Exclusive First Look: SU.PR – Stumble Upon's New Traffic Builder


I’m so excited about SU.PR, it’s hard to contain.

For the last few weeks, the brilliant team at StumbleUpon and I have collaborated on the creation of a new product designed to do one thing: get you more traffic in less time.

It might just become the hub of your social media empire…

Prior to SU.PR (pronounced “super”), I had to use ping.fm for updating Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn at the same time, bit.ly for basic analytics like click-through, scattered tools for viewing retweets, and nothing allowed me to schedule tweets well.

It was all a serious pain in the ass.

SU.PR fixes all of this and adds much more. In one place, I can now:

– Submit my content to StumbleUpon’s 7.9 million users with each post
– Have my best content showcased in a right-hand sidebar for each page I link to (here’s an example)
– Get suggestions for optimal posting times: get more traffic per post
– Schedule as many tweets or posts as I want, for any time
– See my click-throughs in real-time
– See retweets for each post, including the biggest influencers (ranking coming soon)
– Post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, with more platforms in the pipeline
– Use my own short URL (i.e. http://www.fourhourblog.com/ab123) instead of someone else’s branding

The result of it all? More traffic. StumbleUpon has jumped to almost 10% of my total traffic per week, delivering as many as 24,000 unique visitors to a single post in less than 24 hours. In short, SU.PR totally kicks ass. It saves me headache, gets me better results through smarter analytics, and drives significant monetizable traffic.

I’ve provided several screenshots below the text of this post to whet your appetite.

It won’t steal your Google juice either. Use one line of javascript or install a simple WordPress plugin (both available later this week) and you’re set to SEO. From George at StumbleUpon, in more technical terms:

Publishers have the option to create Su.pr URLs that will deliver visitors directly to their site via a 301 redirect, preserving their search rank. Simply upload a configuration file in the website’s root directory and it will turn on the option for all the Su.pr URLs for that domain. Unlike other web toolbars, the StumbleUpon toolbar can be hosted on your own site with a single line of Javascript. The toolbar will be shown to your visitors when they click on a Su.pr link. The toolbar promotes your best content in the sidebar and encourages your visitors to thumb-up your page and get more traffic.

Publishers can also build their brand by creating short URLs in their own domain with Su.pr. Your own custom short URLs (i.e. yourblog.com/asd) build your brand each time they are posted and retweeted. Once you enable the option, anyone who creates a short URL to your content with Su.pr will automatically generate a custom short URL. Simply add a rewrite rule and the same configuration file in your website’s root directory will do the work. We plan to have a beta version of the service available for all PHP based websites next week and more platforms to follow shortly.

Since I offered product specs to meet my wants, I’m loving SU.PR, and I’d like to offer a sneak peek to 50 readers. First come, first served: just use the code “suprtim” (I didn’t select the name!) at http://su.pr to get a free beta account, and take the next generation of social media tools for a spin.

[Update: the 50 went fast, but rumor has it that StumbleUpon might release more pre-public beta codes here]

For those of you who don’t make it in now, don’t worry. It’s worth the wait of a few weeks, and this is just the tip of the iceberg :)

The SU.PR dashboard – click here to enlarge

My most popular content promoted alongside each link – click here to enlarge

Indicating ideal posting time – click here to enlarge

Intelligent stats on each post – click here to enlarge

Scheduling posts in advance – click here to enlarge

Posted on: June 9, 2009.

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154 comments on “Exclusive First Look: SU.PR – Stumble Upon's New Traffic Builder

  1. Great stuff. I have one piece of advice though. Download Jing at jingproject.com. It would make this video a lot easier to view.


  2. I’ve been pretty sold on bit.ly because of the superior analytics that it provides over other services.

    However, I think you’ve made the case to switch…I’ll be testing.

    Thanks Tim.



  3. Thanks for the code for a beta account. I’ve been interested in one ever since I noticed you using the service. I’ve been thinking “If it passes the Tim Ferriss test, it must kick ass”


  4. Looks like a great new option for getting your sites out there (though the code is already expired, so I guess I’ll have to wait a few weeks before I know for sure :)

    StumbleUpon already brings in a significant amount of traffic to my sites, so I’m anxious to see how this augments that.


  5. Just yesterday I was wondering how to set up this bar on the right that I’ve seen in your links on Twitter. It’s really cool.

    I missed the invite. Shame:(

    Can’t wait to try it out.


  6. I just got the Feedburner email and checked out the site to find out the invites have already been used.

    How about giving out more invites..

    Service looks cool



  7. Great post. This has so many great features. I am always looking for new ways to publisize my real estate blog. Nearly all of my business leads come from the Internet, so every new tool helps. Thanks!


  8. Collaboration is key… just imagine what can be accomplished with Open Source, Google is adopting this in their new strategy with Google Wave. I applaud you for your work with SU.PR. It does kick-ass and hope to use it.