Two Short Videos – How and Why to Be Unreasonable, The Art of Tweaking


Just take a right at…. huh? (Street signs in Wales)

In the wee morning hours of September, I took my first trip to Wales to experience The Do Lectures, which is held in tents in the Cardigan wilderness.

Not only did I get to sleep under deer skins in a high-end geodesic dome (not kidding), I got to dropkick my brain reading Welsh and drink the best peppermint tea I’ve ever had. Fun times indeed. Even water buffalo came to the party (again, not kidding). I put some pics at the end of this post.

My 15-20-minute presentation — the first video below — was titled “How and Why to Be Unreasonable.” The Do Lectures have a clear environmental focus, but I’ve never done anything large in conservation or enviro-activism, so I decided to explore more universal principles of doing big things.

Here’s the thumbnail description:

“Case studies of how to think big and test assumptions to accomplish the impossible, whether launching a #1 bestselling product, setting a world record, or changing the world”…

The blog post I mention at the end is “From Shanghai to Silicon Valley: 3 Tips for Turning Lack of Resources into Strength.” Last but not least, please note that the mentioned Oscar Pistorius is actually South African and not Australian.

The second video was one of the most memorable (there were at least 6 killer presentations) and is well worth watching:

Tinkering. Playing. Interesting. Slow. Lessons learned building the Instorematic.


Matt Jones is a designer. He is one of the founders/lead designer of Dopplr, a service for intelligent travel and was creative director for the award-winning BBC News Online. He’s also done design work at Nokia.

Russell Davies’ auto-bio: I was born in Derby. Did school, university, tried to be a pop star and gag writer, failed at both and ended up in advertising. I did OK at it. Worked on brands and campaigns you’ll have heard of, like Honda, Microsoft and Nike. Now I’m trying to use my powers for good, doing interesting little projects which mostly seem to involve either printing the internet out and gluing it back together in a different order, or slowing it down with postcards.


About a year ago we volunteered to build a machine thing to go in Howie’s shop window in Carnaby Street. It took longer than we thought, but building it has taught us all sorts of interesting things about building, playfulness, slowness, making things with your friends and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

We’re going to talk about those things and others that seem related. There’ll be jokes and funny videos from the internet.

Follow Tim’s travels and adventures in real-time here.

Posted on: October 6, 2008.

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72 comments on “Two Short Videos – How and Why to Be Unreasonable, The Art of Tweaking

  1. Hey Tim, I certainly envy your traveling freedom. It’s great to see you really make the most of your time and freedom. Thanks for sharing these great videos and pics. Eric.


  2. The ‘simple’ vs. ‘easy’ reference is very good. It is something we come up with when working with clients all the time. Things might seem ‘simple’ but getting out of your own way to do it is the ‘hard’ part. Things can be easy if we allow them to be easy, as per your book.




  3. Thanks for the video Tim. It really re-enforced my belief that doing the impossible is far more possible than most people take it for.


  4. By far the best speech I have heard you give. The reason I say this is you could feel the conviction in what you were saying. Especially the last 30 seconds was like a shot of adrenaline to an entrepreneur. Thanks for all the time you have invested in this blog, I look at you as a mentor, as I am sure many others do too.

    Continue Enjoying Life & the Best to You…….

    Jose C.F. :)


  5. I’ve found that raw talent and ability doesn’t always point people to success. There’s a certain talent that can overcome limitations in ability. It’s almost like an acceptance of reality but a denial of obstacles.


  6. Hi Tim,

    None of the video’s was short actually, but interessting enought to keep me out of bed untill 4.30 in the morning. Very good stuff.

    The funny thing is that they are the reason for met to postpone starting with writing down my dreamlines till tommorrow. You could say that makes them a little bit of a procastination tool. But one of the positive kind.

    At this moment I am reading your book for the second time. The first time I wanted to make me a picture of the whole thing. Very soon I discoverd the extra value of your book, because it’s not just one selfhelp book in a row, but it’s the blueprint that it claims to be. That is nice and important. There are so much books out there where readers are going to say: ‘Oh, thats fine! That will work!’ But in a matter of fact there will no action follow. Partly regarding to a lack of blueprint potential and partly because (80/20-rule) people don’t do anything in the end. There are always fast and easy reasons to find to do nothing.

    I decided to user your blueprint and so is a friend of mine I met via the Internet. Next month I travel from the Netherlands to New York and then we will help each other in doing online businessess. Brainstorming, inventing, developing a.s.o.

    Personally I am at a point where I have to find something that excites me again. Something that gives me the feeling back that I live. Hard to explain this early in the morning. However, keep up the good work and good night.

    Thanks for your valueable input!

    Kind Regards,

    P.S.: Excuses for my poor English. My teacher would never had thougth that I could ever write an email in a foreing language,.

    P.P.S.: I considering writing in my blog about my 4-hour-workweek-expirience, but not sure about it already.


  7. Hi Tim, thanks for posting these videos and making me aware of the ‘dolectures’ site. Your talk was fantastic and very inspirational. It’s great to be reminded of the ideas and actions you know you should be doing! I’ve got to get back to thinking big!


  8. Thanks for the comments all! Off to dinner in Scottsdale for a bit, but one last thing — Mario, your English is great! You should be proud.

    Keep up the good journey and the good fight, guys,



  9. Excellent Talk + 2 Points (of many) Hit da Mark – the Adam + Eve Riding the Dinosaurs – I love that Biblical Fable!! ;)) & the Importance of Science + Math being Taught + that Students are engaged by it* Embryonic Stem Cell Research is under attack in America under Bush + Brainwashed Flock + why I think it’s crucial that the other Dude U mentioned Barack Obama has got to WIN exactly 4 Weeks from now!!

    I shudder to Think of the numbers of Lives Worldwide that could have been Saved + the Amazing Scientific Discoveries + Cures for Every Disease known to Mankind + the Whole World if Bush didn’t Veto + Deny Funding + place Roadblocks impeding Scientific Research based on his Phony Religious Beliefs + Wisdumb from god* Scary beyond all Belief + in Educated 2008 no less.

    Rock On Tim!! Cheers! Billy ;)) Peace*


  10. From what I’ve read, KFC is not called Kentucky Fried Chicken because the “Fried” part turns people off now (what with this crazy health craze thats going on).

    In related news, Col. Sanders was 66 when he started KFC. Apparently, he also traipsed around the USA talking with heaps of people to buy his recipe, but noone did.

    Kinda like… what was his name… Thomas Edison, who made over 1000 dud light bulbs before creating one that worked.

    Just goes to show that its not how many times you fail, but how many times you get back up and try again. You only need to succeed once, after all.

    And… (just as another interesting fact to add to your quiver) … Thomas Edison was richer (comparitively) in his day and age than Bill Gates is today.



  11. The thing I have discovered about being unreasonable and experimental is the the kitchen (a.k.a life) can get messy. I really liked the 2nd video about “doing” the thing and then tweaking along the way. Go with the flow.


  12. Hi Tim!

    Totally enjoyed your Do Lecture — thank you!! Oh, according to Snopes, KFC changed their title due to the state of Kentucky copyrighting their name, believe it or not. They wanted a piece of the chicken pot pie, so to speak, and the Colonel’s heirs weren’t playing that game. LOL I think Kentucky finally backed down after they saw what a negative impact it had to alienate one of their most well-known namesakes, not to mention the Kentucky Derby, et al. Interesting to see where greed and lack of foresight will get ya’.

    I also popped in to ask about the date on your 10K club at LitLib — did you mean to update the party details for this month’s challenge? It’s dated 2007, so I was somewhat confused. Btw, when are we gonna get you on the bandwagon for integrating the principles of Democratic Education into the schools?

    If you seriously plan to reach your goal of doubling the number of US Science and Math majors in the next 10 years, I highly recommend focusing on students who learn in freedom! These are the creative, self-directed thinkers playing with “absurd” and “impossible” concepts on a daily basis. Check out my blog at the iLearn in Freedom Network (click on my username and scroll down to Jain sporting his MatheMagics robe): The PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP in VEDIC MATHEMATICS CLASSES

    Laissez les bons temps rouler, mon ami ~ I AM!
    (Let the good times roll!)