Happy Japanese April Fool's Day!


Happy Japanese April Fool’s Day!

Man, oh, man. I was going to wait until tomorrow to publish this follow-up to the last post, but it kicked up some dust, so I wanted to own up. Yessir, it’s an April Fool’s Day joke. Sorry for any confusion! It would have been too obvious on April 1st in the US, so I used the alternate time zone. The hardest part was creating realistic names. Here’s where I got “Van”‘s name:

First name
Last name (see Northern India)

I do indeed write all the posts (minus attributed guest posts) myself. As _Jon put it in the comments: “a personal blog shouldn’t be work, it should be a passion. If you need to outsource it, you have the wrong motivation.”

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m here writing the posts, including the stupid ones (man crush anyone?). I love hanging out–virtually or in-person–with you guys.

This little prank has been in my head since Jan. 10th, when the infamous Tucker Max suggested a much better version that I was unable to pull off due to this London trip…

“BTW–I had a hilarious idea for what you need to do for an April Fools prank: Write a post, complete with video, about how you have taken outsourcing to the next level. You’re paying people to workout for you, to eat for you, sleep for you, watch TV for you, do literally everything. The vid would show you sitting in a chair in a white room,
cutting intermittently to people doing things with shirts that have “I am Tim Ferriss” on them. It would be f*ing HILARIOUS. You have to do this.”

Guys, I’m really sorry if the one-day-off date threw anyone. Now you know why I’m a writer instead of a stand-up comic! My timing is a little off, methinks.

Have a wonderful April Fool’s Day and keep smiling :) More from the UK tomorrow…

Posted on: March 31, 2008.

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77 comments on “Happy Japanese April Fool's Day!

  1. I’m almost tempted to think that this is the real april fools joke. I wonder which would make you the true genius?

    The man who did not make his own blog or the man who faked it then told the truth then covered it up due to its consequences? this is Roswell all over again.

    I once faked my own death to my marketing fraternity in college. I sent an email that came from the president of the university’s email address. Car crash horrible thing.

    It was not received well by the organization as you could imagine. Unfortunately I was not famous enough to have the Andy Kaufman effect.


  2. Dungeons and Dragons, huh? I’ve gotta know – what was your favorite race/class? I had a nasty Everquest addiction myself, back in college when it first came out. I actually put it on my resume and used it to get my first post-college job.

    I always played a human cleric because I loved the way they look in plate armor :)



    Good question. It takes no time for this: gray elf 100%. If I had to pick another, I’d pick Drew elf. Elves rule.



  3. This is OFF OFF topic. I complaint about a book you suggested. Go Put Your Strengths to Work/Buckingham. I am actually a little sick I bought it for a community college I work for as it contains a one time use code that is key to the book that goes to a website that may not outlast the book. When you’re responsible for supporting curriculum development for all — not just one, this is distressful. In posting my distaste to library blogs I have found that some text book companies too have been making this move to prevent the reselling of text books. I’m not sure where you are with librarys in general but a mobile lifestyle depends on libraries — I call them the repositories of the community’s intellectual wealth. I am disgusted by this sort of publishing trend reflected by Buckingham’s book. I did write the company to see if they had a pass code for library bought books. No. They don’t. They only give it out with the purchased book – to one person. In my world an entire county if not state contributed to the purchase of that book. And really a book ( such as your own ) should be able to stand alone WITH resources a person can review if they choose. Not a locked down portion that is a key part of the book. Yes, I’m ranting. But this really pisses me off and you can tell customer service didn’t handle me right. I don’t think they were from elance.com….

    Thanks for the book. I’m down to a 20 hour work week living on a beach and working full speed ahead for the whole slice of pie. Thanks for renewed perspective. I’ll probably be using your celeb site idea because craigslisting for ONE CHANCE to get ONE SONG to Jimmy Buffet hasn’t really worked.

    And let me tell you, this is one good song. A sailboat of a song.


  4. Tim,

    Jaja, well played. Mark Twain said it well:

    “Humor is mankind´s greatest blessing”

    Many blessings,

    Art Gonzalez
    [Art, thanks very much for the comment, but please do not include your URL in the text field of your comments per the comment policy. Thx!]


  5. I LOVE a good April Fool’s joke! It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to pull one off. Good for you. I’m new to your blog. I was intrigued after hearing about your work and travels, at EDK (Sojourn wine). Looking forward to reading more. Cheers!


  6. I’m finding the about the lack of seriousness a bit strange, as Tim is the same guy who wrote posts about japanese pen tricks and shooting guns in the Slovak Republic.

    I’m reminded of the test driving friends post…this separates the natives from the newbies.



  7. Hey Tim,

    Just wondering what’s better, in your opinion: Buying a home or renting an apartment…

    (As for cars, I’m pretty sure everyone knows your stance on buying vs. leasing).


  8. ????

    Despite a friend in Japan mentioning it yesterday, I totally fell for the prank.

    Good one, in fact probably the best one I’ve seen today. On a side note, it was especially fun seeing people rationalizing your post yesterday… in both directions. I just kinda went “huh… either way, the blog is still awesome”.


  9. I say this with the upmost conviction. Great job on the prank, though others may be insulted it is what makes you who you are. It shows just how much against the grain you are. This was a well executed experiment and others should be a bit more flexible in their thinking.


    Jose Castro-Frenzel


  10. Great one Tim!

    Really had us going there! I find the idea of other people getting fit for you such a funny idea – I can even imagine the advert you describe so well.

    Actually even if its not true, I have learnt not to dismiss the ideas, however preposterous. One may overlook a great new idea – however unusual. A case in point for me was your article on Dating. You had outsourced people contacting and filtering dates for you. When I read that, my reaction was indeed very similar to many of your April Fools article readers – disbelief! When I read the article I saw that yes, there is a way of doing that it is possible and makes sense i.e. the filtering part – and not the actual meeting up with them part as I had originally thought! So a lesson learnt!

    This is my first post. You are a true inspiration!


  11. “Trust is not a virtue”

    -this was my capoeira teachers favourite saying. Especially true online. It’s kinds scary to think how easy it is to believe anything written online, with no context.

    I wonder how much misinformation out there I’ve read and believed. I think the only things you can really know are the ones you were there to see.

    But for people spending a lot of time online, there is a heap of bull out there. And thanks for the April Fools thing Tim – made me think twice about my gullibility.


  12. So Tim,

    In the first post you proposed the question and said this that you commonly get asked this question.

    “How can you work four hours a week if you spend so much time on the blog?’

    And in the joke you said:

    “The answer is: I don’t.”

    So seriously, what’s the real answer. How do you work four hours a week and spend so much time blogging, along with everything else that goes on in your life?

    Just interested. I am thinking of becoming a blogger, but I don’t see how I could spend as little as 4 hours a week and be successful.

    Any thoughts?




    Hi Forest,

    To be honest, I don’t keep track of blogging time, as it’s something I enjoy and want to do. I don’t get paid for it, really. That said, it is possible to have a “successful” blog with 4 hours or less per week, but this depends on how you define such. To bloat traffic with high-bounce visitors with no loyalty, tons of posts and Digg baiting will do, but to build a very strong niche audience doesn’t require a lot of posts, just good content when you do publish.

    Hope that helps!



  13. haha – you did have me going for a couple of minutes. Then I remembered that your “voice” from your book and blog is the same and you can’t outsource a written “voice” (the little slangs and phrases that mark your writing – especially in comments) – then again, maybe you could outsource it… but the writer would have to be good enough that it would cost you more than doing it yourself. So I am proud to say I figured it out before this post, but it was still a good jolt to think about it for awhile. And I must say you have some SERIOUS female fans… whoa!

    I am still more nervous sparring with women than men in the martial arts – guys you can kinda play with, but girls always go for blood – or for your *&^%.



  14. Wow, funny. First I was like ‘yeah right…’ then I started to believe it, before I read the update :)

    (Just started reading the 4-hour work week by the way!)


  15. Nice prank, but for the record, I would love to see you do Tucker’s version someday, and if you do, I want to be included! I want an “I am Tim Ferriss” shirt, and I’d be happy to sleep for you for hours or days. I’d also be particularly good at brushing and flossing my teeth for you. I’ll even make sure you use mouthwash.


  16. omg….i can’t believe i missed april fool’s day! being sick sucks….i thought i was still severely drugged up after reading the post…only to realise that it was in fact a joke. some of the comments are a bit misdirected….it’s a blog…it’s meant to be light hearted. glad to hear that you are in fact the real tim! looking forward to more fun stuff. hey…maybe you can give some more youtube challenges, etc, pushing those of us (or them :) to think outside the cubicle and laugh a little!



  17. Tucker Max is awesome, he is something most of my friends aspire to be (sad right?) But yeah, I would love to see some Tim Ferriss and Tucker Max Collaboration!