Live Post-Show Q&A at 12 midnight ET and 12 midnight PT


[UPDATE: Please check for future air dates or e-mail! The chat is now finished, but there will be more. It was a blast. Thanks to all those who tuned in!]

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

Posted on: December 4, 2008.

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120 comments on “Live Post-Show Q&A at 12 midnight ET and 12 midnight PT

  1. Hello, Tim!

    My name is Max, I’m 23 years old and I live in Russia, Moscow. I’m currently working in a transnational company (on a 2 year management trainee program), getting the postgraduate (PHD education), but trying to develop my own projects online at the same time.

    I write you simply to say thank you for your book. Without being insincere I can say that imho this is the best and most practical business book ever written.

    I also wanted to ask if you know what drop-shipping companies work and ship to Russia. And probably you could be interested in some kind of cooperation yourself.

    Anyway, now you have somebody to show you Moscow in case you decide to arrange one of your mini-retirements over here ;)
    Sincerely yours,
    Maxim Anisimov


  2. Hi All! I have a bunch of responses…

    Thanks for all of the great support and comments.

    @DFMichael – check out for some good 4HWW-like advice for musicians

    @Jiggy – You’ll all know about the show as soon as History Channel tells me!

    @Max and others – thanks so much for the kind words! Keep on rocking :)

    All the best,



  3. Tim,

    In the live video someone had asked what book you liked best for “learning”. I can’t remember your response.

    Could you remind me/us.



  4. I don’t know if Tim will read this but I hope he does.

    I think a post on optimizing aspects of the school experience would be very helpful for many of us. I haven’t found anything online about how you said you got into princeton with a less than ideal SAT score for example.


  5. @Tim – awesome show, I would love seeing much much more of it.

    @Luke – take a mini retirement for a year or more in another continent, the bugs will die out without food ;)


  6. All,
    I have the show available from off of my TIVO in best quality. I can either the show from my webcam at a certain time, or I can distribute through other means.

    Is there still interest in capturing this episode?



  7. Tim,

    How many did you do, was this just a one hit wonder TV show. There are no more upcoming shows on The History Channel Website. Was there anymore these filmed. I can’t speak for everyone else, I would like to know and the best source is you to tell us and not the history channel. I know there is something brewing whether good or bad and I would like to know the progression of your show “Trial by Fire”. Will there be more “different episodes” or did the pilot episode not make it. If you are reading this, let us all know or post a Blog or something.

    - Ross


  8. For those of you looking for the show: I found there is a torrent for the show already if you search for ‘trial by fire tim ferriss’ at the website There may be other torrent sites that also have the show.

    For those of you who don’t want to work with torrents, I can setup a channel to replay the show (I suppose just reply to this comment list for now?). I figure most of you can work with the torrent, however. Not sure how TF himself would feel about this (I’m open to suggestions).



  9. I don’t think that is an actual torrent of the show, at least the top few links aren’t.

    Just an advertising thing i.e if you search “wagga wagga woo” you get the same results.

    Please correct me if i am wrong, i am very keen to watch this show. Maybe putting it up in segments on youtube would be the best way for everyone to watch it.


  10. Apologies to all, especially to Tim Ferriss (from what I gather from his Twitter feed, he must have sent the link out). I saw the torrent link and thought to myself, ‘well of course somebody must have thought of making a torrent of this show before me’, so it never occurred to me to even check the links.
    A bit foolish of me.

    I really do have the show as .TIVO and .MPG on my computer. Let me cut up the file and share on Rapidshare. I can also setup a ‘show’ of it (I think those shows can be repeated as long as they are recorded, too).



  11. It’s not the best quality and who knows how long it will last, but here’s something for you guys to go on for now.

    or just search ‘tim ferriss’ on’s page.

    It’s been cleaned up a bit and took quite a while to get this going (codec issues + working with ustream since this won’t fly on youtube or googlevideo, etc. etc.).

    If Tim Ferriss has any other ideas for how this could be distributed, I’m open to suggestion.



  12. I am interested in the schools. I taught for 34 years and loved it more than words can express. I lived my bliss; the most important thing I gave to my students was my love and time. After that, you can teach. My prayer is that you find only “real teachers” for your school. Kids may forget facts, but they will never forget how you treat their souls! I still hear from my precious ones; that is a part of my priceless gifts. I wrote notes to three children everyday-90 seconds!! The words are often quoted back to me!! Once after they left 5th grade, the came back as seniors and aske me to take them to Europe to see the are–15 went; I cried as the looked!
    I would suggest a book called “What Great Teachers Do Differently-Todd Whitaker. Good luck; You can be a blessing to the future.