Conversation with Pete Cashmore of


I had a fun conversation with the smart and well-dressed Pete Cashmore of Mashable after speaking at the SF MusicTech Summit, where I was interviewed by Derek Sivers of CDBaby fame.

Pete and I discussed/answered:

1. What is the single most important thing that CEOs can do to conquer information overload?
2. The value of heirarchical thinking as a CEO or manager
3. Next plans for Tim Ferriss? (Forewarning: I’m evasive)

Have a great weekend!

Attention Aussies: I’m off to Sydney for about 10 days, so let me know if you’d be interested in doing a meet up with readers and having a few pints ;)

Bonus video for those left out of my tweets this evening.

Posted on: May 9, 2008.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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96 comments on “Conversation with Pete Cashmore of

  1. You mentioned in a previous post you may think of methods to apply 4HWW ideas to craftsmen like musicians, potters, massage therapists… please still consider that topic for a future post. I’m in those categories and would appreciate all insights. I made one large change recently: I found an artist manager to work with me. Negotiations, administration, scheduling is taken care of.


  2. Is there any chance you are going to make it across the ditch to NZ whilst in the southern hemisphere?
    Would be great to do a readers meet up over here!


  3. Tim-

    Greetings from Tucson.

    Great points! I especially like when you point out email should not be treated the same as IM. This is a problem I have run into in the past, along with the sender of the email being personally offended because I did not instantaneously supply a response.

    Through implementation of several of your suggestions as well as clear, concise communication I have virtually eliminated those issues.

    If you DO decide to have a tv show, I will be sure to TIVO it!


  4. Ferris, we’re definitely interested in hearing more of ur adventures over a few beers mate. I have been working on internet marketing for the last 3 years and was inspired by ur book to take my first mini retirement last year! let me know if I can assist in organising a meet up in Sydney.


  5. Hey Tim,

    When are you in Sydney? I’m on tour, but in Melbourne at the moment, back in Sydney in June. Might fly over for a day if the meetup numbers look good. ;-)



  6. “You have to let smaller things slide.”

    That was my favorite line in the video. We can’t do it all. Whether it be your best friend or Larry Page a person can always do more, but it doesn’t make since, not if we want to enjoy work. That’s why we got to let the small things go and focus on the projects that will pay dividends.


  7. Hey man, it’s been a while, sounds like you’re having a blast on the jet setting. I just caught up on your blog. I’ve been busy but just automated a new venture in the last few days which has freed up alot more time and loving the passive income. Don’t think I would have ever thought of it without your advice :)

    Aus will be kick ass dude but you gotta get them to change that disgusting book cover and fire whoever designed that so that you can focus on the surfing.. that cover doesn’t even make sense and the guy with the balloons as colourful as they may be make the 4HWW look like a fiction novel about a trip to the amusement park.

    Loved the elevator pitch tips btw in the other post – give me your thoughts on this? I want to really meet this person for over a year now. He wrote a book on getting rich, and is one of UK’s 100 richest dudes so not very accessible :p. I would cut off a leg to get the chance to learn a few things from him in person, and have some basic ideas of what he clicks on (writing poetry, even though he’s not very good at it…) If you were me – would you try to catch him live in person, perhaps when he’s speaking poetry (could be a waste of time / resources and still not get far), or to be more creative (write a fancy letter, or fly out to his island and risk going to jail? lol) :) I have plenty of time these days, so could even maybe try to work in one of his companies for a month :p The outcome I’m hoping for is to see if he might be willing to mentor me a bit… but I feel like the value mismatch is so large it’s ridiculous (you were closer with WB for sure!)

    Have fun out there in Aus. Oh and I got Amy’s email – did you ever get the new travel gear? I’ve told my cousin and it should have been sent out by now.


    Hey Dr. Vince,

    I would definitely work in one of his companies and then ping him. He would have to respond on some level.

    The travel gear is AWOL, it would seem, as nothing has arrived. No worries, bro, as there’s no need to send me anything, especially when it’s a pain in the ass :)

    Pura vida,



  8. dude! pour soap and water over your dry ice! good white trash fun. I would know ;)

    don’t ask questions on twitter! we can’t answer unless we come here. your book rocks!



    Hi SJW,

    Thanks! If you’re on Twitter, you can reply to me with “@tferriss” in your reply or tweet, but this also works :)

    All the best,



  9. Since you are coming to Australia, do yourself a favour and visit the Gold Coast. I work as an MC for Warriors Realm Australia’s best Cage Fight Show. Drop me a line and I will hook you up!!!

    4HWW rocks!!!


  10. Like the purple hair! That’s a Nice! (In Borat voice). Fun with dry ice. Mr Wizard did some cool stuff with it. You tube may have some vids. I also saw that you can blow a latex balloon up by itself. Place a small amount of dry ice inside a latex balloon and tie it securely. As the solid begins to turn into gas, the balloon will inflate by itself. Or a you can make a home made fire extinguisher. I’d say look that up.

    I know what you do, you silly monkey. Book, book it see it and it is good! LOL You must know the art of the tease. ;)

    Have fun in Sydney! I wonder if my sky diving friend Bobby will meet up with you. He’s funny and loves wine, like you. I will tell him to look out for a guy with a 10lb backpack and purple hair.

    Hugs and have a safe trip!


  11. I interviewed Tim and Pete separately as well just moments before Pete did. Check out the short video of Tim above as he offered advice on how to approach bloggers. You can link to Pete’s interview as well from that post. Pete talked about improving process with his life, business, and blog..


  12. Hey, I’m for a schooner as they say here in Sydney or a pot as they call it in Melbourne. I’ve subscribed to comments on this post as it seems the best way to arrange.


  13. Hey Tim,

    My friend and I would love to grab a schooner with you. Let me know when your going to be down here.

    Make sure you check out the scuba diving down here, try Clovelly, and Gordon’s Bay.



  14. Tim,

    Next book idea:

    How to, simultaneously:

    1) Fill the void;
    2) Save the world; and
    3) Make money.

    I offer my project as a case study:

    1) Void: Drive around the world in a Land Rover;
    2) Saving World: Teach people interest-free microfinance;
    3) Money: Ensure that step 2 generates traffic on muse.


  15. Hey All,

    I’d be up for a visit to Melbourne as well. Questions:

    1. Where should I have the meetup in Sydney? I’d want to rock out, so we’d need space for at least 100.

    2. Location in Melbourne?

    @Em – I love “whilst” — you’re such a flirt! That’s one I wish we’d adopt over here.