4HWW Invades London Next Week: Pre-orders and Parties


The 4-Hour Workweek launches in the UK next week on April 3rd, and I’ll be in London to bring it to the Motherland with a bang.

For all you readers and friends in Europe, come have a pint with me!

From the UK publisher: order before April 3rd with “ESCAPE” as a promo code at checkout and you get 30% off and free shipping in the UK (maybe Europe?). This is cheaper than in the US. Learn more here.

Party and Reader Meetup in London on April 2nd at 6pm:

I invite all blog readers, book readers, and friends to come to London on Wednesday, April 2nd from 6pm – 9pm GST to have a drink with me at the reserved room at the Pitcher and Piano in Trafalgar Square.

Please register here if you might come so we have an idea of head count, though walk-ins are welcome:

Pitcher and Piano (reserved room)
40-42 William IV St, Trafalgar Square, WC2N 4D
Colette Bacalhau / Andy Seach
T: 020 7240 6180

It’s a good idea to follow me on Twitter for any last-minute changes or other parties and mischief.

The location might change, so please refer back to this post before heading over, but there will be a get together in London with lots of laughs and joie de vivre… and no little amount of alcohol. If you have recommendations for a cooler place that can hold 100+ people, please let me know in the comments. This is a BYOB (buy your own beer) event, but I’ll sponsor the next one when we’re dealing with pesos :)

See you all in the land of funny cars, funnier policemen, and ridiculously expensive sandwiches!


Odds and Ends:

-Uberblogger Robert Scoble discusses my blog PR tactics in the newest issue of Fast Company
I dissect the travel bag contents of a Sci-Fi TV show host on DVICE
-The Wall Street Journal looks at why people are helpless to stop grazing on web data

Posted on: March 25, 2008.

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93 comments on “4HWW Invades London Next Week: Pre-orders and Parties

  1. I’ll see you in London with any luck, (assuming your meetup to be during the evening rather than in the daytime!)

    Have fun with the book tour and I look forward to catching up with you!



  2. Tim – this is SO not a cool pub although the weather outside will probably be very ‘cool’. Will scout some alternative suggestions. If you fancy a slightly swankier setting the St Martin’s Lane Hotel (Ian Schrager) is 100m away with a large bar and overflow possible into the atrium but the beer’ll be pricey.

    How long are you staying? Want to have a bloggers breakfast the next day?
    Rebecca Caroe


  3. Hi Tim and all readers,

    The store doesn’t deliver to Europe (I’m from NL), however go to Amazon.DE ! they deliver books throughout Europe at incredibly cheap rates. I got the 4HWW book foor 11 Euros incl. shipping thanks to the low dollar.

    Lonely planet guidebooks can be had for 14-16 Euros incl. shipping while they are sold at stores in Europe at around 28 Euros!!

    Tim, have fun in London and let me know when you’re coming to Amsterdam, I won’t be able to get to London next week but hey, I’m going to Latin America for 4 months in May……




  4. Great to hear you’re coming over to help us tackle our Protestant work ethic :-) Hope to see you on the 2nd.

    Is the UK edition any different to the US one? I’ve been buying the US version for friends so wondering if there are any UK-specific resources in the new one?


  5. Ah great news. The local Borders staff have probably had enough of me asking about the UK release. Good luck with the UK launch, I’m sure it will be a massive success :)


  6. See you there, I see (like everyone) you got hit by the SXSW lurgy, hope your cures worked.

    The Chandos is part Sam Smiths and has the cheapest drinks in London which were until the latest 20p tax rise only £1.99 for a beer (in dollars $4 isn’t that cheap but no tipping the bar staff of course!)

    Glad you didn’t release the book on April Fools Day ;-)


  7. It has been hovering around 5 – 6 on the bestsellers wall in Hodges and Figgis (largest bookstore in Dublin) for a few months now with the older cover so i presume it was an import.

    best of luck


  8. Tim,

    I’ve asked some people from the London social media cafe if they have any suggestions on alternate venues to The Chandos and have pointed them here. Hopefully they’ll come back to you with a few options.


  9. Hello Tim,

    I bought your book 3 weeks ago, it’s become my new bible haha. I’m french and can’t come to meet you in London (Argh!) but it would have been a pleasure, sincerly.
    Just to thank you for sharing your knowledge & experience in this book. What’s more, your links in the end are very helpful.
    I wish you the best
    Ludovic :)


  10. I’ve ordered from Amazon in the UK, so presuming and hoping this is the latest UK release, but I’m also curious as to any difference between the UK and US editions?

    Cheers, John


  11. Hi,

    I teach in the evenings but I hope to escape after my Pilates class and join you at the Chandos.

    At the moment, it’s pretty chilly here in London but a warm welcome, nonetheless.

    Have a great book tour!


  12. I actually saw the book in Australia and it had a couple with balloons on the cover and looked terrible, and the paper and print was terrible – to be honest I had to read through a bit to check that it was the same book because I never would have bought it in that state and I didn’t really want to recommend it to friends.

    I’m so glad I got the version in your blog header because it really does make a big difference to the reading experience – why does the cover change in each country?


  13. Hi Tim, what time is the meetup? Is it possible to make it for the evening, so people who hasn’t quite achieved 4HWW (still requires a day job) can join you as well?


  14. Hey Tim! It was really great to meet you Saturday night! As I expected you are super smart and funny in person. I encourage anyone in UK who has the opportunity to go to meet him to do so!