Loic Le Meur and Tim Ferriss Discuss E-mail, Entrepreneurship, and Practical Philosophies


Loic Le Meur is one of my favorite people in Silicon Valley.

He is a successful serial entrepreneur — having sold companies to France Telecom and Six Apart — as well as a French presidential adviser, and an organizer of the world-famous LeWeb conference held in Paris. I will be speaking there December 9-10 of this year.

I recently stopped by the Seesmic offices, where Loic is pursuing his latest project, and we had a fun conversation on everything from practical philosophies and e-mail management, to product development and how to grow large communities at low cost. Please let me know what other topics you’d like to hear more on.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

On Lifestyle Design and Practical Philosophies – 11:30 Minutes

On Managing E-mail – 4 Minutes

On Building and Managing Communities – 14:30 Minutes

On Developing Products and Starting Businesses – 54:00 Minutes

Posted on: April 2, 2009.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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113 comments on “Loic Le Meur and Tim Ferriss Discuss E-mail, Entrepreneurship, and Practical Philosophies

    • @Ash,

      Ah, Loic is just a joker and we’re friends, so he’s not intentionally being sarcastic or condescending. Just kidding around. I can see how, out of context, it might seem that way, but he’s a great guy who’s just being playful.

      All the best,



  1. The thing is Tim, when you talk and blog about your book you make it all the more valuable and believable. It’s a beautiful blur, what I got from the book and what I’ve learned from your blog etc. : ) Thank you x a trillion. Wait that’s not very much anymore. Thank you x a stimulus package x 2. : )


  2. 54 minutes on how to start a business, this is going to take some time to view and contemplate in depth.

    The Tim Ferris life style, is this one of our collective mountains in life? We know what it’s like at the top, or at least we fantasize about it and read anything and everything about it. Now stop looking up and start taking your own steps. (More on mountains, see my blog)

    First step? Well… let’s watch these videos first and see what they have to offer.


  3. Awesome vids. Tons of great information, especially on email. It’s tough to get on a schedule of only checking it a few times a day but I’ve managed to schedule reminders in iCal.

    Now if I could stop multi-tasking on all sorts of different things…


  4. Hey Tim,

    I haven’t looked through all the stuff yet, but if it is anything like your last post, I am sure it will answer a few questions in relation to what I am trying to do at the moment. Thanks mate.


  5. I keep catching snippets of Loic here and there. It was great to see him here in such a “feature” length segment.

    “Income without time has no value.” This is great. And it makes it so much more critical, as I sit here thinking about it, to use the 4HWW principles to maximize my time. I find myself “frittering” away so much time, even though I know better.

    Single task and the egg timer… That’s the ticket. I’ve been “thinking” about instigating something like this for a while – thanks for a kick in the pants.

    Have to go train some clients now, be back later to listen to the rest.




  6. Hi Tim, Great stuff I’m a big fan of these conversation posts. Very easy for a bachelor to leave going through his stereo while eating dinner.

    Tip for a new topic I for one would love to hear about: Communication skills.

    There’s definitely a lot out there, but just as with business books, self-help books, there’s a lot of crap to sift through and it’s difficult to know what advice is worth following. Maybe you don’t have anything extra to add to the field, but I think your a strong communicator so if there’s any learning technique that’s worked for you then please share. Thank you in advance for talking specifically about preparing a presentation to a big audience ;)

    Oh and another idea for further down the track: nutritious, efficient meal planning. Email me if you want an introduction to the subject using vacuum sealers, etc.

    Regards, H Roark


  7. Hey Tim,

    Great how to’s in these videos. I especially like the building and managing communities segment. The last couple of posts have really helped with practical tips on developing and growing my muse for maximum impact. Thanks!



  8. @Alex, in the US everyone who’s not a CEO or entrepreneur is spending all their time working for CEO’s and entrepreneurs so you never hear from them as they have no time.


  9. Great, informative videos! I definitely learned something and look forward to watching more, especially if they’re like the couch session in the previous post.

    You’ve mentioned twice that you need a stylist, which is an interesting point. I think there are a lot of highly successful American men who could use a little guidance in this area. A good wardrobe should look great, travel well, and require minimal effort on a daily basis (hint: it does not include crayola colored man-knickers). Building the right wardrobe for your lifestyle won’t be that hard with the right strategy. You don’t need a stylist, just some simple rules. Good luck!