The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower


48 hours ago in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Photo: Matt Mullenweg)

“Tweet To Beat could generate help for thousands of students in high-need public schools. My colleagues and I are cheering you on!”
-Charles Best, CEO of

The Ethical Bribe

The gist: To benefit U.S. public school students, I will bribe the entire world to follow me on Twitter for $3 each.

I’ll also be giving away a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world and a fully-loaded MacBook Pro. But first things first…

This is “Tweet to Beat”, a follow-up experiment to LitLiberation, which was a campaign by bloggers and their readers, and CEOs and their employees, to spread the power of literacy worldwide. It was a new fundraising model based on competition and social media scalability, and it funded not only US public school projects (20,000+ students) but also libraries and schools in developing countries. I’m in Vietnam with readers right now to visit two of the schools.

With zero financing or hard costs, this model ended up raising more than $250,000 in less than a month, 3x more than Stephen Colbert during that same period.

The Experiment

I think that was just the tip of the iceberg, and Twitter is the perfect laboratory for a new-and-improved approach (at least with a few variables).

It’s public and therefore accountable, it’s trackable, it allows exclusive communication with followers when needed (“protect my updates” under settings), and it’s current media popularity makes it the ideal PR vehicle for this campaign. Last but not least, though this experiment has no victims, produces no spam, nor violates the Twitter Terms of Service, this alternative use will get some purists hot and bothered.

Here’s how the Tweet to Beat campaign works:

1) For every new Twitter follower in the next two weeks, I will donate $1 to, and an anonymous supporter will match $2, for a total of $3 to U.S. public school classrooms per follower. For now, the matching limit is tentatively capped at 50,000 new followers, though I’m open to increasing it later. 50,000 new followers would mean $150,000 to U.S. public school education, and I hope to double or triple this total with a few twists.

The goal is directly helping 25,000 U.S. public school students in low-income and high-need areas in two weeks. This timeline is half the time dedicated to LitLiberation. My current follower count is, at the time of this writing, 22,782, so we’ll round down and begin the count at 22,500.

Every Twitter follower will also get:

-6 months of RescueTime’s Pro time tracking tools for free (Normal price: $48). Just install it with no data entry and know exactly how you spend your time. Set thresholds, alarms, or use it for an entire business team. Full disclosure: I am now an investor in RescueTime, as I think they’re the best out there.

-6 months of DropBox’s Pro 50GB account for free. (Normal price: $60) This is a reader favorite. Sync your files automatically to your computers and the web; sign in and access your files from any browser or mobile device. It’s the world’s easiest back-up and syncing service.

-6 months of PhoneTag Alpha, the latest voicemail transcription service, for free (Normal price: $60). This is closed to the public and an exclusive for Tim Ferriss followers (!). Read voicemail on your mobile phone, portable device and/or e-mail. Forget about phone interruptions and suffering through long-winded voicemails.

Total value: $168 to each follower.

2) There is a simultaneous competition for those who would like to spread the word. Just do the best you can (Facebook, blog, e-mail friends, FriendFeed, add to your e-mail signature, tell local media, etc.) and detail what you did in the comments here. Tell your friends who are teachers and encourage them to do the same. Bonus points go to people who act sooner vs. later. Deadline for comments is 3/30/09 at 3:30pm PST.

If you’re able, I suggest you use a service like to get a unique URL for this post so you can track clicks on your individual link as you promote it. Click-throughs are more important than “exposure”. Here are a few links you can use: (shortened URL for this post)

Not sure of what to say? Here’s the simple version for Facebook status and other channels:
“The Tweet to Beat – Paying $3 per Twitter follower:”

Just get them to this post using curiosity and let the post do the convincing. For more promotional tactics that work, see the comments from this past competition.

The prizes:

Grand Prize: Round-trip ticket anywhere in the world Continental Airlines or one of their OnePass partners fly. This is pretty much everywhere on earth. Redeem the ticket anytime within 10 years, so no rush. If you prefer the 2nd-place prize, opt for it and the 2nd-place winner will get the round-trip ticket.

2nd-Place Prize: Brand-new condition 15″ MacBook Pro and laptop backpack with the following specs, donated by direct marketing expert Joe Polish (his Richard Branson interview here):

15″ MB PRO 2.6GHZ 2GB / 200 / SD APPLE $2,794.00
ADD 2GB(1X2GB) PC2-5300 DDR2-667 SODIMM

How Little Does It Take?

I hope you choose to participate and make a difference. Karmic capitalism doesn’t take much.

Taking an hour to mentor a child, sending a single e-mail, or following someone on Twitter — remember that the small things are often what have the biggest impact, as we actually do them.

Please spread the word and further the experiment. I’ll share all of the results so others can duplicate them with non-profits worldwide.

Interested in doing more? Please consider donating a few dollars directly to U.S. classrooms near you through

“One of the great movements in my lifetime among educated people is the need to commit themselves to action.”
-Peter Drucker

Posted on: March 9, 2009.

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476 comments on “The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’ve seen many times how you successfully create campaigns for worthy causes like this by leveraging the Internet and your “superhuman” skills. This got me thinking with the typhoon disaster here in the Philippines . Some background here: . Very similar to Katrina disaster..

    If possible please point me to a direction or give a me a quick blueprint on fastest way to setup something to get funds for the flood disaster here in Manila. There are many places to donate but it seems Philippine Red Cross and top Universities here are the most credible place to send direct money to.

    Any help from you setting up this cause will be very appreciated. Best bribe I can give you is a free place to stay anytime in both Manila and Boracay (many say the best beach in the world). That’s a promise.

    You or one of your VAs can email me


  2. Hi Tim – just thought you’d like to know that Tweet to Beat inspired Tweet for ALS, the one-day fundraiser we are doing today where we try to earn $10k in donations in 10 hours TODAY (10/1/09) through social media.

    It’s a big goal, but we believe in it and hope we can make it happen.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    And just to be clear, I’m not trying to spam your comments here, just trying to get a note to you. If you don’t want to approve this, I understand.


  3. Tim,

    Evolved this meme into a social action twitter app called @giveatweet – a free service on twitter that allows you to donate to any 501c3 non-profit (about 1.1M) in the US. You can pick a matching pledge to increase your donation to the charity. Or create your own pledge to pay-it-forward in true twitter fashion. It also has events to microtest or run a fund-raising campaign.

    Thanks for the inspiration!



  4. Tim,

    In your videos you mentioned wanting help to enhance the school system in the U.S.

    What about Canada? I have a growing organization here in Canada that might be able to support your message. We focus on empowering youth through personal entrepreneurship.


    Tim Francis (not Ferriss – too bad LOL!)


  5. Yeah dude

    like this has nothing to do with the fact that you calculated your cost per new twitter follower to be worth $1. It’s obvious and it kind of grosses me out. Your next book should be “The 4 hour reputation”. The credit should only go to this conveniently “anonymous” sponsor, if there even is one.


  6. We set up a fundraiser through Twitter for my friend’s daughter Layla that was fighting cancer. I was happy to say that in just over 24 hours we were able to raise in upwards of 50k. She ended up passing away on March 9, but her legacy lives on! These fundraisers can really help spread the word on topics!


  7. t’s public and therefore accountable, it’s trackable, it allows exclusive communication with followers when needed (“protect my updates” under settings), and it’s current media popularity makes it the ideal PR vehicle for this campaign. Last but not least, though this experiment ha


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