The Worst Food in America (Plus: Sydney Launch Party)


This could feed 10 Victoria’s Secret models for 10 weeks.

If you want to follow the opposite of my slow-carb diet for fat-loss, I suggest the following:

The Worst Food in America
Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing
2,900 calories
182 g fat
240 g carbs

It’s the caloric equivalent of eating 14 Krispy Kreme doughnuts before your dinner arrives. And we blame genetics for our fat asses.

“Even if you split this ‘starter’ with 3 friends, you’ll have downed a meal’s worth of calories.” (Source: Men’s Health with hat tip to Lee McPeck)


Sydney Party this Friday at 6pm! Sign up ASAP…

The location is still TBD, but the Sydney launch party will be this Friday from 6-9pm. The London bash had more than 150 people show up, and the limit on this one is just 50-100, so please be sure to sign up here ASAP:

Sign up today or tomorrow, as sign-up ends at 3pm AUS time on the 15th. It’s going to ROCK, so bring lots of joie de vivre for one hell of a party :)

Posted on: May 13, 2008.

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88 comments on “The Worst Food in America (Plus: Sydney Launch Party)

  1. “Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing” – sounds very American to me, not Australian at all. In fact, I’d never heard of “cheese fries” until I went to America. And, I could be wrong, but I don’t think we have a direct equivalent of Ranch – at least my sister couldn’t find one back here in Australia.

    It’s a shame you’re not going to Brisbane, I’d see you in a heart beat! Have fun in Australia!


  2. Interestingly, there is no “aussie outback steakhouse” in australia. Nor would they be seen dead selling ranch cheese fries…..

    Now, Kangaroo steaks, emu and croc’s? hell yes. but cheese fries? only in America.


  3. Wow, that looks disgusting! Would it even be possible to take them one by one or do you have to use a knife and cut it into little pieces?
    If people would be aware of the amount of calories in that food I guess no one will ever order it again.


  4. But they taste sooooooo good! Eh, I’ll still be getting them, split among friends or not. I’ll eat what I can, eat what I can of the entree, then box up what’s left and that’s dinner or lunch the next day!


  5. I’ve been told by an insider that Outback Steakhouse uses lard in all of their foods, so I’m not that surprised by the nutritional content of their cheese fries.


  6. I read Ray Kurzeweil’s “The 10% Solution” when I wanted to lose weight, and followed that with his “Fantastic Voyage”. (Warning, the latter is very heavy on nutritional science.) Just from the 10% Solution I learned that we overeat fat calories – the government’s recommendation for calories from fat is 30%, whereas most doctors would recommend 10%. This knowledge alone caused me to start reading labels, to learn more about food, and to lose (and keep off, for two years now) fifty pounds.

    I’m working on adding some of it back in as muscle, concentrating on eating protein, only good fats when possible, and using the recommendations that Tim has put forth. It’s working, and while I don’t seem to have the “stick-to-itiveness” to make it to the gym four times a week like I want to, I still make it at least two and the results are still showing. (I am planning changes to my schedule for June that will allow me to meet my goals.)

    It’s funny – there’d have been a time when those cheese fries looked appetizing. Now they just horrify me!


  7. Wow, that’s insane. I was disappointed when I recently read that the Classic Italian sub at Quiznos was ranked the 15th worst food for your health, because I love that sub! But they were talking about the large size, which I couldn’t possibly eat even on a dare. Even the medium is pretty darn big! Why do we have to eat so much?


  8. Of course its genetics Tim! The settlers all experienced spontaneous gene mutations while crossing the Atlantic.. It’s clearly not due to a gluttonous lifestyle.

    As a former Outback server.. I can confirm they use lard in all their food. Theres stacks upon stacks of squishy white digusting lard in the kitchen at all times..


  9. Tim – Love your book and your blog! Spekaing of your slow carb diet, I have been following it for 3 weeks now and have lost 10 pounds. It seems I have hit a pleateu. What do you do when this happens? Any suggestions? Thanks!