Happy Japanese April Fool's Day!


Happy Japanese April Fool’s Day!

Man, oh, man. I was going to wait until tomorrow to publish this follow-up to the last post, but it kicked up some dust, so I wanted to own up. Yessir, it’s an April Fool’s Day joke. Sorry for any confusion! It would have been too obvious on April 1st in the US, so I used the alternate time zone. The hardest part was creating realistic names. Here’s where I got “Van”‘s name:

First name
Last name (see Northern India)

I do indeed write all the posts (minus attributed guest posts) myself. As _Jon put it in the comments: “a personal blog shouldn’t be work, it should be a passion. If you need to outsource it, you have the wrong motivation.”

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m here writing the posts, including the stupid ones (man crush anyone?). I love hanging out–virtually or in-person–with you guys.

This little prank has been in my head since Jan. 10th, when the infamous Tucker Max suggested a much better version that I was unable to pull off due to this London trip…

“BTW–I had a hilarious idea for what you need to do for an April Fools prank: Write a post, complete with video, about how you have taken outsourcing to the next level. You’re paying people to workout for you, to eat for you, sleep for you, watch TV for you, do literally everything. The vid would show you sitting in a chair in a white room,
cutting intermittently to people doing things with shirts that have “I am Tim Ferriss” on them. It would be f*ing HILARIOUS. You have to do this.”

Guys, I’m really sorry if the one-day-off date threw anyone. Now you know why I’m a writer instead of a stand-up comic! My timing is a little off, methinks.

Have a wonderful April Fool’s Day and keep smiling :) More from the UK tomorrow…

Posted on: March 31, 2008.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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77 comments on “Happy Japanese April Fool's Day!

  1. Damn it Tim,

    You really got me on that one. I even told some friends about the mastery of outsourcing. Good thing it was a joke, cause I would have felt stupid making comments to some virtual person thinking for you. Have a great time.


    Jose Castro-Frenzel


  2. Hey Tim,

    I have always been thrilled with your replies to my comments – have printed them, showed them to my parents, girl friend and friends.

    Was planning to tear them after reading the last post — but would have not been possible anyways, as I’d laminated them in order to store them for long-term :)

    Its an honor to be in touch with the REAL you!


  3. wow… this was really crashing…

    i don’t think i’ve been this fooled ever ever in my life! what’s interesting? the last post is probably one of your best, because it made me think, really think, by myself..

    first i got upset, then i got angry, then sad… (you’re our hero, you know, and it’s always a little hard when they “go down”) and realized suddenly (a real flash/lightning-thing!) that goddammit, you just gotta live your own life! this might seem like a perfectly obvious thing, but it has never really hit me before.

    i am now more convinced than ever that i’m doing the right thing when moving to france for a couple of months this autumn.. a kind of mini-retirement, i guess, though i will be working. and i thought about this, and my life, and got very calm. then, out of curiosity for other people’s comments, i had to return to your blog – and read the next post. luckily, i have a good, strong heart:P

    so… thank you.

    and keep up (your own) writing!


    Thanks, Lollo! I’ll have a post coming up this week about mini-retirements, so keep an eye out. It explores a few uncommon options…

    Pura vida :)



  4. Tim, I thought your post was hilarious. Obviously it was a joke, seeing as how you couldn’t possibly outsource this blog, plus it’s right around April Fools’ Day (I didn’t know your time zone and thought you just did it a day early), plus a few people were giving it away in the comments. But I was afraid it would backfire.

    Still, the backlash doesn’t seem to be as strong as when someone I know, the CEO of a small company, announced his “resignation” one April Fools’ Day. That wasn’t pretty!

    Thanks for trying though!


  5. Too funny. To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if you did outsource a ton of the monotonous aspects of posting… if you just dictated it, and then had others transcribe and dress it up, deal with all the linking, etc. I’d actually be surprised if you did do all that stuff yourself…

    Happy AF day, wherever you are!

    p.s. I heard good things about you at SxSW (including the fact that you’re ripped) – rock on, Tim.


  6. You said: “Now you know why I’m a writer instead of a stand-up comic! My timing is a little off, methinks.”

    “Timing” is definitely not a concept in a geek(ette)’s vocabulary, fer shur, from these Shoes..

    Cyber hugs.. :)


  7. I thought it was a great joke! Guess some people take things too seriously. I honestly wouldn’t have cared if you did outsource the entire blog. I care more about the quality of the content than who actually wrote something.