Live Post-Show Q&A at 12 midnight ET and 12 midnight PT


[UPDATE: Please check for future air dates or e-mail! The chat is now finished, but there will be more. It was a blast. Thanks to all those who tuned in!]

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

Posted on: December 4, 2008.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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120 comments on “Live Post-Show Q&A at 12 midnight ET and 12 midnight PT

  1. Tim! You have to persuade Histroy Channel’s Canadian branch to feature your show on our airwaves. I saw the promo of your show this morning on Lifehacker right before I go to work, then proceed to tell everyone about it, only to find out after work (we don’t have full internet access at work) that your show won’t be airing on History Channel Canada.

    If you can please work your magic and persuade them to air you show.

    Either way I hope that the show takes off and hope there’s many more episodes to come. BTW how many episodes have you filmed so far?




  2. Where can people outside the US watch this?
    (like if there’s hulu or something that will still potentially count to ratings – i’d rather do that than torrent it or whatever)


  3. Thanks for doing this Tim. You give good energy. It was much fun. One of the things I’m immediately doing is I’m ordering that book on writing (linked it from my name) “On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition” by Zinsser. Thnx!
    Lufthansa is expensive, but it isn’t a rule. I don’t know how much shows the lowest prices, but I have had very good ultra low prices for march ’08 booking only like 4 weeks before travelling (check their homepage or smth).


  4. I’m kind of blown away by this kind of streamlining. And that practicing the movements then sleeping for four hours and practicing again to more deeply imprint the motions, very cool. I never would have thought of any of this stuff. Great show!


  5. Tim,

    Excellent pilot! I truly hope The History Channel picks it up… they would be fools not to. You did a great job and kudos to your cameraman and editor… nicely done. Very professional.

    Question, how did you pitch the show?
    What was your process for getting this out there?
    Did you start putting together the show then shop it around to all the likely cable networks?
    Or did you just pitch the idea until you got a bite?
    How long did it take from finished production to placement within a solid time slot?


  6. I’m watching you ice your back right now…lol.

    I missed these notices on your website and accidentally came across the show just as I was getting ready to go to bed (now I’m watching). I like it! I especially like hearing you discuss your thought process as you analyze and break down what you need to do to learn. Also the little nuggets of info (like the soviet athletes using an ice/heat treatment on muscles and how this releases melatonin… neat). A window into your thought and learning process combined with nuggets of “life hack” style info and an exotic and interesting setting (and hey, what guy doesn’t like bows and arrows?)

    I like the show… good luck with it!


  7. Ok… I like the show’s concept. But this type of show hinges on your personality. It is not coming through. The show’s pace is a little lethargic. There needs to be a better balance of analysis, action and personal connection. If I wasn’t familiar with you from the 4HWW… I’d wonder who the hell is this guy and why should I spend and hour watching him deconstruct some Japanese archer?

    Tim – I’m a big fan of what you do, and enjoyed the show. It needs more “rock star” and a little less “Science guy” get the mix right and you have a good product.


  8. Hi Tim! I tuned it and enjoyed it very much, my oh my you’re intense!!!

    My question is why did they only give you 3 trial runs at the end? I also noticed you didn’t do the “warrior yelling” at the first two trials, do you think the last one made a huge difference?

    As far as the show, it was cool, glad to see you in your element a little bit more. However there were too many special effects like a bad cowboy movie, LOL.

    Oh yeah, what did you eat the whole week?


  9. The show was awesome!! I really hope it takes off for you! I can’t see what you get to “hack” next!

    Very nicely done! Let us know when the next show will be on. Can’t wait to see it and hear about your experience on this one!



  10. i read a kick butt short story about a guy who hunted people on his private island.

    if u could learn tracking skills to either hunt people (no harming of course) or get away from trained hunters in a week, that would be awesome!!!!

    Make it a metropolitan or jungle-like area, maybe in a country where u don’t know the language?


  11. Hi Tim,

    Excellent show. I thought the learning process was not very well explained so I’m hoping you can post the breakdown somewhere here.

    My question is mainly about picking up minute details on skills (like you did on the horse position) I’m trying to learn the kettlebell clean and snatch. I’ve seen it in the video many times but I still keep banging my forearm. Any ideas on picking up minute details?