefully it includes building awesome buildings, the outdoors, and lots of social interaction. If I enjoy life like I am GOING to, I will not forget who inspired me to do so.

    There is one other reason that I am contacting you Mr. Ferris. I know that you love travel, and so do I. I have been to New Zealand, China, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and many of the fifty states (thanks to venturous parents). Looking back, I remember getting sick because the water quality wasn’t up to par with the quality we get in the states. I’m bringing this up because I currently work for this new company called “Get the Bottle.” We specialize in selling 25 oz. stainless-steel filtered water bottles (the exact specs and features are on our website if you want more info) that a Renaissance man like you could greatly benefit from using. I’m just trying to expose you to something that you could end up using every day and is really cool.

    Once again, I just wanted to thank you for educating the world on your desirable and attainable lifestyle. You have no idea the impact you have on me and the rest of your readers.

    Michael Beals


  8. Hey Tim, I’m really hoping that you see this comment and can respond. It’s been exactly 1 year since I discovered 4hww. I love the book and have read it through at least 5 times. I make natural bath and body products and I’ve spent the last year trying to find a way to turn this business into a successful muse. I’ve concluded that I need help from the source. Do you have any suggestions? I’d really appreciate a little direction. Thanks in advance!


  9. Hey Tim and whoever else reads this. I wasn’t sure where to ask questions, but this looked like a good place. I am a sophomore in high school interested in starting an online business. My question is: how do you find a product to market? It would seem every idea I’ve had has either been done already or is unrealistic for my situation. If you had any tips on product creation, that would be fantastic. Thanks.


    • Caleb,

      Even if someone else is “doing it” already it’s okay. Think about why one thing sells better than another — Marketing. Lots of companies sell the same items.

      Find something you’re passionate about that you want to promote, then be the best marketer you can be to promote it.


  10. I just finished reading the book (expanded edition) and I think it’s awesome.

    A couple of typos I noticed:

    page 172, footnote 31, 3rd line “getting though” should be “getting through”
    page 323, footnote 88 “just serach” should be “just search”

    There is another one which I lost track of. I made the mistake of committing to memory. Sorry.


  11. Hi Tim,

    I have been working step by step through the automation chapter of The 4HWW, and I am looking at the rate cards of different magazines. It’s been a couple years since the book was released, so I was wondering if I should still be looking for magazines that charge less than 5K for a full page ad, or if I should go a little higher (like 6K or 7K).

    Obviously, the cheaper the better, but I found a few that I like that are in the 6 to 7 range. What do you think?

    Thank you,



  12. I have this book and the nook version. I enjoy going back to read from time to time. Must admit though I am still working on developing my muse. The checking emails twice per day has really saved me on time! Thanks Tim!!!!


  13. Here is the voice from another side of the pond.
    I bought Kindle version yesterday evening (well, let’s consider this as my tiny contribution to making Tim NR). I did not finish it yet and I cannot say I don’t like it, actually I do: it is motivating, it provokes alternative thinking, it’s giving some practical advices, it’s fun…
    But there is one major fault: this is a book written by American for Americans (or citizens of any other prosperous country, yes, slightly hit by crisis but still prosperous).
    There is nothing new in the idea of becoming New Rich by exploiting dirty cheap labor of other people, pharaohs in Egypt did this ages ago, the only difference is that modern technologies allow you to hire people, who happened to be born in countries with undeveloped economies, without bringing them to your country.
    John Doe in your book makes his $100 per hour while working 10 hours per week only because somewhere there is a bunch of people who are working the rest of the week, earning say $10 he generously pays them, putting their long hours to ensure Jonh has his long leisure times. Can they “escape 9-5”?
    Your VA has to check emails every five minutes in case there may be errand from you. Does she/he have a luxury of checking them only twice a day?
    “Live anywhere” or “travel worldwide” are nice advices, but how far your travels would get you, if you did not have American passport which does not require visa to most countries of the world (or visa can be easily issued)?
    What your ‘success story’ would be if you would live in the country where the priority of most of the population is to find a job paid enough to buy food and to pay utility bills? For most of people here buying a nice pouch for iPhone or where to park a car is not a problem at all because there is no iPhone and no car, and I don’t think someone would buy into Neural Accelerator.
    You say that at the beginning you did not have any advantages comparatively to you fellow countrymen. Maybe you did not, but the fact you was born in America gave you advantages comparatively to many people born in poor countries. There is no any personal achievement or personal fault in this, this is sort of inheritance based on the inequality exiting in the world.
    I am the one to whom people like you outsource their activities, my earnings are pretty well but not even close to NR. To earn what I have now, I have to put all my 80+ hours a week, all my energy and intellect, and (at this point you may laugh) “I can’t really throw it all away” because I have obligations to other people who depend on me. I don’t have too many options too (see above). You are just lucky little of us have. What would you do if all of us, inspired by your book, would suddenly retire?
    So, Tim, please admit that the assumption is wrong that this book is for everyone. The book is good and there is some good stuff at this blog too, but this will work in certain circumstances, for people leaving in a few specific countries of the world, people with no ties and no responsibilities other than their leisure. This is not a silver bullet and this is not applicable to everyone – for some this would work, for most it would not.
    My apologies if something is grammatically incorrect, English is not my first language, but I hope you get the point.


  14. Tim,
    I bought this Audio book 4HWW. I wanted to say that I’m an audio book fanatic, it lets you make hour long drives in the car pay off and become productive. There is a down side though. You list several sources of information (names, places etc.) in the book and it’s virtually impossible to write it all down as fast as you can speak, and certainly not while driving. You should include some of this info in a small pamphlet. I’m not cheap, but I have no intention of buying the paper version and laboring through 450 pages looking for all the referenced information. I know, it’s more work for you but it’s good for your customer. And besides, you only work a few hours a week- I can’t see why you can’t put in an extra hour to perfect your audio products lol…


  15. I’m wondering about the part where you make Dreamlines and you have to pick something you want 6 months from now and then you have to choose something to do today, tomorrow, and the next day to make it happen. What if what you want 6 months from now is something that you’re requiring money to do anything about today? What are your three things, then? Or, what if (as was the case in one of Tim’s examples) it is something you can’t control? (Tim wanted a “Smart and Gorgeous Girlfriend). Thanks in advance for any responses.


  16. I have your book and would like to complete the Dreamliner using your automatic calculator, but can’t find it on this site. Can you please send me the link for it.

    Many thanks, I’m excited about the prospect of a new beginning


    • Here you go, Allison:

      About half way down the page there is a link to a sample 6 month dreamline. Below that is the link to the dreamline worksheet download. You can actually fill that in. My only warning: I had trouble opening it at first because I didn’t have Microsoft Office set up. Doesn’t seem to work with any other Excel-type program, at least for me. (It’s an Excel doc)


  17. My thought was for books that seem to have made you quite the Guru on lifestyle changes and has had a profound affect on millions of people….. Why not offer all 3 books in a Fancy (leather wrapped maybe ? idk) bundle case that could be ornately displayed within one’s dwelling!


  18. I need help calculating my TMI the 4HWW says the blog-site will help but, I dont see any forms here. Please help me.

    Thank you

    Please email me with help if you have time after the comment