4HWW Invades London Next Week: Pre-orders and Parties


The 4-Hour Workweek launches in the UK next week on April 3rd, and I’ll be in London to bring it to the Motherland with a bang.

For all you readers and friends in Europe, come have a pint with me!

From the UK publisher: order before April 3rd with “ESCAPE” as a promo code at checkout and you get 30% off and free shipping in the UK (maybe Europe?). This is cheaper than in the US. Learn more here.

Party and Reader Meetup in London on April 2nd at 6pm:

I invite all blog readers, book readers, and friends to come to London on Wednesday, April 2nd from 6pm – 9pm GST to have a drink with me at the reserved room at the Pitcher and Piano in Trafalgar Square.

Please register here if you might come so we have an idea of head count, though walk-ins are welcome:

Pitcher and Piano (reserved room)
40-42 William IV St, Trafalgar Square, WC2N 4D
Colette Bacalhau / Andy Seach
T: 020 7240 6180

It’s a good idea to follow me on Twitter for any last-minute changes or other parties and mischief.

The location might change, so please refer back to this post before heading over, but there will be a get together in London with lots of laughs and joie de vivre… and no little amount of alcohol. If you have recommendations for a cooler place that can hold 100+ people, please let me know in the comments. This is a BYOB (buy your own beer) event, but I’ll sponsor the next one when we’re dealing with pesos :)

See you all in the land of funny cars, funnier policemen, and ridiculously expensive sandwiches!


Odds and Ends:

-Uberblogger Robert Scoble discusses my blog PR tactics in the newest issue of Fast Company
-I dissect the travel bag contents of a Sci-Fi TV show host on DVICE
-The Wall Street Journal looks at why people are helpless to stop grazing on web data

Posted on: March 25, 2008.

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93 comments on “4HWW Invades London Next Week: Pre-orders and Parties

  1. Tim,
    Was very excited to read this post because as luck would have it just 3 weeks ago I quit my job working in a bank and decided to travel with your book playing a large inspiration. Originally from Australia and just so happen to be in London for a few more days I am really excited to catch up with you. Had the book shipped all the way to Oz when it was first released after a recommendation from Tucker Max. It was everything he said it would be. I have recommended the book to quite a few people I know so far and they too have all loved it.


  2. Hi Tim and Everyone,

    Looking forward to putting names with faces next week. I’m just wondering how late the festivities will last – I’m flying in during the evening and may have to play a bit of catch-up :) Can’t wait!



    I’ll plan on hanging out until at least 8:30 or 9pm, possibly later. See you then!



  3. I’ve been to the Pitcher & Piano a couple of times, it’s perfectly fine for what you’re proposing. You’ll never please everyone, and every local will have their own opinion on which watering hole would be best!

    I’d love to pop down but there’s no way I could get the time off work (I’m Glasgow based). If there’s a Scottish launch I’d be there, and I also have a fairly encyclopaedic knowledge of the venues around here. Edinburgh too.

    Have a good one!


  4. Hi Tim,

    So that you can keep track of the rough numbers and therefore space requirement how about getting people to sign up on a wiki page or on eventbrite as a free event then no charge but you can let everyone know the venue details at the last minute based on numbers.

    There are a few possibilities, pitcher & piano will work for up to 20 beyond that you are looking for a small room and for that you could look at Knights Templar (between temple and chancery lane tube) for up to 50. And for 100 – 150+ you could look at The Texas Embassy (Trafalgar Square) they have a private area upstairs, it may not be available but worth a try if you get to that no. They usually require people pay for food as a set menu to cover the venue hire and that’s usually #15 per person for a large buffet style meal. exc drinks.

    So you have lots of options. Shout if you want to use eventbrite (http://eventbrite.com) as I’ve used it before. I can give you access to my acc and just clone one of our previous events to cut down on time to create the page. (direct e-mail me if up for it.)

    Wherever you decide is fine by me. :) And as Rebecca said if you fancy doing breakfast with a few Girl Geeks then she’s up for arranging that with the girls and you. Your choice no pressure.



  5. Hi Tim,

    I am in London that day attending an evening finance seminar, so I may well tootle along,it would be lovely to meet you and the fellow bloggers.

    Any idea what time it might be there until approx?

    I am sure you will go down a storm in the UK, and will be welcomed and embraced by us all when we meet you:)

    If I somehow get a little lost crossing the big smoke, I wish you a wonderful
    evening, and lots of fun!!



  6. Hey Tim,

    Will people that aren’t 18 be allowed in? :) As i loved your book and i would love to come but i’m not 18 yet…

    – Saulius


  7. Hey Tim,

    I just wanted to order your book on the publisher’s website and very unfortunately got the following :
    ” We are unable to ship items to the address you provided.
    Please select different delivery address. ”

    Do you see any chance to get it shipped to France by any other means ?



  8. Pitcher & Piano is marginally better and will probably deal better with a burst of activity when everyone shows up, but don’t get hung up on it. Both are OK.

    I need to keep this secret from my wife though. She went nuts when she saw me reading a book about “getting away with only working four hours a week”. She brought it up with friends and family for months and is writing a response called “How to get a proper job”. I’m not sure it’ll be a bestseller though.

    See you Thursday.


  9. I look forward to joining Tim and the 4hWW crowd on Wednesday evening.
    Hey – the venue debate is getting complex; but do avoid anywhere near Trafalgar Square and head for Soho or east to somewhere cooler, and free of tourists (no offence).
    St.Martin’s Lane is a Schrager Hotel, ubercool =uber expensive.
    Pitcher = a chain; practical for 100 people but no vibe.
    I suggest All Bar One, Dean St, Soho. Yeah it’s a chain, but it’s a big space and can accomodate all without being expensive for the beers.
    See you there


  10. Hi Tim,
    I bought your book from US and am wondering, as I think others are, if there’s anything more UK specific in the UK edition. Perhaps you could add some UK specifics to the resources? Or blog a few questions to get us UK folk talking about how your book can apply to the UK and our work ethic…

    Aside from that, just like to say that I’ve put some of your advice in to practice and am living a more interesting, enjoyable and varied life because of it. In the end, much of it boils down to making that shift in your own mindset – then taking action of course!

    Thanks, Anthony.


  11. You rock TIm, you’re my hero! When you return stateside can I have a rain check on imbibing? I live in San Francisco – this may be presumptuous, but, well… I’ll just say be bold…Never a dull moment, I promise ;)


    Thanks for the kind words, Carrie! Don’t worry about the drinks, I’ll be having plenty of parties in SF once I get there :)



  12. It would be great if you could get to manchester-could even go out for a’pie and a pint’-or 10-I am sure gratis accomodation can be sorted out


  13. I preordered from play.com and just got the following email:

    We regret to inform you that one or more titles you have ordered from us has been withdrawn from general release. Your order has been cancelled and you may rest assured that you will not be charged.



    Wow, very weird. I’ll forward this to my publisher in the UK. Thanks!



  14. Have devoured your book and would love to see you, but can’t travel across the ocean at this time. I was researching the booming business of selling information on the internet and of course you came to mind. What are your thoughts on direct selling and business like Liberty League International and Emerald Passport?


    Hi Tracy,

    To be honest, I’m not familiar with these two companies. If it’s multi-level or MLM or network marketing, I’m not a big proponent. Sorry I’m not more familiar!



  15. Alright, I’ve been searching all night on a way to contact you but I have to go to sleep soon and this is the only thing I could find even remotely close to what I have to say to you. My name is Samm Mulligan and I’m 14. I honestly don’t care if you reply to this or not, but when my dad first bought your book, I thought he was just wasting his money, but one day I was bored and started reading it. I found that it was quite interesting, I’m still reading it but I really DO like it! Now you don’t find many teens reading books like that one, but me. All my friends constantly ask me why im reading your book and all I say is “It’s insperational and this guy is a genious stating the obvious, something many people are too blind to see.” I also want to thank you for writing the book, it’s the only book I’ve actually wanted to read on my own. Oh and another thing I wanted to say was that YOU ARE MY IDOL. Well thats all I had to say Have a good day.


    Dear Samm,

    Thank you so much for the comment and kind words. I truly hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please give my best to your dad as well :)

    Pura vida,



  16. Hi again Timothy,

    Since aparently you’r next door to Amsterdam as we speak, how about those tango lessons? You turning me into a pro in return for 17th century tulip painting and learning the Dutch language (including those ggg’s). Sunny weather coming up.



  17. I only stumbled across your site today and have already pre-ordered your book. This is just not like me at all. I fear I stand on the precipice that separates progress from disillusionment.


  18. Hey Tim,

    Looks like there’ll be a good crowd tomorrow – seems half will want to take you home and the other half will be trying to console them if they can’t!

    Will be very interested to see what its all about and find out how you did it as i haven’t had the chance to read the book yet.

    Has anyone else’s pre-order book arrived yet? I used the discount link from here.

    See you all soon


  19. Tim – hope the change of venue is no april fools, seeing that I completely fell for the other one about outsourcing!!!

    P&P is a better choice over Chandos IMO, we’ve done seminars there if it’s the same one I’m thinking about.

    Look forward to meeting you tomorrow, have heard lots about you through Marci Alboner and Chrstine Whelan – I read the book a year ago, a gift from my sister. Quit my full time job as a hospital doc shortly after and loving every minute of it!!

    My good friend and world renowned hypnotist Igor Ledochowski who also derived inspiration from your book and is now immersed in the 4HWW is coming along with me after being out in Argentina himself for a couple of years. I’m sure it’ll be a blast!!



  20. Hi Tim,

    As luck would have it I’m in Copenhagen this week, otherwise would’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, discussing your ideas, and most importantly having a few beers with you :)

    I may try to get a standby flight & do an overnight trip back in the middle of my visit to Cph so I’ve signed up as a ‘maybe’ over on eventbrite.

    Clearly you’ve been inundated with suggestions for venues, so I won’t add any more…though of course, like everyone else, I feel I know the coolest places :)
    If the evening runs on beyond 9pm and the Pitchers last orders I can we can always consider a few fun venues I know then…..

    If I can’t get the flight; I hope everyone has fun, and hopefully I’ll catch you next time you’re in London or Copenhagen, or wherever our paths happen to coincide…


  21. Dang its today :/ And i have no way to come because everyone from my family is in other countries and there is no cars at home, dang! Anyway get some pictures :p


  22. Hey Tim – Especially because I feature in your book a couple of times (although you might not know that!), I’m bummed not to be able to meet you this evening at the Pitcher&Piano.

    However, if having a private venue in Traflagar Square for any 1-on-1
    meetings you want to do would be helpful during your stay, please just
    drop me an email and I can sort that out for you.

    (or give me a bell – to get my number run a search in your inbox for “Private venue for meetings when in London” as the subject)

    cheers, Andrew
    ps. If you’re hotel-ing near Trafalgar Square, I recomend “Canteen” for breakfast – part of the Festival Hall just over the river.


  23. Tim – good job on radio 2 with Steve Wright today.

    It is sooo difficult to get the essence of something so different over in such a short period of time, and with interviewers being naturally skeptical, but you did well mate!

    Shame I couldn’t get to London to meet you, but it was fun for my team, and some clients, to hear you at work today after my constant rantings for a year since I heard you at SXSW and read 4HWW.



  24. I have just finished reading your book for the second time this month.
    I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and confused!
    I want to write an inspirational book, but I don’t know if I write the book first or micro test it first? Do I start up a website now to advertise it when it isn’t even written?
    How do I get a book printed/published?
    I am excited, but so confused.
    Please help!!


  25. Man i loved ur book in fact i just finished 2 hours ago! I cant express how glad i am to learn from your experiences. Im a 20 yeard guy that has been trough quiet alot. Most people tell me that im crasy, but you made me belive that there no such a thing. I love to live and enjoy life as much as i can. I havent acomplich as much as you did, but im on the right path. Me and my girfriend won many salsa competitions, travelled alot. My first book gets published in May and me and my girlfiriend are moving to Brazil in August close to the city you mentioned in the book (Rio De Janeiro). We are moving to Porto Algre for one year and then see where life takes us. I learned alot from man! Now you is need is women haahah let me know i can hook you up. Thats one thing i can do best is to get women… Once again loved your book and i wish the best of what life has to offer yet. Im a big fan. take care man!


  26. Oye Tim,

    Fue un placer conocerte la otra noche.

    Conversation was most interesting and it was cool to see you live up to the freshness and realness of your writings. I´m enjoying Ryan Holiday so thanks for the recommendation.

    Forgot to mention: check out Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” if you haven’t. Her work philosophy is 180º away from yours… so you may find a lot of value in it.




    Hola, Che :)

    Igualmente, Miguel! Fue un gran placer. Thanks for the recommendation — some of Rand’s philosophies are quite interesting, indeed.

    Hasta la proxima!



  27. Wife gave me your book while in hospital recovering from triple by-pass. I said, “No way.” She said, “No big deal” which means no sex until you do. So I read it and then reread it and now I am about to reread it again and apply the info to my life.

    One question though – how much of the book was out sourced?

    Dr. Bob


    Hi Dr. Bob,

    LOL… great story, and I hope you’re recovering well. None of the book writing was outsourced with the exception of the explicitly outsourced parts in Chapter 9, “Outsourcing Life.”

    To your health and all good things,



  28. Tim

    Enjoyed your article in The Suday Times Magazine and could sympathise with your situation….very similar and newly single as a result!. Your book?….ground breaking…your gorgeous too!


  29. N? h?o Tim,

    I’m writing from Venezuela. No, I haven’t followed your advise just yet, I was born and raised here (W? shì W?inèiruìl? rén). Finished your book yesterday. I must say it’s inspiring and scary at the same time. I’m almost 30 and can’t say I have traveled the wolrd the way you have nor made the kind of money to sustain that life.
    I wanted to suggest that when the paperback version is due you should add a small footnote explaining that the current prices to travel to Europe are ridiculously high. I really don’t know how you pulled it off my friend, I just got married and went to Paris (yes, I know it’s a cliché) and Spain, and spent an average of €120 on meals in France (two people, 1 appetizer to share, 1 bottle of wine averaging €35, 2 main courses and dessert), Spain was cheaper (average of €60-€80). On Budddha Bar was about €140 and it’s not the trendiest of places in Paris. I don’t believe you could do what you say you did on the book today on less than €4.000 a month. Because I’ve checked and the rentals aren’t that low either, unless you want to live with immigrants (meaning people from Ecuador and Morroco) in a not so safe place, and still would be at least €700-€1000 rental (and that’s in Spain). Also, the Euro/Dollar ratio isn’t in your favor, so your new challenge would be to accomplish a mini-retirement in Europe (and not Eastern Europe) and add it as an Appendix for the paperback version. You pull that off, and make it believeable and you’re my new hero/rollmodel.
    Don’t want to take any more of your time. You’ll probably won’t even read this e-mail. So, I wish you the best wherever you are.



    Hey Angelo,

    Not sure where you are staying and eating, exactly, but I still think it’s possible. If I could do it in Copenhagen a few weeks ago, Western Europe still isn’t totally off-limits. Takes some prep and adventure, but even NYC and SF can be quite cheap while delivering quality. Just my 2 cents.

    Later gator,



  30. bought the book as soon as it came out,
    read it from cover to cover in the first day,

    Absolute Masterpiece

    Love the fact that you actually do things instead of just try to increase your fortune, really inspiring


    Frank C


  31. And Mitra the DVD version of the movie doesnt include Manjha but the Blu-ray version does. Looks like it doesnt matter either way since you seemed to have made up your mind that you wouldnt be including this in your collection Just out of curiosity, what film or documentary would have earned your respect had it been included in the extras?