Sneak Peek: The New and Expanded 4-Hour Workweek is Here


The 4-Hour Workweek was first published April 27th, 2007.

I did my best to cover all of the bases when it debuted, but there were gaps. Though I included cases studies of families using lifestyle design, for example, it was hard to find more than a few the first time around.

Not anymore. Things have changed. There are more than 30,000 comments on this blog, hundreds of people have shared their successes and failures via detailed e-mail, and both case studies and experiments continue to flow in from around the world.

This doesn’t mean that the current edition doesn’t do the job — it does — but more than 40 printings and 35 languages later, a new and expanded edition has finally been completed

This new version includes all of the updates and additions that I’ve wanted to make for the last 2.5 years, including more than 50 case studies from readers, as well as 100+ pages of new content. Many of the “tools and tricks” resources have been completely revised to reflect testing with newer and better technologies.

The book publishes December 15th but is available for preorder here at a 30% discount. Why not get some X-mas shopping done early? :)

The graphics in this post are the new cover and jacket, which you voted on here. Thank you all so much for the wonderful input and conversation, both online and in real-life.

I learn more from you than I could ever hope to teach.

I hope you love this new edition as much as I do (larger font in second graphic):

Pre-order it here for 30% off the cover price, making it less than $15.

If you’re in media and would like to discuss exclusive interviews, stories, or segments, please email amy-at-fourhourworkweek-dot-com with “4HWW Media” in the subject line.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Odds and ends elsewhere on the web:
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How to Tim Ferriss Your Love Life (from WordCamp 2009)

Posted on: October 16, 2009.

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307 comments on “Sneak Peek: The New and Expanded 4-Hour Workweek is Here

  1. Wow Tim, congrats! Your book has greatly influenced my life, and I am sure millions of others as well. I look forward to this new updated version, I am pre-ordering now! Good on you man :)


  2. Tim,

    Loved the first book and followed lots of your advice. Published my first book this year and am working on the second as we speak. I working hard to join the new rich by dominating a niche market with the erotic fiction category.

    Your advice has been priceless; I look forward to your posts on the blog and cant wait for the new book. Already preordered my copy!

    Thanks for the inspiration and the instruction on how to accomplish my goals!

    Darren Michaels


  3. Sweet, glad I didn’t buy it the first time, now I will get all the nuggets;)!!! Can’t wait for the superhuman experimnet book or whatever you got cookin’.


  4. Looking forward to this new edition, once I get it I will give the old one as a gift to a friend who is slaving away in a cubicle farm.

    I hope you share the failure stories in addition to the success stories, since we learn a huge deal from the failures.