Beating the Morning Rush: The 3-Minute "Slow-Carb" Breakfast


Breakfast is a hassle.

I want it to do one thing: provide nutrient-dense food and proper macronutrient ratios in the least time possible. It’s a functional meal.

The above is a video of the 3-minute high-protein and “slow-carb” breakfast that I find perfect for fat-loss and cognitive performance.

All ingredients were purchased at Safeway in less than five minutes, and if you dislike the whiteness of egg whites, just mix in some tumeric to create that familiar yellow. Flax meal instead of oil can also be mixed into either for a nice added nutty texture, and barring that, a handful of organic almonds with sea salt (also at Safeway) as a dessert adds a good caloric wallop.

[Postscript: I am replacing my plastic containers with Pyrex and glass! Several commenters have pointed out that toxins are released if you microwave certain types of plastic containers. Who knew trying to be healthy could be so dangerous?]


Odds and Ends: Answer “what is technology?” and get a MoGo mouse!

I met the CEO of Newton Peripherals, Matt Westover, on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and it turns out we have friends in common. He was kind enough to offer 50 MoGo mice to readers of this blog, and their latest MoGo Mouse X54 recently won “Best of CES” from Bluetooth SIG. It stores and charges within your PC Card slot and also acts as a media remote. Cool.

Here’s how you get one (or another choice below).

Upload a video of no more than 20 seconds in length to YouTube or elsewhere answering the question “What is technology?”

Be one of the first 30 to link to your video from the comments on this post, and you get your choice of the MoGo X54 or MoGo BT. The remaining 20 mice are reserved for the first 20 people who link to a video of their kids, the younger the better and no older than 14, answering the same question.

So the first 30 adults and 20 kids I see linked to in the comments get them (not the first 30 comments but the first 30 links to videos, so there could be 100 comments and only 25 links, and double entries count as one link). Be sure to put “techdefinition” in the “tags” section when you upload your video.

One more thing: you’re not allowed to check the dictionary definition, and it will be obvious if you do.

This competition expires on 5pm PST this Sunday, March 2nd and winners will be contacted via e-mail.

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Posted on: February 28, 2008.

Watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment, the new #1-rated TV show with "the world's best human guinea pig" (Newsweek), Tim Ferriss. It's Mythbusters meets Jackass. Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Here's the trailer.

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230 comments on “Beating the Morning Rush: The 3-Minute "Slow-Carb" Breakfast

  1. Hi Tim,

    I love your blog and the tips you post on it. The only problem is I live in Belize and the internet connection here is too slow for videos. Is there any chance you would list the ingredients for your breakfast?



    Hi Alli,

    Ah, Belize! I remember the Internet there. Here are the ingredients:

    -Liquid egg whites
    -Frozen spinach
    -Mild ranch salsa with black beans, corn, etc.
    -Flax seed oil
    -Lemon juice
    -(Optional: lentils)

    Hope that helps. Let me know when the whale sharks are around :)



  2. In the kitchen with Tim yo. I’m down. And I’ll have my video uploaded lickity split. Thanks for the great post.

    (BTW: click on my name to see Bruce Lee battle it out with David Allen of GTD fame. I only mention this because I think you’ll like it, Tim; feel free to delete me, I’m not trying to Spam).


  3. Hey Tim,

    Regarding the flax seed oil… You don’t take this as part of the meal for taste or anything, right? So if I hate the taste would capsules still give me the myriad of health benefits, or is there something I a missing in having it as part of the meal?




    Hi Ben,

    Capsules are just fine. I’ve actually come to not mind the flaxseed and the spinach can sometimes be dry, so I add it as oil. Light olive oil is also a good alternative.



  4. A great way to increase insulin sensitivity is the use of intermittent fasting, which I’ve found assists more favorably in sensible recomping.

    Instead of vomiting on your shoes, why not swap out the flax oil for golden ground flax meal? It has a slightly nutty flavor that is subtle in any dish; it won’t even overpower the mostly bland vanilla protein powders available. You also get fiber in addition to the omega 3’s.



    Hi Skyler,

    But, but… I like vomiting on my shoes! LOL… good advice. I’ve had flax meal in cereal, and it’s delicious, but now that I’m off of cereal, I forgot all about it. Capsules will do the trick as well.

    Thanks for the reminder!



    • if i m not mistaken, “meal” is NOT the same as milled or ground flaxseed. it is my understanding that meal is the after product of production of the oil..
      hence it doesnt have the “oils” in it composition. so i have been told..


      • I have used flax meal for years. It has 4.5 grams of fat. .5 saturated, 3.5 polyunstaurated, and 1 gram monounsturated. Also you have to keep it in the fridge so it dosen’t spoil. Hence it has fat.


  5. Tim,

    Any advice for an aspiring world traveler and international entrepreneur interested in maintaining an essentially zero-carb way of eating? Such a diet enables me to perform at my best both mentally and physically.



  6. Tim,

    Thanks for posting this. Believe it or not, I’ve been having a similar breakfast for past few months as part of my low carb diet. I combine egg white with onions/tomatoes/jalapenos/fresh spinach/flax seeds (whatever is available that morning) to make a quick omelette and top that with Safeway SELECT salsa with just 10 calories per serving. I even tried to cook it in microwave to avoid cleaning the frying pan later but I think it tastes better the old school way.



  7. Doin’ it Martha Stewart style. I just made this breakfast for dinner and it was great. Can I con you into showing us how to make a slow carb but date-worthy dinner in under 10 minutes?



  8. Issue 1: Heating plastic in microwave. Over time, toxins can accumulate significantly. . .
    Issue 2: Frozen spinach. I hate it. I want to establish a foundation to save kids from it because I think it is the main reason why kids hate anything green on the plate . . .
    Issue 3: What are you drinking in the morning??

    I enjoyed reading 4HWW and really like this blog. Look forward to more reading!



    Hi Akemi,

    Glass is fine if you have it. I rarely drink anything other than water, tea, or wine. I drink water and tea in the mornings.



  9. Hi Tim,

    I know you responded to Ben regarding the flax seed oil, but why is it that you recommend it over olive oil in the first place? I read Dr. Eades’ recommendations on the flax seed, and he says it has too much ALA to be healthful. Thanks.


    I’m almost always in training, and I find that flax seed seems to help inflammation more than olive oil. No problem to use olive oil. I was just making my own breakfast!



  10. What is Technology?

    Tim, I’m a huge fan. In a lot of ways you ripped apart my worldview and changed the way I looked at my own goals and priorities. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but instead of a new mouse I would love to have a single, signed copy of 4HWW. It’s something I would hold on to and enjoy, whereas the mouse is just going up on eBay.


  11. I’m watching this video thinking, Tim, you’re freakin’ awesome. Thanks for providing a new generation of life-success coaching.




    Hey Avin,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ll see what else I can dig up. Some fun posts coming :)

    Be good,



  12. Hey Tim,

    Great post. I enjoy when you post about health and fitness! Actually, I eat quiet simplistic so adapting your diet to mine works out great!

    Any how the question is: What types of meals would you do or could you suggest for on the go(things I can bring along)? I can’t just drive home mid day and make a meal and the majority of the food at my college is junk. Thanks.


  13. Here is my 10 year old daughters version of technology.

    I may even have one from my 7 and 4 year olds tomorrow when they wake up.


    Please, please get the 7 and 4 year-old’s answers! Fantastic…



  14. Thanks for the breakfast tip Tim!

    here is my entry:



    David, we’re missing a URL! That is, unless silence is your symbolic answer.